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MediaWatch(A Mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talentsearch)

Volume 1 2009 ISSUE 1 INAUGURAL EDITION JULY 1st 2009


Welcome to the Mediawatch our inaugural daily eveninger that keeps an eye on the unusually corrupted and diluted print and electronic media of India which has become a puppet in the hands of various lobbies that sell commercialized news as truth.Some important news do not get published as they are restricted by Editors who are puppets of lobbies.The news today is full of crime and scandal.Our News Media Today is gender biased,CasteBiased,Politically tilted and Commercialised.Crimes against Women are highlighted,Crimes and Scandals are overreported to run TV Channels.

Our Electronic Media is traditionally biased towards the Upper Class and

Upper Castes.Watch the News today on television Anti-Congress Propaganda has become the order of the day.The news of a Judge who says a Union Minister influenced him and a Congress M.P. slapping a Bank Manager has become major news.The Babri Demolition news has slipped into the background.No prizes for guessing that the media is baised towards the BJP and is against the ruling Congress.In spite of all that our Clever Indian Voter has chosen the Right Party and Leader to rule the Nation notwithstanding the opinion and exit polls that vouched for a Prime Minister in waiting who was waiting and waiting for too long till the Indian Voter who never waited to make the most Qualified Man in Indian Politics to become the next Prime Minister of India.Wait for our next News tomorrow.

MediaWatch(A Mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

VOLUME 1 2009 ISSUE 2 JULY 2ND 2009


In today's edition we will describe how we rate our news media.A news media is rated for its news coverage by two quotients namely the Coverage Quotient which describes the capability of a News media to report from all areas and sections of Society that it covers.Next is the Authenticity Quotient that describes the quality of news coverage given by a news media without exaggerating and sensationalising any news items covering the news as close to reality without fear,favour or bias for or against anybody.Based on these two quotients we have rated the following newspapers and TV Channels and given them the topmost rankings.Amongst News Papers Nationwide the rankings are as follows:






Amongst TV Channels the rankings are as follows:






While we noted that the Headlines today lost it ratings due to bias and exaggerating news the TIMES NOW has lost its ratings because of developing strong bias while reporting news and loss in its coverage and authentic quotients.The Hindu we have noted has the best average in reporting and covering news as a newspaper.In Karnataka the following newspapers make up the top five positions






In Regional TV Channels the following occupy the top five positions






In TV NEWS we have noted that although Kannada TV 9 enjoys widespread popularity it exaggerates news so much so that it compromises on the coverage also causing its ratings to drop.In Newspapers the TIMES OF INDIA we noted commercializes and sensationalizes news compromising on its coverage and authenticity.These ratings are subject to change every month we wish all the TV Channels and newspapers best of luck to improve their rankings.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 3 July 3rd 2009


In this issue we will discuss matter that goes unreported in the Indian Media.Matters pertaining to Science,Technology and Education and attainments by Individuals are never given any attention.

Science Conferences are rarely covered and the reporters seem to get allergic to them and get away from covering them as if they develop academic flu.Lectures by visiting Nobel Science Laureates are rarely covered.

How many persons know that our Indian Women Boxers have won many a World Championship title?

Recently our Indian Women Hockey Team won an International Championship in Russia and were congratulated by our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.How many people are aware of it?

Our Crime and Scandal Crazed Indian Media need sensational news coverage and why will they be interested in Academic or Human Attainment in India.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 4 July 4th 2009


In this issue we will discuss the biggest lies the Indian Media tells to the people of India.

The Opinion and Exit Poll lie

Many Print and Electronic Media print and telecast the polls telling that they are real intentions of Indian Voters and tell the people that they are almost real poll results.As the recent elections showed real results are far different from media poll results.

The Monsoon lies

No rain has predictable pattern and timings but our Indian media go overboard in telling you that if rain is delayed for a few days or few weeks drought and economic collapse and power problems are certain.

The Inflation lies

A few carrots costing more and a few extra rupees you have to pay for fuel our media doomsday prophets are at your throat predicting hard economic times for you.If anything goes cheaper know for certain the Indian media will never tell you.

The Tourism lies

A tourist gets murdered or mugged the place in question will be the most horrible place to stay,visit or live.Know for certain there is no place on the face of the Earth that is safe for any tourist.

The infection lies

A few people in India had common cold or Swine flu then a major epidemic crisis has broken down according to our media.Run for cover you are next in line for infection.Don't Panic if you take precautions and have a strong immune system  you are safe as anybody.

Next time you hear anymore lies from the Indian media ask us we will tell you the truth.

Mediawatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 5 July 5th 2009


Print and Electronic Media are mirrors of modern democratic society.While reporting they must report with great care for their influence on Public and Society at large is very great.Take for example the recent Mysore Communal Clashes what started at a small level became a major confrontation.The media must stay strictly neutral in communal conflicts and not report matters that can increase division amongst communities.India is a secular country that accomodates all communities,faiths and beliefs and it is the responsibility of the Media to maintain the secular fabric of this great country.There are political forces in India who try to squeeze votes out of every communal conflict and try to destroy the secular fabric of this country.Media must foil their designs and intentions at all costs.

There is extensive debate about Gay culture in India and the rest of the world.We frankly feel that there needs to be an extensive research to be done at the psychiatric and psychological level as to why the Human Brain tends to develop abnormal sexual tendencies towards the same gender instead of the opposite gender.Sex workers in India must not be treated as Criminals but as victims of Society and there was always greater need to legalise the world's oldest profession instead of rushing to legalise gay culture considering the fact that AIDS threat can be taken care of only if we care to go into areas where AIDS has the maximum infected cases.If Heterosexual behaviour and sex is viewed by society as dirty and obscene and if people develop homosexual tendencies then our society and the society in the rest of the world must be blamed for being the cause of gay culture.

By the way Mamathaji you have made a great start as Railway Minister,Congratulations!

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 6 July 6th 2009


The Union Budget for the current financial year is being presented today by Shri Pranab Mukerjee Hon'ble Union Finance Minister of India in Parliament.

Any Budget is rated by 3 Factors.The Revenue Generation Factor,the Tax Benefit Factor and the Budget allocation Factor.

.1.Revenue Generation Factor

The measures and policies adopted by the Government through Direct and Indirect Taxes and through profit making by its public sector undertakings gets revenue for the Government of India.The Union Budget 2009 gets 7/10 marks from our side.

.2.The Tax Benefit Factor

The Tax reductions,relief and exemptions given by the Government that reduces prices of products and services and puts more money in the hands of the public.The Union Budget 2009 gets 6/10 marks from our side

.3.The Budget allocation Factor

The planned investments and expenditure for its different projects,programmes and grants for institutions,individuals and organizations come under this factor.The Union Budget 2009 gets 6/10 from our side.

Overall the Union Budget 2009 presented by Shri Pranab Mukherjee gets 19/30 marks from our side.

MediaWatch(A Mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 7 July 7th 2009


In this issue we wish to honour outstanding reporting and Journalism in the print and electronic media.The Best news article in the Indian Media goes to Ms Swapna Tarafdar for her article titled 10 YRS ON ,KUPWARA GIRL RECALLS HERO published in DECCAN CHRONICLE,BANGALORE EDITION dated July 6th 2009.The article recalls how a Kargil War Martyr's charity became the support for a young muslim girl aged 5 years who is now 16 yrs.The second place goes to the article EMERGING INDIA OF A MILLION REVOLUTIONS republished in DECCAN HERALD ,Bangalore Edition dated 7th July 2009 from International Herald tribune by Anand Giridhardas,which talks about an American born NRI's rediscovery of India.

The Best Photo Journal Article goes to Shankar Raghuraman of the TIMES OF INDIA,Bangalore for his front page photo and article ITS FOR YOU AND FOR HER published in the front page of TIMES OF INDIA,BANGALORE EDITION dated 7th July 2009.

Our Institution,the Indian Institute for Talent Search congratulates all the Winners for their outstanding contributions to Indian Journalism.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 8 July 8th 2009


In this issue we will discuss the strange mathematics of journalism that can contribute towards its rise and downfall.Imagine as and when a News media gains in reputation and popularity its Readers will give advertisers a chance to occupy more space and a chance for it to be commercialised making the editors to become more choosy which will make the news space that readers wants to shrink further  and further.

The shrinking reader's newspace and rising advertising space will irritate the readers and viewers of the news media so much that they will drop it from their readership and viewership to go in for a new news media.The once established news media will have to go in for promotional campaign to increase its sales as though it is formed once again to continue the commercial up and down cycle that governs the mathematics of Journalism.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 9 July 9th 2009


In this issue we will discuss the atrocities heaped against women by the ghastly Indian Men.We were shocked to know that a rapist does not even spare a small five year old child and even more shocking is the hospital that refuses to treat the victim.Being a labourer's daughter doesnt she have no hope of justice in Chennai?

The Indian Man makes maximum use of the male dominated Indian Society and Media and keeps on committing atrocities on Indian Women.When will all this end?

A tougher anti-rape law is the answer that will castrate the Rapist depriving him of his genital organs and grant him a Death Sentence.

Imagine a 50 over game being judged in 5 overs.Our Indian Media has done it again.They have declared a winner in 5 overs in a 50 over game.It is still 9th July 2009 and North India is already in Famine and Drought.The Food Prices will go sky high and you will have no food.Wait a minute it is not over yet Our Media has made a great scientific discovery a strange phenomena called El Nino which will destroy the monsoon only in North India and not in South India so when North Indians can Panic South Indians can dance in the rain.

For God's sake when will you media people stop uttering the monsoon lies.Leave it to the weatherman and weather gods to decide.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 10 July 10th 2009



In this issue I the Editor in Chief want to tell something about myself.Today I received a book by post from USA titled 500 GREATEST GENIUSES OF THE 21ST CENTURY published by the American Biographical Institute in 2009.I am happy to tell you that I feature in the Albert Einstein dedication section of the Book that features some of the top Intellectuals of the world.What our Indian Media cannot do by way of Talent Recognition and what our own Professional and Educational and Publishing Bodies are unable to do Publishing and Professional Bodies like the American Biographical Institute alongwith others have been doing that for a long,long time.Tapping Talent,recognizing them and harnessing them to nurture World Economy has always been the habit of countries like USA.As long as India does not recognize and tap its own talent like the Americans always do we will dream of being a Superpower but in reality will be just a developing country.Every National Economy must recognize its own talent without caste,creed,race,gender and religious bias and as long as that never happens it can never dream of being a developed economy.

Mediawatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 11 July 11 2009


How can we forget this day when Terrorists attacked a Mumbai Train and killed hundreds of innocent civilians three years back.Let us all take a pledge in memory of all those victims to wipe out terrorism in all its forms from India and the rest of the world.

Journalism is not an ordinary profession.A journalist is a warrior in the information battlefield.He must be fearless like the Tiger,honest like a Gandhi,neutral like a Buddha adopting the middlepath and remain detached from the influence of wealth and power like a Saint.I salute all those journalists who are willing like a soldeir to sacrifice for the sake of the truth in the information battlefield.

We have revised our rankings for the top 5 newspapers in India.The list reads as follows:-






Mediawatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 12 July 12th 2009


Today we are honouring womankind in India by releasing the top 5 most beautiful celebrities in India.Indian Women are the most beautiful and elegant amongst women across the world.They not only make ideal mothers,lovely wives,great achievers and businesswomen but have the power to sweep any man of their feet with their beauty and charm.Balancing their career and family they are responsible for preserving the social fabric of this great Country.We salute the nari shakti of this India who are its real Shakthi that makes Mother India.

Top 5 most beautiful women celebrities in India are: -

.1.Shreya Saran(Tamil and Telugu Film Actress)

.2.Kangana Ranaut(Hindi Film Actress)

.3.Katrina Kaif(Hindi Film Actress)

.4.Preity Zinta(Hindi Film Actress)

.5.Deepika Padukone(Hindi Film Actress).

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 13 July 13th 2009


An open letter to Sri.L.K.Advani

Dear Advaniji,

Your Party adores and worships Lord Ram as the symbol of Hindutva.Lord Rama was an icon of Morality and Justice.Today I am sad to say that Justice in India has been murdered.People in India are beginning to lose their faith in the Indian Judiciary.They are pained to see a College Professor Sabharwal murdered in broad daylight and acquitted by the court due to lack of evidence.The murder was committed by student members of your party.In all the states ruled by your Party.Policemen are sacrificed by Naxals,an innocent man dies in police encounter,People drink to death in Gujarat even after the aftermath of Gujarat riots.Sometimes I wonder whether the members in your Party consider Lord Ram as their icon or Ravana the demon God.You may say that the Delhi metro is collapsing and its repair cranes are collapsing where Congress is ruling but Sir the very edifice and foundation of Law and Order in your ruled states are collapsing and I ask your Party Members not to destroy the Constitution of India.

You maybe wondering Sir why your Party lost the General Elections.The Indian Voter I feel has learnt to distinguish the Real Rama and Real Ravana in India.Save your Party Sir from Criminal and Anti-Social elements before it is too late.

Yours Sincerely,


MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 14 July 14th 2009


In this issue we will discuss the ups and down of our Great Sovereign Democratic Republic India.First the Strengths of India:-

.1.Our Social and Religious Fabric and Culture

No country in the world can boast of the diversity of cultural beliefs and values that India has which maintains the family and community values in this country.

.2.Telecommunication Revolution

India is the fastest growing telecom power in the world.Call it the mobile phone revolution that has penetrated all sections of society and the ever growing power of the Internet every Indian seem to be talking to another Indian in some place at some time.

.3.The TV and Cable TV Revolution

India has the largest range of TV and Satellite Channels that any country can offer anywhere in the world.But the Indian Viewer is still hungry for more.

.4.The Movie Revolution

India is the World's largest movie maker and has the biggest Entertainment industry in the world.The recent Oscars for Indians will help encouraging this industry more than ever.

.5.Missile and Space Power

India is amongst the top 5 Space and Missile powers in the world already setting its eyes on  the moon and beyond.

.6.Defence and Nuclear Power

India has one of the largest well trained Army in the world and Nuclear capability to match its armed forces.

.7.Successful Democracy

India has successfully conducted elections through its efficient election system and body without any major controversy or confrontation that makes many a democracy in the world envy India.

.8.Computer Power

Indian Software Engineers and Computer Engineers are amongst the best in the world and have contributed in a big way in India's economic revival and revolution.

.9.Financial Power

Indian Businessmen and industrialists are amongst the richest in the world and have contributed in building the urban landscape to international standards in India

Now let us look at the weaknesses that is preventing India from becoming a leading Superpower in the world.

.1.Our Judicial System

Our Judiciary is overloaded with cases and it takes years and decades sometimes to give justice.Justice delayed is Justice denied.Our Prosecution is flawed and as a result India has one of the least conviction rates which lets criminals who tamper with prosecution,evidence and witnesses to go scot free.

.2.Our Bureaucracy

Our Bureaucrats and Government Service Sector Employees are some of the most inefficient and corrupt in the world.No doubt Government Schemes and Policies never reach the poor or common man.

.3.Our Police Force

Our law and order personnel are always at the mercy of the politicians who rule them and they can be influenced by the desire of wealth and power.Sometimes they themselves turn law breakers and shield criminals whom they must firmly deal with.

.4.Caste,Religious and Gender Bias

All the selections we make at every level is dictated not by the merit and ability of an individual but by the social background and gender of the individual.This destroys professional efficiency and blocks talent recognition.


Our policy of medium of instruction and decentralised education has compromised primary and secondary education and commercialised it.Higher Education today in India is compromised at all levels and have become money making factories.

.6.Research and Development

Lack of incentives and deficiencies in Higher Education has made people in India to move away from indigenous Research and Development in India.

.7.Crumbling Infrastructure

Lack of Power,Water and Bad Roads has created not only Urban-Rural Divide but also suffocated industrial growth in India.Poor infrastructure is the biggest impediment for urban and industrial growth in Modern India.

.8.Lack of Sports culture

India apart from few sporting disciplines is yet to emerge as a major sporting power in the world.Lack of incentives,facilities and training can be blamed for the lack lustre sporting performance of our sportspersons at the international level.

.9.Our Media Reporting

Our Media Bodies hardly remain neutral as they are governed by the influence of  political and business interests.Real Serious news that the Nation needs to know hardly makes any news to the people who need to know it.

So 9 up and 9 down is zero isnt it.So people of India create positives to make this country to move forward.

India and France are great democracies and I congratulate the President of France and Prime Minister of India for uniting together as friends on the revolutionary day of France.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 15 July 15th 2009


At last India and USA have come together at least in the Entertainment industry.Anil Dhirubhai Ambani and one of Hollywood's greatest Director Steven Speilberg's  company Dreamworks have entered into a joint venture to produce World class films.We wish both of them all the best for their joint venture.

We wish India and USA come together honestly in most fields for cancelling out their weaknesses and to enhance their mutual strengths..We hope Mrs Hillary Clinton shortly on a visit to India will help forge a long lasting partnership with India.Our President Dr.Ramananda met her husband Former U.S.President Bill Clinton at the Taj Mumbai and it is learnt that Mrs Hillary Clinton will stay there during her visit to India.

At the NAM summit in Egypt the Prime Minister of India is asking fellow nations to conquer terrorism.Only if two of the World's greatest democracies India and USA can come together such common problems of the world can be solved and both the nations can solve their own problems as well.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 16 2009 Issue 16 July 16th 2009


Rape is the most horrifying crime that lowers the self esteem,respect and dignity of a woman in societyBut sadly in India it has become a political tool where two or more women political leaders are having a swipe at one another.All women must condemn this crime and give the harshest punishment to the rapist and protect the dignity of women and pass laws and create a system that will demolish the rapist once and for all.Instead of protecting the interests of women and passing laws that will protect women why are they making it a political issue lowering their own dignity and the dignity of the women they claim to represent?

Joshi has no right to talk cheaply about Rape nor as Mayawati any right to make it a political issue.Stop all this nonsense let all Indian Women unite and come together and teach the men of this country who humilate and harass them a befitting lesson.

When India and Pakistan who have fought several wars with one another can come together in the NAM summit to fight terror why not two or more quarrelling women come together to fight the evils of a male dominated society is the question.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 17 July 17th 2009


So who is very patriotic towards India?As an Indian Voter judge for yourself.The Indian Media is celebrating the failure of Chandrayaan.All over the news they are showing a sensor failure which they say has crippled the lifespan of the Indian Moon's mission.For Space Sciences dont consult the ISRO consult the Indian Media they are a better scientific authority than them.Any weakness or any failure of Indian Sports or Technology our Indian Media celebrates the setback that India suffers more than its success.Indian Citizens please judge whether our media is patroitic to India or not?

There was a report in Headlines today that China is going to invade India in 2012 and our armed forces will be sitting ducks before China.Why are such rubbish reports telecast on TV?Even if China dares to attack India the international community led by USA,Russia and others have the abilty to teach the Chinese a lesson.But our Indian media will never tell you that because you know how much they love India!

So Advaniji you are upset with Dr.Manmohansinghji for talking to Pakistan.Remember how Kargil War happened Vajpayeeji went overboard with his Lahore Bus trip and Guess what he got from the then Prime Minister Sharif a war fought in our own territory.Is the public memory of Indian Media very short dont they remember this?Oh we forgot the Indian Media's love for the BJP and the hatred towards the Congress.

By the way who in India loves India.That is another story for another day.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 18 July 18th 2009


An Open letter to the U.S.Secretary of State Mrs Hillary Clinton from our Editor in Chief

Dear Mrs Clinton,

Welcome to India.No President of USA has ever understood India better than your Husband Mr William Jefferson Clinton.I can never forget his first visit to India as the U.S.President.He ate with us,danced with us and met the poorest of poor in India mingled amongst the common masses and felt the heartbeat of India.He was one of the greatest U.S.Presidents and rightfully was awarded the MOST OUTSTANDING WORLD LEADER OF THE DECADE 1990-2000 from our Institute The Indian Institute for Talent Search.

I had the fortune of meeting him in Taj Mumbai when he had left office as U.S.President and I visited USA to present him the Award he so richly deserved from our Institute.In his absence I delivered it to his office in New York.I got a nice thanksgiving letter signed personally by him when I came back to India.

You are carrying forward the rich legacy of your husband by building bridges of understanding with different nations and different cultures.One small thing I always know is USA will always stand behind India in times of trouble.I saw a news report on a TV News Channel that China plans to invade India in 2012 A.D.It may sound baseless as of now but even if China harbours such ambitions and China forces a war on us I hope U.S. will join us to defeat the evil designs of a communist Neighbour.The World 's Greatest Democracy and the Largest Democracy must come together to preserve Peace and all forces that destroy democracy in the world which all importantly includes Terrorism.

Our Prime Minister is a great Oxford Economic Scholar and a humble man with great Character and Vision.Please help him to take India forward to its rightful place in the community of nations in the world.


Thanking You,Yours Sincerely


MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 19 July 19th 2009


Any General Election can produce only two kinds of people Winners and Losers.The Winners in India's General Elections are happy with the results but the Losers aren't happy and as the saying goes a bad workman blames his tools the losers are blaming the Electronic Voting Machines.The same losers when they were the Winners called the Voting Machines a thousand times better than the ballot paper that could be rigged and tampared with and calling the counting of paper ballots a time consuming,costly and cumbersome exercise and why are the same people asking for the paper ballot again!

Two software experts claim the electronic voting machines can be rigged.The Election Commission of India is telling they are tamper proof and asking the so called experts how they can be rigged and has asked them to show the proof.So why dont the doubting thomases prove their theory?

Let not the Indian Elections be held to ransom by losers.Our Election system and its technology compared to even the most advanced nations where election related disputes have arisen is one of the best in the world.Let us not go back to the paper ballot and undo and destroy all the wonderful efforts of our Election Commission of India.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 20 July 20th 2009


Today We wish to thank the contributions made by Clinton Family to Indo-U.S.Relations.No Presidential Family in the USA has loved India much as the Clintons.Right from the days of U.S.President Clinton to the days of Secretary of State Mrs Hillary Clinton it has been India's luck that it has found its pride of place in its friendship with the USA.U.S.President Obama has invited our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to Washington D.C. on a official state visit on November 24th 2009 and our Prime Minister will have a golden opportunity to take Indo-U.S. ties to new heights.

In todays joint Press conference with Union External Affairs Minister Mr.S.M.Krishna, Mrs Hillary Clinton declared that it feels like Home in India and the World oldest Democracy and the largest democracy can always understand each other as they have a similar system of governance.

Long live Indo-U.S. Friendship on the day 40 years ago American landed the first men on the moon in 1969.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 21 July 21st 2009


So who are the privileged few in this Country that need special treatment and are above the law of this land?

Since times immemorial India has been a society divided by class and caste.Many tried to rescue Indian Society from the Higher and Lower Division but every establishment including our all important Indian Media have become victims of such divisions.

Mahatma Gandhi the Father of our Nation donned the clothes of the poorest man and identified himself amongst the most backward and downtrodden in India.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the First Prime Minister of India said that he was the first servant of India and was only for the service of the people.

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar the Father of the Indian Constitution suffered humiliation as he was a Dalit and was denied even a glass of water in a Hotel.

Saint Kanakadasa was denied entry to the SriKrishna Temple in Udupi,Karnataka India by the Priests as he belonged to a backward community.Moved by his prayers Lord Krishna gave him Darshan by turning towards the back window of the temple that exists as Kanaka's window even today in the Udupi Temple.

Swami Vivekananda was moved to tears on a visit to Chicago,USA to attend the World Parliament of Religions while staying in a luxurious house and sleeping in a comfortable bed there when he thought about the millions in poverty in India and got consolation only after sleeping on the floor.

India should have been by now become a SuperPower but sadly our Class and Caste Divisions have impaired much needed progress and development in this Country.

On a Road in USA a corporal was commanding his young comrades to pull a horse carriage that had fallen into the ditch.As they were struggling to pull the carriage a man riding on the horseback got down and asked the corporal why he was not pulling the carriage from the ditch?Because I am the Corporal and I only know how to command the Corporal replied.The man on the Horseback got down and removed his shirt and helped his comrades to get the carriage out of the ditch.By the way who are you? the Corporal asked the man riding the Horse.He was astonished when the man replied I am George Washington the President of the United States of America.

Now we know precisely the reason why USA today is the World's leading Superpower.

Media Watch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 22 July 22nd 2009


So the century's longest solar eclipse has ended in India and other places and dooms day prophets of the Indian Society are scaring the people into religious submission.An eclipse is considered unlucky but it has proved lucky for the Great Albert Einstein whose predictions made by using his General Theory of Relativity got proved making him a worldwide celebrity Scientist during a Solar Eclipse.

India's parliamentary Opposition is mainly made up of BJP and the Left Parties.They claim they have different ideologies but they have a common agenda.Oppose USA and hate Pakistan.They strongly advocate Censorship and Banning like true Communists but what about the BJP they are a religious party aren't they?They together opposed the Indo-U.S.Nuclear deal and got mud on their faces when they failed to prove to the Indian Voter that it was against the interests of India.They both not only got defeated inside the Parliament but outside the Parliament also.But still they have not learnt their lessons that has made them to be still in the opposition.They want India to hate USA,fight with Pakistan all the time and perhaps maybe love China which harbours evil designs against India.

They are not willing to fight Naxals and the states ruled by them is filled with crime and lawlessness and guess whom they blame the Central Government led by Congress.Truely partners in their hate filled agenda the Left Parties and BJP must have a grand coalition as they have so much in common apart from a common enemy in the Congress Party and hate for anything called America.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publicationof the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 23 July 23rd 2009


A Panchayat in Haryana in India ordered the killing of a man for marrying a girl against their rules and wishes.Marriage is the most Sacred Institution on which every society stands and if such a society tries to destroy the Institution of Marriage itself it has no right for existence.No religion will permit a society to destroy any Human relationship and those members of Society who assume that they have religious powers to dictate  norms that kill individuals and destroy human relationships must be thrown out of the faith they claim to believe and the harshest punishment must be awarded to them.

Every marriage is a commitment of a lifetime and exists on four pillars of understanding namely:-

.1.CLOSENESS- Mental and Physical Proximity between the couple that makes their relationship enjoyable,motivating and enduring.

.2.NEED:- The constant need for each other by the partners in marriage makes the relationship stable and last for a longer period of time.

.3.TRUST:- It is the foundation of every relationship and the moment doubt creeps in the relationship between a couple their relationship disappears.

.4.VALUE:- Every Partner must value one another and must never look down upon one another.The moment they consider their partner unworthy and without any value that is the moment their relationship ends.

Any married couple that fulfill all the four conditions can be assured of a happy married life.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 24 July 24th 2009


After the ghastly molestation and stripping of a woman in Patna,Bihar by a Mob it is time for action to fight against atrocities against women in India and denial of their rights.We in this Institution led by Dr.S.Ramananda have already decided to form an Organisation that will protect and fight for women's rights in India.We have decided to fight against Abusive Governmental Authorities and male dominated societies to get justice for women in India and for women all over the world.The Women Rights that we are fighting for are as follows:-

.1.Right for Property,Finance and Wealth

.2.Right for Professional and Educational Freedom

.3.Right for Political Position and Power

.4.Right for Relationship,Sexual Expression and Freedom

It is sad that in a country like India where there are plenty of Women Leaders atrocities are heaped upon women and women' rights are denied.Women Leaders come out and fight for justice for your sisters in trouble in India by using the power given to you by people.

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MediaWatch(A Mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 25 July 25th 2009


Two of the biggest races in Modern Science are the races to find the common ground between Einstein's theory of Relativity that explains all the macroscopic world and the Quantum Theory of Max Planck that explains the microscopic world that Scientists call the Theory of Everything which is the ultimate theory in physics that explains every law and force of nature.

The next race is to find the cure for terminal diseases like Cancer and AIDS and to develop technologies that can solve the ultimate mysteries and problems of modern medicine.

In this direction our Editor in Chief Dr.S.Ramananda has made valuable contributions.Apart from disclosing his scientific discoveries in Science Fiction Form by his book COMMUNICATIONS WITH REALITY published by Vantage Press.New York,USA in 1993.He presented his research paper of the discovery of a new Scientific Principle to unify all laws and forces of Nature at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science held in Atlanta,Georgia,USA in February 1995.Apart from that at the 90th Session of the Indian Science Congress held in Bangalore University,Bangalore,India on January 2003 he has explained how altered electromagnetic waves can be used to convert Cancer and HIV infected cells into normal cells.If our Editor succeeds then India will win two of the hottest races in Modern Science.

On behalf of the Indian Institute for Talent Search we pray to the almighty to make him successful in his great Scientific Mission.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 26 July 26 2009






With these words we all salute the Martyrs and Heroes on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Kargil Victory.We are also proud to note that India has entered the exclusive Nuclear Submarine Club in the world as its 6th Member with the Launch of Arihant,the indigenously built Nuclear Submarine Arihant by the wife of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Manmohan Singh at the Vishakapatnam Naval Dockyard in Andhra Pradesh,India.

If our Scientific and Intellectual Talent is given proper recognition and support the dream of India becoming the Superpower will soon be realised.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 27 July 27th 2009


So who is untouchable in India?The report released by the National Law School in Bangalore,India shows how discrimination against Dalits is alive and kicking.AdiShankaracharya the Saint revered in South India was travelling and in his path stood a Chandela a man of Scheduled Caste who takes care of Graveyards.The Saint asked him to move away from his path.The Chandela asked the Swamiji 'Shall I move my body or my soul asked the Chandela.The Swamiji was stunned and asked him who he really was?The Chandela was in fact the Great God Lord Shiva himself testing the Character of the Saint AdiShankaracharya.How many times will God test his own Hindu followers against discriminating against other Hindus on the basis of their caste,creed and gender?

Hinduism today in India has been diluted and polluted by the Upper Castes.We challenge any politician or political party in India to abolish casteism altogether that has been Modern day Hinduism's greatest curse.Does any Politician have any guts to do it is the real question?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 28 July 28th 2009


Why resign?Elections are held once in a fixed term of 5 years barring a strange behaviour of our elected representatives in assembly or parliament.Every now and then Opposition will dig out a scandal or scam to make a CM resign.Are they all Saints and committed no sins?

Omar Abdullah has resigned as J&K CM when so many CMs are relaxing with so many crimes and scandals.He has resigned for charges that are yet to be proved in any Court of Law while so many CMs with Court Cases against them don those cases as honours to them.Has the public forgotten the famous case of the Mufti Mohammed Sayeed's daughter being released in exchange for 5 dreaded Terrorists.Mufti was the Home Minister at the centre then.His daughter is the Opposition leader today in the assembly who raises a hue and cry for every crime committed.

A lady named Mary Magdelene was being stoned by the public for being a woman of disrepute in public when the great Jesus Christ came to her rescue by asking them that the right to throw the stone exists for a person who has never sinned in his entire life.Ironically Christ had that right but instead he made Mary his disciple.So who are the politicians who have never sinned in their entire public life let them come forward to throw scams on their opponents.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 29 July 29th 2009


The Prime Minister of India has spoken in the right voice in the Parliament defending his stand on the Indo-U.S.Relations and Indo-Pak relations but is the opposition led by BJP willing to listen.They are no different from PDP in the J&K Assembly except they have not toppled mikes and torn the letter of CBI  like the Opposition Leader there.There comes now a big question what is the role of an Opposition in a Parliamentary Democracy?

The Opposition is a judge of any ruling party and is always there observing if the ruling Government is not abusing its power given by the people and is not causing injustice with the power granted to it.If the very same Opposition simply opposes for the sake of opposing,criticises for the sake of criticism and disrupts parliamentary proceedings interrupting unnnecessarily the working of the ruling Government then the voter watching will not be silent and will not even give a vote for it to exist as an opposition in the next elections.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 30 July 30th 2009


So who are the most intelligent achievers or Genius achievers in the World and which countries have most of them?

According to the Book published by the American Biographical Institute,USA in 2009 titled 500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century the top ten Nations and their list of Genius Achievers are as follows.India is placed 5th amongst 79 Nations all over the world whose Genius Achievers are listed in the book.

.1.USA has 161 Genius Achievers and placed on top

.2.Korea has 35

.3.Japan has 33

.4.Russia has 31

.5.India has 23

.6.China has 22

.7.U.K. and Germany has 21 each

.9.Australia and Poland 12 each

.11.Greece has 11 Genius Achievers respectively.

For further enquiries contact MediaWatch for a detailed list and biographies of Genius Achievers from all over the world published in the book by the American Biographical Institute,USA in 2009.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 31 July 31st 2009


They say India is a agriculturally dependent economy but why is there a huge rise in prices of certain fruits,flowers and vegetables?There are several reasons for that illegal hoarding practices of traders,black marketeering and individuals moving away from agricultural production and adding to the already rapidly growing urbanisation in India.

Then is there a solution to this Agricultural inflation in India?Yes we wish to suggest our solution to the Government of India.A law that helps in the formation of a National Agricultural Price Control Commission is the answer.The Commission can have branches and retail outlets all over India and will fix the prices of Food and Agricultural Products based on stock estimates all over India.All shops selling the agricultural products must sell at the MRP fixed by the Commission failing which criminal action will be invited against the traders.Stock Inspectors will verify all stocks in all shops and in case illegal hoardings are found during raids or inspections criminal action is initiated against the concerned traders.If stocks deplete nationwide and prices tend to increase the commission will import and increase supplies to their outlets to maintain the maximum allowed price.If stocks increase that tends to cause fall in the price the outlets of the Commission will buy the stocks from agricultural producers allow exports and maintain the minimum support price for the Agricultural Production in India.

We hope the Government will take our advice to ensure a second agricultural revolution and maintain agricultural product price stability in India.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 32 August 1st 2009


Karnataka State is a strange state as its voters very strangely prefer a Government opposite to that ruling at the National Level in New Delhi.When the Janatha Party was voted to power in 1977 the State Voter preferred the Congress Party and when BJP ruled in the centre Karnataka had a Congress Party led Government.The Voter here we feel has a generation gap with the National Voter and when they try to close that gap the National Voter would have gone into a different electoral mood.

So how has the BJP handled Karnataka?Pray for Rain and all our Power Problems will be solved the CM of Karnataka told the people.The Rains came in torrents flooding reservoirs but now the CM is asking for the Voter to prepare for a dark load shedding year.Bangalore development is my aim swore the CM and Bangalore that was considered a jewel in the crown of India is now deserted by investors and is no longer the chosen destination by the migrating population in India.Bad Roads,Bad Drains,Traffic Jams,increasing crime rate,frequent power cuts,higher pollution levels,ban on night life,corruption in administration alongwith bottlenecks are some of the few reasons that Bangalore is losing its charm in India.We only ask the CM to stop advertising and take effective action to stop the downslide of Bangalore.Bangaloreans have given three parliamentary seats for the BJP.Atleast the voters of Bangalore that have reimposed faith in the ruling BJP deserve a better deal from them.

Mr CM please stop blaming the rain and Central Government for the Power problems.How many Power Projects have you launched since you came to power and what steps have you taken for effective distribution of power for entire Karnataka State?Load Shedding and Power cuts is not the answer for solving the power problem in Karnataka.If your Government feels it hard to handle power generation and supply hand it over to private parties who can handle it better.For all your problems dont ask the people to pray to God yet again as God helps those who help themselves.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 33 August 2nd 2009


There is a song in Hindi which goes on as follows:-

"Leave the past behind,the past is old,there is new hope in a new journey of tomorrow as we are all indians as we are all indians."

A journalist wants to know through an RTI application to the august office of the Prime Minister of India as to why Lal Bahadur Shastriji passed away in 1966.Why do sometimes journalists and sometimes useless politicians along with them want to dig up the past and ruin a perfectly happy present and future in India we dont understand.Would they want dead bodies to stand up as accused in Courts of Law or Skeletons to tumble out and give evidence?Then should we file RTI applications to find out the past of Nathuram Godse who assassinated our beloved Gandhiji and name the RSS as accused?Should we probe the role of RSS in British ruled India?Should we still ask the Japanese as to how our beloved Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose died?The list is endless.We all Indians have a habit of living in the past and forgetting the future which the song that we have quoted at the start of the article tells us not to do.

When will our Indian Media ever learn not to be obsessed with scandals and the gory past history of India?It seems according to the media over the last few days Buta Singh's son is the only corrupt person in entire India which the CBI has found out.When murderers of Prof Sabharwal are let off as innocent and are out in the open why isnt the biased media focussing to get justice to the poor Sabharwal's family?Why are they having double standards in focussing on Crime and Corruption surrounding a few individuals only?Are they puppets of only a single caste,class and political lobby?Media Viewers and Readers judge for yourself.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 34 August 3rd 2009


So the South Indian Movie Goers are rushing madly to the theatres to watch a telugu movie called MOGADHEERA that has Superstar Chiranjeevi's son in the lead role.This movie which might turn out to be one of India's biggest blockbuster hits has already made within a few days Crores of rupees profit.So what is the secret of this film's success?

Hollywood beware Mogadheera is coming.The film excels in all technical departments.Art Direction,Special effects,fight sequences,Photography,Choreography,Music,Screenplay and last but not the least we have a truely masculine hero who has put up a spectacular performance and a truely feminine heroine that inspires him over one birth to another to play the role of an invincible warrior.Telugu Film Industry is not only giving the Hindi Film industry a run for the money but also for the action packed hollywood films as well.

So let us salute the Mogadheeras for taking the Indian Box Office by storm and showing Hollywood that Indian Bollywood can make worldbeating films.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 35 August 4th 2009


So the Swine Flu Epidemic has shocked India thanks to our Media Pundits who are predicting a doomsday for people in India after the shocking death of a girl in a hospital who was infected with Swine Flu but never treated for it.

Before people in India make any judgements about Swine Flu let us tell you one startling truth.The Indian Media is blocking certain facts that everybody in the Country ought to know.The seriousness of an illness or infection is judged by an epidemiological term called mortality.It is the number of deaths divided by the number of cases having the infection or illness.For example a confirmed case of Rabies caused by infected Dog Bites has nearly 100% mortality which means that the number of deaths and confirmed cases of Rabies are almost the same.Now pull out your calculator and calculate the mortality for Swine flu cases worldwide according to latest World Health Statistics updated on July 27th 2009.There are 816 deaths due to Swine Flu and the number of cases reported are 1,34503 cases.Now you must have calculated the mortality for Swine Flu already.Out of 157 cases reported in Africa there are no deaths and out of 7358 cases reported in South East Asia of which India is also a part there are 44 deaths and out of 87965 cases reported in the American Continent there are 707 deaths.

Swine flu is a treatable condition.Under appropriate medical supervision and treatment by able Doctors it can be treated,prevented and cured.So next time you here of Swine Flu rush to the nearest Government Hospital and consult the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Government of India who have made all arrangements to take care of Patients with Swine Flu.Instead of that if you choose to consult Media Pundits or the Indian Media do it at your own risk as they want their news to sell by spreading panic through Swine Flu.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 36 August 5th 2009


When our Institute The Indian Institute for Talent Search chose Former U.S.President William Jefferson Clinton as the Winner of our Most Outstanding World Leader of the Decade Award for 1990-2000 we were not wrong as he single handedly contributed to Global Peace and Prosperity in that decade and Mr Clinton is still even in 2009 on Global Spotlight as the ultimate Peacemaker. Mr Bill Clinton has managed to obtain the release of two U.S.Journalists from the dreaded North Korean Regime.The two U.S.Journalists working for the News Agency controlled by Former U.S.Vice President Al Gore strayed into North Korea and were arrested by them and were in threat of long detention in their Jails.

President Clinton has always won many a heart of many a leader through his tactful diplomacy and bailed USA out of many troublesome situations when he was U.S.President.Our Political Leaders who want war all the time and conflict with their neighbouring countries need to learn a lesson or two from Mr Clinton that certain problems with even the worst enemies can be solved with just a simple handshake of friendship.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 37 August 6th 2009


So our Indian Media has never learnt their lessons.Their only interest is to sensationalize and sell news to the people.They create panic and anxiety all across the country and make the citizens to develop unnecessary fears.Be it Bird Flu,Swine Flu,Crime or Scandal they thrive on scaring people into reading or viewing their news.Is this not yellow journalism at the cost of National Interests?We are today releasing our latest Media ratings for our readers.


.1.DD News











MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 38 August 7th 2009


Our Editorial Team and many of our friends and colleagues have stopped watching News Channels and reading news from newspapers for the time being.Any Prizes for guessing?They are all infected with the Swine Flu News Virus and until they get cured of that we will continue our boycott and so today we will discuss some of the Indians whom we love to hate.

.1.The separatists

These are Indians who love to divide people on the basis of race,caste,language,region and gender and try to gain cheap profits for themselves.If you run across them beware they will separate you from your own spouse and family.

.2.The snobs

These Indians are the ultimate party spoilers.This is decent and this is indecent.This is allowed and this is not allowed.This must be banned and that must be banned.They are the self proclaimed moral guardians of Indian Society.In their company you can get arrested for immoral behaviour beware.These are people who do not enjoy life and do not allow others to enjoy life.

.3.The manipulators

These are Indians who have lost the habit of progressing by themselves and always love to manipulate others by using other people weaknesses.If you are in their company you very well know who is stopping your progress in life.

.4.The Hyperbolics

These are Indians who like our Media like to magnify,sensationalize and exaggerate each and everything.Did you know that the world will end tomorrow they will say to you and you know for sure that their world has ended and not that of the real world.

.5.The Rich Poor People

These are Indians who love to flaunt their Wealth and Power with everybody staying in isolated Palaces fearing the touch and company of people will harm them.These useless people who hate human beings are rich physically and mentally poor.So give those people the cold shoulder for the mental poverty that they suffer from.

.6.So let it be People

Even if the Heavens are falling who cares as long as their stomach is filled they lead a happy go lucky life caring a damn for anything in the world.Beware of the company of such people they will make you lazy and useless like them for the rest of your life.

.7.The Critics

Some People will always keep complaining about everything happening around them.These Indians will always scold their own motherland at a drop of a hat and will not hesitate to criticise their own mother.Will they rectify any problem that they face ?Not at all as they are only meant for criticising and not rectifying anything in life.

.8.The Opportunists

They are the most dangerous of all types of people mentioned here as they stay with you and get everything done from you to serve their own selfish interests and once their job is done they pretend that they dont even know you.The phrase Time servers Purpose servers are meant for such people.In their Company you will get looted and end up making the person who looted you rich.

If you are by any chance any of the above mentioned types of people be a man in the mirror and change your ways for the good of your country India.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 39 August 8th 2009


The Prime Minister of India has warned of an impending drought situation in North India and the Food Crisis that has to be tackled on a war footing in the near future.India is a monsoon dependent agricultural economy and what is the solution to such problems caused by erratic monsoons?

Linking of Rivers in India to create an uniform water irrigation table is the solution to erratic monsoons in India that create floods in one portion of India and Drought in another portion of India.River linking Dams and Reservoirs that link two or more rivers which in turn are linked to a Central Reservoir or Dam in the Centre of India that can use the Vindhyachal mountain ridge as a Base for construction to link Northern Rivers like Ganga to Cauvery and Link rivers like Godavari and Narmada can provide an answer to India's agricultural and irrigation problems.In the North east a river linking dam can link the river Brahmaputra with Ganga and in the Northwestern portion of India the Rivers of Punjab can be linked to Ganga and Jamuna.Excess waters in rivers that can cause floods can flow into rivers where there are deficient waters causing drought in other areas.

Science and Technology has changed the face of the World.In India if we put our Dams and Reservoirs to good use we can create water for all seasons to engineer the greatest agricultural revolution in the world.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 40 August 9th 2009


We are thankful to get a sneak preview into the top secret medical research project of our Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda that aims to cure terminal illnesses like Cancer and AIDS.We must tell you that we cannot leak out its full contents unless the works of our Editor who also happens to be the Director of Jayalakshmi Memorial Cancer Research Fund are properly published,copyrighted and patented.

The Biological Structure of all living organisms and cells are governed by a biological energy vibration that has a specific energy value.Without that energy vibration no life is possible.All non living matter structures are also governed by a specific wave energy value the alteration of which can change the nature and structure of matter.If we alter the wavelength,amplitude and frequency of electromagnetic waves in a certain orderly way we can create alterations in both non living and living matter structures.

Most of the viruses that infect human beings have no proper cure in current Modern Medicine.The virus that causes AIDS or Swine Flu or any other disease has the least biological energy value and when our host human cells are consistently having less energy values due to stress,immunodeficiency or any other condition the infecting viral genome can successfully enslave the host human cell that has lesser biological energy value and if the energy value of the infected host human cell is increased we can cause a mutation that can destroy the infecting viral genome even if it is a part of the host cell genome.Hence altered electromagnetic waves can successfully cure AIDS,Swine Flu,Rabies or any other deadly Viral Disease.

So in the future you know for sure that the works of our Editor will revolutionise not only Medicine but make India the Health care destination to the entire World.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 41 August 10th 2009


The greatest obstacle for India's progress for becoming an advanced Country is the widespread prevalence of Scientific ignorance.People in India believe or accept information without scientific verification allowing media and other vested interests to misguide and mislead them all the time.Hence our public more often then not fall victims to rumours and panic within a short period of time.Scientific Attitude must be developed by the Indian public and we will today explain the key postulates that establishes Scientific truth.


Is the information concerned based on logic and pre-existent proven information and facts and does it have the genuine possibility of existence?


Is the information concerned visible or can it be perceived by all our five senses through any examination or tests under any specified conditions by any observer?


Can the information concerned be verified by different Observers in different periods of times?


Is the information the same for all observers at all times in all locations and in all possible conditions?

If the information passes the tests of all these four Scientific Postulates then it is the Scientific Truth.

Remember Science is not a field like religion where truth is established by what the majority of people believe or accept without proof or evidence.Science is a systematic study of knowledge based on proof and evidence and independent of how many people accept it as Truth or not.

So next time when you come across any information find out whether it is the Scientific Truth and listen to the Intellectuals and Scholars who are authorities in that field of information rather than being misguided by rumours and information shown as truth by our media that scares you into believing them.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 42 August 11th 2009


There are certain unanswered questions about Swine Flu.Will our so called responsible Indian Media answer them?

.1.Why the Indian Media so much concerned about Swine Flu not disclosing statistics about deaths caused by Cerebral Malaria in Bihar and Dengue Fever prevailing in India?

.2.Will the Indian Media that has created so much hype about Swine flu compensate people fleeing Pune and get additional kits for Bangalore testing centres which has run out of stock of investigation kits due to huge rush of people caused by the Media orchestrated Swine Flu Panic?

.3.Is not the Indian Media aware of the economic implications in India of the panic created by them due to schools,colleges and businesses shut due to the Swine Flu Fears?

.4.Is the Indian Media hand in glove with vested interests to hype the Swine Flu Panic so that those vested interests can make profits and take advantage of the situation by politicising it?

.5.Why doesnt the same Indian Media so much interested in Swine Flu show the same level of Interest in dreaded diseases like Cancer and AIDS which cause thousands of deaths every year in India?

.6.Last but not the least why doesnt our Indian Media show statistics about mortality of Swine Flu all over the world compared to India and compared to infected cases all over the world?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 43 August 12th 2009


So the Indian Media is proud that it has created a Swine Flu Panic in the country and successfully disrupted economic activities of the people by creating public panic and anxiety.Wait hold on Our Media Men and Women are in for a shock.In a Opinion Poll survey conducted by MediaWatch the TRP Ratings of most leading TV Channels has sunk to an all time low after their Swine Flu TV Coverage.If the media doesnt believe us let them independently conduct a neutral Opinion Poll and they will find out what cost Swine Flu coverage TV Channels and Newspapers will have to bear.

A candidate surveyed by us told us that TV Channels are bribed by Foreign People to sell their medical products.Another person told us that the media people want to sell their news by hook or by crook through Swine Flu.More than 90% Doctors surveyed told us that there is no scientific basis in the media coverage given for Swine Flu in India.One angry reader told us I will stop buying any newspaper if they cover only Swine Flu in India.So Swine flu has taken its toll on our Media.Check your TRPs TV News Channels and your ratings has dropped by neary 70%.Newspapers check out if your Ad revenues have not dropped and the number of readers have not dropped due to Swine Flu.

Last but not the least dont tell us we never warned you of what Swine Flu could do for making your TRPs plunge and and send your Credibility of your news nosediving in front of the public.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 44 August 13th 2009


The Tax Code proposed by the Union Finance Minister of India Shri Pranab Mukerjee is a step in the right direction but the real problem in India is the problem of unaccounted money and black wealth accumulated by rich people by bypassing taxmen and tax laws.In a nation of nearly 1.2 Billion people it is virtually impossible to bring everybody who violate tax laws under the long arm of the law.Hence Tax exemptions can be cleverly used to bring all unaccounted money into the accounted money zone.For example if the Government suggests that if anybody invests on infrastructure like roads,dams and bridges their source of money may not be disclosed and they will be offered a tax holiday then crores of Rupees of Black Money could easily be converted to White Money.

Instead of abolishing exemptions and tax incentives altogether they can be used to bring in unaccounted wealth of India into infrastructure,education,social welfare and research and development.This in turn can result in reduction of Governmental expenditure and fiscal deficit and collect unaccounted money from tax defaulters without resorting to any harsh measures to improve tax collection.Sometimes Gandhian philosophy can be used to generate miracles to boost Indian economy.Prof Amartya Sen the Nobel Laureate in economics will always give a nod for such welfare economics and if it boosts Indian Economics why will he not appreciate?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 45 August 14th 2009



Our Editor has proposed a new Medical Theory of Compromised Immunity and Health.There is a shock awaiting our friends from our Print and Electronic Media.There is a serious doubt about whether Deaths caused due to Swine Flu both in India and abroad may not be due to Swine Flu at all apart from the fact that 3 reported deaths in Pune were not due to Swine Flu.

According to the theory An underlying Disease or Ailment can complicate an existing mild curable infection and make it into a major Killer infection.For example an ordinary common cold can become a killer disease in a state of compromised immunity and lung condition.Pneumocystis Carinii a fungal lung infection becomes fatal in a HIV Patient.Similarly patients with Diabetes,Asthma,Cancer,Anaemia,Immunodeficiency Disorder,Lung Disorders,Malnutrition and Ageing Disorder can easily die when an ordinary influenza virus infects them.These may give a mistaken notion that Swine Flu is a killer disease.Patients with AIDS,Tuberculosis,Parasitic infections and even Protozoal infections can die due to ordinary viral and bacterial infections which of course includes the Swine Flu.So will our Print and Electronic Media investigate all people who have died due to Swine Flu according to them and the medical authorities in India and give a real answer to the people concerned in India?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 46 August 15th 2009


The President of India in her independence day speech on August 14th 2009 lauded the passage of the Right to Free Education Bill in Parliament and asked Government and people to contribute in solving problems caused by deficient Monsoon,Swine Flu,Drought etc., and lauded the efforts of the National Mission of empowerment of women.

The Prime Minister of India in his independence day speech on August 15th 2009 announced the intention of Launching of the Jawarharlal Nehru Solar Mission and the National Female Literacy Mission and told the people not to panic for Swine Flu in India and assured that it will not be an impediment for development and also told with proper efforts the Government can create a second Green revolution.

Our Editor in Chief Dr.S.Ramananda while addressing students,guests,parents and teaching staff of Vivekananda Educational Centre and Sarvodaya Senior Kannada Primary School in Jayanagar,Bangalore introduced the theme of real independence in India which is in the form of the following poem:-

"When we all forgot about India,They fought for India,They struggled for India,They thought about India,Let us all think about India."

Accusing the Indian Print and Electronic Media of scaring people with Swine Flu he said that compared to statistics abroad there was nothing to be scared about Swine Flu in India.He also educated the audience assembled there about the dos and donts about Swine Flu and asked them not to develop fear and panic for the disease.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 47 August 16th 2009


The Prime Minister of India while addressing a conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Court has stated the huge backlog of pending cases as the biggest challenge for India and also suggested that vacant posts of judges in High Court must be filled up immediately.As of now 52000 cases in Supreme Court,40 Lakh Court Cases in High Court and nearly 2.2.Crore Cases in Trial Court are pending in India.

We are happy to announce the Most Respected Journalist in India Award.It goes to Mr Prannoy Roy of New Delhi Television(NDTV).Mr Prannoy Roy can easily be considered the most respected Journalist in Decades as his experience in Broadcasting Journalism extends from the 1980s with his popular World this Week Show on Doordarshan to the times he established his own Broadcasting Channel the NDTV.More renowned for his Election Analysis and Predictions in political circles he has been a Journalist who has been the Kingmaker of other Journalists who have made their own Private TV Channels while working under him.Hence he can also be called the Bhisma pitamaha of Modern Broadcasting Journalism in India.Our congratulations from our Editorial Team of MediaWatch for winning our most prestigious honour.

Here is our latest rankings of TV News Channels in India:-


.2.DD News

.3.Times Now

.4.Headlines Today


MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 48 August 18th 2009


On the Backdrop of the conference on internal security called by the Prime Minister of India there are certain issues and thoughts everybody must ponder about regarding the security of India.

Just who is a Terrorist? A terrorist is an individual who spreads fear or panic in society and utilises that fear to destroy the economic fabric of a country by making people to avoid any public activity which destroys any business that they undertake.Post September 11th 2001 in USA economic activity and public activity came to a grinding halt as terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Centre also destroyed the economic confidence of the Americans also which also made USA to suffer the Worst Economic Recession in recent times.

The worst enemies of India do not come from outside but are very much within us.Within our own families,communities and systems these terrorists who spread fear and panic using the disease Swine Flu or something else go largely unpunished.We may hang or punish the terrorist who fires a few bullets,kills some innocent people and explode a few bombs but who will punish the terrorist within us who create communal difference and violence?Who will punish the terrorist who spreads panic through Print and Electronic Media by creating a Media Hype with diseases like Swine Flu?India throughout History is filled with such traitors who want to destroy our Nation from within.Why dont our people and society punish such Terrorists who live amongst us leading normal lives but yet conspire and want to make Mother India weep in poverty all the time?

Rise Indians Rise destroy the Terrorist living with you and the Terrorist outside will not even dare to cast an evil glance on your Mother or Motherland.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 49 August 18th 2009


So who are the fans of Mr Jinnah the founder of Pakistan? You will be surprised to know that they are the Politicians who advocate Hindutva In India.One is L.K.Advani who visited Pakistan and showered praises on Jinnah and called him a Patriot and there is Jaswant Singh who has written a book about him making him a hero and Nehru along with the Iron man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel are made villians.

Why Praise Jinnah? For dividing India and making it the battleground for several conflicts including that of Jammu and Kashmir and creating division amongst Hindus and Muslims who have fought the bloodiest communal conflicts after Independence against each other or for alienating the Muslim Minority from the Hindu Majority in India creating the groundwork for the Birth of many terrorists.

Those politicians who praise Jinnah are also like him dividing India into many mini Indias separating Indians in the name of Caste,Language and Religion.Little wonder that these Separatists praise another separatist who divided India on 1947.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 50 August 19th 2009


In Politics the greatest survivor and greatest leader is not one who abuses Power or learns the art of manipulation but one who sticks to Principles and Ideologies that has made him rise in politics and has made him popular in the eyes of people.

No tears maybe shed for the exit of Jaswant Singh from the BJP who has been with the Party since its foundations in the 1980s.BJP is slowing learning painful lessons smarting under the recent election defeat for the Indian Parliament.It started on a positive note calling itself the only credible opposition party capable of challenging the Indian National Congress at the Centre.But it got all its votes by going to the Indian Voter stating that it was the only political party capable of protecting the interests of Hindus in India.Instead of protecting Hinduism or Hindus it turned its backs on them once it starting tasting power and its top leaders disregarded the same Hindu Voter and pursued the politics of opportunism and started using negative campaign as a tool against other parties.In the name of Hinduism Casteism was pursued and Communal Tensions were used to get votes.In BJP's scheme of things Upper Castes and Upper Classes became the biggest beneficiaries the Voters that brought them power became forgotten entities and soon they forgot what true Hinduism was all about.India the BJP forgot was secular because it was Hindu in Nature and Character.The ancient Hindu Vedic Scriptures says that the whole world is God's Family and so a true Hindu respects all Faiths and is the very embodiment of secularism.What Hinduism BJP believed was only Casteism and Opportunism that divided Society for the sake of Power.Jinnah represented the same class of separatist ideology except that he belonged to a different Faith.No doubt BJP produced Leaders like Advani or Jaswant who became a Frankenstein Monster or Bhasmasura for their own Party by Praising Jinnah and making them lose one election after another.Now BJP is expelling the same elements that it only created out of its laboratory that experimented with a diluted Hindu Religious ideology.After all Jinnah also experimented with a diluted religious ideology in his own religious laboratory for making Pakistan and Adolf Hitler also became a victim of his own Aryan Racial Supremacy Theory.

And so as the saying goes those who forget History are condemned to repeat it.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 51 August 20th 2009


We remember Shr.Rajiv Gandhi on his 65th Birthday.Shri Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Indian Prime Minister who helped India enter the Computer and Telecommunications era when he was the Prime Minister of India from 1984 to 1989 with the highest parliamentary majority that any single party enjoyed since its independence.

Let us today in the memory of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhiji discuss about major advances in the world of Mathematics.

On June 27th 1997 the Princeton Mathematician Andrew Wiles collected the Wolfskehl Prize in Mathematics worth 50,000 U.S.Dollars for cracking an unsolved Mathematics Problem that sought the proof of Fermat's Last theorem which defied an answer for centuries.This Mathematics Prize was reserved for the first person to find the proof of Fermat's last theorem.The Mathematics of Dimensional Shifts discovered by our Editor Dr.Ramananda and the Principle of Monosymmetry that unifies all laws and forces of nature derived from that Mathematics and published by him at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science in Atlanta,Georgia,USA in February 1995 bears a startling resemblance and close relation to the Mathematics used by Andrew Wiles to find a proof for Fermat's last theorem.Wiles used the Taniyama Shimura Conjecture that unified elliptical and modular orders in Mathematics whereas Dr.Ramananda used his Principle of Monosymmetry and the Mathematics of Dimensional Shifts that he discovered to unify Quantum and Relativistic Worlds in Physics to create the Grand Unified Theory of Everything.We wish our Editor all the best so that he can win all the great ultimate races of Modern Science and Technology.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 52 August 21st 2009


The recently held 5 Assembly  by poll results in Karnataka has shown one truth that our Media Pundits who are very eager to write off the Congress in Karnataka are unable to see.Let us get back to the Assembly polls in Karnataka State.The largest voting percentage was polled by the Congress Party who got 35% but yet they secured only 80 seats and the BJP polled 34% and got 110 seats and the JD(S) got 19% with 28 seats and the rest 12% and they got 6 seats in the 224 seats strong Karnataka assembly.The reason being that Congress scored more in areas with fewer seats and more voters and the BJP scored more in areas with lesser voters but more seats at stake.The Rise of BJP in Karnataka was due to the JD(S) who  share a common votebank with the Congress.If the Vokkaligas who are about 25% of the Voter Population and with 15% of the minority Voter population and with OBCs and the Dalits backing this votebank Congress should have got nearly 50% of the votes or slightly more but with nearly 20% of them backing the JD(S) they became the biggest party spoilers for the Congress.They not only snatched seats from the Congress in some areas but made them to lose seats in areas where BJP stood no chance of winning.In short the BJP must thank the JD(S) for undermining the political strength of Congress in Karnataka by dividing their common secular votes.

When JD(S) withdrew from the Govindarajanagar assembly constituency they gifted victory to the Congress and defeat to the BJP but when they fought they snatched 2 seats from the Congress in its stronghold areas in Rural Bangalore and in Kollegal BJP won by default due to JD(S) and Congress vote division.In Chittapur Kharge's son had to lose his father's seat by a narrow margin due to the secular vote division.Now BJP seats tally has gone up from 110 to 117 while Congress from 80 has gone down to 74 seats while JD(S) is at 27 seats in the latest assembly seats tally with independents remaining at 6 seats.

Until the JD(S) realises its mistake it will land up without its knowledge becoming the political godfather of BJP in Karnataka at the expense of the Congress Party.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 53 August 22nd 2009


The job of a temple priest is not easy.He is supposed to mediate between us and God delivering the offering and prayers we address to the almighty.He must maintain the highest level of moral ethics,discipline and decorum to be eligibile to be the agent of the almighty delivering our offerings and prayers to him.But today the Hindu Priest has become greedy and has forgotten his duties and has turned into a thief stealing the possessions meant for decorating the God Himself.A temple priest of the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams considered one of the richest temples of the world has mortgaged lakhs of rupees worth of jewellery meant for God.In Melkote Chaluvanarayanaswamy Temple Lakhs of rupees of jewellery have gone missing.So if a temple priest himself turns a thief whom should the devotees of God trust.This is more than a theft it is the ultimate betrayal of people's trust in God and religion by the very same Priests entrusted in safeguarding the sacred religion and philosophy of Hinduism.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister of India has asked the Ambani Brothers to bury their differences and take Reliance one of the World's richest companies forward.Are any of the Ambani brothers listening?

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 54 August 23rd 2009


Ganesha Chaturthi festival is celebrated in great enthusiasm by People in India.There were fears expressed by the Indian media that the Swine Flu Pandemic would hamper all celebrations but the all powerful God who destroys obstacles prevailed over Swine Flu Fears in India.In short Lord Ganesha defeated Swine Flu.

Once Lord Shiva and Parvathi asked their Children Subramanya and Ganesha for a race where they had to go around all the worlds in the Universe in the quickest possible time.Lord Subramanya set off with his peacock without wasting any time while Lord Ganesha stayed back with his Parents.After his brother Subramanya left Ganesha went 21 times around his Parents bowed to them and rested there itself.When Subramanya returned Ganesha claimed victory in the race and stated that his Parents Shiva and Parvathi were the representation of all the Universe and going around them is as good as going all round the worlds in the Universe.

How many children have devotion to their Parents like Lord Ganesha and treat them as living Gods?Well Lord Ganesha the favourite God of Hindus in India has already shown the way.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 55 August 24th 2009


Cultural Anthropology is the study of the relation of Races,Cultures and Genes of Human Beings in History.Do you like to meet the most romantic and beautiful people in the World?Then Hispanic Race people who inhabit Latin America and Latin Speaking Countries of Europe are the ones who have beauty and romance in their Genes.No doubt Latin American Women have won most of the beauty pageant titles like Miss World and Miss Universe.Miss Venezuela has created history at Miss Universe 2009 by becoming the first Country to win back to back Miss Universe titles.

The strongest race in the World are the blacks and mainly come from Africa.No doubt the World's fastest human Usain Bolt from Jamaica who clocked 9.58 seconds in 100 metres race recently in World Athletics Championship 2009 belongs to that race.The most skilful race are the Yellow Race which the Chinese,Japanese and Koreans belong.The most professionally accomplished and competitive race are the Nordic Race found in Scandinavian Countries like Sweden and Norway,the Caucasian Race found in Countries like Russia and the Anglo Saxon Race who represent White Europeans and Americans in General across the world.Then what about the Brown Asian Race that we belong to?We are the most socially,politically and financially intelligent race in the world.


These were the words spoken by Rakesh Sharma the first Indian Astronaut in Space when asked by the then Prime Minister of India Shrimati Indira Gandhi as to how India looks in Space during a teleconference chat.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 56 August 25th 2009


So the controversial Swiss Banks is in our news again.Frankly this type of Banks are a shame on the financial business sector in the entire world.They hide Black Money,Underworld Money and Terror Money and indirectly act as a supporting base for International Financial Fraud,Crime and Terror destabilising and affecting many national economies due to their Banking secrecy laws.Here the Banks ask interest from their depositors instead of paying them and keep account in number forms and never disclose details of their account holders to any investigating authorities.Switzerland and its Government instead of putting curbs on such banking activities is encouraging their functioning.The Country which hosts many international bodies and claims to be the headquarters of World Peace,Watches,Cakes and Chocolates must not land up becoming the headquarters of International Crime,Terror and Blackmoney.

It is estimated that several lakh crores of rupees of Indian Black Money is stacked up in Swiss Bank Accounts.When our Finance Minister asked for the details of the Indian Account holders in Swiss Banks they have refused to divulge details citing secrecy laws.If all the Black Money of India stacked up in Swiss Banks returns back to India it will become the Richest economy in the World.So it appears India has encountered the Swiss obstacle.What is the use of secrecy if Western Nations like Switzerland in the form of Swiss Banks seek to undermine and destroy emerging asian economies like that of India.

So the IIT Professors are on a warpath demanding better pay scales stating that their institutions are in the top 100 in the world.Let the Government enhance their pay scales if they can make IITs the leading R&D hubs in the World and become the top 10 Institutions of the World.IIT Professors are you willing to accept the challenge? 

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 57 August 26th 2009


Should a political force in India be dictated by who is for or against Jinnah the man who divided Hindu and Muslim Brethren in India and split our sacred Motherland?Today it is sad to note that the same people who stood by Hinduism and safeguarding Hindu interests in India are willing to sacrifice their political positions in a party that they served for a long period of time for the sake of Jinnah.

The same people who governed India during Kargill War against Pakistan are swearing by the name of the Founder of the same country.Why is it that India that is notorious for producing patriots also produced traitors who stabbed it in its back?Mir Sadiq betrayed Tipu Sultan during the Battle of Srirangapatna in 1799 against the British.Today there are people who support Pakistan in the very same party that swears by Hindu Cultural Nationalism.Today they will say Jinnah is a Patriot and tomorrow they might say Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim are friends of India and call terrorism a mere religious conflict.How can we trust the BJP now when it is filled with people who are willing to betray India at a drop of a hat?How can we trust this Party that changes its ideologies and members every now and then like the colours of a Chameleon.No doubt Kandahar happened,Kargill happened and the attack on the highest institution of democracy the Parliament happened during their six and a half years reign in India from 1998 to 2004.

Look at the irony the very same BJP leaders who came down heavily on the UPA for holding Indo-Pakistan Talks are trying to equate the Father of our Nation India with the Founder of Pakistan Jinnah.Today Jaswant Singh wants money from Pakistani People for selling his book.His need for Pakistani Currency is greater than Indian Currency.A man who served Indian Army is willing to surrender to Pakistani Interests without firing a single bullet.If people like him are around God alone should save India our Motherland from enemy invasions.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 58 August 27th 2009


The Print and Electronic Media is all set to declare Pokharan II as a failure based on the Statements of Santhanam a nuclear scientist from DRDO involved in the nuclear project that conducted the May 1998 nuclear tests.Are they right?

First the Good News.Our Former President Kalam is right Pokharan II is a success.Second the Bad News out of the Five Nuclear Explosions from Shakti I to V only Shakti II was a Nuclear Weapon that was tested which is not a thermonuclear device but an atomic weapon.Shakti I and III were experimental devices that were supposed to generate Data for developing future Hydrogen Bomb Technology and Weapons.Shakti III did not contain any Tritium at all necessary for a Hydrogen Bomb.Shakti I an experimental thermonuclear device that initially was thought to generate 200 Kilotonnes of explosive energy was able to generate 45 Kilotonnes of explosive energy.Since this was not a weaponised device it did not really matter how much energy it really generated after the explosion.Since 4 out of 5 devices that exploded were not really nuclear weapons Pokharan II can be declared a success.Now the facts about the Hydrogen Bomb.

The first H Bomb was exploded by USA in Enewtak in Marshall Islands in the Pacific on November 1st 1952 based on a design by Hungarian Born Physicist Edward Teller and a Polish born Mathematician Stanislaw Ulam.Ulam and Teller used Lithium 6 Deuteride as Fusion Fuel to generate a Nuclear Fission Reaction that generated Deuterium and Tritium and the neutrons and energy to cause Nuclear Fusion with Deuterium and Tritium and with other Tritium itself.The Nuclear Fusion would further cause Nuclear Fission Reactions that would cause more Nuclear Fusion Reactions.The estimated energy of the First H Bomb explosion generated anywhere between 10.4 to 15 megatonnes of explosive energy making the temperature to rise in the range of 50000000 degrees centigrade to 400000000 degrees centigrade.No doubt some portions of islands in the first H Bomb explosion evaporated due to the rising temperatures caused by the bomb.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and we wish to caution our Media Friends from rushing to premature conclusions without ascertaining the proper facts and figures with regard to the Hydrogen Bomb or Pokharan II.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 59 August 28th 2009


As the Government of India proposes to bring in 50% reservation for Women in Panchayats in India and is determined to enact 33% reservation for Women in Legislatures and Parliament a new era of Gender Equality will be brought about in India.A Nation were the birth of a female child is frowned upon by a male dominated society and the male to female ratio is heavily imbalanced favouring the male due to factors like Female feoticide,infanticide,dowry related killings etc., it is time that we create an atmosphere in this Country that favours the existence of the female at all levels and ends discrimination against them.

True Hindu Religion and Philosophy gives maximum importance to the female gender.The Women are worshipped as the Goddess of Knowledge,Wealth,Fortune and Power but isnt it strange that the Hindu Dominated Indian Society discriminates against the women whom they are supposed to value and worship.It is time now to usher in a new era of Gender Equality in India.

Most Civilized Societies in the world are judged by the way they treat their women.It is time for India to show to the rest of the world how civilized it is.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 60 August 29th 2009


As the National Sports Awards are presented by the Honourable President of India to leading sports persons in India it is time to debate the state of Indian Sports.Let us ask a few questions about the real state of Indian Sports?

When will India feature an Indian in the 100 metres race in any Olympics or World Championship Final capable of beating a person like Usian Bolt?

When will an Indian Swimmer win an Olympics Gold?

When will our Gymnasts thrill the entire World with their performance?

When will India beat China in Badminton and Table Tennis?

When will India host an Olympics and top the medals tally in any Olympics?

The answers to this Question cannot be postponed to eternity as India's dream of becoming the World's leading Superpower starts with it becoming a sporting superpower.

First the hard facts.

Indians are not a physically active population as Dancing,Walking,Running and even Swimming is a strict taboo for a people who are used to being couch potatoes gossiping and growing obese inside houses during their spare time.This has to change.If there is any Moral Policeman who prevents you from enjoying or entertaining yourself physically show him the door without mercy dont be scared.

Talent Spotting and Training from childhood is an unknown phenomena in Indian Sports.

Money for Sports is very hard to come as our Governments in this country is yet to take sports seriously enough.

What food we eat is full of Carbohydrates and lacks proteins or vitamins which makes us more often than not Diabetics and Hypertensives instead of making us fit and healthy.

Sports is not a Science here and it is just done out of randomized experience of Coaches who do not focus on Strategies necessary for producing winners at all levels.

We suggest to all the Governments in India to take care to rectify these inherent sporting defects of Indians and we can be the Leading Sporting Power in the future in the World.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 61 August 30th 2009


So the Print and Electronic Media in India is celebrating the loss of radio contact of Chandrayaan that is leading to the closure of India's Moon Mission.Like always the Indian Media is least patriotic to its own motherland and rejoices over its failures and its weaknesses.But let the Indian Media know very well that India's success of its moon mission is not determined by how long the Spacecraft stays in space or in Moon's land or orbit.Although it was initially planned to stay for two years the Chandrayaan Spacecraft has delivered during its duration of stay more than 90% what it was assigned to do.

Most importantly the spacecraft reached the Moon ,gave photographs of the surface of the moon and valuable information of the environment in the Moon to the ISRO.Hence more than 95% of the Chandrayaan's objectives were accomplished.A spacecraft's stay in Space is influenced by several factors which are beyond the control of Scientists who send commands to it from Earth.

Solar Flares and Magnetic activity from the Solar Activity in the surface of the Sun can damage its equipment and its communication links the Spacecraft has with the Earth.Solid Objects in Space can destroy a spacecraft and added to it even cosmic rays and gamma ray bursts can also do their share of damage.Even the Hubble Space Telescope performance was affected by serious damage and had to be repaired in Space by astronauts.

The Indian Media must obtain appropriate Scientific Advice and Expertise before commenting on anything that is Scientific or Technological in nature.Our Scientists and Engineers are rarely recognised by our Media for whatever contributions they make to their Country but once the Indian Media sees some faults in them they will give a full front page coverage of their Failures for the whole world to condemn.How can India emerge as a Superpower when its own citizens are hellbent on humilating their own Motherland in the eyes of the whole world.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 62 August 31st 2009


So election time is here again folks! The Election Commission of India has announced the dates for assembly elections in Maharashtra,Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh and the elections will be held in single phase on October 13th 2009 before Diwali and the results after Diwali on October 22nd 2009.

Let the politician not take the Voter for granted.Showing him that carrot or this carrot for votes as the Indian Voter will only trust that leader and that party who doesnt live with the memory of Gandhi here and worship Jinnah in his dreams.In these days of Aaya Ram and Gaya Ram politics the voter will only trust a Leader like Lord Shri Ram who stood for Principles not Power and stood for values and not money.Those who bargain votes in the name of religion have never been loyal to any faith and those who beg votes invoking the name of any God in any faith have never believed in the existence of God itself.Today there are pro Pakistani elements in India supporting terrorism for political gains and their identities today are not at all secret and the Indian Voter knows their names and will teach them a befitting lesson in the coming elections.We are the Indian Voter strong and steady and know very well whom to keep in power and whom to keep out.We are the Indian Voter and know very well the difference between a Gandhi and a Jinnah.We are the Indian Voter and dont you ruthless politician teach us lessons in Indian History as we know who is a true patriot and and a real traitor of Mother India and we also know how to make your political future or confine you to the

dustbins of History.

We the Indian Voters will never allow any crooked politician to humilate Mother India for we always have elections to teach our political traitors a lesson and defend our great Motherland against enemies inside and outside.Beware!

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 63 September 1st 2009


Let our Pakistani Friends across the border know that all their evil designs against India will be defeated.They are no match for India economically,politically and socially nor do they have any technological or industrial base matching our country India.Pakistan fought four wars in 1947,1965,1971 and 1999 with India and were defeated in those wars.This time around if they dare to challenge India in any war they will face USA,India and Russia as their common enemy and will be threatened with extinction.

Dare not Pakistan use weapons given by USA for using against terrorists against India for if USA uses their weapons against you you know what consequences you will face.Dare not use our traitors against us as we know how to take care of them in our own territory.

We dont desire war with you.We want your love not hatred.We as Indians extend our friendship to you and if you think that we are doing this being scared by your military prowess you are mistaken as your nation Pakistan will be the worst sufferers.

If India and Pakistan live in friendship and peace it will bring about economic prosperity in South Asia like never before and happiness to people of both nations.We as Indians have understood that and is upto our Pakistani friends to understand that.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 64 September 2nd 2009


The Andhra CM's Helicopter is missing and lost communication links with all sources since the morning of 2nd September 2009 .Although we fear the worst we hope he will be found safe and sound.Although we dont intend to scare anybody let us investigate what causes any air crashes or air related accident.The causes of any fatal air crash or accident is as follows: -

.1.Maintenance or Technical Errors

This is the commonest cause where any aircraft unfit to be in flight crashes due to technical problems encountered during its flight journey.The Space Shuttle Challenger crashed during take off because of a leak in its fuel tank caused by ice on the surface.The Space Shuttle Columbia crashed while coming back to Earth due to heat resistant foam tiles dropping off from the shuttle surface that would have protected the spacecraft from getting overheated during reentry into Earth's atmosphere.

.2.Bad Weather and environmental conditions

No aircraft should fly in hostile weather conditions that can make it deviate from a flight path due to excessive air turbulence,cause poor visibility and destroy the delicate structures of the aircraft including its engines.A birdhit or lightning striking the aircraft can also make it to crash.

.3.Pilot and Navigational Errors

A pilot who ignores air traffic control or loses control of his plane or even a navigator that includes the air traffic controller who gives wrong instructions can lead the pilot guiding the plane to a destructive flight path journey.

.4.Internal and External Sabotage

Improper Security in an airport can lead to hijackers,troublemakers and terrorists manipulating the aircraft in order to make it to crash or explode.Remember September 11 2001 where the worst terror attack in Human History took place in USA you will know what air sabotage is all about.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 65 September 3rd 2009


Our worst fears have come true.Our favourite Andhra CM Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy has died in the Helicoptor Crash near Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh State in India along with four others.The Helicopter which he was travelling collided with a cliff,caught fire and broke into several parts atop a hill while flying in very bad weather conditions.All the bodies were found in charred conditions.

YSR Reddy the Andhra CM has been the man of the masses and the man of the poor.He defied all dooms day prophets and media opinion pollsters to get majority of seats for the Indian National Congress in both the assembly and parliamentary polls held in April and May 2009.After getting a second term in office he went about serving the needy and poor.A medical graduate who studied in Karnataka State he was the Chief Minister who delivered the healing touch to all the problems that Andhra Pradesh and its people faced.His loss to the Indian National Congress,the Andhra People and to his own people is too hard and too great to be filled.May God give his Party,his People and his Family the courage and strength to bear his loss.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2006 Issue 66 September 4th 2009


The funeral of Andhra CM YSR Reddy drew unprecedented crowds in his Home State showing his mass appeal and popularity as a true Leader of the Masses.So what makes leaders with mass base,charisma and popularity?Here is a test of Leadership which any Politician can take to find out if he or she is a leader of the people.There are four tests and questions.Give yourself 60 points for answering yes to the first question,10 points for answering yes to the second question and 20 points for answering yes to the third question and 10 points for answering the fourth question.After the Leadership Test compare yourself with your fellow political leaders and find out how you fare in the Leadership test.



.1.As a member of any Public Forum or Political Forum do you stick to Principles,ideologies and issues that has made you and the Forum that you hold membership popular in the eyes of the people in spite of any changing circumstances and conditions?


.2.As a member of any Public Forum or Political Forum do you interact and share your thoughts freely with the fellow members of your Forum and the People without any caste,class or gender bias?


.3.As a member of any Public Forum or Political Forum while holding a powerful job or position in the Government and having whatever wealth under your control have you helped people to prosper and progress?


.4.As a member of any Public Forum or Political Forum while in any Public Platform or Mass Media exposure have you impressed people with your ideas and speeches?

If you have scored above 60 points congratulations you are a true leader of mass base and appeal.If you have scored 40 points you are an average leader.If you have scored below 20 points then you are a below average leader who tries to survive in politics through manipulation at all levels.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 67 September 5th 2009


Today is Teacher's day celebrated on the birthday of the great Teacher and Leader Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.While our Editor Dr.S.Ramananda was studying in National High School,Basavanagudi,Bangalore,India way back in the late 70s and early 80s he had a great social studies teacher Mr G.K.Natarajan who always said that a Teacher should be by choice and not by chance.How many individuals in this modern days of socio-economic survival want to be a teacher by his or her ambition and not a teacher by default for not finding the right job for one's qualification is the real question.

A teacher by chance produces students by chance who in turn pass by chance and get qualifications by chance and fall into the wrong job by chance and put the fate of an entire nation they serve to chance.Think whether our nation India is guided by chance or choice.

On the contrary a teacher by choice produces great students who attain great heights by choice and by choice will make our Country have a better society and future by choice.The foundation of all civilization is by information and knowledge and teachers are the primary building blocks of all civilization as they are the primary source of all knowledge in society and let us pay the highest respect and value to the people who have chosen the teaching profession.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 68 September 6th 2009


So China our greedy and ambitious Communist neighbour is flexing its muscles towards India.It has intruded into 1.5 kms of Indian territory in the Ladakh district.There are few Communist Countries in the world left like China,North Korea and Cuba.It is easy to defeat Communist Countries like China inspite of their military prowess and size.Surprised! India dont be scared instead of trying to wage a military war with China.Try This!

A communist country like China has a centralised government controlled economy.The biggest drawback of such an economy is that its currency Yuan is dependent on a positive net trade balance which means the difference between Exports and Imports earnings.As the entire economy inside of China is controlled by the Government it cannot generate an internal market oriented business as seen in Capitalistic economies.Hence it depends on its export sales and returns for upholding the value of its currency.If Democracies like India,USA and Russia slap economic sanctions on China and declare economic war on it by blocking its exports its Yuan will collapse and China will not be able to import products that it does not have.This artificially generated economic crisis will cause heavy inflation in China with its GDP getting affected and the so called communist Asian Tiger China will be forced to kneel down to India without a single bullet fired at it.

Communist China beware we can force you to kneel down if we want to before us.Your military prowess will be useless in defending your country when we wage an economic war on you.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 69 September 7th 2009


It has been hard times for India which is located in South Asia with naughty and mischievous neighbours like Pakistan,China,Burma,Nepal and Bangladesh.However hard India tries to live peacefully with them these nations do not want India to live in Peace.While Pakistan and Bangladesh are busy exporting terror into India.Burma now known as Myanmar is busy exporting drugs and arming militants of Northeast India.Nepal now has donned a new Avatar that of Maoist Communism and with the secret support from China it is sparing no efforts to embarrass India wherever possible.China is sparing no effort in promoting Naxalism in India who are destabilising eastern portions of India by causing violence and social unrest.Now and then China also has the habit of walking into Indian territory and showing its military muscle.Imagine if you live in a neighbourhood full of noisy neighbours who love to manipulate and disturb the peace in your house and family how do you feel?If you are a tenant you would love to change your house.But if that is your permanent residential address then you have only two options make peace with them or declare war with them if they dont stop disturbing the peace of your household and family.So India also has the same options left before it make peace or declare war with its naughty neighbourly countries.Dont you think so?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 70 September 8th 2009



If you are a voter voting for the Maharashtra,Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Polls answer these questions.

.1.Why should Congress politicians sacrifice their lives for the Nation while BJP and other opposition party politicians age and make you also age and worry?

.2.Why do BJP leaders get away with fake encounters and murders by manipulating the judicial system while media and people dont tolerate Congress Leaders for staying in 5 star Hotels?

.3.Why do BJP Leaders praise Ram and Jinnah at the same time and scold our Prime Minister for the Indo-Pak talks?

.4.Why does the Print and Electronic Media who indulge in fault finding missions against the Congress Party ignore the political blunders committed by the BJP?

.5.Why does everybody in this country love China and Chinese Food who stab us in the back all the time and indulge in hate America campaign all the time for extending a hand of friendship?

.6.When two Priests were humiliated in Nepal an entire Nation goes up in arms and when Dalits are stripped naked and burnt alive by upper caste Mobs in India our Indian media does not bother to cover the news also why?

.7.Why are the Muslims branded only as Terrorists while Naxals who are Hindus are let off lightly for even blasting Railway stations and even taking over cities?

.8.Why Indians who love sex secretly in their bedroom frown at pub goers and look down upon girls who dress up smartly in jean pants?

.9.Why does the Shiv Sena hate Valentine's day which is a celebration of love and love every day which they want to celebrate in hatred?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 71 September 9th 2009


In the backdrop of the Jet Airways Pilot's strike that has put hundreds of passengers into inconvenience have you ever wondered why India is progressing slowly compared to other advanced countries at the professional level.Ponder over this points:-

.1.Right to Strike is our birthright and in other words not to work when it matters most and the right to relax and be lazy.

.2.We have the right to spit or dirty public places or in other words we dont want to be clean.

.3.Who cares about time? We can come to any place at any time.In other words we are not punctual which is the starting point of any business.

.4.Take it easy we can do the same work sometime later.This attitude can hamper any professional job very seriously my dear fellow Indians.

.5.Money comes first?By the way how much salary do you earn?Bad manners and bad attitude as one must learn that one must not ask anybody's income unless you are a tax official and by the way do you know that a person's job is measured by the quality of professional skills and excellence and not by the income he earns.

.6.Hey dont meddle with me.Do you know who I am?So who cares who you are.Prove yourself as to who you are instead of boasting about yourself.

.7.By the way what is your family name?Oh you want to know the caste and community of an individual before making him your friend or giving him a job.Come on my friend in place where merit and ability has to be measured why do you look at his social background?

Oh God when will you make India and Indians to wake into that heaven of professional freedom?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 72 September 10th 2009


So another Church has been vandalised in Bangalore in India.Ever since the BJP took over reins of power in Karnataka in 2008 acts of vandalism on places of worships of Muslims and Christians have become common place.There is nothing the so called vandals can be proud of.They do not belong to any religion including Hinduism.If they are Hindus as they claim then do not believe in any God as they destroy places of worship of God of any religion and hence cannot belong to Hinduism also.India since past several hundreds of years has been a multi-religious tolerant society.Who are these traitors who say they are supporters of the BJP brand of Hindutva destroying places of worship of Gods of any faith?

These traitors must be hanged in the very same place where anti-national elements and terrorists are executed.If they are Hindus they must be declared outcastes and deemed unfit for entry into even Hindu Places of Worship.Their Families must not be given benefit or shelter of any kind by society.These venomous rascals must be flogged in public and humiliated for insulting the God of all Faiths and humanity.

Voters please listen throw the political party that supports these venomous rascals and abuses its Power into the dustbins of history.Atleast even if nobody gives justice you can give justice by your vote.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 73 September 11th 2009


Nobody can forget this day when eight years ago People in USA and all over the world stepped into a different era where trust lost its place in history and was replaced by the terrorist.How can you trust an immigrant who boards a plane and uses it as a weapon against your country?How can you trust an Indian who instead of admiring his own great Gandhi starts appreciating a Pakistan's Jinnah?How can you trust a Court that punishes innocent people and lets off guilty people?How can you trust a Great Britain that lets off a Lockerbie Bomber who has taken American lives on humanitarian grounds?How can you trust that law maker or the politician who treats law like his doormat?How can you trust your friendly Doctor who prescribes drugs for you to die like in the case of Micheal Jackson?How can you trust your class mate in school who tramples you to death?How can you trust the Media who makes you a Swine out of a simple flu?

Pre September 11th there was hope,peace and trust in the world and Post September 11th 2001 the world is filled with doubt,fear and hatred.People may say the worst is over but the wounds of September 11th remain to haunt us in the history of Modern Civilization.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 74 September 12th 2009


Dont count your chickens before they hatch is an ancient proverb and that has proven true especially for Indian Sports and we the sports admirers have always been left gasping telling ourselves so near yet so far.We all thought Vijender Singh the only Indian medal Winner at the World Boxing Championship will return as the World Champion when he entered the semi finals of the championship but suddenly a company signed a multi crore deal with him and his sporting concentration got diverted resulting in his loss in the semi finals.The only consolation is in the U.S.Open Men's doubles Finals where either of the Indians Paes or Bhupathi facing each other in the Finals are guaranteed the championship.

Pankaj Advani has already won the World Billiards Professional Championship 2009.Congratulations to him.Our Indian Cricket team that became the number one ODI team in the World for a day are about to lose their ranking due to the defeat to the Sri Lankan Team at the time of filing this report.I hope they will regain their rankings by winning the championship by defeating Sri Lanka in the Finals.But still we will all keep silent as it will always happens with Indian Sports lovers when we should not count chickens before they hatch.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 75 September 13th 2009


The biggest comedy of errors is taking place.Look who is giving certificate for whom?Former BJP Leader Jaswant Singh is giving a Character Certificate for Jinnah proclaiming the Maker of Pakistan as a great patriot of India during the Book releasing function held at Leela Palace Hotel in Bangalore yesterday on September 12th 2009.In medieval Europe there was a famous racket to forgive Sinners and that was called sale of indulgence.The Priestly class there issued Good Character Certificates for paying some fees and asking forgiveness for all the sins,omissions and commissions that they committed and the Sinners who were forgiven went on to commit more sins to seek pardon once again.So Jinnah's soul can rest in peace as our great Indian Priest Jaswant Singh has given him a clean chit.So if this becomes a trend we can give clean chit to all our terrorists and criminals in India and let them free to commit terror and crime yet again right?No doubt Jaswant Singh as Indian External Affairs Minister accompanied dreaded terrorists in a special plane and freed them in Kandahar in Afghanistan.

The Buck doesnt stop here you need a certificate from the World Health Organisation to open or shut schools,open or shut businesses or operate companies as they will state how much Swine Flu free your institution is.

Our Character Certificate however goes to the great Nobel Peace Laureate Norman Borlaug the Father of Green Revolution who passed away today.Today millions of lives all over the world have stopped going hungry because of him.Instead of honouring people like him why is our idiotic politicians racing against each other to honour traitors who split our Motherland India is the question.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 76 September 14th 2009


We can now count chickens as they hatch and proudly say India has lifted the Compaq Cup by beating Sri Lanka in the Final.In Issue number 74 we had predicted that India can beat Sri Lanka in the Final and kept our fingers crossed and thank God they won inspite of the dropped catches and the anxious moments our fielders who missed run out chances gave us.

We shall overcome,We shall overcome one day one day eeeh.Deep in my Heart I do believe we shall overcome all obstacles to become the World's leading Sporting Power and World's leading Superpower one day eeeeh!

Leander Paes as shown us how to win Grand Slam titles alongwith Mahesh Bhupathi and Dhoni and their boys are scaling one peak after another and Abhinav Bindhra got us a gold after more than one hundred years and next who knows we could produce the fastest human being.For us if we stand united,committed and strong only sky is the limit.


MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

VOLUME 1 2009 Issue 77 September 15th 2009


This article is dedicated to the Vice President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search Miss Ksheera Bachanna who was tragically killed in a Road Accident while travelling in a car to Chennai on September 14th 2009 night.The loss of Miss Ksheera is too hard and shocking for our Institution.She was elected as Vice President of our Institute on December 1998 and served our Institution with great dedication and committment for 12 long years.Born on May 18th 1976 Miss Ksheera did her early schooling and college in Bangalore and initially took up Fashion has her career and later switched over to event management.While she was working in Mumbai she took up the career of Aerobic and Fitness training seriously.She was Group Fitness Trainer for special population at Prakriti Sports Science and Physiotherapy Clinic Mumbai and worked in various Aerobic and Fitness centres in Mumbai.At Bangalore she joined the Indian Institute for Talent Search as Vice President in 1998.Although in her early twenties she contributed a lot for the development of the Indian Institute for Talent Search.She was instrumental in helping the President of the Institute Dr.Ramananda meeting Former U.S.President Clinton while at Mumbai.She was the brain behind the success of various projects in the early infancy years of the Institution.At a very young age she demonstrated lot of talent much beyond her age and years.She was a Reebok Fitness instructor and had also done first aid course at the Nightingale life saving services.She worked as Head of Aerobic trainers at Medifit Consultants Pvt Ltd-India in Bangalore and was working as Functional Fitness Trainer at Sapient apart from being a free lancing fitness consultant.She wanted to persue a MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Sheffeld Hallam University in United Kingdom and was trying for a U.K.Visa and in her fateful trip to Chennai to appear in the Visa Interview in the U.K.Embassy there her life was brutally cut short.For whom Gods love die young they say but in that process fate and the Gods have taken away one of our most talented members of our Institute and left us grieving in shock and grief.

May God give courage to all her family members that includes her Father,Mother two brothers and married sister to bear her irreparable loss.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 78 September 16th 2009


Many a time we forget the Advertising Industry that makes the Media and Business world possible.Without their support I dont think the Print and Electronic Media can economically survive and the Corporate World can make any business.

Today let us look at the top advertisements that are creating impact in the Indian advertising world.

.1.Fair and lovely Ad on TV featuring the brief celebrity story of a daughter with the help of her father.

.2.Tata Tea an Ad with the message on corruption

.3.Airtel Ad about a young M.P. making it to the Indian Parliament for the first time.

The top Fair and Lovely Ad on Television shows how a daughter who is mocked by society for her lack of beauty and her Father who works as a senior make up artist craft a success story against all odds resulting in the daughter becoming Miss India.This ad not only highlights the product but links the product to a very strong social message that is much needed in present day Modern India working for gender equality and women empowerment.

The second best ad on television highlights the issue of corruption and moneymaking in Modern Day India.Why is this so the Ad asks and answers stating that we are responsible for making them eat money and that it is time to make them drink Tata Tea.The product advertised is shown to have a changing and reforming effect on Society and successfully endorses itself as a business product.

The third best Ad by Airtel a mobile telephone service provider shows how a young nervous MP climbing the halls of Parliament for the first time is told by his father over the Airtel Phone to listen to the voices of people of his constituency that he represents and informs him of the responsibility of making those voices reach the highest ladders of power as a Member of Parliament.Airtel not only endorses its product as a successful communication device but also sends a strong message that it is the Communication Platform for Indian People and Democracy.

MediaWatch once again congratulates all the advertisers who made it to the top three ads in India and made such lovely soul searching Ads for the Indian Public.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 79 September 17th 2009


Simple Living High Thinking and Gandhian way of Austerity is an ideal way a great leader can provide an example to reach out to all sections and classes of people.But sometimes one has to pay a very high price for simplicity in public life in the cruel Modern Day Society filled with rogues and criminals.Mahatma Gandhi the simplest man in Public life was assassinated by a self proclaimed Hindu RSS activist named Nathuram Godse exploiting Gandhi's austere approach for mingling with the common man.

Shri Rajiv Gandhi ignored all security warnings on his visit to Tamilnadu for the sake of practicing austere measures in public life and paid with his life.Our own Institute's Vice President Miss Ksheera Bachanna threw caution to the winds and paid with her own life.

What we are saying is that Simple living is ideal living as long as it does not compromise on our security and professional standards we must maintain in public life.That is why simple living is always associated with high thinking and not simple thinking.Dont you think we are right?

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 80 September 18th 2009


Does anybody know what an urban civilization is all about in India?An urban civilization that creates cities has well planned roads that allows for smooth flow for traffic in all directions.It also has alternative systems of traffic like subways and flyovers to avoid traffic congestion.It has a well defined construction plan for every areas in the cities that allows for Gardens,Parks,Memorials,Lakes and Places of worship.Constructions in every area has set rules for buildings so that they all look the same due to their uniform road map and building plan.They have a garbage disposal system and a drainage system that are interconnected and can tackle any flooding caused by rains and avoid valuable loss of lives.Last but not the least this can only be possible when corruption in Urban Civic Administration is an unknown phenomenon.Well we are talking about India no not present India but British India.So when the British left India we became so independent that we threw all their well laid out rules and manners with them.

Everybody in India wants to make money at the cost of professional excellence.So shall we complain to the Indian Judiciary asking for justice but be assured that your complaint will also fall on their deaf ears as they are also doing what everybody in India is doing at the cost of professional excellence making money.

MediaWatch(A mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 81 September 19th 2009


Our Editor in Chief Dr.S.Ramananda is a very good Poet and has won many International Poetry Awards and was inducted to the International Poetry Hall of Fame also.Here is a sample of his Poetry regarding the pathetic state prevailing in Modern Society today deviod of emotions,feelings or values.


The man is dying,

On a Road and on a crowded street,

People dont have time.They are busy with work.

They look,They stare and they pass by without remorse.

The man is crying,

No ears will listen as they are all busy,

On their Mobiles,On their I-pods,On their Laptops,

They cannot hear ,they dont have time for his cries.

The man is dying,the man is crying,

He is crawling with his blood smeared on the road,

Dont waste your time says one person,

As they are so many people dying like him-

Day in and Day out and we cannot care for his death.

The man is dead,

Society is dead,Silence amidst all noise,

There is no life here,Everybody is dead

As their Soul is steel with no heart or mind.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 82 September 20th 2009


So what is true austerity drive Politicians can follow.Here are some tips that can make them really austere,popular and powerful in the eyes of the People and Voters:-

.1.Visiting a slum or rural household and staying for a day there enjoying their hospitality and know what problems the poorest of the poor face in India.

.2.Hearing Public grievances and complaints through Mass interactive programmes and attending to them.

.3.Paying surprise visits to Government Offices under their control and checking their day to day functioning.

.4.Clearing pending files and funds of people so that all Government pending projects and schemes are implemented without delay.

.5.Allowing access for the common man after necessary security checks to meet the topmost leaders and knowing what problems they face and solving them without delay.

True Austerity in Politics is not what the richest feel but what the poorest get and live a life of happiness without worries and problems in the Nation.

Jesus Christ said:-"Blessed are the poor.the humble and the merciful as they will inherit the Kingdom of God and Earth".

So true austerity is Service to Man which is Service to God.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 83 September 21st 2009


Hindus in India are celebrating Navarathri Festival in honour of the Great Goddess Durga and Kali and her nine Shaktis and just today Muslims completed their month long fast of Ramzan.

Hindu dominated Society in India celebrates the Feminine energy and power in Nature and in their religion Woman and Womankind must be given the highest pride of place right?

Wrong.Just take the gender ratio of the male to female population in India to start with.In states where Navarathri is celebrated Female Foeticide,Dowry Deaths,Bride Burning is the order of the day.Shame on these Hindu Men who claim to worship the Goddess and dishonour her gender day in and day out.These Hindus must be thrown out of Hinduism for abusing the Goddess.Are any Hindu scholars and leaders who are responsible authorities for Hinduism listening?

From womb to tomb a female is abused in Hindu Goddess dominated Society every step of the way.She never dons the sacred thread man does.She is not even entitled to chant Vedic Hymns and worst comes to worst she cannot even have the right to participate in cremation rituals.A small Menstrual blood flow even debars her even from any form of worship.She borrows her father's identity,is identified by her husband after marriage and must get a son to continue her identification in Hindu Society.

A man with multiple relationships is called a Playboy and Machoman while a woman is dubbed a slut.When a man has sex outside the boundaries of socially permitted relationship he is dubbed as having masculinity while a woman is dubbed a slut and prostitute and even when sex is forced on her she becomes a criminal and not a victim discarded by society.

Stop all this hypocrisy you Hindu Male who abuses the female every step of the way after proclaiming yourself a Goddess Worshipper.Call yourself a member of any Faith but not Hinduism as you are and your male chauvinistic clan are a Sham and Shame on True and Pure Hinduism.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 84 September 23rd 2009


Ever tried to watch the great Indian TV Soap Opera.The TV Serials and Reality Shows are out there to fleece you.If not economically they may make you bankrupt mentally.Dont take their Swayamvars and Swayamvadhus seriously.In those reality shows Marriage is just a joke.To be made one day and to be broken off another day.

The TV Serials will take you to the Victorian Era where women are portrayed as either prudish Housewives living as mascots to be used by Husbands in Palaces or as deceitful women who gossip and ruin relationships of other women.While men there go through their adventerous exploits the women adorn the kitchen and decorate the places of worship like a true pativrata Bharatiya Nari.Come on Serial Writers your script is outdated and outmoded today Indian Women today are conquering the skies and you are portraying them as dumb dolls waiting to be used by a male dominated society.Why dont you writers protray them as independent,daring,skilful and adventerous like men?Will it hurt the male ego if such a portrayal is made or will the male dominated Hindu Society not accept it?Or is your serials made just for middle class non working women sitting at home who dont want to watch such independence in women?

India today is developing from centuries of long slumber of social subservience and Indian Women are reaching for the skies asserting their professional skills and independence.Let our TV Serials portray such a developing India wanting to be a Superpower and be in tune with the times.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 85 September 23rd 2009


The Indian Media always love to put our Nation India down at the slightest opportunity but when it comes to Indian attainments it wants to play it down.The ISRO has done India proud in launching 7 satellites in 20 minutes through its OceanSat 2 programme.The media is trying to play down India's space achievements and playing up Cricket star's Yuvraj Singh's injury and putting down Indian hopes at the Champions trophy in South Africa.Judge for yourself viewers and readers whether Indian Media and Television is committed to the Nation when there is trouble and danger.

Throughout Indian History India got conquered and colonised and lost many a battle due to a set of people who thought they owned the culture and religion of this land and started polluting and diluting our sacred philosophy of Hinduism.Today the very same people occupy our:- Media,Bureaucracy,Religion,Education and Politics and are committing the very same act of betrayal of our Motherland India again and again.If we dont stop these traitors within our own land it will not be very long before India gets conquered and colonised yet again and our citizens are put into untold hardships and sufferings.We ask all our Indian citizens to be on their guard always against the evil designs of enemies within our own borders,society and communities.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 86 September 24th 2009


So where are the Indian Media Skeptics who dubbed Chandrayaan as a failure?Chandrayaan has helped people who wanted to colonise Space and the Moon with new hope by helping discover water there.So where is our Scientist Santhanam who loves to put down Indian Scientists and their contributions?It took a publication in the World's leading Science Journal Science that revealed how a NASA Probe on Chandrayaan helped discover water on the Moon.When the late Shri Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India he asked why Indian Talent and Scientific Contributions always finds fructification abroad and not in its homeland India.Now we know the answer why as the greatest obstacle to Indian Talent and Scientific Contributions is posed by vested interests and traitors here who block it from attaining recognition in India and the rest of the world.

Gaddafi Who?Who is he to call for independent Statehood in Kashmir?Why is this Libyan Circus Clown instead of taming his own terrorist animals who blast planes and create terror sniffing in Indian soil.Do not dare to sniff on Indian Soil you Libyan Clown or else we will be forced to cut your nose and break up your own country.Thousands of Gaddafis may come and go but Kashmir will and always remain with India.Why dont USA and other advanced countries understand that India does need a nuclear free world but has to preserve its Nuclear Weapons to scare and prevent Clowns like Gaddafi from casting an evil eye on our sacred Motherland India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 87 September 25th 2009


Tomorrow is election day.Oh no it is not any Indian Election dont be scared.It is the election for the new Vice President for the Indian Institute for Talent Search caused by the vacancy due to the tragic death of our 33 years old Vice President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search in a road accident in Mulbagal in Kolar District in Karnataka State.

There are 14 members in the Governing Body of the Indian Institute for Talent Search and one of them will be elected as the  new Vice President in the meeting to be held in New Shanti Sagar Hotel in South End Circle,2nd block,Jayanagar,Bangalore 560011 on 26th September 2009 at 12:30 afternoon.We will keep our readers informed about who our next Vice President is after the conclusion of our Board Meeting on 26th September 2009.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 88 September 26th 2009


Our team from MediaWatch wishes the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Dr.Manmohan Singh a Happy Birthday.We know he is in USA participating in the G-20 Summit in USA.May God give lots of years of health,life and longevity to our Great Leader and help him take India forward to the Superpower Era.

Finally the results of the election for the Vice President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search is out.Mrs Jessy Joseph Fernandez,the Principal of the Vivekananda Educational Centre,Jayanagar,Bangalore is the new Vice President.In the Annual General Body Meeting held on 26th September 2009 in the afternoon at the New Shanti Sagar Hotel,South End Circle,2nd Block,Jayanagar,Bangalore the members paid rich tribute and homage to Miss Ksheera Bachanna who served as Vice President for nearly 12 years with dedication and committment.The Institute also welcomed the new member Mrs Swetha Krishnappa a practising Civil and High Court Advocate in Karnataka who brings with her a wealth of talent and experience to the Institute.The President Dr.S.Ramananda proposed the name of Mrs Jessy Joseph Fernandez a member of the governing body recalling her rich contributions she made in developing and transforming the Vivekananda Educational Centre,Jayanagar,Bangalore as its Principal.The members then passed a resolution electing her unanimously as the Vice President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search.We from the MediaWatch and the members of the governing body are glad to work under her as the new Vice President and offer our congratulations and fullest co-operation and support to her.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 89 September 27th 2009


On 26th September 2009 India and Pakistan clashed in Centurion,South Africa in the Championship trophy.Pakistan set a target of 303 runs for winning and bundled India out for 248 to win the Match.But was this India and Pakistan cricketing tie...................................fixed?Has the betting and booking syndicates in South Africa already booked opposition teams so that Pakistan can clinch the Championship trophy in South Africa?Was the 20-20 World Championship held in England fixed in favour of Pakistan who won that Championship by beating favourites Sri Lanka and did Pakistan return the compliment by allowing Sri Lanka to beat it on its home ground in Sri Lanka?

I hope we are all proved wrong and our worst fears are baseless.But look at this startling bit of information and evidence in the course of the India Pakistan tie at centurion.Chasing 303 India starts off with the right intention with Gautam Gambhir taking the battle to the enemy camp.When he is going great guns he gets run out in the most strange fashion holding his bat in his hands instead of scratching it down the ground like most batsmen in World Cricket.That is not all our Captain is wrapped on the pad and survives a confident leg before decision while playing the bowling of Shahid Afridi and a few deliveries in the same bowling plays the same stroke again to be wrapped on the pad right in front of the stumps.Experienced Dhoni never learnt from his mistakes right?You decide.Rahul Dravid is guiding India to a successful run chase and suddenly he gets run out in a very bizzare fashion.He and Harbhajan try to get an impossible third run and Dravid stays outside the crease looking here and there as if he was waiting for the ball to hit the stumps and get him out.Coincidence that he and Gambhir got run out as batting partners think twice such mistakes dont happen in an extremely crucial juncture in an extremely crucial encounter with Pakistan.Were there other reasons behind these three batsmen getting out and paving way for a Pakistani Victory.If it is true then God forbid we hope it will not open another dangerous chapter in the Match fixing history of the troubled and commercialised World of Cricket controlled by Terror,Oil and Underworld mafia through Bookies and Betting Syndicates.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 90 September 28th 2009


So rain has put halt to the hopes of bookmakers and betting syndicates at the Championship Trophy in Cricket.The only hope Pakistan has now to knock India out of the Championship since India and Australia have shared one point each due to their tie being abandoned is to lose its match against Australia and in effect allow Australia to qualify instead of India.So will Pakistan become a dream come true as the bookmaker's favourite and lose to Australia and knock out India out of the Championship is the real question.

Blame it on the Indian Cricket team for putting their fate on some other country and some other match to kindle their hopes.They actually should have won their Match against Pakistan hands down which they did not and now they left their fate to be decided by other matches and other countries.

The greatest problem in our Nation India is patriotism is so badly diluted here that financial benefits override all priorites including their own Mother and Motherland.No doubt Indians instead of flying high love to stay grounded with Air India for money. Air India Pilots are you really Patriotic?Then India expects every Indian to do their duty.Call off your strike and resume your duties without delay.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 91 September 29th 2009


We heartily welcome Mrs Suvarna Manohara as the new member of the Governing Body of the Indian Institute for Talent Search.Mrs Suvarna Manohara has worked in the Sarvodaya Senior Kannada Primary School for 38 years when she joined the School in 1971 as Assistant Teacher meant for poor and needy children whose Parents and Guardians come from the poorest of poor families and cant afford to pay their fees for their children.She became Head Mistress of the school in 1982 and worked selflessly for the development of the Institution as its Head for 27 years.This Institution was started by the mother of the Editor in Chief Dr.S.Ramananda Late Mrs Jayalakshmi Siddaiah in 1959 whose heart always went out for the poor and needy in Society.

Now for the great Braveheart muslim woman Ruksana who is barely 21 yrs but grabbed national headlines for killing a terrorist and making another terrorist run for his life.On Vijaya Dashami day Goddess Durga killed Demon king Mahishasura to make Good triumph over evil and in modern times an ordinary muslim girl showed the courage to conquer the evil of terror from India.These are the Kittur Chennammas and Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bais whose name should be remembered in the annals of Indian History and not allowed to be unsung Heroines whose sacrifices and courage are forgotten by Indian families and households.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 92 September 30th 2009


So we got it right after all.Pakistan has lost to Australia and has knocked India out of the Championship.The fate of any Country like India who depend on other country's fortunes for survival will always be grim as any Country must depend on itself to get a victory in any Championship and not put their fate on other nation's hands.This applies not only to Sports but to other fields as well.This was the basis of the Gandhi's Swadeshi dimension to Satyagraha in the fight to free India from British rule.I know India loves to import and get their hands on foreign goods every now and then but the great Mahatma of India never wanted India to lose its economic freedom and independence and always aimed at self reliance.His great vision must guide India even today.

India performed brilliantly against the West Indies in the Championship but what is the use?When they lost to Pakistan in a game they should have won they had already lost the Championship.So Pakistan is all set to claim the Championship trophy as we have already predicted after India's loss to Pakistan in the opening tie based on reading the minds of Matchfixers,Bookies and Betting Syndicates.Hope we are all proven wrong and sense prevails in the Cricketing World but the problem is so far we have been proved right.Right?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 93 October 1st 2009


The total lack of professionalism in managing tourism was shown by the Government of Kerala in the Thekkady boat tragedy.No proper life Jackets were worn by the visiting tourists,overcrowding of boats and no proper training given to tourists by the people in charge of how to behave on the boat has led to the tragedy.Money making at the cost of professional excellence in India can not only compromise the standard of living of Indians but can also endanger their lives.We have already discussed this in our previous issues but the real question is when we all Indians will ever learn to keep high professional standards if not for anything at least to save our own lives.

So China is flexing its muscles on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its Communist rule and trying to treat Kashmiris separately from the Indian State by giving them separate Chinese VISAs.Beware China do not underestimate Indians as  we have the potential to emerge as a great Scientific and Technological Superpower in the years to come.We have already set our eyes on the Moon and we can set our eyes even higher in technology to outsmart everybody.

Just to shock the Chinese let us tell them what future technology can produce.Weapons worser than Nuclear weapons are possible where Dark energy can be used to split or disintegrate any form or type of Matter.In future mini Black hole like matter can neutralise all Nuclear Bombs and Missiles rendering them useless and the worst part Chinese must know is India can get and develop those technologies.How,why and where such technologies are and can be developed in the future is a top secret that we Indians wont disclose but will use against you if you ever threaten us,bully us or even dare to challenge us.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 94 October 2nd 2009


Generations to come will scarce believe that such a man of flesh and blood is ever in walked upon this Earth.These were the famous words of the great Albert Einstein, the great Scientific Genius while he was describing our great Mahatma Gandhi the Father of our Nation.On the occasion of his birthday on October 2nd 2009 it is time to follow the ideologies and principles he stood for.

The very core of Gandhian Philosophy is as follows:-

.1.Speak the truth and lead a truthful living.

.2.Simple living High Thinking.

.3.Avoid Violence as a means of social and political struggle and try to conquer your enemies,opponents and rivals through love instead of hatred.A concept Mahatma called Satyagraha.

.4.Avoid Bad Habits and follow a simple diet that can improve your Health,life and longevity.

.5.Avoid the pursuit of Material Happiness and pursue Spiritual Happiness.

.6.India and Indians must remain self reliant and not depend on foreign powers and products all the time for their support and existence.

.7.Respect Woman and Womankind as men owe their existence to them.

So how many Indians follow the Gandhian Philosophy in their day to day living?If they had we would not have any corruption or indiscipline in our Society and India would have already become a Superpower.Better late than never the best tribute we can give to the Mahatma on his birthday is to pursue his philosophy that he taught to us selflessly.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 95 October 3rd 2009


Floods have killed many people in Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra and rendered Lakhs homeless.The World famous temple of Sri Raghavendra Swami situated on the banks of TungaBhadra has been completely submerged.So why this increase in Rainfall that is causing floods and public misery?Environmental pollution causing global warming is responsible.Increased Ocean evaporation can cause increase in cloud formation that produces floods and hurricanes.Now since we have punched Ozone holes in the sky and Carbon Emissions have reached alarming levels already producing devastating effects on the weather we cannot think of the problems we have already created and we must use Science and Technology at our disposal.

Take the case of American Samoa where a Tsunami hit it and Earthquake that caused loss of many lives in Indonesia the fury of Nature knows no bounds.When we asked our Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda whether any Scientific solutions are possible.His reply was as follows:-

It would be possible to predict Earthquakes and Tsunami by using waves that can penetrate Ocean beds and Earth Crust and feel the pulse of Matter vibrations and the pulse of Earth itself.

Using Artificial Lightning Towers that can create artificial lightning it would be possible to increase rainfall in case of Drought or Famine and by using Ozone Bombs it is possible to create artificial ozone layers that cool Earth's atmosphere and cause decrease in rainfall when there is floods.

So Science and Technology can be used to tame Nature's fury but who is going to bell the cat and make the great scientific ideas that our Editor who is a Scientific Genius into reality is the real question.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 96 October 4th 2009


So the Olympics in 2016 is going to be hosted by Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.This city beat competitors from leading cities like Madrid in Spain,Tokyo in Japan and Chicago in USA.Rio has been one of the leading tourist hot spots in the world known for its lovely beaches and the World famous Annual Carnival and Procession in Brazil.Hence it always had the potential to host an Olympic event.

Hosting an Olympic event always is a very big business opportunity for the Host City and the Host Country as the World's greatest sporting spectacle will attract tourists from all over the World.No doubt it becomes a prestige for any Nation to host the Olympics.The Recognition given by the International Olympic Committee at Copenhagen in Denmark to Rio in Brazil may as well turn the economic and tourist fortunes of that city.

By the way when will an Indian City ever host an Olympics and create history of sorts.Time alone will tell.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 97 October 5th 2009


From October 5th to 12th 2009 MediaWatch has decided to celebrate the Nobel Week where our Readers who are intellectual and scientific will be updated with the Nobel Prizes Awarded from Sweden and Norway from the fields of Medicine to Peace.

We start of today with the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology that has been awarded to two outstanding American Women Researchers alongwith a male American Researcher.The Karolinska Institute on 3:00 p.m.IST today announced that the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology has been awarded to 3 Scientists Elizabeth.H.Blackburn,Carol W.Greider and Jack W.Szostak of USA for their work leading to the discovery of the enzyme telomerase and its role in preserving the Chromosome.61 years old Professor of Biology and Physiology at the University of California at San Francisco in USA Elizabeth H Blackburn alongwith her graduate student Carol W Greider discovered telomerase on 25th December 1984 which was Christmas day.Her 48 years old student Carol is now Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at John Hopkins University School of Medicine at Baltimore,Maryland,USA since 1997.57 years old Jack W. Szostak who is with the Harvard Medical School since 1979 and who is the Professor of Genetics at the Massuchusetts General Hospital in Boston,USA found out the role of telomeres in prolonging the life of Chromosomes and delaying cellular ageing.

Our congratulations to all the  Medicine Nobel Winners whose contributions may help in treating cellular ageing and developing new treatments for diseases like Cancer.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 98 October 6th 2009


This year's Nobel Prize in Physics has gone to the pioneers who developed Optical Fibre Technology and Charged Coupled Devices used in Imaging Technology that virtually replaced photographic films.Charles K.Kao shares the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics with Willard S.Boyle and George E.Smith.76 years old Charles Kuen Kao who was born in Shanghai,China and holds both U.S. and British Citizenships developed Optical Fibre technology in 1966 that has become the one of the backbones of Modern Communication Technology.After doing his Phd in Electrical Engineering in 1965 from Imperial College in London he became Director of Standard Telecommunications Laboratory in Harlow,United Kingdom and went on to serve as Vice Chancellor of Chinese University of Hong Kong where he retired in 1996.85 years old Willard Sterling Boyle who got his Phd from McGill University from Quebec,Canada in 1950 is a Canadian and U.S.Citizen and was working as Executive Director of Communication Sciences Division for Bell Laboratories,Murray Hill,New Jersey,USA where he retired in 1979.He alongwith George E.Smith invented the World's first digital sensor circuit in 1969 called the Charge Coupled Device that uses the Photo electric effect discovered by Albert Einstein to convert optical images into electrical signals and vice versa.Today Digital Cameras and other imaging technology using them have become household names in the World.79 years old George Elwood Smith is an U.S.Citizen and obtained his Phd in Physics from Chicago University,USA in 1959 and retired in 1986 working as Head of VLSI Device Department at Bell Laboratories located at Murray Hill,New Jersey,USA.

They say better late than never and we are glad that the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences have given these pioneers the Physics Nobel for having changed our homes and the world of technology we live in, their due.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 99 October 7th 2009


So India has done it!All the members of MediaWatch are proud to report that India has produced its first Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry in more than 100 years since the prize awarding began.When the name of 57 yrs old Venkatraman Ramakrishnan was announced as the Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2009 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on 3:15 P.M.IST a history of more than 100 years was made the First Indian Origin or Citizen person had carved his name as the Winner of the Nobel Chemistry Prize.The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the 2009 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to 3 Scientists Venkatraman Ramakrishnan,Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E.Yonath for their work of studying the molecular structure and function of the Ribosome by using X-Ray Crystallography.

57 years old Venkatraman Ramakrishnan who was born in Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu in India and holds an U.S.Citizenship took his Phd in Physics from Ohio University,USA in 1976 and is currently Senior Scientist and Group Leader at the Structural Studies Division at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge,U.K.

69 years old Thomas A.Steitz took his Phd in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in 1966 from Harvard University,USA and he currently serves as Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and Investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Yale University,USA.

70 years old Ada E.Yonath who was born in Jerusalam.Israel took her Phd in X-Ray Crystallography in 1968 from Weizmann Institute of Science and is Helen Kimmel and Martin S Professor of Structural Biology and Director of Helen and Milton A Kimmelman Centre for Biomolecular Structure and Assembly at Weizmann Institute of Science,Israel.

All three Scientists have developed 3D Molecular Models of the Ribosomes which is involved in Protein Synthesis in the Cell and demonstrated its interactiveness with different antibiotics that would help in the treatment of various infections in the future.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 100 October 8th 2009


The 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature has gone to 56 years old Herta Muller a German born in Romania for her concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose that depicts the landscape of the dispossessed.

Born into a German Minority Family settled in Romania Muller's father worked as the  Waffen SS Officer in Nazi Germany and her family was deported to Russia in 1945 after the Second World War and no doubt her first literary works depict the pains of German Romanians who were forced to live in the Soviet Union.Since her writings were critical of the Romanian Dictatorship many of her works were banned and came under heavy criticism from the Romanian Press.Currently living in Berlin Muller's works span several languages in German,English,French,Spanish and Swedish.

Her collection of literary works include Short Articles,Novels,Poetry as well as Prose that include selected criticisms.Our Congratulations to the writer a creative rebel who indeed conveyed the language of the dispossessed who suffered the horrors of immigration in Post Second World War Germany.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 101 October 9th 2009


The Nobel Peace Prize Committee sitting at Oslo in Norway has awarded the 2009 Peace Prize to the 44th President of the United States of America Barack Obama for his efforts for strengthening international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.The effort also includes his recent efforts to curb Nuclear Proliferation.Born on 4th August 1961 in Honolulu,Hawaii,USA to a Kenyan Black Father and Kansas based White Mother Obama was raised by his Grandfather who served on Patton's army.After a course in Political Science from Columbia University,New York he joined the Harvard Law School in 1988 to pursue his degree in Law where he became the First African American President of the Harvard Law Review.Later on he became a practising Civil Rights Lawyer in Chicago and served in the state of Illinios from 1996 to 2004.In 2004 He became the U.S.Senator from the Democratic Party and in 2008 he won the nomination to run for U.S.President.On 4th November 2008 he defeated the Republican Nominee Senator John McCain to get elected as the President of United States.On 20th January 2009 Barack Obama became the 44th President of the USA.Barack Obama his married to Michelle Obama who is also a Lawyer and has two daughters Malia and Sasha.

Our Institute congratulates U.S.President Obama for having won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to Global Peace efforts.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 102 October 10th 2009


So why doesnt the World like Underdogs and always love Stereotypes?It is always been the case the Underdog can never beat the Dominant Stereotype.The Print and Electronic Media will always support the Stereotype and never the Underdog however successful he or she maybe or however powerful.No doubt our Media and World Media is reacting with shock at the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Barack Obama.There are many who dont even accept him as U.S.President even today let alone accept him as a Nobel Peace Laureate.

Our People will never accept an Underdog as their Leader.Especially when he is a Dalit or a Muslim or from the Christian Community.Thank God Obama got elected as the President inspite of his Race and his Religious Background in USA but here you cannot be an Ekalavya and excel an Arjuna as there will always be a Guru called Drona who will take your thumb as donation and try to prove that an Underdog must always be an Underdog.Obama when he got elected as President said there are no blue states(Democratic) and no red states(Republican) but only one State the United States of America.Obama not only healed divisions within his own Country but healed divisions by selecting his Democratic Rival Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and set about healing divisions within his own Party.He made a bold step towards Nuclear non proliferation by asking all Countries to shed Nuclear weapons and went about healing divisions in the entire World.Then why doesnt he deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?Maybe underdogs dont deserve it because they dont fit the Racial Stereotypes is what the World Media is talking about.So what if Hitler refused to award Gold Medal to Jesse Owens because he was a Black did he not become an Olympic Gold medallist?When will our world ever learn and recognise an underdog who breaks all stereotypes?Time alone will tell.

By the way what if Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden become President and Prime Minister of Pakistan which looks most likely by looking at the Terror attack on the Army Headquarters of Pakistan then brace yourself up for a Indo-Pak Nuclear War.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 103 October 11th 2009


Look who is accusing whom?There is an ancient proverb that states a thief accusing a policeman of theft for catching him.Pakistan can be called a terrorocracy where they are ruled by terrorists not a Democracy and are lucky to escape the Terrorist State Tag many times from the USA.Now the very same Pakistan says India is exporting terror to Pakistan.When Pakistan has all the leading terrorists in the World in its soil why does it need India to send extra terrorists to it.If the World is not careful and rein in Pakistan and its Government its Nuclear Arsenal can be controlled by terrorists who will not hesitate to use it against other countries including India.Pakistan constantly denies supporting terrorists and uses fake diplomatic language to fool the world but how will you ever explain the boldness and fearlessness of 10 terrorists who have stormed the Army Headquarters of Pakistan and held hostages many people there and killed many armymen there.Terror attacks on Pakistan have become a regular affair and almost a day to day routine.Who supplies arms to them?Who gives Financial support to them?India?

Why doesnt the useless Pakistani Government admit that it is even today held hostage by terrorists and stop blaming India for all their lapses and indirect support their own Government gives to their own home grown terrorists.

Jinnah's Pakistan today is sadly a failed Nation State and has become an international haven for drug peddlers,arm peddlers,underworld dons and terrorists that have the capability to ransack the whole world apart from the country they live and take support.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 104 October 12th 2009


The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel for 2009 goes to Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E.Williamson of USA for their analysis of economic governance amongst the commons and in boundaries of the firm the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced on 4:30 p.m.IST.

76 years old Elinor Ostrom becomes the first woman to get the Nobel Prize in Economics that was instituted in 1969.An U.S.Citizen born in Los Angeles,California she did her Phd in Political Science from the University of California in Los Angeles in 1965 She is the Arthur F. Bentley Professor of Political Science and Professor at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University located in Bloomington,Indiana,USA.She is the Founding Director of the Centre for Study of Institutional Diversity at Arizona State University,Tempe,USA.She has won the economics Nobel Prize for her work that has shown that Common Property owned by a group of Individuals is very well managed without Central Regulation or Privatization as they develop rules to manage conflicts of interest and promote successful outcomes.

77 years old Oliver E.Williamson is a U.S.Citizen born in Superior,Wisconsin,USA and did his Phd in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University,Pittsburg,Pennsylvania,USA in 1963.He is Edgar F.Kaiser Professor Emeritus of Business,Economy and Law and Professor of the Graduate School of Business at the University of California,Berkeley,USA.Prof Williamson argued that Firms and Markets represent alternative economic governance structures where in case of conflict of interest in Firms due to abuse of authority and dissent the market the firm dealt with would lead to solution to the conflict of interests and in case when market competition is limited and is unable to solve conflicts of interest Firms as sellers with their authority can solve them.This theory of Prof Williamson has made him the Winner of the 2009 Nobel economics Prize.

It has been a pleasure for all of us at MediaWatch to report about the Nobel Laureates in the Nobel Week from October 5th to 12th 2009.Our best wishes and congratulations to all the Nobel Laureates from Medicine to Economics who have contributed to the development of Mankind in their own way in their own discipline.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 105 October 13th 2009


So what is Dark Energy? It is the most destructive energy in the Universe.It has the capacity to tear even galaxies apart and disintegrate Stars into practically nothing.Let us imagine we have a Chamber where in the centre an artificial black hole can be formed by colliding photons released from W and Z Bosons that represent radioactive decay and the weak nuclear force.A set of Laser Beams get squeezed by the artificial black hole punched hard and then released with the piece of artificial black hole getting released from the chamber like a stone released from a catapult.This Piece has the capability to neutralise nuclear weapons and if the punched Laser Beams are released back they become Dark Energy that can cause Mountains and Hills to explode,the human bodies to evaporate into nothing producing artificial earthquakes,floods and hurricanes that can cause destruction like never before.This is no piece of Science Fiction and what if India releases this weapon on China and what destruction it can cause to them.Remember what happened to Japan in 1945 at the end of the II World War when USA used effectively Nuclear Weapons to usher in the dawn of the Nuclear Age.

So better dont meddle with us China saying that our Arunachal Pradesh is yours and ever dare to invade us it will not be a repeat of 1962 it instead will be a repeat of 1945 with China instead of Japan being the target where India will be forced to use Dark Energy Weapons on you and usher in the worst destructive weapons era.By the way who the Hell are you to tell which part of India our dear Prime Minister has to travel and not to travel.Shut up China and mind your own business.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 106 October 14th 2009


The greatest injustice to Women's Rights in India is done by guess who?The Government,the Lawmakers and police have done the greatest injustice to women in India.Let us explain how.

Take the Hindu Marriage Act for example that encourages deserting of wives by bigamous and polygamous husbands depriving of them of any legal status for them and for their children.While the first wife enjoys legal status alongwith her children from her husband the second wife or third wife or mistress whatever you may call her enjoys no legal status and her children enjoy no legal rights with respect to property,care or inheritance.Fearing legal action and prosecution from his first wife the husband is forced to abandon his second or third wife leaving her to fight for maintenance and property rights which she or her children rarely get.This is a law that sacrifices the rights of many women in order to preserve the right of one woman.

The Suppression of Immoral Trafficking Act makes the life of Woman who is a sex worker a living hell.We know no woman would like to be a sex worker by choice and is forced by financial and social circumstances to become one.Apart from society victimizing the victim who is the sex worker the police and law courts imprisons her like a criminal.While People who brought her to the sex worker status go scot free the sex worker rots in prison.What sort of justice is this for a Woman in India?She can never dream of marriage,love or social life but has to rot in jail exploited by Police,Law enforcement authorities and Pimps after she becomes free.

Next in the victims list is the Bar Girl who is sold and resold by brokers like Cattle and due to the Draconian Acts passed by Karnataka and Maharashtra Governments their profession and trade becomes illegal and due to the exploitative practices of people who hire them they always get arrested by Police and face prison sentences all the time.Is working,singing and dancing in a Bar a crime then why the hell the same police doesnt arrest film actresses for dancing and singing in films.Is it because they are rich and the bar girls very poor?Indian Society sometimes is terribly sick with social stigmas that has catered only to the interests of upper class and upper caste stereotypes.Indian Women face discrimination everywhere in India.Let us ask our politicians one question who do only lip sympathy to women and women's rights.Is it a sin to be a born a Woman in India?

In Goa many women have been killed and burnt.It appears to be the handiwork of religious fundamentalists and groups who are against woman and the Government of Goa.We dont think a serial killer is on the loose anywhere as it appears to be the work of organised crime syndicates belonging to a particular religious group.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 107 October 15th 2009


Ever tried to guess why China is trying to boss over India?In the times of the Cold War it was very simple the world was split into zones of Democratic and Capitalistic Forces led by USA and their allies and the Communist Soviet Union and their allies.When Soviet Union disintegrated and Communism in Russia got converted to Democracy China was the only major Communist power left alongwith North Korea and Cuba.Now China wanted to take the place of Soviet Union and decided to save falling communist forces by using its regional bullying power.It got Nepal and it had already Pakistan in its grasp alongwith Myanmar.When UPA the current ruling alliance had to come to power on the crutches of Leftist and Communist led forces China was very happy that it had another power on its side in India.But when the Left parties left UPA and UPA still remained in power China was shocked.It got further shocked when Left Parties were humiliated at the polls by Congress led forces and came to power the second time without the help of Communist Parties.It led loose the Naxals during elections and North Eastern Terrorists that were supported by it.As if that was not enough China started raking in old border disputes with India.India's closeness with USA further shocked China and it started its armtwisting tactics with India so that it could follow its Communist line and ideology.

So China is also using Pakistan to bully India into submission apart from using its unofficial army in India the Naxals.But beware China if India,Russia and USA form a democratic axis of power all your communist plans alongwith your friend Pakistan can bite the dust.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 108 October 16th 2009


Ever dared to wonder about what is the greatest wonder in the Universe?Well dont look outside but look inside it is your Brain.While the Computer uses sophisticated electronic circuits for its operations the Brain uses simple biological cells.While the electronic processes in the Computer is governed by flip flop circuits that causes on and off electrical signalling to store information the neurons uses the cellular genes and proteins that can translate into specific electrical signals via its range of neurotransmittors and neuroinhibitors.While the Computer uses wires and other linking devices to connect with its various parts of its electrical system the Brain uses physiological junctions governed by its neurotransmittor Acetyl Choline called the Synapse.And now would the World's most advanced Robotic or Computer or Artificial Intelligence system beat the Human Brain?No it cannot because our Brain can think and feel while no machine however advanced it might be cannot think or feel on its own unless and until a part of our own Brain or Biology can become a part of its circuit creating an Android which is half human and half machine.Our Brain has four different types of Intelligence that helps it to think and feel.

Professional Intelligence,Political Intelligence,Social Intelligence and Financial Intelligence and its various sub types govern our Brain.While Professional Intelligence can be measured by various tests it is very difficult to measure other types of intelligence.The Brain is however vulnerable for various biological disorders that can impair its functioning and mental disorders that can lead its intelligence into wrong directions and uses.Psychoses alters our very thinking processes and Neuroses the way we feel itself.

To a very large extent the Human Brain is largely an unexplored and unchartered terrain that man has to explore and map in the future to discover the greatest wonder within his own body.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 109 October 17th 2009


So Diwali is here.As the World celebrates Diwali by bursting firecrackers to celebrate the triumph of Good over Evil in the next 3 days starting from today a different sort of Blast politics is taking place in India.No not the firecracker blast politics where 32 Lives in Tamilnadu were lost due to Accidental Fire in a Firecracker depot but real blast politics.So hardly the ghosts of Malegaon Blast have disappeared and as Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur is still undergoing trail for the involvement of her Hindu Outfit in the Blasts some of her men have done it again in Goa.Remember in our Issue numbered 106 dated October 14th 2009 we had mentioned the involvement of Organised Crime Syndicates in the mysterious murders of women in Goa and the involvement of religious outfits in creating disturbance there when most of our media friends were thinking of a serial killer on a prowl there.We have been proved right when Goan Police has unearthed the plots and arrested many of the accused in not only the Goan Murders but also arrested many of the accused for causing and planning blasts there belonging to a particular Hindu Outfit.

Everybody especially our Bangalore Police led by our BJP Chief Minister in Karnataka however have not got their calculations right and arrested a Muslim Cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir on terrorism charges and released him later citing lack of evidence.When will our BJP Friends ever learn not to stereotype every Muslim as a Terrorist?Why the same BJP Friends support Hindu Outfits that carry out blasts and put the blame on Muslims so that they can create communal conflicts and disturbances and enhance the Hindu Vote Banks of BJP during elections?So if public memory is not short one of our BJP Chief Ministers was in soup for the Fake Encounters against Muslims in his State?

We ask our BJP Friends to understand one thing Terrorism has no religion and whoever disturbs peace in Society by carrying out acts of Terror independent of their Faith will always be a terrorist.For God's sake BJP stop using your fundamentalist outfits and make terrorists out of them to enhance your Votebanks.No doubt some of your expelled leaders and current leaders support Jinnah the founder of Pakistan which is the source of all terror in the world.After all Birds of the same feather flock together is it not so?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 110 October 18th 2009


On the occasion of Deepawali celebrated across all over India we would like to bring from all States and Union Territories in India the State of our Union report.Let us look and find out which States in India are the best and worst in various fields.Let us caution that these reports have no bias whatsoever and are not meant to demean any State or its Government.

So which State is the most patriotic in India?

The Finalists are Maharashtra and West Bengal and the Winner is Maharashtra.

So which State has the most courageous people in India?

The Finalists are Punjab and Maharashtra and the Winner is Punjab.

Which State has the worst Law and Order Record?

The Finalists are Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and the Winner is Bihar.

Which State has the most beautiful and fashion conscious women?

The Finalists are Maharashtra and West Bengal and the Winner is West Bengal.

Which State has the most intelligent and professionally skilled people in India?

The Finalists are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and the Winner is Karnataka.

Which State has the most literate population in India?

The Finalists are Goa and Kerala and the Winner is Kerala.

Which State has the most People with Financial and Business intelligence?

The Finalists are Gujarat and Rajasthan and the Winner is Gujarat.

Which State has the most people with the sharpest Political intelligence?

The Finalists are Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and the Winner is Uttar Pradesh.

Which State has the most people with great entertaining capability?

The Finalists are Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and the Winner is Maharashtra.

Which State has the worst Women Rights track record?

The Finalists are Madhya Pradesh and Haryana and the Winner is Madhya Pradesh.

Based on overall track record which is the best State in India?

The Finalists are Delhi and Punjab and the Winner is the state of Delhi which houses New Delhi the National Capital of India.

Our congratulations to Mrs Sheila Dikshit the Chief Minister of Delhi for making her State the No 1 State in India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 111 October 19th 2009


The Police Force in any Country in any State is the backbone that maintains Law and Order.They say the Police Force in India is as efficient as the Political Force that control it allows it to be.There is urgent need for revamping and reforming the Police in India as it is the most misused and abused force in the hands of politicians.In order to maintain the neutral and impartial nature of the Police in India the power to appoint,transfer and promote any State Police Force Officers and all its working staff should not be in the hands of the State Government and must be in the hands of a Centralised Police Commission seated in New Delhi having autonomous powers like the Election Commission of India.A minimum set of guidelines must be prescribed for the arrest and detention of a person.Take the example of the recent arrest of a Cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir on false charges which had egg on the face of the Bangalore Police or the fake encounters in Gujarat that landed the State Government there in Soup the Police Forces in both the states have been used to serve the interests of their political masters.Corrupt Police Officers indicted by Lok Ayukta have been promoted in Karnataka and rewarded so they serve the interests of the political masters of the ruling BJP in Karnataka.Honest and Sincere Police Officers have been gifted with punishment transfers and their promotions have been delayed.Police Officers have been appointed and promoted in Karnataka State on the basis of Caste,Community and Religious considerations throwing all norms to the winds.No doubt Crime and Lawlessness has risen to an all time high in cities like Bangalore.

We request the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and the Union Home Minister to pass a Police Reforms Bill and centralise the Police force in this Country in order to curb crime and lawlessness due to interference from corrupt and biased State Governments who are using the Police Force to serve their political interests.Before another innocent person is dubbed a terrorist or criminal and before another terrorist or criminal is let scot free stating that the prosecution is unable to prove the charges the Government of India must take the necessary step to cleanse the Police System in India of all the evils.Better late than never.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 112 October 20th 2009


What happens when Politics interferes with Professionalism and Bureaucracy interferes with work and service which is public and private?You will have a Nation and Economy like India that will remain underdeveloped inspite of all the talents and resources that is the very best in the world.

When did the BJP Party President Rajnath Singh become a professional Pilot? Wondering what we are talking about.His Plane was forced to take off with the Headlights of a Jeep providing support as the lights for the Air Strip.Thanks to the expert professional guidance given by the BJP leader.Now for a change why dont our politicians become Doctors,Engineers and Scientists and guide the Professional skills of the Nation?

Go to any Government Office they will take payment from you in the form of taxes or revenue due to them promptly but ask them money due to you whether it is Income Tax Refund,Compensation,Relief,Pensions and Rehabilitation etc., they will take years to pay you and ultimately force you to cough up bribes to release the amount due to you.

Government Servants are afraid of computerising Files and do not work promptly within a specific timetable.Want to know why?Delay and Denial of any pending File will give them greater profits by bribes.So the thumb rule is Procrastination is the way to profits at Government Offices in India.They say Government Work is God's Work and if that is so we ask God when will he give salvation to India from all the corrupt evils of its Governance?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 113 October 21st 2009


The tragic Rail Mishap in Mathura on 20th October 2009 where a Goa Sampark Kranti Express rammed into Mewar express killing 22 people and many other train mishaps that occur in India shows the urgent need for Indian Railways to modernise itself at all levels.Apart from installing anti-collision devices in every train all rail routes need to be fitted with electrical sensors that can monitor train travel in every station through Computers that can communicate at all levels.The tradational method of human surveillance always is dangerous as our Railway staff can be careless at times which can always lead to loss of valuable lives and hence the need of advanced technology to monitor rail routes and journeys even though it may cost the cost the Goverment a bit of money.After all safety always comes at a price and the Indian Railways must learn to protect the interest of travellers who have given it record profits in recent times.

Post efficient rail staff who are thoroughly professional and take the help of professional technology for the safety of all people using the Largest Rail network in the World the Indian Railways.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 114 October 22nd 2009


The Writing is on the Wall for the BJP but yet instead of trying to feel and find out the pulse of the Indian Voters who rejected them in the recently held 3 assembly polls of Maharashtra,Haryana and Arunachal Pradesh and gave thumbs up to the Congress Party the BJP alongwith its media friends is engaging in a fault finding mission with the Congress and not befitting their National Party Status they are trying to find fault with the Electronic Voting Machines and blaming smaller parties for their defeat by default due to vote division.When will our BJP friends ever learn?Starting from the Lok Sabha Polls up till now to the assembly polls if BJP does not pull its socks up the Indian Voters can pull it down from a national party to the status of a political spent force in India.

Our MediaWatch in many issues has always been pointing out the mistakes that has made BJP unpopular in the eyes of the Indian Voter and it is time for that Party to do a reality check before it is too late.Once upon a time the Janata Party under Late Shri Morarji Desai and Late Shri Jayaprakash Narayan posed a formidable challenge for the Congress Party but today the very same Party is split into various parts and is living in too many political identities that voters hardly recognise.Those who forget History they say are condemned to repeat it and the very same statement applies to the BJP also.From a party that champions the cause of only the male dominated upper caste and upper class Hindus the Party should follow the footsteps of the Congress Party that caters to lower Castes,poor and downtrodden.Dalits,Women and minorities if it aims for any sort of political revival and pose a challenge to the ruling Congress in the near future.After all in India the majority of the people who vote are still the poor and downtrodden masses and not the rich and arrogant ones who exploit their caste and class to dominate society.It is time that BJP realises that.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 115 October 23rd 2009


Some TV News Channels can stoop very low to enhance their viewership that it will not even hesitate to shock the viewer along with their sensibilities.There are two local news channel run by the TV 9 Group in Karnataka and they have become the very symbol of yellow journalism.They dont even think twice in defaming public figures and public institutions and dont even monitor the content they broadcast on their news network.They telecast matter which they call as facts without verification.The TV 9 News telecast in English from Karnataka aired a news report that they conducted a sting operation in a Service Apartment in Koramangala,Bangalore where a Foreign Russian Prostitute along with a Pimp was running a brothel where several important clients including the son of the Kerala Home Minister had acquaintance with her and they also showed the woman in a highly denigrating manner that was not fit for public telecast.Today nobody uses the word Prostitute and they use the word Sex Workers and what is the interest of this News Channel in showing these reports and why are they demeaning public figures or their relatives by showing them as customers of sex workers and what is their interest in trying to show Koramangala in such a bad light?In showing Women in bad light and by denigrating their image and status and by trying to defame public figures and public areas this News Channel deserved to be restricted or banned as they have flouted all norms of Media Ethics.We appeal to the Hon'ble Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mrs Ambika Soni to take suitable action on such News Channels for violating all media norms and ethics.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 116 October 24th 2009


After all the war of words We are glad that the two major Asian Powers India and China have come together in the form of the Prime Ministers of the two countries meeting at the ASEAN Summit in Thailand.Together these countries in peace can achieve a lot for the progress of the Asian Continent as a whole and by engaging in conflict with one another Asia and its people will suffer as a whole.We are glad that good sense has prevailed with both Countries who desire to engage with each other in peaceful dialogue.

After the arrest of a Serial Killer who killed many women by marrying and poisoning them the number of victims that he killed is growing by the day.They say it is 19 and still counting.But what about Men in India who are responsible for the Adverse Gender Ratio prevailing in India today where Men outnumber Women by many a mile in many parts of India which might cause a social crisis in Indian Society in the future if steps are not taken to arrest the decline of the female population in India.Starting from eliminating the female in the Womb the cruel Indian male kills her as an infant and when she becomes big he marrys her and burns her for dowry and indulges in serial murders.But you stupid Indian Male dont you think you can go on changing the demographic profile of this Country in favour of your Gender as Science and Technology has an answer for the crisis you have created in this country.Remember the days of World War II when the German Leader Adolf Hitler created Fertility Farms to produce as many Germans as possible to build his Army for which many German Women became volunteers.Well with current advances in reproductive technology We hope India will not be forced to take such a step of creating Fertility Farms where many women volunteers will produce Female Babies in large numbers to rectify the Skewed Gender Ratio in the favour of the male in India.

Do you want to be a Professional excelling in Physical activities like Sports then all Indians must cross this four levels starting with Fitness Level,Routine Physical Activity Level,Physical Skill Level.Focussed and Planned Strategic Physical Skill Level.If you want to be a Professional excelling at the mental level start with the Information and Knowledge Level,Analytical and Understanding Level and then graduate into Professional Contribution Level and become an experienced and established Professional Contributor.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 117 October 25th 2009


The total lack of commitment of the frontline established Batsmen of the Indian Cricket team was on full display in the closely fought match against Australia which India lost narrowly by four runs at Vadodara in Gujarat.Instead of one Harbhajan Singh who fought valiantly for India by scoring 49 runs there should have been 11 Harbhajan Singhs in the team.He brought India to an almost impossible triumph in partnership with Praveen Kumar who scored an unbeaten 40 runs.At one stage when India appeared meekly to surrender to Australia at the score on 201 for 7 wickets due to the failure of frontline Batsmen in their chase of 293 runs Harbhajan Singh and Praveen Kumar brought India to the threshold of Victory by taking their fight to Australia.I wish Indian Playing eleven has more committed players like them as capable players lack patriotism or commitment while playing for India forcing the country to give up its number one spot to Australia.Shame on these Sportsmen of India who play for money rather than their Country.Because of these kind of players who lack commitment towards India, the country has been forced to give away its top sporting honours to some other nations.

In Issue number 115 dated October 23rd 2009 we had condemned the news report on the English TV 9 News Channel from Karnataka where the Channel had claimed a sting operation involving the son of the Home Minister of Kerala with a Russian Call Girl.It is now clear that the entire report was a big fraud thrust upon the innocent viewer and the photo shown on the TV Channel of the Home Minister's son and the Russian sex worker was a faked and morphed Photograph.The TV 9 Channel is in soup and is facing a Criminal Defamation case from the Government of Kerala according to well placed sources.This is the price any Media Network has to face for practising yellow journalism.Dont ever say to us we never warned you against such news channels and the reports they telecast sensationalizing news to increase their viewership.We feel all who are involved in the sting operation whether they are politicians or the Police in Karnataka must face prosecution for misleading and cheating the public at large.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 118 October 26th 2009


Education without Character,Wealth without Morality and Knowledge without Wisdom is a recipe for a Degenerative Society.Indians who are living in India and abroad must tell whether we are living in a degenerative Society.

A scholar or an intellectual is not produced by the Qualifications he possesses as those qualifications only makes him eligible for any Professional Field and does not make him an expert in that field.Thomas Alva Edison was the World's greatest Inventor and changed the way we live today.He produced the electric power we want,the record player through which we listen to the music,the Cinema that we see and enjoy and the electric bulb that lights up our lives.Yet this great Research scholar and Genius did not have any formal education,academic qualification and did not even win a Nobel Prize.So our Media friends are linking Genius with Crime taking the example of a half baked Research student's example who happens to pursue his Phd in the prestigious Indian Institute for Technology in Delhi.This Phd student murdered a poor Naga Girl from Manipur and is all over the news for that.He is just a stupid Male Chauvinistic Pig in a male dominated Indian Society and not an evil academic scholarly genius who has taken to crime as the Indian Print and Electronic Media has made him out to be.

Oh!Oh! look who is talking! Our TV 9 English News Channel had a live interactive discussion on the issue of Morality v/s Vulgarity and Obscenity.This was a damage control exercise for the same damage they caused for themselves a few days back on the very same issue.When one viewer questioned about the credibility of the TV9 Channel on the issue of Vulgarity the Editor of the News Channel evaded a proper answer and ended the show prematurely.Guilty Conscience needs no accuser isnt it?

So what is vulgarity?Nudity is vulgar.If so our Digambar Jains and Hermits must be arrested for walking nude right?Nudity is not vulgar but stripping another person with the intention of humiliating him or her is vulgar.Sex is Vulgar Right? If so then our entire Human species would have ended before the World ended by not having sex and by stopping producing any children.Sex is not vulgar but using it to humiliate another person as in the case of Rape and Blackmail is vulgar.So if a woman strips and has sex with many men it is vulgar right?What about men who strip and have sex with many women?They are not vulgar?Different laws for different genders I guess.A man or woman who are sexually active are not vulgar but if they use sex as a tool to exploit and cheat another person it is vulgar.In Hindu Scriptures they say Dharma is very sensitive and open to all interpretations.If a Soldier kills another enemy Soldier in a War he is considered a Hero but under ordinary circumstances he is considered a murderer.Hence Crime is defined by Intention.Before out TV 9 Friends poke their nose into other Houses let them set their own House in order.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 119 October 27th 2009


India has scored a diplomatic triumph by bringing Russia and China into the discussion table and trying to thrash out all differences between both the Countries.Not to long ago there was virtually a war of words over contentious Border issues with China and now both countries have opened up all diplomatic avenues and channels to thrash out all their differences.Thanks to the efforts of Dr.Manmohan Singh our Hon'ble Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna Bangalore has become the meeting place for Foreign Ministers of three countries India,China and Russia.The Leela Palace Hotel will indeed be proud to host this Historic Peace Summit.

While the PM and Foreign Minister were scoring points our Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram and the Union Railway Minister Ms Mamatha Banarjee successfully launched a Hostage rescue Mission to rescue the Driver and Passengers of the Rajdhani Express bound for Bhubhaneswar in Orissa from Delhi.They not only beat the Naxal forces who were demanding release of their Leader but taught them a fitting lesson that our security forces will not let any attempt to hold our Nation India and its people ransom at any cost.Congratulations to the Government of India for protecting the lives of its citizens externally and internally.Did anyone say Kandahar?Cant the BJP learn a lesson or two from this episode of how a Congress led Government handles hostage taking situations to beat back Terror and Naxal elements without yielding to their ridiculous demands?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 120 October 28th 2009


India's overwhelming victory against Australia in the Nagpur ODI with the Captain leading from the front demonstrates that although the Aussies are the World No 1 team on paper India is indeed the real World No 1 team in the world of Cricket.It has the best batting line up which unfortunately sometimes lacks the Commitment of a Dhoni or Harbhajan that lets the team down in crucial moments.If not for that it would have given Indian Cricket team consistent performances in all major tournaments to make it the best team in the world.The total of 354 for 7 against Australia by India is the highest score ever by any Indian Cricket team in the limited version of the game.Dhoni is the first Indian Captain to score the highest ODI score with his century against Australia.Keep it up Team India but dont let your fans down when it matters most because we expect a lot from you Ok.

Ever wondered why BJP plunges into one political crisis after another whether in Karnataka or other places?BJP right from the start has been a Party founded by Upper Caste Leaders supported by the Upper Class in Hindu Society.Naturally it caters to the interests of only Upper Castes and Upper Classes who support it.It has no real care or support for the Backward Castes,Backward Classes,Minorities,SCs and STs or for that matter even Women.This all along has led to the breakdown of Political alliances which it wont mind,fall of several of its Governments which it doesnt bother and defeat in several elections against the Congress which it choses to ignore.The same situation is repeating in Karnataka State BJP today with an internal war breaking out between the Upper Caste Lingayat and Brahmin Factions led by the Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and the Vokkaliga Factions led by the Reddy Brothers.The Bellary Reddy Brothers must remember however rich they might be and might have also helped the BJP to survive in power in the past they do not belong to the BJP Scheme of things.They are according to the Upper Caste led BJP are the sudras in the Hindu Caste System who are meant to serve their masters and not to be the masters themselves.

Several Vokkaligas have suffered the insult of being sidelined in the BJP in Karnataka.Amongst them was the World renowned Economist Prof K.Venkatagiri Gowda who was elected the Member of Parliament from the prestigious Bangalore South constituency by defeating the popular former Chief Minister of Karnataka R.Gundu Rao.Prof Gowda a close associate and friend of our Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh aired his grievances in public and complained against discrimination meted out to him by Upper Caste interests within the BJP.He was promptly thrown out from the Party and sent to political oblivion.He realised during his last days that Brahmins use only Sudras in Caste infected Hindu Society as a Plaintain leaf only to used for taking food and later thrown into the dustbin.First Prof Gowda then next and then next when the Backward communities inside the BJP will ever learn is the real question?For those who forget History are condemned to repeat it is it not?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 121 October 29th 2009


The Baton Journey of the Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi 2010 was started off in right earnest at the inaugural ceremony held at Buckingham Palace in London today.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom handed over the baton to the Hon'ble President of India Mrs Pratibha Patil at a glittering ceremony which also was graced by the Union Sports Minister and Mr Suresh Kalmadi.The Baton was then passed to Mr Abhinav Bindra India's only Olympic Individual Gold Medaalist and several other prominent Indian and British Athletes in a relay race that will stretch across several continents before landing at its final destination in Delhi,India.The Commonwealth represents all Countries who are former colonies of the British empire.

Ever heard of the name of David Coleman Headley?If not hear it now as he is the Prime American Suspect for plotting major Terror attacks on India and Denmark.His accomplice Tahawar Hussain Rana a resident of Chicago is a Pakistan Canadian Citizen and Owner of several businesses in Devon Avenue in Chicago and in the cities of Toronto and New York.He has links with Laskar-e-Toiba the Terror Outfit behind the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks.One never knows until a terrorist next door near you throws off his disguise.Looking at this we never really know whom to trust and whom not to trust nowadays in this dark and evil age of Naxalism and Terror.

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Volume 1 2009 Issue 122 October 30th 2009


As the Jaipur Fire rages on in the Oil Depot owned by the Indian Oil Corporation with an estimated loss of 300 Crores which has left several people dead and injured in the process the Fire Fighting abilities to contain Oil fires such as these comes into sharp focus.A fire exists as long as there is Fuel of any type or kind.Sometimes extinguishing electric fires becomes a huge problems for the firefighters let alone Oil Fires.

During the Gulf War Oil Fires were extinguished by using special techniques known only to a few International American Experts.The Technique although complicated was simple.Cut the Fire from its Fuel Source by using an explosion that would snuff out Oxygen from the Fuel Source and break its links with the Fire itself.Let us take the example of the current Oil Depot Fire.An Underground Pit is dug around the Oil Depot which creates two or more parallel tunnels that leads to the Fuel Source at the bottom.Explosives are packed in the tunnels that are close to the fuel source and an artificial explosion makes the Oil Depot to sink in the Sand and the Fire by that explosion is deprived of its primary oxygen source and fuel and gets extinguished in the process.

Ordinary methods to extinguish the Fire wont work and the Oil Fire will last as long as the Fuel lasts creating tremendous environmental and economic damage in the process.Whoever reads this article ensure that you tell our Oil Corporation officials to take necessary action as explained to put out the fire.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 123 October 31st 2009


Today is the 25th Death Anniversary of Mrs Indira Gandhi who was brutally assassinated by her own security guards.She is not only India's only Woman Prime Minister but India's boldest and most courageous Prime Minister.She never hesitated to defend India from various security threats and landed up sacrificing her very own life in the process.In the 1971 War with Pakistan she cut Pakistan into two creating a separate state of Bangladesh after inflicting a humiliating defeat on that country.She dared to challenge the militants holed up in the Golden Temple for which she had to pay with her own life.She took the bold step of putting India into the Nuclear Club through the Pokharan Test in 1974.Yes she was a Woman bolder than all Indian Men at the topmost seat of Power in India.Our Tribute to India's Iron Lady on her Death anniversary.

India has defeated Australia yet again in the Delhi ODI to take a 2-1 Lead over Australia in the 7 match ODI Series.Our Captain Marvel Dhoni and our ODI Record Breaking Prince Yuvaraj Singh guided India to Victory chasing a small target set by Australia.If India plays like this as they are playing now and win the ODI Series against Australia the doubts by skeptics as to who is the number one Cricket Team in the World can be laid to rest.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 124 November 1st 2009


November 1st is the Formation Day of the State of Karnataka under the reorganisation of States done in 1950's where States were formed on the basis of majority of People speaking a common language.Karnataka was formed by unifying regions having large populations speaking Kannada.Karnataka was formerly known as Mysore State.Under the British Rule Mysore was a Princely State ruled by the Wodeyar Dynasty who had to submit themselves to the Dewan of Mysore who was appointed by the British in consultation with the Maharaja of Mysore.Bangalore at that time was a British Cantonment that hosted the British Troops there and Bangalore further acquired importance because of the Gold Fields of Kolar and thanks to the British it became the first city in Asia to be electrified as the Power was needed for the mining of Gold in Kolar.We know that for Modern Industry and Technology Electricity plays a vital role and no doubt Bangalore which later became the capital of Karnataka after taking charge from the old Capital Mysore became the major Industrial and Technological hub in the South of India.

It is a very strange irony that all regions in India that the British showed keen interest and governed independently grew as major Urban Civilization Centres and Cities while those ruled by our Kings and Queens have only remained as Historical Tourist Spots.The reason is very simple the British whether we love them or hate them for conquering and ruling our Country for nearly 186 years till 1947 brought about Professional Civilization in India through their Scientific and Technological approach towards progress and development.Let us not forget another factor Science and Technology that forms the basis of Cities and Urban Civilizations today evolves and grows more in Regions that move away from Monarchy to Democracy and other forms of Government that allows the active participation of People in forming and running Governments.So Scientific Power favours Urbanization which in turn stands for Power derived from People Right?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 125 November 2nd 2009


So the Battle is on for the number one Team position in the World of Cricket.What a Battle!Australia refuses to give up and India refuses to let go off Australia.Australia fought right back to beat India when India were all set to beat them again.At one stage it looked Australia was heading for a big total when India bundled them out for 250 runs in the 50 overs and when India was all set to chase the runs Australia in spite of the Brave Heroics of Harbhajan Singh and Praveen Kumar fought right back to halt India at 226 runs.This is what Limited Cricket is all about and this is what eventually will happen when two topmost World Class Teams clash in Cricket.A true potboiler and entertainment this Indo-Australian Cricket Series has been and can be rightfully dubbed the Clash of the Titans.

Remember the Woman who fought successfully with the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir Rukhsana she has been rewarded with a Police Job.If Women like Rukhsana are in the Police Force in India which most of the time is made up of incompetent and corrupt individuals lawlessness will be a thing of the past in India and you dont need CRPF and Army to combat the might of Naxals and Terrorists all the time.Hello is our Police listening?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 126 November 3rd 2009


Ever tried to wonder who are the most successful people in the World?There are common traits in all these successful people and if you have them consider yourself a possible candidate for being successful in the future.

.1.All successful people are rooted to their ideologies,well defined past and principles that they consider so sacred or divine that they will never give up under any conditions or circumstances for material gains,power or under the influence of any social or public pressure.Mahatma Gandhi was one among them are you one among these people?

.2.Successful people have a well defined vision,plan and manifesto for their entire life for which they are willing to work day and night to make them true and even struggle for it?Thomas Alva Edison and Isaac Newton are those individuals who belonged to that group.Do you belong to that group?

.3.Successful People love People and develop relationships and connections without allowing their class and social identity to be a barrier for their relationship with public and society.Martin Luther King Jr was like that.Are you like that?

.4.Successful People have successful ideas to generate Wealth and they generate Wealth through their ideas and abilities.They generate Wealth and do not allow Wealth to generate them.The man who became the World's richest man Bill Gates precisely did that.Are you doing that?

.5.Successful People choose their Careers that they fit in and are interested in and never land up in the wrong jobs where they never fit in and never give up their chosen career to take up another.Srinivasa Ramanajum India's most honoured Mathematician was one among them.Are you one among these people?

These are but a few characteristics that successful people throughout history had and are having and if you want to be one among them start with our check list of conditions today to find out whether you will join the bandwagon of successful people in the World.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 127 November 4th 2009


Mischievous Media Reporting(MMR) and BJP Canvassing Agents(BCA) are two abbreviations that the readers of this article will have to remember as this will be used frequently.So who are the BJP Canvassing Agents(BCA) now?The Leading Papers published from Bangalore the Times of India and Deccan Herald deserve this title.They also deserve another title that of Mischievous Media Reporting(MMR).So why give an MMR and BCA for Times of India and the Deccan Herald published from Bangalore?They both indulged in PM Bashing of the worst kind in their front page articles.According to them every death on Delhi Roads is due to the convoy of the Prime Minister travelling here and there which results in ambulances being stopped and People dying due to delayed medical attention.Shame on these Papers for becoming unofficial BCAs through their MMR.The Patient in question was suffering from end stage Renal Failure and even if he was given the quickest Medical attention he would have possibly not survived also. Would the Prime Minister of India be blamed for that also?Should the Head of the Indian State be blamed even for a slight mistake made by his Security Staff?Then every Murder and every Crime that takes place in this Country he should take the blame?Right?BJP is facing its worst political crisis in India and they need somebody to bail them out and our Indian Print Media is more than eager to lend them a helping hand by becoming the BCA with MMR.

So who owns Vande Manteram?Why are the fundamentalist Religious Outfits making politics out of it with the fires of division and hatred fuelled by our Media Friends with degrees of BCA and MMR.So our Muslim friends wants to issue a Fatwa against Vande Manteram.Please listen to this verses from the Koran before even thinking of such an action which actually would be unislamic.From the Chapter Al-Kafirun of the Holy Koran meant for disbelievers the Sura 109 states as follows:-

In the name of Allah,the Beneficial and Merciful-

.1.Say:O Disbeliever!

.2.I worship not which he worship:

.3.Nor worship he that which I worship-

.4.And I shall not worship that which he worship-

.5.Nor he worship that which I worship-

.6.Unto you your Religion,Unto me my religion.

This clearly means that a true Muslim cannot interfere with other Faiths or their contents and must believe strongly in his own Faith and its contents.So where is the question of issuing Fatwas on other Faiths?So let not our BCA Media Friends with their MMR cause division and hatred amongst Hindus and Muslims in order to garner votes for our BJP Friends by using the Vande Mataram Controversy when they need desperately a very bad political rescue act to bail them out of the current political crisis that they are facing.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 128 November 5th 2009


Australia were lucky to win against India in the 5th One Day International as it was a Victory that India was cheated by just 3 runs.Australia had 12 players on their side that included the third umpire who could have given the benefit of doubt to Praveen Kumar who was unfortunatenly declared run out by a decision that was touch and go as the batsman had grounded his bat on the crease just when the bails were removed from the stumps.What was amazing was the third umpire took very little time in declaring Praveen Kumar  run out and handing over victory to Australia in a very closely fought match that India deserved to win for chasing 350 runs with great determination and courage.India is showing its class as not only the World's best batting side led by the World's best batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who by the way after completing his 45th hundred is the only Batsman to cross 17000 runs in One Day Cricket it also proved that the Age of Australia is over in Cricket and the Asian Age led by India has begun in Cricket.

Dont you ever celebrate with joy Australia for having won a game by the favour done from a third umpire's hasty decision India will be back to show to you as to who is the real number one team in the Cricketing World.Our Tendulkar has overshadowed your Bradman and our team will overshadow you very soon in Cricket also.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 129 November 6th 2009


The Karnataka BJP Political Crisis is turning from Bad to Worse.The Government of Karnataka is functioning as though it is in Coma.Nobody to take care of the common man and nobody to take care of the Flood Victims as the Political Mahabharata continues between Yeddyurappa and their supporting BJP Factions and the Reddy Brothers and the BJP Factions led by them.So who is to be blamed for this crisis?

The Chief Minister of any State is the Leader of the Majority Ruling Party of the Vidhana Sabha and the Prime Minister of India is the Leader of the Ruling Majority Party in the Lok Sabha.Now what does the Constitution of India say as to what determines the eligibility of a Chief Minister or Prime Minister in office.They must enjoy the support of the Legislators of the majority Ruling Party in the Legislature.The moment a Chief Minister or Prime Minister for that matter loses support of his own Legislators who enjoy majority in the legislature or the moment the ruling party loses majority in the Lower House of Legislature or Parliament they cannot continue a moment longer in office.If Yeddyurappa the Chief Minister of Karnataka has indeed lost support of members of his own ruling BJP Party he according to the Constitution of India cannot continue in office.

The BJP High Command has thrown all inner party democracy to the winds and has scant regard to what the Constitution of India says and this has been the root cause of the current BJP Political impasse in Karnataka State.Let Yeddyurappa demonstrate that he has support of legislators of his own BJP Party or if he does not have let him quit.By this a solution can be found to the political crisis created by the BJP itself.If not the State Government will continue to exist in a suspended animation or comatose state putting millions of citizens of the Karnataka State to live in suspense and anarchy. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 130 November 7th 2009


The recent shootings in the USA both at the Army and Office levels exposes one harsh reality.A Nation cannot get patriotism on a platter from anybody.True loyalty towards a nation can only be achieved by an individual if that individual can be culturally and emotionally in tune with the cultural beliefs and practices of the majority population of that nation.We are not suggesting that the minority or immigrant population of a Country are not patriotic to that Country just because of the crime and terror acts committed by a few individuals from the minority or immigrant group in any nation but what we are suggesting to all minority and immigrant populations in any Nation is to mingle with the mainstream and majority population of that Nation so as to not suffer cultural alienation and aftershocks as a result.

Many Minority friends in India are still uncomfortable with our National Song Vande Mataram.Many Majority Hindu Friends then may raise objections tomorrow with anything dealing with Islam also in retaliation.A Nation hence needs to understand majority and minority needs and wants respecting each other beliefs and values.A Hindu must respect a Muslim's cultural beliefs and values and a Muslim must respect a Hindu's cultural values and beliefs in return and not question the divine value of our National Song Vande Mataram.Then only a true cultural patriotism can be attained by the majority and minority in India.

If a cultural patriotic linkage is not achieved in a Nation a Jordanian Muslim Psychiatrist working for the U.S.Army instead of treating patients or counselling others will not become a madman and a patient himself by killing his own Countrymen and a laid off office colleague will not become a terrorist to his own people by killing them as in Orlando,Florida,USA.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 131 November 8th 2009


Dont watch Indian Cricket.Our Advice to all the Cricket Fans in this Country is to avoid watching 11 Traitors of our Country playing for money as what you are about to read will be very disturbing to your mental health.Our Online Eveninger from now on will stop covering any news regarding cricket and we will tell you why.Our angry Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda is planning to file an official complaint against the Indian Cricketers with the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh to investigate whether Indian Cricketers deliberately threw the Guwahati One Dayer enabling Australia to take the ODI Series trophy in exchange for money taken from bookies who might have fixed the match in favour of Australia.CBI with the Income Tax Department and the enforcement directorate can uncover the Match Fixing Scandal of whether Dhoni and his boys intentionally threw the match against Australia in exchange for money paid by Bookies.

What is this strange world of Bookies doing in Cricket?Let us find out.A bookie is a member of a betting syndicate who bets huge sums of money for winning and losing in cricket.When money is paid betting for a particular team that he says will win the bookie will pay part of that money to the rival cricket team to make them throw the match for a particular sum of money.An established cricketer performs very well so that the bookie pays him higher price for him to lose a Match.Hence before a heavy loss of a Cricket team an extraordinary winning performance happens by the same team ensuring that they get a very huge price to lose a match or underperform in a particular Match.The favourite teams of the Bookies who always seem to win in critical tournaments and matches are Australia,Pakistan,Srilanka and New Zealand as the bookies get a share of money from people in these countries starting with Australia for maintaining their favoured winning record.India,South Africa,England and West Indies most often than not land up on the losing side as Bookies dont get any share of money from people in these countries to make them win any matches.So in those countries like India where Patriotism does not carry a price tag they land up on the losing side as the players there can easily be bought and made to throw matches.The notorious Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim was a former Bookie and hence we can safely conclude that Bookie Money,Underworld Money,Drug Money,Terror Money and Arms Money have an unholy nexus with Secret Swiss Bank Money,Hawala Transactions and Benami Transactions playing major roles in the transfer of such monies.

We will stop watching and covering Cricket Matches played by our unpatriotic Indian Cricket team as the results of those matches we know will already be fixed by a Bookie.So dont waste your time and money by watching our useless Cricket Team play as a Cricket fan.2011 World Cup may have already have a Winner as the Bookies are busy eliminating rival teams and making their team the Winner through their weapon of money.So dont bother to fool us you Indian Cricketer as we know you get more money by losing then winning for your Country India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 132 November 9th 2009


On November 9th 2009 Our Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda filed an official complaint against the Indian Cricket team to investigate allegations of Match Fixing in a faxed letter to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh.The Edited version of the letter is published in this issue for the information and reference of our esteemed readers.Here is the text of the Letter sent to the Prime Minister of India by our Editor.

Honourable Sir,

As an Honest citizen of this Country I am pained to see the repeated and intentional humiliation of my Country in the most popular game of Cricket not due to lack of talent or capabilities of the members of our National Cricket team but due to manipulation by bookies who appear to have paid them money to throw matches in order to make India to give away its number one ranking to Australia in the Cricketing World.As the Editor in Chief of the online evening daily MediaWatch I and my staff members are so disgusted by the pathetic performance of our Cricket team in crucial junctures we are forced to boycott Indian Cricket and also decided not to watch any matches featuring our Cricket team.We will also appeal to the Cricket loving public in India to do the same until your Government gives us an assurance that our Cricket team is clean after thorough and unbiased investigations by the Departments of Income Tax,Revenue Department and Central Bureau of Investigation that they are clean and not involved in Match Fixing of any type or kind.

Sir you have been a great inspiration as a Leader to our Nation and I and my fellow Indian Voters look upon you as more than the Prime Minister of this Country but as a true friend,philosopher and guide and I hope you will solve the problems of our Nation as its Leader and make it the World's leading Superpower in the years to come.

Thanking You,Yours Sincerely,



MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 133 November 10th 2009


The best News Article in India goes to the article Fusing Faiths regarding the Vande Mataram Controversy written by a Muslim Writer Firoz Bakht Ahmed and published in the Deccan Herald dated November 11th 2009 Bangalore Edition.The Article is a true example of secularism and calls for Muslims in India to co-exist with Hindus in India irrespective of the controversy over the singing of Vande Mataram created by Hindu and Muslim Religious Fundamentalists and the Muslim Writer endorsing his views why he finds that there is nothing objectionable in he as a Muslim singing Vande Mataram.Our congratulations on behalf of MediaWatch to Deccan Herald the publisher of the article and to the writer of the article Firoz Bakht Ahmed for winning the best News Article published in a Newspaper in India.

Why is the MNS and Shiva Sena dividing the Nation on the issue of Language?Rajanikanth the Tamil Superstar whose real name is Shivajirao Gaekwad is a Marathi who hails from Karnataka where Kannada is the official language.S.P.Balasubramanyam the famous Singing Superstar from the south sings in Hindi,Tamil,Telugu and Kannada and hails from Andhra Pradesh.The Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu the leader of AIADMK hails from Mysore the former capital of Karnataka that speaks Kannada.Shreya Ghoshal is a Bengali who sings lovely songs in Hindi and Kannada.Hello is the MNS and Shiva Sena listening?For God's sake learn to identify yourself as an Indian first ok?

Of the 32 Assembly seats by polls held recently in India the UPA has won 18 seats,the BSP 9 seats,the Communists represented by Forward Bloc only one seat and the BJP and independents two seats each.These by polls cover the states of Uttar Pradesh(12 seats),Himachal Pradesh(2 seats),Rajasthan(2 seats),West Bengal(10 seats),Kerala(3 seats),Assam(2 seats) and Chattisgarh(1 seat).The BJP has won only 2 out of 32 seats and the Left Parties only one seat.So now it seems the Indian Voter is neither interested in rightist or leftist politics and wants to be in the Secular Centre governed by Congress led UPA.So have our rightist and leftist political friends got the message from the Indian Voter right across India?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 134 November 11th 2009


How does one really predict weather in India?Mere Satellite pictures from a Weather satellite is not enough to predict with accuracy the Weather at a particular place.The Cyclonic Predictions of our weather department that a huge thunderstorm would hit the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra went topsy turvy.Mathematical Modelling and Advanced Computer simulation of how a Cloud moves and advanced topographic methodology that can estimate the water bearing capacity of clouds can give a fair degree accuracy in weather predictions.

Although the Indian Space Research Organisation has given sufficient technological back up in the form of satellite imagery Our Weather Scientists must understand that mere technological facilities are not enough and they must upgrade themselves in the field of pure and applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences for which the Human Mind is the best and only Laboratory.The Greatest minds make the World's best laboratories but the greatest laboratories may not make the Greatest of Scientific Minds is that not so? So Cyclone Phyan has given the skip not to Mumbai or Gujarat but to our Weather Scientists.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 135 November 12th 2009


The Prime Minister of Australia is on a two day visit to India to better bilateral co-operation between the two countries after racial attacks on Indians have weakened the ties between the two countries.What many people do not know is that the key reason of rivalry between the people of the two countries is not because of cultural or racial differences but because of the cricketing rivalry they share to be the best team in the World of Cricket.Sometimes cricketing fans from both the countries can go crazy with their ego clashes and give a false colour of racial conflict.

Last time the cricketing conflict between both the countries had reached such feverish pitch when the Indian Cricket team was on a tour to Australia due to Umpiring faults that helped Australia win matches there and the controversy surrounding Harbhajan Singh created such a stir that at one stage the Indian Cricket team was almost forced to return midway from their cricketing tour in Australia.Mr Kevin Rudd was forced at that time to don a Peacemaker role.Sports is meant to make Peace between two Countries and not create unnecessary conflict and the Australian PM can only start mending ties with India starting with Cricket.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 136 November 13th 2009


Today's issue of MediaWatch is dedicated to the late Mrs Jayalakshmi Siddaiah on her 81st Birthday rememberance.She is the mother of our Editor in Chief Dr.S.Ramananda.She founded the Sarvodaya Education Society in 1959 and established the Sarvodaya Senior Kannada Primary school a school for poor and needy children coming from the poorest of poor background.At that time she had no children of her own and poured her warmth and affection on those children treating them as her own children.No doubt God rewarded her with 3 sons a few years later starting with 1964.Coming from a prestigious family Her heart always reached out to the poor and needy sections of Society.Her Father was the late Shri.K.H.Ramaiah who established the Vokkaligara Sangha the largest community organisation in Karnataka State catering to the needs of the farming and agricultural community in India.Her Sister was the late Mrs Yashodhara Dasappa who was a Gandhian and freedom fighter and served as Social Welfare Minister in the Karnataka Government and her husband Mr H.C.Dasappa served as Union Railway Minister when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India.Another of her brother Capt.K.R.Krishna was the ADC to the Maharaja of Mysore.The greatness of Mrs Siddaiah was her social service to the poor and not allowing her elite family status to come in the way of treating all sections of Society equally.She served in Vokkaligara Sangha in various capacities including being the first woman working president.Her vision and legacy is carried forward by her three sons who are all Doctors and serving society in their own capacity looking after her two schools that she established in 1959 and 1971.

Mrs Jayalakshmi Siddaiah passed away on 25th May 2002 due to Cancer.Her son Dr.Ramananda established the Jayalakshmi Memorial Cancer Research fund on June 30th 2002 promising to find a permanent cure for Cancer and AIDS and other terminal illness.Hope with the blessings of his late Mother who loved the poor and downtrodden sections of society so much he succeeds in his mission and makes millions of lives around the world to lead a happy life.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 137 November 14th 2009


The Vivekananda Educational Centre the educational institution founded by Mrs Jayalakshmi Siddaiah in 1971 celebrated school day and children's day celebrated in honour of the late Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru whose love for children made him fondly to be known as Chacha Nehru and hence children's day is celebrated on his birthday.The President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search Dr.S.Ramananda which is the publisher of MediaWatch is the Scientific Advisor to that Institution and the Vice President of the Institution Mrs Jessy Joseph Fernandez is the Principal of the Vivekananda Educational Centre which is located in Jayanagar,Bangalore.

The recent issue of a girl Priyanka being deserted by her lover Anand who ditched her by making her pregnant to marry someone else has raised many eyebrows and brought the issue of abandoned and deserted women in India to the spotlight.In our previous issue numbered 106 dated October 14th 2009 we had suggested amendments to even the Hindu Marriage Act to protect the rights of Women who have been ditched and deceived by men who abandon and desert them at their own free will.In India the law provides no rights for such women or their children and it is time when such issues of such women deprived of justice in a male dominated Indian Society arises again and again the Government of India must enact a legislation to protect the rights of Women who are exploited,deserted and abandoned by the cruel,ruthless and heartless Indian Male.It must not only provide them and their children with full property and succession rights alongwith proper financial maintenance but must ensure the stiffest penalties and punishment for the man responsible for their plight.

So Times of India is bothered about belly dancers in a Police Function in Goa.So has anyone seen the Bangalore Times which has such beautiful pictures of women?Come on Times of India why do you envy belly dancers and treat them differently from any Dancer in India?Why have we Indians developed such a culturally chauvinistic mindset?Arent you guilty of Moral Policing when you want to protray a liberal image of women in your Page 3 editions?Is this not hypocrisy?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 138 November 15th 2009


The Headley Rana Terror network investigations is making major headways every day.The fact that both posed as ordinary businessmen carrying out their day to day business in USA in the form of immigration and other services shows and proves how terrorists can merge into the ordinary civilian population of any country and have the capacity to penetrate any system with ease and carry out attacks on any territory of a country.David Headley is just a disguised name to fool people.His actual name is Dawood Gilani and is a Pakistani Born American like Tahawar Hussain Rana who is another prime suspect in this terror case.Rana was running an immigration business company in USA and Canada and might have helped many an innocent Indian to stealthily migrate to USA by changing their U.S.VISA or Passport status.

Terrorists are like dangerous infectious viruses in our body.The common things about both viruses and terrorists is that they both use our own machinery against us,disguise themselves to identify their own identity with us and carry out functions that although may sound innocent to us would eventually prove fatal to us and whatever we have.When they strike they always surprise us and shock us and their betrayal to us could take us to our own self destruction.

All Bollywood Actors and Actresses must co-operate with the Anti-terror investigators and people like Mahesh Bhatt must have already found out that it is easy to face reel life than real life as investigators probe the role of his son Rahul Bhatt in the entire Headley-Rana Terror plot.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 139 November 16th 2009


Yes Sachin you are right and  Bal Thackeray is wrong.India comes first,Indians come first and then we are Marathis,Kannadigas or from any other language etc.,Because India comes first to us and Indians come first to us you and your fellow Indian Cricketers representing our country India are no longer banned from our viewership and coverage.Yes we were angry with you when you and your fellow cricketers gave away your number one ranking to Australia and slipped to third spot at the ODI Rankings and it is also true we complained to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India suspecting you of Match fixing but you are all children of India and we are also children of India.Mother India is a mother to all of us and we are ready to forgive our brothers from Indian Cricket as to err is human and to forgive is divine.We are back as normal cricket fans because India and Indians come first to us.We hated you because of your performance as we loved India and we still love you expecting a better performance from you in the future all because we love India with our heart,mind and soul.Yes Sachin you are right India and Indians come first to us.Thackerays and Jinnahs may come and go trying to divide India and create Pakistan but patriots like us till our last drop of blood will fight to protect the honour of Mother India.Come what may as India comes first to us.

Quoting from the Gitanjali authored by our National Poet Shri Rabindranath Tagore:-

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,

Where knowledge is free,

Where the World has not been broken up into narrow domestic walls.

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sands of dead habit,

Where tireless hands stretches its arms towards perfection-

Into that heaven of freedom my father let my Country awake.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 140 November 17th 2009


For any economy to thrive in any country its public and private enterprises must earn profits and income which in turn can translate into higher tax revenues for the Government increasing the overall Gross Domestic Product that contributes to increase in Gross National Product through higher job earnings.

What if in India the Government itself acts as a killer of Private and Public Businesses and Enterprises?The Government of Karnataka seems to lead the way in this regard.If a Street Hawker wants to do business the Police wants a share in it.If a Hotel wants to do business the corporation,the licensing excise department,the sales tax department and of course want their share of illegal money and what if you are constructing a new building the corporation,the revenue administration authorities,the business sanctioning authorities and of course the police all want to have a share of their illegal money.No doubt many investors are not finding it attractive any more in investing in Bangalore or elsewhere in Karnataka State.

Recently in the Mysore Evening Daily the Star of Mysore dated 30th October 2009 the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies came up with a weird order.He asked all the 7000 and more Societies and Associations registered under the Karnataka Registration of Societies Act 1960 of which our Institution is also a part to file reports about their existence by November 15th 2009 that is to be inspected by officials of the co-operation department as he felt that half the associations registered under the Act are not functioning.

Why is the Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies penalising all societies instead of punishing the illegal societies that have not filed their annual returns?Why is the Registrar not issuing individual showcause notices to defaulting societies and expect all societies to read Star of Mysore to come to know of his order?Why is the Registrar of Societies penalising all Institutions registered under the Act for the fault of all the defaulting Societies?In case a honestly working society does not look at this media report by 15th November 2009 and is unable to file a report of its existence does it mean that its registration will be cancelled thinking that it is not functioning?

Mr CM do you like to cancel the registration of our Indian Institute for Talent Search as they write and publish reports against your State Government,carry out Research to find a cure for Cancer and AIDS,uphold women's rights,give and promote talent recognition and strive for the cause of education.If that is the intention you and your State Government in Karnataka are all set to kill real business beneficial for one and all.That is called killing the goose for a golden egg Karnataka Government style.

But dont worry we will go to the voters who voted you to power and ask them to take back the throne that they gave you to serve the people in Karnataka State.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 141 November 18th 2009


How do we create a Society or Social Order?It is done by bringing people together on the basis of their common beliefs and values they possess.Culture originates from our religious beliefs and language that we use to communicate and is defined as a common belief or value system shared by a group of people based on a common diet code,common dress code,common ritual code,common behavioural code and common communication code.

A positive social element improves the level of happiness in society by connecting different people and enabling relationship.At extreme levels it translates into leadership that forms different groups,organisations and institutions.A negative social element in contrast acts to promote their own selfish interests at the cost of Society,Institutions and Organisations.At extreme levels these elements become the very source of evil turning into terrorists and criminals causing sadness and despair to others through their actions.

Do you feel irritated by the presence of people around you and like to live in isolation enjoying all the pleasures of life yourself without sharing them with anybody?

Do you constantly engage in conflict and confrontation with near and dear ones and others?

Do you discourage people from talking,partying and enjoying with one another?

Are you a routine fault finder poking,talking and using negative things about others for your advantage?

If you have these signs and symptoms check yourself as you are showing signs of being a negative social element.If you show exactly the opposite of all the behavioural traits just mentioned above then congratulations you are a positive social element blossoming into a popular leader of India giving and transmitting happiness to one and all.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 142 November 19th 2009


Our homage to India's boldest and most courageous Prime Minister Late Mrs Indira Gandhi on the occasion of her 92nd Birthday anniversary rememberance.

So who cares about the Indian Farmer?All Opposition parties including some members of the UPA are protesting on behalf of the Sugarcane Farmer against an ordinance enacted by the UPA Government.These politicians have no interest whatsoever in the upliftment of any farmer let alone the Sugarcane Farmer.Although nearly 70% of our population belong to the agricultural and farming community in India but they keep committing suicides in debt and backruptcy and our politicians only give them lip sympathy for votes.Just take a look at the top ten richest people in India do you find a farmer there?Look at the most powerful people who ruled India in the past,present and future and tell me how many farmers are there.Look at the educational and professional status of Farmers in India compared to the upper castes and classes in India.The record is so dismal it is not even worthy to talk about.The son of a farmer can be an Isaac Newton in countries like England but our upper caste biased Indian Society will suffocate him even before he becomes a Newton.How many National Leaders belonging to the BJP who have enjoyed power belong to the farming community?Can they count how many with their fingers?You idiotic politicians you are only interested in the votes of the farmer but after getting their votes you have in reality pushed the sons of the soil below the soil in India and made them a voiceless majority in India.

In Issue number 31 of the MediaWatch dated July 31st 2009 we had proposed to the Government of India the establishment of a National Agricultural Price Control Commission that can fix a fair price of food and agricultural products fair to both the farmer and consumer depending on the supply and demand situations.If the Prime Minister of India had indeed listened to us this Sugar Price Crisis and the protests by Sugarcane Farmers would never have happened in the first place and no politician would have used this to milk votes from the poor suffering farmer.Mr Prime Minister we are your friends and we want to help you and your Government and it always pays to listen to some friendly advice from us.After all the forefathers and ancestors of our Editor Dr.Ramananda come from a family of Farmers who know something about farming dont you think so?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 143 November 20th 2009


Are politicians trying to murder democracy in India?The four pillars of democracy are the Media,the Judiciary,the Executive and the legislature.Anybody who attacks any one of the four pillars of democracy is the murderer of democracy and is no different from a terrorist or an anti-national element.Shiv Sena which talks so much against terrorism has behaved like a terrorist by attacking the Media Offices of Lokmat-CNN IBN in Pune and Mumbai.

The Hindu Fundamentalist Parties led by the BJP and Shiv Sena is perhaps writing its own political obituary and perhaps counting their last days of their political existence in India.Just a few issues back we had exposed how the BJP led Government of Karnataka was trying to gag our MediaWatch as we were writing against them.They instigated the Registrar of Societies of Mysore District to create flimsy grounds in order to cancel the registration of the Publisher of MediaWatch the Indian Institute for Talent Search.The Politicians belonging to the Hindu Fundamentalist Parties do not want anybody to talk or write against them.They are ready to become even terrorists and terrorise the Media and Legislature into submission in India.They want to split and divide India like a Modern Day Jinnah and attack the Media and Parliament like terrorists.We request all the Print and Electronic Media to unite and inform the Indian Voter that it is time to throw the Parties like the BJP and Shiva Sena who indulge in Goondaism into the dustbins of history.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 144 November 21st 2009


So here is our latest rankings of Media ratings from our MediaWatch.We will start with the rankings for the National TV News Channels.

.1.DD News


.3.NDTV English News

.4.Headlines Today

.5.Times Now

The National News Paper Rankings are as follows:-

.1.The Hindustan Times

.2.The Hindu

.3.The New Indian Express

.4.The Times of India

.5.The Dianik Bhaskar

The Rankings for TV News Channels for Karnataka are:-

.1.DD Kannada(Chandana)

.2.Udaya News Network

.3.TV 9 Kannada

.4.TV 9 English

.5.Suvarna News

The Rankings for Newspapers in Karnataka State are

.1.DNA(Daily News and Analysis)

.2.The Hindu

.3.The Times of India

.4.Vijaya Karnataka

.5.Deccan Herald

Our Congratulations to all the Reporters and Editors from different Print and Electronic Media that have made it to the rankings of MediaWatch.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 145 November 22nd 2009


So Ram Jethmalani the eccentric Lawyer and Politician wants to certify God and Religion.His comments were so toxic that the Saudi Ambassador walked out of the Meeting he was addressing.He accuses the knower of all things God of Alzheimer's disease but we ask Jethmalani to check his brain instead of looking at the brain of God that is responsible for the creation of the Universe.

So Mr Jethmalani terrorism you feel is the whole and sole cause of a certain section of the Muslim community.Let us refresh your memory unless you are suffering from Alzheimer's disease.Mahatma Gandhi was killed by a Hindu Fanatic.LTTE that terrorised Sri Lanka and was responsible for the assassination of our Former Prime Minister Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi were a group of Tamil Speaking Hindus.Ok what about the ULFA and the North Eastern Terror Groups that caused the twin blasts in Assam today killing several people.They are certainly not Wahabi sect Muslims.Naxals who blow up Trains and Railway Stations and are responsible for the economic backwardness of many parts of eastern India are Communist Hindus.The Blasts that were carried out in certain parts of Maharashtra and Goa recently were caused by Hindu Fanatical Groups.

Mr Jethmalaniji terrorism has got nothing to do with religion.There are good Muslims and Bad Muslims as there are Good and Bad Christians as well as Hindus.A terrorist is a non believer who rebels against all faiths as he does not hesitate to kill and harm the innocent lives and children of God.So it is time that you scan your Brain instead of trying to scan the mind of God that neither you can see or perceive.Dont you think so?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 146 November 23rd 2009


Anybody who destroys any place of worship be it a temple,mosque or church is guilty of destroying the connection between God and his Devotee.Quoting from the Hindu Vedic Scriptures originally in Sanskrit:-

"As the water that comes from the clouds unites with the great big ocean all the blessings obtained from worshipping gods of all different faiths go to the one and only almighty God".

So our so called champions of Hindu Faith BJP and their fellow allies dont be proud of demolishing the Babri Mosque in the name of building the Ram Temple.Because Gods of all faiths are one and the same and you cant claim credit for destroying one House of God to build another and if you are guilty of insulting Hinduism or Islam apologise and accept punishment given by the law of the land for committing religious blasphemy,arson and rioting to divide India on religious lines like the modern day Jinnah.Instead of that you are protesting the leak of the Leiberhan Commission Report in the Parliament.What difference it makes to the BJP Leadership whether they are pronounced guilty today or tomorrow and the report is known in Media Circles as their own conscience knows that they are guilty of arson and violence in the name of religion and dividing the House of God and splitting the followers of different faiths in a Secular India.As the ancient saying goes the thief is accusing the policeman who catches him. 

Meanwhile Agni II Nuclear Missile has been tested from Wheeler's island near Orissa at night.All these politics has made us forget our own National Achievements.Does India really come first or our religion.Let us keep this debate for another day.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 147 November 24th 2009


We apologise for the delay in publishing our MediaWatch due to the non availability of our Editor in Chief and President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search and its Vice President due to unavoidable circumstances and we also apologise for wrongly reporting that Agni II Missile was successful as it has in fact has failed to report required test parameters during the night test according to the Scientists.

The successful meeting of the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh and U.S.President Obama at the White House has raised new hopes for two of the World's greatest democracies.One, the World's largest and another, the World's most powerful democracy.

The U.S.President has described India as a responsible Global Power and a natural ally with the strategic partnership with it the defining partnership of the 21st Century.Dr.Singh the Prime Minister of India underlined the need for quick operationalisation of the Indo-U.S.Nuclear Deal.

Our Indian Batsmen have meanwhile pushed themsleves into top gear scoring an impressive 417 for 2 with impressive centuries from Virendra Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir in the second test against Srilanka at Green Park,Kanpur.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 148 November 25th 2009


Look who is flying high.Our President of India wants to lead by example that for Indian Women sky is the limit and as the Supreme Commander of the armed forces she wants to lead from the front like a true Commander flying inside the Sukhoi Fighter Jet.By doing so she has become the First Woman President in the World to fly a Fighter Aircraft.It is indeed a strange irony that the Indian Air Force is not yet inducting women pilots for flying combat aircraft and its Supreme Commander a woman has already flown in a Combat aircraft.

Guess which was the first aircraft that attacked Taliban controlled Afghanistan in a war U.S.Led Forces liberated Afghan soil from Taliban Rule.It was a combat aircraft flown by an American Woman Pilot.It is strange in a land that worships Goddess Durga and Kali woman are yet to get their rights in various fields men only wish to dominate.

So India has piled up a huge total in the Kanpur test and let us see how our Bowlers perform against Srilankan Batsmen in the first innings of Srilanka.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 149 November 26th 2009


26/11 and 11/9 shook two of the World's greatest democracies India and USA.While USA was united in its fight against terror India was divided.In USA the ruling and opposition parties,all races,all communities and all kinds of people fought terror in a unified way and in India our politicians were busy engaging in a blame game.It is a shame how the BJP wanted to gain political capital out of 26/11 and engaged in one of the worst mudslinging exercise against the ruling Government in India.When the whole country is mourning the loss of valuable lives the BJP is bothered about the delivery of compensation to the families of victims.Will any compensation bring back the lives of people who are killed in the terror attack?Is Money more important than lives lost?USA learnt valuable lessons from September 11th but India seems to have not learnt its lessons from 26th November.When India is attacked and when people are killed our politicians especially from the Opposition Parties like cheap thugs will keep fighting till they surrender our Nation to the enemies of the state.Shame on them and because of their bad behaviour in and out of Parliament the terror victims of 26/11 are rolling in their graves.

One consolation of this tragedy is that our eleven men from our Cricket team are all set to gift a victory to the entire nation in memory of the lives lost during 26/11.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 150 November 27th 2009


So our Indian Test Cricketers have become the topmost test cricket team in the World after their Historic 100th test win against Srilanka at Green Park in Kanpur.India had been at the top in the limited versions of the game be it the ODIs or the 20-20s.India can be on top in all fields if and only if we can change the social,political and scientific system we exist and make it developmental and people friendly.

So the Dubai Financial Shocker has shaken the world.But only the financial disclosure has shaken the economies as this was expected when economic recession hit key economic sectors.Let us explain why the Dubai Financial shocker came about.Financial and Banking Sector,Stocks,Shares and Insurance Companies,Real Estate,Housing and Construction Companies were the worst hit in the economic crisis causes by oil inflation post Sept 11th 2001 when USA was involved in global conflicts that redefined the Boundaries of Middle East and South Asia.Most of the Dubai Businessmen invested most of their money in Real Estate,Construction,Housing and Financial Sectors and when economic recession hit them they were hit very hard as Dubai is a free market capitalistic economy.The Dubai Palmtree construction project was a very ambitious project and was expected to generate billions of dollars revenue to the Dubai builders which it did not causing huge financial losses to the Dubai construction empire during the economic recession period.So we are surprised why the world was surprised when Dubai annouced their Financial debts to the rest of the World.

When a huge storm breaks out huge trees are uprooted but small saplings bend and may survive the storm and it is especially true for the economic survivors of the global economic storm that hit the world recently.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 151 November 28th 2009


Wishing all our Muslim friends Id Mubarak on Bakrid.One of our Muslim Friends who practises orthodox Islam told our Editor that Pakistan does not represent an Islamic State and does everything that is Unislamic right from promoting terrorism to underworld crime.How right he was.At last Pakistan's lies have been nailed.It appears that our naughty neighbours Pakistan and China at their highest level of governance are hand in glove in promoting terrorism and violence in India.

Headley who has now emerged as an International Terror Plotter with involvement in the Mumbai Terror Attack on 26th November 2008 has relations at the highest level of the Pakistan Government.The son of a Pakistani diplomat and an American Mother he is the half brother to the Public Relation Officer to Yousuf Raza Gilani the Prime Minister of Pakistan.Pakistani Sources have fortunately confirmed this and have not slipped into denial mode as they often have whenever they have been accused of supporting and abetting terrorism in India.Guess what gift the Prime Minister of Pakistan got from its President recently?The Nuclear Button of the Nuclear arsenal of Pakistan was handed over to him.Is it a reward for promoting terrorism in India by the terror sources linked to Gilani?

With the Chinese Government promoting Naxalism and North Eastern Terror in India and supporting all the ambitious designs of Pakistan and with the Pakistani Government having links with terror networks involved in terrorism in India at the highest level and with the Nuclear Buttons in their hands the Defence establishment of India has its hands full with such Naughty Neighbours on the prowl again.

Did anybody see any CAT online?No it made its disappearance like the proverbial Cheshire Cat that disappeared leaving only the smile behind or the mysterious Schrodinger's cat in Quantum Mechanics whose fate is unknown.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 152 November 29th 2009


Ever tried to wonder why Technological Failures haunt our Nation time and again be it conducting the CAT Exam online or managing the Radiation pollution at the Kaiga Nuclear Plant or some other glitch somewhere.

The answer lies in the way we train our Scientific and Technological Professionals in our Institutions of Higher learning that tries to impart higher Post Graduate and Doctoral Education without proper Laboratory facilities.

A Laboratory is the place where Science and Technology is practised,tested and applied.Specialised Scientific and Technological Education that are centres of Graduate and Post Graduate Education are rendered meaningless if our students are trained without appropriate Laboratory facilities and support.The educational inspecting authorities must ensure that only those Institutions with appropriate laboratory facilties are given or granted recognition and must not resort to favouritism or corrupt practices in giving or granting recognition to incompetent Educational Institutions imparting graduate and post graduate education in India.A Technology end user must also ensure that only a competent professional handles technological facilities and his selection is strictly based on merit grounds and not on the basis of his social or religious background or the financial or political clout he uses to get past the selection parameters.If and only if we can ensure that these conditions are met India can afford to be a professionally and Scientifically advanced Country in the world.

Anybody heard of Claude Shannon Theorem that forms the basis of Modern Telecommunication Technology? It is named after the great American Mathematician who gave solutions to solve the Communication congestion problems in case of heavy traffic in networks.If our CAT Management authorities had arranged for a Computer Server that was connected to other local Computer servers that linked all CAT examination Computers via the intranet and then connected the master Computer Server to the internet they would have successfully conducted the CAT Exam all over India.Has anybody given them this piece of advice or did they follow the advice even if it was given by competent authorities?Leave it we are starting this debate from the beginning all over again.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 153 November 30th 2009


The behaviour of the Indian Media sometimes is puzzling.Our Media compared to other Media around the world is most unpatriotic and undermines India at every step of news reporting.The Headlines today is somehow fascinated by China.In one of its reports it says that India has bowed to Chinese pressure and stopped its roadwork in Ladakh.In the same report it says that Mr Farooq Abdullah the father of the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has stopped the roadwork due to extreme cold.It also carries out another report stating that the Congress Party is against Chinese intervention and asks all its neighbouring countries to respect its international borders.Now tell us which report has to be believed?What is so big about China that we dont have?Our richest are more richer than the richest in China by more than 100 billion U.S.Dollars and we are no less in Human Talent or Resources.Taking some isolated 1962 war as an example why is our Indian Media undertaking a China Promoting and India Bashing exercise?Are they agents of China or have the Chinese offered them their food as bribe or our reporters Communists?

For a change we ask our Media to focus on the Letter U.S.President Obama has written to the Pakistan President Zardari issuing him a stern warning that America will not keep silent if Pakistan uses Terror as a weapon of war against other countries.

We know that our Media is one of our pillars of democracy and imposing curbs on them is unfair but that does not give them uncontrolled freedom to publish and report as they please hurting the sentiments of India and its people.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 154 December 1st 2009


Today is World AIDS Day.Scientists all over the World must  concentrate on finding a permanent cure for AIDS and develop an effective vaccine instead of only engaging in preventive measures and involving in activities that can control AIDS temporarily in order to relieve sufferings of HIV Patients struggling to escape the social untouchable tag and especially in societies like India where sex workers are treated as untouchables and criminals instead of using them as channels to prevent the transmission of AIDS in high risk groups and populations.

The treatment of AIDS available today is called Highly Active Anti Retro Viral Therapy(HAART) developed by David Ho in the mid 1990s.He is the founding Director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Centre located in New York which is the largest private AIDS Research Foundation in the world.

The basis of this Anti RetroViral Therapy is very simple.HIV develops into an infectious agent with the help of an enzyme called Protease that breaks its proteins down in order to help it infect the host cell.Dr.David Ho a Taiwanese born American and his team developed a class of compounds called Protease Inhibitors and combined it with the already existing drug AZT a reverse transcriptase inhibitor that blocked HIV Viral replication to develop a combination therapy which with the help of our host immune system could drive HIV Virus to undetectable levels in the blood of HIV positive Patients.This Therapy sparked off a new hope of finding a cure for AIDS initially.But this optimism was shortlived as Drug Toxicity,Drug resistance,Expensive Treatment alongwith AIDS appearing in patients who stopped the Drug Therapy complicated the treatment.

A cure for AIDS had to be a cure to all Viral Diseases and Drug Therapy had its own limitations in tackling the infection.A cure for one virus had to be a cure for all viruses as well and this could only be done by an advanced Genetic manipulation that could dislodge the viral genome from the host genome by using mutations induced by altered electromagnetic waves.This Therapy is the Wave induced Mutational Therapy.Enter Dr.Ramananda the Director of the Jayalakshmi Memorial Cancer Research Fund and author of this therapy and our Editor in Chief who presented his Research Findings at the 90th Indian Science Congress held at Bangalore University,Bangalore,India on January 2003.

If our Editor succeeds in his method of treatment he will engineer the  biggest revolution in Modern Medicine and bring hopes to millions of lives infected with HIV around the world.On the World AIDS Day we pray to God to help him succeed in his mission to find a permanent cure for AIDS.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 155 December 2nd 2009


U.S.President Obama has taken the right approach for tackling Global Terror which has its roots in Pakistan and Afghanistan.He warned that the terrorists were targetting the nuclear weapons of Pakistan and were targetting the core democratic values of freedom that America and the rest of the World stood for.After committing more U.S.Troops to the troubled Afghan-Pak Region he has stressed the need for the greatest vigilance towards that area which he called the epicentre of Global Terror.

So the ULFA Chief Arabhinda Rajkhova has been arrested in Bangladesh and the mastermind of the Bangalore Terror attack on December 28th 2005 Nazir has been arrested with the co-operation of Bangladeshi authorities.Can Pakistan take a leaf or two from Bangladesh's book that is co-operating in arresting India's most wanted terrorists on its soil instead of abetting and supporting terrorists on its soil after calling them innocent as they dont have any evidence against them.

So the Heat is on. India and Srilanka at Mumbai are battling it out intensely.India needs to wrap up Srilankan innings quickly and set a huge target that Srilankan Batsmen will be unable to cope in order to win the Test and become the topmost Test Cricket team in the World.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 156 December 3rd 2009


Shut up Headlines Today.This TV Channel is the most unpatriotic TV Channel in India and an India Bashing TV Channel.It says that our Defence Forces are weak and our Indian Army is not even half as efficient and waiting to be conquered by our enemies across the border in case of a War.

This stupid TV Channel must be told that our Defence Forces have enough firepower to neutralise any armed forces including that of China or Pakistan in case of a war and cause widespread destruction through its Nuclear,Missile,Chemical and Biological Weapons at its disposal in case of a War today. Mr Headlines today Editor, the strength of a Defence force is not determined by the numerical strength of manpower or weaponry but the strategic use of destructive power by any Nation.Sometimes even the high and mighty have to bite the dust in a war for underestimating their opponent.The Japanese Naval Admiral who attacked the Midway Islands of the U.S. said that defeating USA was like twisting a baby's arm and in turn had to beat a hasty retreat after losing 4 of his most prestigious Aircraft Carriers to the U.S.Airforce.If Headlines today claims to have accessed our Army Report we have access to a source that can give Dark Energy Weapons the most destructive weapon mankind has ever known to the Government of India.But we are not traitors of India to disclose the source or the weaponry to our enemies like the Headlines Today TV Channel.

Jai Ho Sehwag Jai Ho India stop not till you become the number one Test Cricket team in the world.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 157 December 4th 2009


So all the leading Nations are meeting in Copenhagen in Denmark for the Conference on Climate Change.Nothing concrete is going to emerge from that summit other than hot discussions between Nations of how to reduce Carbon emissions in the Earth's atmosphere.They must understand that the time for action has begun and the time for preventive action as far as Climate and environment is concerned is over.It is time for replacing the lost Ozone in the Earth's atmosphere by using newer technologies for repairing the damage done to the environment for over a century.Why is it that our Scientists around the globe not working on a solution to repair the environment instead of pondering over a lost cause for damages that has already been done?Time to open up your thinking caps World Leaders and it is time for concrete action for saving the environment.

Why is the World Media after poor Tiger Woods?All his golfing abilities are forgotten and his bedroom has become now a public TV Room for scandal mongering.Has anybody tried to peek into the bedrooms of most journalists who cover such news.Dont you even dare you will stop viewing TV Channels and reading newspapers.

Well India has scored the largest total in its test history and it is time to make another history by becoming the best Test Cricket Team in the world.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 158 December 5th 2009


On December 6th 1992 the BJP Leaders,their followers and their Hindu Fascist elements demolished the Babri Mosque.By doing so they claim to be the Champions and Guardians of Hinduism.To them we have only one message.You cannot demolish a House of God to construct another as Ram,Rahim,Jesus or Allah are the names of the same God that you may worship through different means.So you need not be proud for insulting Lord Ram who is worshipped in different names by different faiths.

The Office of the Prime Minister of India has responded to our Petition and complaint that we filed with it on November 9th 2009 in a letter dated 26th November 2009 sent to our Editor.The edited text of the same Letter was published in MediaWatch in our issue numbered 132 dated 9th November 2009.The complaint filed by our Editor has been referred to the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs,Government of India for suitable action.We thank the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh for the quick and prompt action for the complaint filed by our Editor in Chief.

VIGYNAAN 2009 an Inter High School Science Festival was held on December 4th and 5th 2009 by Vivekananda Educational Centre.The President and our Editor Dr.Ramananda and the Vice President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search Mrs Jessy Joseph Fernandez work as Scientific Advisor and Principal for that Institution respectively.The host school Vivekananda Educational Centre won the over all Championship trophy by bagging the First Prizes in Science Debate and Science Lecture and Second Prize in Science Exhibition while the Presidency School bagged the First Prize in Science Exhibition, Second Prizes in Science Quiz and Science Lecture and the Third Prize in Science Debate.The Oxford English School bagged the First Prize in the Science Quiz.The Daffodils School bagged the Second and Third Prizes in Science Debate alongwith the Second Prize in Science Exhibition.The R.V.Public School and the Dayananda Sagar International School bagged Third Prizes in the Science Exhibition and Science Quiz respectively.Our heartiest congratulations to our Young Scientists and Winners of this Science Competition.

On the Final Day of the Mumbai Test 4 wickets to go and maybe some runs to chase for India to be the topmost Test Cricket team in the World.Keep going India Keep going.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 159 December 6th 2009


Indian Cricket Team is on top of the World.What bothers us is not what Indian Cricket can attain in the Cricketing World but its ability to retain what it has got.In 1983 India won the World Cup by beating the mighty West Indies and the period between 1983 to 1985 marked the golden age of Indian Cricket but what happened next was the problem and there was a period of rapid decline that disappointed our cricketing fans.When Australia rose in the world of Cricket after Allan Border's men won the World Cup for the very first time in Indian Soil in 1987 they did not keep quiet and their country went on to capture 3 more World Cups in 1999,2004 and 2007 and at that time was Indian Cricket team short on ability no it was short on committment as our players started basking on the glory of fame and money.In order to attain and retain professional excellence the golden mantra is to value one's committment to our professional cause and not make fame and economic pursuits our only objectives.So as the Indian Cricket Team Captain Dhoni has correctly pointed out that his biggest challenge is now to retain the number one spot after attaining it.

Little did Hindus in India know that when Babri Mosque was demolished on December 6th 1992 the BJP was taking them for a royal deception for the sake of power.Although Muslims and Christians were persecuted and the SCs and STs were marginalised after that it was the Hindus in India that were betrayed the most.Tall Promises like building a Ram Temple in Ayodhya to creating a new Hindu Raj was the dreams that turned into nightmares and mirages.In the name of Hinduism the Upper Castes and Upper Classes trampled upon Lower Caste and Lower Class Hindus creating a deep divide in Hindu Society that affected one and all.Those who divide can never unite and those who live on hatred and violence can never show committment or love to anybody and that is what the BJP really did.India for ages has been a Country accomodative of all cultures,faiths and religions and those who attempt to divide the Country on the basis of Caste,Language,Creed or Religion are worser than the Invaders who ruled and colonised our Countries for centuries and that is the lesson that the Indian Voter especially the Hindu Voter has learnt since 1992 when Babri Mosque was demolished.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 160 December 7th 2009


Under the regime of Dr.Manmohan Singh the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India India has emerged as an important Global Player in Defence,Foreign and Economic Policy around the World.Right from the recent visit of the PM to the USA and now his visit to Russia India's oldest and trustworthy foreign Friend India has always expressed itself as a very important Global Player in the world.The partnership of India and Russia dates back to Nehruvian days where cultural,political,economic and defence times between the two countries touched an all time high.Russia has always remained India's most trusted friend and in times of trouble they have rushed to India's help all the time.So the recent visit of the PM to Russia is a reflection of strengthening of ties between two old friends.

This is not all.Indian Navy is playing an important role in guarding the Gulf of Aden from attacks by Somali Pirates.It recently rescued a U.S.Tanker who sent an SOS to it.So India is preparing itself to don the role of a Superpower in the near future and has started of in all earnest by becoming an important Global Player.

Learn to focus on India now instead of focussing on Crimes now and Tiger Woods now Times Now News Channel.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 161 December 8th 2009


Why is it that people want to see India divided all the time?Why are people insisting on creating separate states like Telangana and willing to fast and die for it?If Telangana tomorrow people will also demand Gorkhaland,Bodoland,Coorg,Dakshina Kannada,Uttara Kannada as separate states.They will demand they that they want separate statehood on the basis of their separate culture and language.Smaller regional parties like Gorkhaland Liberation Front,Bodo Tribal Movements etc., will fight for their cause as they will want power at a regional and local level.Then tomorrow some regional bloc will want to become separated from India as their culture does not agree with the Indian Mainstream Civilization.The mighty Soviet Union crumbled into smaller Nation States because of that and lost its Superpower status.Have we forgotten the golden lesson "United we stand and divided we fall".Well three sons of a Father were demanding their property share and quarrelling amongst themselves.The Father on his deathbed asked them to break a stick which they did easily and asked them to tie all the sticks and break it.They could not.After that when the Father passed away they stood united as a family and never quarrelled amongst themselves.We are children of the same Mother India and it is our moral right to stand by her united forgetting whatever cultural differences we have.

There were days when our Media was the cause of the success of our Freedom struggle and heralded the birth of Democracy in India.Nowadays our Indian Media wants to imitate the Western Media and has taken up scandal and slander mongering and have lost all their cultural ethics and moral values.They want to play divisive politics,denigrate and demoralise our own armed forces,publish trash,peep into the bedrooms of famous men and highlight crimes against women and play with their lives humilating them even further and sensationalise crime stories and make them Modern day TV Soap operas.If people today have become harsh,uncultured and ruthless as well as uncivilized blame it on the rotten influence of our Print and Electronic Media who play mischief with an entire Nation trying to divide it instead of uniting it.

The BJP wants to play divisive politics like our Media and will not listen to anybody in Parliament let alone our Union Home Minister in the Babri Debate.They are not a constructive but a destructive opposition for which the Indian Voter will have to teach them a lesson in the days to come.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 162 December 9th 2009


The Central Government has agreed to the formation of the Telangana State ending the Fast of the Telangana Liberation Activist and Leader Mr Chandrashekhara Rao but the problems in the formation of the State are far from over as the activists are demanding Hyderabad the Capital of Andhra Pradesh to be a part of the new Telangana Region.Conceding the demands of regional forces is one thing but allowing them to infringe on the rights of nationally unifying forces is another thing.Although there is nothing wrong in granting regional autonomy in a land that respects Unity in Diversity it must not be allowed to cross the limits when it comes to compromising on national unity and integration and when the survival and unity of national political forces is at stake due to the dominance of regionally dividing forces.

So barely had the Indian Cricket Team ascended to the topmost position in Test Cricket they allowed their over confidence and very sub standard fielding and bowling to do the maximum damage against the Srilankan Team in the 20-20 Match which Srilanka won handsomely.Obviously the absence of Sreesanth and other key bowlers has hurt them but there is no excuse for their lack lustre fielding coupled with dropped catches that allowed the Srilankan batsmen to pile up a huge score that they could successfully defend against India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 163 December 10th 2009


''Somewhere today in the here and now,a soldier sees he is outgunned but stands firm to keep the peace.Somewhere today,in this world a young protestor awaits the brutality of her Government,but has the courage to march on.Somewhere today a mother facing punishing poverty still takes the time to teach her child, who believes that a cruel world still has a place for his dreams."spoke U.S.President Obama while delivering his Nobel Peace Prize Speech in Oslo,Norway.He went on to add that the Non violence practised by men like Gandhi and King may not be practical or possible in every circumstance but the love that they preached-their faith in human progress-must always be the North Star that guides our journey.

He said that America will always be a voice for those aspirations that are Universal.He further endorsed the viewpoints of America that Peace is unstable where citizens are denied the right to speak freely or worship as they please;choose their own leaders or assemble without fear.He drew applause from the audience when he remarked that we lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend.

He also justified in his speech that War sometimes is necessary as an instrument to preserve Peace.This reminds us of the teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjuna who reminds him that War sometimes is necessary to uphold Dharma when he asks Lord Krishna why he has to fight a battle with his own people in the Battlefield of the Mahabharata War.

U.S.President Obama further warned that Wars outside Nations are now replaced by Wars within Nations giving rise to a resurgence in sectarian conflicts,secessionist movements,insurgencies and failed states.His remarks assumes great relevance in what is happening in South Asia that includes India also where divisive forces are waging an internal war with Nationally integrating forces inside Nations giving rise to civil unrest,violence and separatist movements.

Whatever the World Media may talk about Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize he stood tall when he gave an outstanding speech that really talked about all relevant points governing War and Peace in the World today setting forth the responsiblity and agenda of America in shapening the Global future.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 164 December 11th 2009


Why is Jaswant Singh after Gorkhaland and wants to split Madhya Pradesh?Why does Mayawati want to split Uttar Pradesh into Harit Pradesh and Bundelkand?So how many Jinnahs are there in India?There was one Jinnah who created Pakistan in 1947 and how many individuals want to split Mother India into tits and bits for furthering their own selfish political ambitions?What happens when Cancer strikes a Human body?The Cancer cells seems to divide and redivide endlessly and devour the very same body that feeds it.

Why dont we for God's sake stop the Cancer causing politicians from further damaging the Nation's unity and secular fabric.For the sake of their selfishness they want to drive their own Mother India from riches to rags.The solution of India's problems doesnt rest in partition and bifurcation but in integration and unity.Look USA is the United States of America and UK is United Kingdom and should we call India a Divided India divided by caste,creed,gender,language and region.Those who forget Jinnah and History will only be condemned to repeat it.Better late than never stop the Balkanisation of India into different states or else we could meet the fate of Soviet Union which broke up into different Nation States.

In 1947 the great Mahatma Gandhi had to carry the blame of the partition of India for the mistakes that Jinnah committed and we dont like another Gandhi to carry the same blame for the act committed by another Modern Day Jinnah.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 165 December 12th 2009


Guess who is Dancing?Our Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda who is always known for his Academic and Professional pursuits and attainments wore the Dancing Shoes to dance in a group for the first time in his life and what a remarkable debut it has been.Audiences applauded,people were amazed and accolades poured in and he finally got his certificate for completing the beginner's course in Dancing at the Shiamak Davar's Institute of Performing Arts which has branches all over India.The Institute conducted its Dance Performances for the groups trained by it from Bangalore at the Winter Funk 2009 held at Ambedkar Bhavan in Vasanthnagar,Bangalore on 12th December 2009.Dr.Ramananda who was training under Shiamak Davak's Institute enrolled in the Beginner's course which initially had a batch of 22 men and women;11 men and women to be precise but only 8 men and 9 women performed that included our Editor.The Dancing Team of our Editor was a picture of National Integration with the Dancers drawn from various states like West Bengal,Bihar,Jharkhand,Delhi,Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.Our Congratulations to the efforts of Shiamak Dhavar's Institute for training and bringing the best of the dancing talent from our Editor and using Dance as a form of cultural unification of entire India.

Well when our Editor was dancing the Indian Cricket Team accomplished the highest run chase in 20-20 History by beating Srilanka at Mohali.But the real question is when will our Cricket team win Limited Over Matches by using their bowling and fielding strengths as everybody knows that India has one of the best batting line up in the world.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 166 December 13th 2009


We have the Video featuring the actual Dance Performance of our Editor in Chief Dr.S.Ramananda alongwith his 16 other team mates for the song Aloo Chat at the Winter Funk 2009 held on December 12th 2009 and organised by the Shiamak Davar's Institute of Performing Arts at Ambedkar Bhavan in Vasanthnagar,Bangalore.Those Readers who are interested in watching the Video on Youtube can click on the link below as given or browse the website by typing the given URL address on the crossbar for the website address.

India successfully launched its Nuclear capable Missile Dhanush from its Ship INS Subhadra anchored in Bay of Bengal near Chandipur in Orissa.Dhanush is the Naval Version of the Prithvi Missile and has a range of 350 kms and is capable of carrying a 500 kg Nuclear Warhead.Congratulations to our Defence Scientists who have done India proud.We expect them to keep on strengthening India's defence capabilities in the wake of threats from hostile Countries all around us keeping India on the edge all the time.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue no 167 December 14th 2009


Progeria is a premature ageing illness that affects some children with defective genes where although the Brain and intelligence of a child remains that of its normal age the Body becomes that of an old individual sometimes even more than five times their age.This is due to defective genes that causes premature ageing of most parts of the body but not the Brain or Nervous system that remains the same age as the individual.

Paa is an outstanding film that highlights not only the problems faced by children with premature ageing disorders but also social problems faced by individuals who bear children in a live in relationship outside wedlock or marriage.Amitabh Bachhan plays the role of a child stricken by Progeria or Premature Ageing compounded with the problem that he faces as he is born to Parents who are not yet married.His own son plays the role of his Father and Vidya Balan the role of the Mother. Amitabh Bachhan shows his acting brilliance and occupies the centrestage in the film and the film's storyline is moving and touches the heart of the audience.The Print and Electronic Media may feel that the Movie engages in Media Bashing but what they show is what they actually do by using their power to engage in political mudslinging and sensationalising news.Abhishek Bachhan rightly points out that in Spiderman he is told that with great power comes great responsibility.A must watch for any viewer who likes films with strong social messages and themes and Film Director Balki must be congratulated for the script and direction of this film.

When we asked our Editor who also is actively into Medical Research whether there is any cure for Progeria he replied that Gene Therapy in Early Childhood and redistributing the active Biological Energies that make up the unaffected Nervous System back into the body which is affected by premature ageing could hold answers and promises for a possible cure for the Premature ageing disorder. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 168 December 15th 2009


There is a peculiar agitation going on in Andhra Pradesh.Everybody knows that a Telangana State will not be possible without the approval of the Andhra Legislature or the Parliament and so that means that according to the Constitution of India a separate Telangana State cannot be carved out without the approval of the Central and State Legislatures and that means the Andhra MLAs,MLCs and MPs of all concerned Parties will have to give their stamp of approval for or against the formation of Telangana Right?Now why are the same legislators going in agitation against their own Party High Commands and resorting to protests,resignations and violence when they know the actual fate of Telangana lies in their own hands.Why are they making Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupathi to weep for not allowing devotees to come to his place and disrupting the normal activities of Andhra Pradesh causing economic disruption for gaining cheap political mileage and publicity in the Print and Electronic Media is the real question?When racial agitation in USA reached a peak due to a Video aired showing a Black being beaten by White Police officers the Black Victim in question appeared on television and appealed to everybody asking them why we should not carry on our normal life for which the riots between Blacks and Whites stopped.Why cant we Indians also learn a lesson or two from this incident instead of disrupting our own normal life? 

Although the Indian Batsmen hit the highest ODI Score and beat the Srilankans by a narrow margin in Rajkot with a blistering innings by Sehwag who was declared Man of the Match why is it our Bowlers allowed the Srilankans to come so close to such a huge Target is the real question.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 169 December 16th 2009


Ever wondered who has been the most unfairly targetted Prime Minister in the history of India?It is our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh.The Opposition in the Parliament have still not learnt from the lessons of defeat in the recently held General Elections to the Lok Sabha.The Print and Electronic Media who have targetted our Prime Minister and his Government alongwith his Party maybe on their side but the Indian Voter is not on their side.So who is responsible for Price Rise which has been made an issue by the Opposition in the Parliament?The State Governments ruled by the Opposition is itself responsible and why should the PM take the blame for that?They encourage Black marketeers and Hoarders inspite of requests by the Central Government to crack down on them and when the Government at the Centre wants to reduce the prices of Agricultural Products they instigate the Farmers to wage a war against the Government.In their states ruled by them they ignore rural development and encourage Farmers to migrate to cities by selling their property in order to find better jobs in cities.If they protest lack of facilities and fertilizers they lathicharge them and shoot them and they come to the Parliament and with all the media focus on them shout Price Rise!If we as Honest citizens refuse to pay our taxes on time and accumulate Black Money through corrupt means should we blame the Government and our Prime Minister for inflation?

Late John F Kennedy the then U.S.President once said "Ask not what the Country does for you ask what you can do for the Country".Pray tell us what has the Opposition shouting about Price Rise,the Media and last but not the least we as tax payers doing for our Country?We are responsible for the financial problems that our Country is facing today and for God's sake say thank you for our clean and honest PM if he does a good job instead of indulging in mudslinging all the time against him.What sort of Nation are we when we put all the blame on our mistakes for one man and his Government all the time is it not our responsibility for once to stop spitting on the road and clean the mess created by our own garbage.We are Indians and India is our Mother and if she is dressed in rags today instead of riches are we not as her children responsible for her plight?Think about it.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 170 December 17th 2009


We wish all the best to our Honourable Prime Minister for a successful summit at Copenhagen in Denmark.

For all those who commit Crimes and Atrocities on Women of whatever type or kind in Nature and leave them scarred for life the Government must enact a strict law for which we want to give our valuable suggestions.The penalty for committing rape must be Genital Castration of the Accused alongwith 10 years imprisonment or the Death Penalty.For any Crime committed against any woman by a man a separate all woman police station should be set up all over the Country where the crime is registered and a Woman Doctor must conduct the examination of the Victim.A separate all Woman Court with a sitting Woman Judge and Lawyers must be set up all over the Country for all Crimes and Violence against Women which will pronounce the verdict.In case of an appeal a separate Woman cell headed by a Woman Supreme Court Justice must be set up to hear all cases of atrocities against women.Leaving even an inch of space to a male in a male dominated Indian Society will not ensure any justice to any woman in this Country and it is better an Indian Woman gives justice to another Woman Victim at all levels legally.

Unless Punishment is severe which could cripple a man guilty of rape of the very male genitals which he uses for rape that treacherous indian male will keep committing crime after crime against the fairer sex in India.Even another Indian male can never be trusted to give justice to a woman victim because the Indian male of late has become cold blooded,ruthless and harsh against women in India and deserves punishment that can cripple his entire life for the crime he commits against woman.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 171 December 18th 2009


The BASIC group is made up of the Nations China,India,South Africa and Brazil representing the mainstream Nations of the Developing World while USA representing the Developed World has entered into an agreement with these Nations at the Copenhagen Climate Summit without legally binding clauses.Does it bridge the gap between the Developing and Developed World of Countries at the Summit who had entered into confrontation with one another over the issue of who must control Carbon Emissions and who is responsible for the destruction of Global Climate?Time alone will tell.What the conference should have actually done was to create a Global Body of Climate Experts,Scientists and Technologists who could offer suggestions and solutions to the entire World on how to tackle climate change and solve problems arising out of environmental pollution.In 1945 when the top Leaders of different Nations met they were able to create the United Nations to preserve Global Peace and Order at the end of the destructive Second World War but why has the Copenhagen Summit instead of uniting the World against Climate Change has divided them is the puzzling question?

So the BJP has learnt its lessons from the recent election defeats and is preparing for transition of power in its party to the Generation Next in the Post Vajpayee,Post Advani and Post Rajnath era in politics.It has begun this exercise in right earnest by electing a Woman Leader Mrs Sushma Swaraj as the Leader of the Opposition which is a welcome step.

Zaheer Khan must get the Man of the Match Award in the Nagpur ODI for helping Srilanka defeat India in a closely fought Match that went down to the wire for conceding a four in the crucial part of the game while fielding and dropping a Catch of a Srilankan Batsman when wickets mattered most for India towards the end of the ODI.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 172 December 19th 2009


The banning of the Indian Cricket Team Captain M.S.Dhoni for two ODI Matches has lot of political undertones in the dark underbelly of the International Cricket Conference which is determined to make Australian Cricket team the number one Cricket team at any cost.One can say that the other name for Cricket Australia is the ICC Cricket's supreme governing body that manipulates referees,umpires and interprets rules in favour and against the Teams they choose.India was slowly and surely occupying an invincible position in International Cricket at the cost of Australia and England with the leadership of its Captain M.S.Dhoni and hence it had to be curtailed before the 2011 World Cup and the Match Referee Jeff Crowe who is an agent of ICC needed an excuse and alibi to remove Dhoni at the top in order to allow Srilanka to win the ODI Series against India and remove the challenge posed by the Indian Cricket team against Australia.

Remember when India and Pakistan remained on top of the Hockey World with their natural tackling skills while playing on grass the IHF restored European Dominance in Hockey by introducing Astroturf and relaxing the off side rule that made International Hockey fast and furious compromising the way South Asians played Hockey.So all is fair in the sporting world when the racial glass ceiling shows up time and again to curb Asian Sporting Talent in favour of the Europeans and the West.That is not at all Cricket.Is it not?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 173 December 20th 2009


Why is the statue of Justice always blindfolded?It is because while delivering justice the Goddess of Justice knows no difference between Caste,Creed,Gender,Religion and Race and shall deliver Justice without any fear,favour and bias.What does UP CM Mayawati think what Justice is?It is based only on caste and hence she identifies the Chief Justice of the High Court by only his caste and not by the position he upholds in the Judiciary.

If everything goes according to the whims and fancies of the UP CM People must be let off for whatever crime they commit because they belong to a particular Caste in Indian Society.If Justice Dinakaran is judged only on the basis of his community and if he and Mayawati feels that he is targetted because of his caste then Justice is not only delayed in the Indian Judicial system but Justice is also denied.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 174 December 21st 2009


What does Karnataka TV9 Channel think of itself? It can do anything it pleases by playing divisive politics and create rift between two Congress Leaders Mr D.K.Shivakumar and Mrs Tejaswani.This stupid Channel is totally biased and is an Anti Congress Channel and is governed by cheap RSS dominated Communal forces.The News Editors of both the English and Kannada versions of the channel know no Media Ethics and must go back to do their course in Print and Broadcasting journalism again.Shame on them for taking political sides and creating political rifts and throwing all Media Ethics to the winds.Whatever the Anti Congress Politics this Channel carries out the Voters of Karnataka have given thumbs up to the Congress-JD(S) Combine that captured 15 out of 25 seats in the recently held Legislative Council Polls and Thumbs down to the BJP that could manage only 10 seats.

The real Indian of the Year is the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh who defied all odds to get re-elected as the Leader of the Country in the recently held Lok Sabha Polls in 2009.He praised all the Winners of the CNN Indian of the Year Awards while he stood tall among all the selected winners.

What if the Indian Cricket team Captain Dhoni has been unfairly removed from the team.Dhoni's boys fought valiantly to show that the Indian Cricket Team can still beat Srilanka at Cuttack inspite of Umpires and Referees and even the ICC being the additional members of the Lankan team.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 175 December 22nd 2009


The film AVATAR the costliest Film Hollywood has ever made and directed by James Cameroon of TITANIC and TERMINATOR fame is heading to create Box Office History all over the world and in India alone the Film with its 2D and 3D versions has got a record of Rs 6.75 Crores collections on a single day.With its spectacular spell binding special effects,photography and a storyline that is unique and fascinating it mesmerises the audience that remain glued to their seats.James Cameroon has spent a lot of money on the sets of the film,digital effects and equipment that will stun the audience.The Film revolves around a crippled Human Hero called Jake who is sent as an Avatar with his soul being transplanted into the Body of the member of a Navi Tribe who live on another planet far away from our Solar System and is tranformed completely by the Female Princess of the Navi Tribe called Neytri.The Partnership of Neytri and Jake changes the very face of confrontation between the Navis and Humans and puts paid to the hopes of Military Colonisation of Humans on the Planet who wants to exploit its natural resources especially its valuable metal that would have fetched Billions of Dollars in Revenue.

The concept of Avatar or incarnation is central to Hindu Spirituality and Mythology that forms the majority belief of Indians in India.Lord Vishnu the most important male diety of Hinduism is said to have taken 10 Avatars in different forms for the sake of Protecting Good over Evil forces.This concept forms the inspiration of James Cameroon's block buster film.

In 1989 our Editor Dr.Ramananda wrote a book called "COMMUNICATIONS WITH REALITY", published by Sarvodaya Education Society in 1990 in Bangalore,India and by Vantage Press,New York,USA in 1993.In that book a female Extra Terrestrial being called Shakti takes Avatar in the Human Form on Earth and changes the life of a Human Being called Kaliram and their partnership which results in the tranformation of Kaliram as a Super Human being by the influence of his female extraterrestrial being Shakti changes the very face of Human Civilization on Planet Earth.Any Bollywood directors want to take this Storyline for making an Indian AVATAR.

Well do we have an Indian James Cameroon out there who is willing to take the risk that he takes to be the World's most successful film maker? Time alone will tell.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 176 December 23rd 2009


So the Jharkhand Polls have once again thrown up a surprise winner the Indian National Congress Party.Against all odds and media expectations the Congress Party has bettered its previous performance and emerged as the single largest party in the Hung Jharkhand Assembly by bagging 25 out of 81 seats while the BJP that was confident of winning the state of Jharkhand has won only 20 seats finishing a poor second.At this rate BJP which has been losing election after election in every state to the Congress Party it may lose its status as a National Party and that of the Opposition Party at the Centre and may be reduced to the status of a regional political outfit.Why the Print and Electronic Media is silent about the defeats suffered by the BJP in every recent elections and always wants to target only the defeats by only the Congress Party is really puzzling and surprising.

Is the Bangalore Police led by its Police Commissioner Mr Shankar Bidari scared of rowdies and goons prowling in the night?Then why are they asking the Woman working in Bars in Bangalore to stay in home at night for fearing that they will be kidnapped?Tomorrow they may ask everybody to stop going to work for the fear that their houses will be robbed.By the way why is the Police being paid tax payer's money when they cannot protect a citizen's life in day or night and maintain law and order? 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 177 December 24th 2009


The strategy of Blackmail and Extortion is not limited to the Criminals and Underworld elements and now the Politicians have adopted that as a tool to get what they want by creating emotional melodrama and public disturbance in order to get their Party High Commands to tow their line of thinking.The Reddy Mining Lobby both in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka States wanted their illegal mining activities to continue without Governmental Interference and when that did not happen they created an unprecedented political crisis in Karnataka over the Leadership issue by blackmailing the BJP High Command into submission and in the name of asking for a separate statehood of Telangana the TRS and Congress Legislators are trying to create a political crisis in Andhra Pradesh and trying to blackmail the Congress High Command into submission over their demands.In reality neither is T.Chandrashekara Rao or his TRS or the Congress or BJP Legislators of Telangana are interested in the welfare of the people of Telangana and only want to serve their own vested interests and political goals by creating a high voltage political drama in Andhra at the cost of the interests of the People of the entire State.

When India began their run chase of 315 in 50 overs with a batting line up minus their Captain Dhoni and the mighty Yuvaraj and when they lost Virendra Sehwag and Tendulkar early nobody in the wildest dreams ever thought that India could win the ODI Series against Srilanka and chase down a 300 plus score at Eden Gardens in Calcutta in the 4th ODI.But Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir proved all critics wrong and showed what makes Indian Batting line up the best in the world.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 178 December 25th 2009


On the day of Christmas when we all have to remember Christ we have forgetten Christ our Editor Dr.Ramananda explains why in a beautiful poem composed by him.


We live on hatred not love,

We live on Violence not Peace,

We love ourselves not others,

We have forgotten Christ.


There is poverty everywhere mental and physical,

There is scandal everywhere created by our Media,

There are lies everywhere told by us,

We are searching for Christ on Christmas.


We are making the infant weep in sorrow,

We are making our Children grieve in sorrow,

We have lost the meaning of life and love,

Our Christ is weeping somewhere.


We have hacked the Forests,made Deserts,

We have destroyed Lakes,built palaces,

There is no food to eat,water to drink.

Our Christ has gone hungry.


Christmas is here,our Heart is not here,

The Celebration is on in a World made up of walls-

That has lost the will to love and live in peace.

On Christmas Christ is crucified once again.

After this soul rendering poem by our Editor Dr.Ramananda we remember the song from the Film Flashdance.In a World made up of Steel made up of Stone-where is the value for feelings and What a feeling!

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 179 December 26th 2009



I am now standing before the People's Court of Democratic India as an advocate defending the Indian National Congress Party and the Judges are the Indian Voters and if you feel that I am right vote and support this oldest political organization or else choose any Party that you like.Here are my arguments against all the Opposition that have made Congress leaders their targets for punishment by using the Print and Electronic Media and forced them to quit and resign from their positions of power.

Jesus Christ was to be crucified and beside him was a hard core criminal who was a murderer and also sentenced to be crucified.The Romans decided to release one of them by pardoning them and asked the Jewish Clergy and their own fellow countrymen who should be released from the cross.The murderer was released and spared from Crucifixation and Christ who never committed a single sin in his entire lifespan was sacrificed on the cross.Such are the ways of the world more than 2000 years ago and no different even today.

If N.D.Tiwari by BJP standards is guilty due to a sex scandal and they demanded his head why the same party made Renukacharya a Minister in Yeddyurappa's Cabinet inspite of he sexually abusing and victimising a poor Nurse and same BJP who were demanding the Head of JMM Chief Shibu Soren guilty of murdering his own assistant when he was a Minister in the UPA Government and let off by the Court want to support him for making him the CM of Jharkhand?

Pray tell me why Sonia Gandhi should sacrifice her PM Post for being of Foreign Origin when L.K.Advani their PM Candidate was considered inspite of being born in Pakistan?Why is Congress always the sacrificial horse that lost Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to the bullets of assassins and umpteen number of its leaders were targetted for corruption and scandals when all the time Opposition Leaders go scot free inspite of demolishing places of worship and get away with even crimes like Rape and Murder in the Post Godhra Riots in Gujarat?

The Print and Electronic Media are puppets of the BJP Led Opposition and a new Media Reform Bill must be passed in the Parliament which gives Journalists and Media Editors and Publishers 1 year rigorous imprisonment alongwith appropriate fine and bans the Media from publishing News for at least one year for violating the following clauses mentioned below:-

.1.Privacy Clause

The media shall not intrude into the private lives and homes of any individual without their consent by using any camera,video or recording devices in the guise of even conducting investigative reporting.

.2.Defamatory Clause

The media shall not publish such news that will defame any public figure that can make him lose his professional and social reputation,position or job.

.3.Anti-National Clause

The media shall not publish any report endangering the safety,sovereignity and integrity of India.

.4.Anti-Social and Anti-Terror Clause

The media shall not publish any news that will encourage or help acts of Crime,Lawlessness and Terror.

.5.Anti-Religion Clause

The media shall refrain from publishing news that will hurt the sentiments and feelings of the member of any Faith or Community and bring about public disturbance or riots.

.6.Anti-Public Interest Clause

The media shall not publish news that hurts the feelings of society and its people.

.7.Factual Clause

The media shall not publish news that has no proof and evidence and is false and baseless.

A content auditor will receive a copy of all news published by the Media before and after publication and can take Penal action on the Media concerned if they are found violating any of the seven clauses mentioned above.

America survived another terror threat when a Nigerian National tried to blow up an American Plane.Well security of a Nation must be guarded inside and outside considering the nature of Print and Electronic Media surrounding us today.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 180 December 27th 2009


The sex scandal involving Mr.N.D.Tiwari the Governor of Andhra Pradesh who was forced to leave his job involves two issues.One the issue of Ethical Journalism and the other is the issue of Morality.First let us take up ethical journalism.

Indian Print and Electronic Media are in their worst phase of Journalism today.There are many journalists who have turned into politicians and become like criminals earning money through blackmailing important public figures and extorting money from them like rowdies and goons on the streets and many who have made a fortune by making yellow and blackmail journalism their pastime and profession.They want to show pictures in toilets,bathrooms and bedrooms and destroy the privacy of any individual they target and also destroy their family or social life alongwith their professional careers.The issue here is not whether Mr.N.D.Tiwari is involved in the sex scandal or not but why Journalists involved in this Drama were not sent to Jail or even arrested by the Police is the real question.If the Editors and Journalists are also shown in compromising positions having sex in their homes with anybody and their videos are aired in public imagine the social and public turmoil they will undergo for the invasion of their privacy.Only then will they understand the pain of somebody in public life losing his privacy.Mr Prime Minister please pass a law to curb this terrorists with a pen and protect the privacy and social life of citizens in this country.

Morality and Decency is a cultural issue.If having sex with anybody is a crime then everybody in this world must become a celibate and avoid sex so that the World will come to an end without anybody destroying it due to lack of progeny.It is hard to understand how a person above 80 years of age can have a normal sexual life and if proper investigation is conducted doubts can be raised of whether Mr Tiwari was indeed involved in the scandal at all or whether he was framed by his won political rivals.If anybody whatever office they may hold is involved in having sex outside marriage he or she is accountable to their family members who have all right to question them and it is not a pronographic movie for viewing it in public and a scene meant for voyeurism for cheap thrills of yellow journalists and society at large.Sex or Nudity maybe indecent for some cultures and decent for some cultures.For example in Western Samoa certain tribes never thought the public display of sex was offensive and used it to impart sex education for all members of their tribe.Even today there are certain tribes in the world who hardly wear any clothes and consider it perfectly normal.In some cultures in South Africa Polygamy is legal and for certain tribes of the Nilgiri Hills Polyandry is legal.If one looks at ancient Indian Temples there are several sculptures which have couples having sex.Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh in India is one such example.There are also Manuwadi Brahmins and of course certain Religious sects that consider Sex and Nudity as indecent and immoral.There are certain faiths who advocate serious punishment for adultery,frown upon women who mensturate and forbid them from taking part in worship and want their women to be covered from head to toe.Today's Journalists who create sex scandals are nothing short of such Talibanised Moral Policeman who want to impose their cultural values on those liberal cultures who are not willing to accept them.So next time anybody tries to preach Morality to you ask them to get lost and ask them to mind their own business as the issue of Morality regarding sex is open for debate and differs from culture to culture and faith to faith.

Mr Arun Jaitley where are you? Why is nobody demanding your head and only the Head of Mr.N.D.Tiwari?As President of the Delhi Cricket association do you want to show to the rest of the world how bad our cricket pitches are?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 181 December 28th 2009


The Indian National Congress is celebrating its 125th year of Founding today.It was established by Mr.A.O.Hume a British Civil Servant and others in 1885 A.D. in Mumbai.It is the oldest political organization and first political body in the Country that became responsible for the birth of Modern India and helped it gain independence from British Rule.

In its formative years the Indian National Congress had great leaders like Gopalkrishna Gokhale,Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi.Mr Tilak was responsible for his famous political statement that shapened the course of the Freedom struggle in India."FREEDOM IS MY BIRTHRIGHT AND I SHALL HAVE IT",he thundered.Poorna Swaraj or Complete Freedom from British Rule was his ultimate goal.

The Congress Party inculcated the concept of Patriotism in all Indians by trying to make them independent and self reliant in thought,letter,word and deed through the concept of Swadeshi movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.

The Congress Party got freedom for India on 15th August 1947 when the First Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his first speech said at the stroke of the Midnight Hour when the World sleeps India will awake to freedom.

Today the Congress Party led by Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Dr.Manmohan Singh India's Prime Minister are ruling the Country and still it remains the only Political Body to hold India together inspite of all its different cultural values and beliefs by accomodating all different interests and promoting the concept of Unity in Diversity.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 182 December 29th 2009


Noted Kannada Musician and Singer Mr.C.Aswath has passed away after a prolonged illness at the age of 70 years.With his passing away the Music World has lost one of the golden voices that lit up the Classical and Entertainment world.A talented musician he sang with such emotions and feelings that he used to fill life into all the songs he sang.

His songs of the compositions of the great Sant Shishunala Sharif will be ever remembered and the songs he sang composed by great Kannada Poets will all be cherished by his musical fans.It is particularly sad to note that the great singer did not live to celebrate his 70th Birthday.

Recently in Kannada films like Kakanakote and Mattha where he was the the playback singer his singing brought new life to the songs of those films.It is hard to replace a singing legend like Mr.C.Aswath and may God give his Family and Friends courage to bear his loss

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 183 December 30th 2009


Barely had noted Kannada Singer Aswath passed away the Kannada Film Industry and all of us at MediaWatch had to bear the shocking loss of our Superstar of Kannada Cinema Dr.Vishnuvardhan who passed away after a Heart Attack while being brought to Vikram Hospital,Yadavagiri,Mysore in the wee early hours of 30th December 2009.Dr.Vishnuvardhan was a student of Yoga of Dr.A.R.Seetharam who is the governing committee member of the Indian Institute for Talent Search and was staying next door to the Registered Office of our Institute before he shifted to Bogadi.Well informed Sources tell us that Vishnuvardhan was planning to take a flat for rental purposes opposite the Registered Office of the Indian Institute for Talent Search in Yadavagiri before fate willed otherwise.We bring to you in detail a biographical sketch of the great Kannada Superstar Dr.Vishnuvardhan.

Dr.Vishnuvardhan whose real name was Sampathkumar was born on September 18th 1950 in Mysore to Mr.H.L.Narayana Rao and Kamakshamma.His Father was an artist and scriptwriter for the Film Industry.After finishing his early schooling in Dr.M.V.Gopalaswamy school in Mysore he studied his middle school in Bangalore Kannada Madari School and went on to do his High School at National High School,Basavanagudi,Bangalore and degree at the National College in the same location.Our Editor Dr.Ramananda is also an old student of National High School and National College that Vishnuvardhan studied.After finishing his education in 1972 He got an opportunity to act in Vamshavruksha directed by Girish Karnad but he became famous after starring in the film as the Hero of the film Nagarahavu.Vishnuvardhan who has acted in 200 films with his 200th film Aptharakshaka yet to be released and another film Master also scheduled to be released has won many state and national awards.He also has sang for several films.He married actress Bharathi on February 27th 1975 and has two adopted daughters Keerthi and Chandana.Keerthi is married to Kannada film actor Anirudh.His sister Rama Ramachandra is a famous Kathak Dancer and has received praises from the then Maharaja of Mysore Late Shri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar.

In his loss all his fans including our Institution and Team are plunged in great sorrow and grief and we ask God to give his family members the courage to bear his loss.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2009 Issue 184 December 31st 2009


2009 goes 2010 comes the MediaWatch Team led by Dr.S.Ramananda wishes all its Readers a very Happy New Year 2010.

2009 what an Year it was.Although the year was a bad year for the Kannada Film Industry which lost C.Aswath and Cine Superstar Vishnuvardhan towards the end of the year 2009 had its glorious moments.Right from swearing in of the first Black President of the United States and the re-election of Dr.Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India for a second term the year had its glorious moments.Our Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda received at the start of the New Year on early January the Glory of India Award at the hands of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs Sheila Dikshit in New Delhi and made his debut in a dancing team trained by Shiamak's Dance Company.Our Indian Cricket team ascended the topmost ranking in the ODI and Test Cricketing levels and ISRO helped India to attain international glory when its spacecraft discovered Water on the moon.Indian Born Venkatraman Ramakrishnan became India's first Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in the 109 year history of the Nobel Awards.

Although 2009 had its share of tragedies towards the end that dampened the spirits of the persons celebrating New Year it will be remembered as the year of the AVATAR the World's costliest film that is on its way to create Box Office History and the three idiots that walked with all the top Box Office Collections for their performance in Bollywood.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 1 January 1st 2010


Why has India Inc on the dawn of the New Year learnt to hate Success and want to glorify failure and sadness all the time?

Surprised! The Print and Electronic Media has made us feel that way.Already the three idiots which was creating box office history in India has landed up in Media Controversy.The Producer and Director of the film who were celebrating are now reduced to mourning thanks to the attack by our Media.We always envy how successful Western Civilization has always been and lament the fact that we are failures do you know why?We as a Civilization hate success love failure,hate happiness enjoy sadness,love violence hate peace and consider it our pastime to target successful and famous people in every walk of life.No doubt South Asia is the epicentre of Global Terror where terrorists rule us because they derive sadistic pleasure in killing innocent civilians and get great kick in destroying their happiness and families.The recent terror attack in Pakistan where 80 innocent people lost their lives due to a suicide bomber attacking a Volleyball ground filled with people being a case in point.

South Asia claims to be the centre of cultural civilization in the World but what it really has emerged to be in recent times is that it is the Centre of Crime,Terror,Corruption,Dishonesty and Violence.When this part of the World has fallen in love with the Devil why will they love God?When they love sadness why will they like happiness?When they love to see failure in everybody why will they love success?When they all are determined to be failures and throwaways in life why will they adore and appreciate successful people?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 2 January 2nd 2010


The Science of Parapsychology deals with paranormal phenomena that deals with occurences that defy Scientific Evidence,Proof and Explanation but still are reported to occur by various people.They include experiences of past life,extra sensory perception,telekinesis,spoon bending etc.,It is not that these experiences reported by people are not explained by Modern Science or it cannot be proved.It is just that certain things in Nature exist without scientific evidence or proof and once that is found they move from the realms of paranormal phenomena to Modern Science.

One of our committee members of the Indian Institute for Talent Search Mr.L.A.Balakrishna is an Engineer who has turned himself into a Spiritual and Psychic Healer and has gained name for himself as a Paranormal specialist who specialises in finding the past life experiences of different individuals by hypnotising them.He has appeared on numerous talk shows and made a name for himself in the Print and Electronic Media in Bangalore,Karnataka,India.His recent investigations into the past life of Snake Shyam the internationally renowned Snake Charmer and Catcher telecast on Karnataka Kannada TV9 Channel sent TV Viewers into a different dimension altogether.

Well done Mr.Balakrishna till Modern Science catches up with things you are dealing with keep going don't lose hope.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 3 January 3rd 2010


The 97th Indian Science Congress was inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh.It maybe recalled that our Editor Dr.Ramananda presented his pathbreaking research paper on finding a cure for Cancer,AIDS and other terminal illness by using altered electromagnetic waves at the 90th Session of the Indian Science Congress held at Bangalore University,Bangalore,India on January 2003.

Here are a few excerpts from the Inaugural address of the Prime Minister of India at the 97th Session of the Indian Science Congress.

If India has to re-emerge as a Knowledge Power in the 21st Century,then it can be only through developing a strong capability in Science and Technology.

All Indians felt proud that an Indian Origin Scientist who earned his early spurs in India earned this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry.I salute Dr.Venkatraman Ramakrishnan for his creativity,his talent and  for his deep commitment to good science.I have also noted Dr.Ramakrishnan's recent comment on the need for greater "autonomy from red tape and local politics"for Indian Scientists.

It is unfortunately true that red tape,political interference and lack of proper recognition of good work have all contributed to a regression in Indian Science in some sectors from the days of Dr.C.V.Raman,Meghnad Saha,J.C.Bose,Homi Bhabha,Vikram Sarabhai,Satish Dhawan and other great pioneers of Indian Science.

I invite you all to explore all these issues and engage with the Government so that we can do what is needed to liberate Indian Science from the shackles and deadweight of bureaucratism and in house favouritism.Only then can we unleash the latent talent and creative energies of our vast scientists and engineers too.

Our Government has declared 2010-2020 as the Decade of Innovations the Prime Minister declared.He also said that Indian Science must have a strong outward orientation that will expose Science Establishments to global alliances that will expose Indian Scientists to the best in the World and enhance their competitiveness.

The Prime Minister has started 2010 with the right thoughts to be echoed for Indian Scientists and Indian Science.Is our Scientific Bureaucracy ready to take his advice and follow the right path?Time alone will tell.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2009 Issue 4 January 4th 2009


The day 3 Idiots film was released there was no controversy but when the film started breaking one box office record after another and became immensely popular with the youth in India the controversy started right from the Author Chetan Bhagat accusing the Producer and Director of the film of not giving due credits for his story in the film which of course was followed by a media spat with the film crew and upto the latest ragging complaint against the film.Why is this film inspite of clicking with the masses in the country is opposed by certain sections of society who are intent on getting this film banned?

The Film in no way endorses ragging but in fact shows the reality of college life in India and explores why so many students disgusted with our educational system commit suicide and land up as failures in their careers and it also destroys media and social stereotypes that Genuis in Science and Technology is due to only a certain caste or class of people.We think these castes or classes of people in India who monopolise learning and also create false stereotypes that they are the only intelligent people around in India are trying to defame the film by using the Print and Electronic Media and our system as their tools.Why dont these upper castes or classes in India who believe that Education,Science and Technology is their birthright and feel they own intelligence and genius in India want the rest of the population of the country to be ignorant and backward and why the hell are they scheming to destroy a film that exposes the reality of our mediocre and deficient educational system in our Country that shuns Creativitiy and Genius.Just yesterday the Prime Minister of India lamented at the state of Indian Science and was searching for solutions to make it World Class and now we know which sections of our society in India are behind the redtapism and bureaucracy that is trying to destroy Indian Education and Science in India.Mr Prime Minister you need not go far to find the reasons for the sorry state of affairs of Indian Science and Education watch the film 3 idiots and find out who wants the screening of the film to be stopped you will find out the answers of what ails Indian Science and Education in India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 5 January 5th 2010


Guess who was here in Bangalore?India's first Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry Dr.Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.He has broken a hundred and nine year old jinx in Nobel Prize History and became India's first chemistry Nobel Laureate.He was presenting the centenary lecture "From Baroda to Cambridge Life in Science at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore on January 5th 2010,Tuesday.He switched careers from the University of Utah to join the MRC Molecular laboratory at Cambridge not caring for any economic incentives or packages.Ribosomes are the units inside our cell that make up Proteins from Amino Acids and the study of which helps us not only understand the working of our cell but can have valuable applications in developing antibiotics against bacteria.This is where the Physics knowledge of our Laureate came to his help in unlocking the three dimensional structural model of the Ribosomes by using a method called X-Ray Crystallography which showed how Ribosomes function at the atomic level.Dr.Ramakrishnan says that it is possible to reduce antibiotic toxicity through his research work.

The Nobel Laureate also was amazed at the interest levels for Science in India and said that people here were interested in Science like anywhere else and also stated that the craze for people opting for careers in Medical and Engineering Fields was natural as they wanted better jobs and standards of living for themselves in India.

The Indian Cricket Team Captain M.S.Dhoni's SOS for a bowling and fielding coach must have an impact on the BCCI considering their loss to SriLanka at their TriSeries Opener in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Instead of shooting of angry rebuttals at our Editor in Chief Dr.Ramananda and the Government of India over Match Fixing allegations in letters they better sit up and take some action on the Cricket team's performance before it is too late. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 6 January 6th 2010


The recent racial attacks on Indians in Australia has something that more than meets the eye.There are some criminal syndicates or groups either in Australia or India who wants to break Indo-Australian ties and destroy the business of tourism and education in Australia.The Australian Government must not treat this incidents in isolation and must investigate the acts of violence against Indians that has resulted in a few deaths and life threatening injuries.The Indian Government on its parts must investigate whether there are criminal groups in India who are involved in these attacks against Indians in Australia.Both the Indian and Australian Governments must investigate and nail the masterminds and groups behind the attacks and give them the punishment they deserve.

Telangana if you go for you are wrong and if you go against you are again wrong.So what is the solution to this problem.Is it the middlepath proposed by Lord Gautama Buddha?

A man was travelling in Palestine and some gunmen attacked him asking him whether he was a Christian,Arab or Jew and a wrong answer that man certainly knew would be his death warrant and so he calmly replied "I am a tourist".that saved his life as the gunman never were able to find his real social identity.The same example applies to the vexed Telangana issue that our Honourable Union Home Minister and Prime Minister of India are trying to solve keeping in mind the interests of the Andhra People.

MediaWatch(a media watchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 7 January 7th 2010


There are many people and groups trying to build bridges of Peace and Understanding between India and Pakistan but how is Peace possible when our so called trustworthy neighbour betrays our trust all the time by supporting terrorism all the time indirectly and directly.The recent terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir being the latest example.Pakistan always speaks in double voices all the time and sometimes contradicts its own policies and statements.Such being the case how can India build bridges of understanding with a Country who always wants to wage a Proxy war against us is the real question.

Tired of sending SOS to BCCI the Indian Cricket Captain M.S.Dhoni decided to lead by example and hit a match winning century to rescue India from a humiliating defeat against Bangladesh in the second match of the triseries on 7th January 2010.As usual our bowlers and fielders continued with their lack lustre performance and put all the burden on their Captain to bail them out.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 8 January 8th 2009


All the time MediaWatch has been campaigning against the negative influence of the Print and Electronic Media and how they can instigate violence and have bad influences on our Indian Society and we have proof of that.We had urged the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to pass a Media Reform Bill the text of which is available on our earlier issue.The Andhra TV News Channel Editors have been arrested by Andhra Police for floating a fake conspiracy theory linking Reliance Company with the tragic death of YSR Reddy,the CM of Andhra Pradesh who died in a Helicopter Crash.His supporters who believed the TV News Channel Reports attacked several Reliance Outlets in Andhra Pradesh and other places. For the Government of India it is a wake up call in order to stop the mischief mongering and politics played by our Print and Electronic Media in India.

Dr.Manmohan Singh,the Prime Minister of India must be congratulated for addressing the legitimate concerns of the NRI Diaspora across the World.He has asked them to return home to their Motherland and actively participate in the political process in the Country and involve themselves in the economic development of India.He has not only promised them Voting Rights but also promised to look after their security and welfare both in India and Abroad while speaking during the inauguration of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas on 8th January 2010.

For our Hockey Team Players Money is more important than the Nation.We strongly recommend the players to listen to the famous song sung by Lata Mangeshkar MEREY WATAN KEY LOGO in memory of the brave Indian soldier who laid down the lives for the nation without caring for their Peace and Family Happiness.This Song moved our first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to tears.

Bangladesh is virtually out of the triseries cup on their Home Soil due to their massive defeat against Srilanka and unless and until our Indian Cricket Team commit harakiri it must be a Indo-Srilanka Finals.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 9 January 9th 2010


How do a few people rule the majority of a population?This was the dilemma faced by the British when they came to India and they knew that the land they wished to colonise had far bigger and greater number of people then their own native Country.So they struck upon a strategy called Divide and Rule for their own political survival in India.The same strategy is followed by our Print and Electronic Media friends in India today to retain their dominance in the Country.

They divide political parties and their leaders,business houses and their bosses,sports teams,successful families and communities for their own survival.Through one report they pamper a section of the population and through another they put down another section within the same group to cause conflicts amongst them.The British successfully split India into different regions and parts through their Divide and Rule Strategy in Pre-Independent India and it is the turn of our Media Friends to do that.The sooner we realise their plots the better and the sooner we put an end to their strategy the better for our survival in India.

The concept of the existence of the soul in a Human Body has become the subject of hot debate in all forums.If physicists do find a particle called the Higg's Boson through whatever experiments they are conducting and successfully track the most complex Higg's Boson that gives life and nervous energies to the Human Body which has been already predicted to exist by the extensive research done by our Editor Dr.Ramananda the riddle of the soul will soon find a scientific answer.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 10 January 10th 2010


The member of our Governing Body Dr.A.R.Seetharam who was the Yoga Teacher to the famous Actor Vishnuvardhan who recently passed away was interviewed on Suvarna TV Channel alongwith his wife Dr.Mrs Geetha Seetharam who also is the member of our Governing BodyThey wanted to know the details of Yoga learnt by Actor Vishnuvardhan at the Yoga School run by Dr.Seetharam.

Dr.Seetharam is a famous Yoga Guru who has done his MSc in Mathematics and his MEd and Phd in Moral and Spiritual Education.He was working as the Principal of the Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education at Yadavagiri in Mysore and is running his own Yoga School.His wife Dr.Mrs Geetha Seetharam has done her her M.A. in Clinical Psychology and is a Phd in information and Library Sciences and is working as an Information Scientist in the Central Food Technology and Research Institute at Mysore.She is a famous Classical Musician,Singer,Writer and Music Composer and runs her own Music School.

So our Indian Cricket Team has reached the Triseries Final at Dhaka by beating Srilanka in all departments of the game.For once our Fielding and Bowling looked top class and was not found wanting.If they keep up the same form they can surely lift the Triseries Championship.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 11 January 11th 2010


In the competitive world today a fast but unnoticed process is taking shape today.The process is called social churning which actually means the underdogs are becoming the favourites and the favourites are refusing to fit into the stereotypes created by a biased system and the media.Why is this so?

A favoured Stereotype in any system has everything going their way and the moment support pours for them without they working for it they stop struggling or working towards their professional goals and the moment they turn lazy basking in the glory of all the support they get without they asking for it their decline begins which degrades them from their favoured status.There are few examples to prove this.The BJP Government that tasted power at the Centre for nearly six and a half years had the support of the System,Print and Electronic Media and the Indian Voters were made to believe that India was shining but in contrast the Indian People started feeling the gap between expectations and what happened in reality and voted them out of power.The Jewish Community was harassed and thrown from one land to another and forced to search for economic survival.Today that community has the largest number of Nobel Laureates,Professionals and Professional Achievers.Barack Obama became U.S.President against all odds and stereotypes piled against him.So beware Ekalavya is taking the place of Arjuna who cannot always wait for a Drona to always bail him out.One thing is for sure in any field in order to achieve success there is no substitute for hard work.

So while our Indian Cricket Team is moving from one win to another in the Triseries Cup the latest being against Bangladesh our Hockey Team will not compromise as 25,000 Rs is more important than their Motherland India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 12 January 12th 2010


Food Price Hike is in the news again.But this problem has a mathematical solution.The Government of India and the Ministry of Agriculture can issue a notification to all the State Governments to find out the Food stocks present with Private and Public Enterprises and the price of the Food Stocks in those states.Wrong disclosures must be made a punishable offence.Food Stock estimation and the corresponding food price in any particular period of time can be termed as a Food Quotient.If the Government of India makes it compulsory for all State Governments to disclose their Food Quotient for 3 successive financial years they must get a value that must not deviate excessively.If they deviate excessively then such a food price increase or decrease is not due to market forces but due to manipulation by Black Marketeers,Hoarders and other forces and suitable action can be initiated against the Food Price Manipulators by the Government of India.If it is due to supply shortages it can be overcome by encouraging import of Food items and if it is due to demand shortage the Government can fix the price of commodities by becoming the buyer.Thus Food Prices can be brought to control by the Government.All that the BJP Led Opposition knows is to politicise Food Price Hike.Ask them for solutions and they will have none.

Until India won the World Cup in Cricket in 1983 there was hardly any money in Indian Cricket and when Indian Cricketers carved a name for themselves through their match winning performances money flowed into Indian Cricket.Instead of protesting over lack of money why dont our Hockey Players allow their bat to do the talking like our Indian Cricket Players and earn name,fame and money for themselves?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 13 January 13th 2010


The main grain belt in India which is responsible for majority of the Agicultural Produce in the Country are the states of Uttar Pradesh,Bihar,Madhya Pradesh,Punjab and West Bengal.Guess who is ruling those states?U.P has BSP,Bihar has a BJP-JD(U) alliance,Punjab has SAD-BJP alliance,Madhya Pradesh has a BJP Government and of course West Bengal where many pulses and vegetables are produced has a CPM Government and now the Print and Electronic Media alongwith the BJP Led Opposition wants to put the blame on the Congress Led Government for increase in Food Prices.Why doesnt the biased Media put the blame on the BJP led Opposition for Food Price Hike and want to make the Congress led Government a scapegoat at the Centre is the real question.

The Earthquake that devastated Haiti,the Caribbean Islands in the Pacific has many lessons.Right from Indonesia to Haiti the entire Pacific and Atlantic belt is undergoing a tectonic plate shift which has been producing Earthquakes in that region for some time and with advanced technology it is possible to detect tectonic plate disturbances by feeling the vibrations and pulses deep inside the Earth's crust and warn people in time and save their lives.Why are Geologists all over the world not doing research in this area is indeed puzzling when so many people claim to be champions for saving the Earth's environment?The future of our Planet is in our hands and it is time that our Scientists and Inventors did some Research and woke up to warn people of Natural Disasters and save many valuable lives across the globe.

Leading Cricket experts have warned that the Indian Cricket Team has major loopholes in Bowling and Fielding and until and unless those loopholes are plugged Indian Team could lose many Championships and acquire a Choker's tag and cannot dream of becoming the topmost team in World Cricket.That is what happened yet again when Srilanka beat India and took away the trophy from them.Wake up BCCI India is calling.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 14 January 14th 2010


We wish all our Readers a Happy Sankranthi Celebrations.Sankranthi, the harvesting New Year is celebrated in the states of Karnataka,Andhra,Tamilnadu,Punjab,Assam and other states to proclaim the onset of the Harvesting Season and New Year.Usually people exchange food items as gifts with each other that is symbolic of exchange of Agricultural Produce amongst different farmer families.

This year the Kumbh Mela is also being held in Places like Haridhwar in Uttarakhand and in Nasik in Maharashtra.This bathing festival that attracts lakhs of devotees from all across the country and the World has a spiritual significance.It is said that some drops of the nectar of immortality produced during the Churning of the milky ocean in which Gods and Demons took part spilled on the sacred rivers and whoever

bathed during the auspicious dates are granted divine blessings and salvation.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 15 January 15th 2010


December 23rd 3043.Well that is the date when the longest Solar Eclipse will be visible with the ring of Fire after January 15th 2010.So those of you who have missed seeing the current eclipse you have all reasons to regret.When this eclipse occurs it is due to the fact that the Moon is nearer to the Sun and farthest from the Earth so much so that it does not cover the Sun totally and leaves a ring of fire appearance of the Sun behind.This also increases the duration of the eclipse of the Moon on the Sun.Under other conditions the Moon would have been much closer to the Earth causing total eclipse and much shorter duration.One finds it very difficult to understand why eclipse Solar or Lunar scares our People so much.The entire city of Bangalore for that matter wore a deserted look.Other than protecting one's vision which is due to the fact that the Pupils of our Eye allows too much of light into our retina due to the eclipse there is nothing much to worry.There is no reason for starving ourselves or closing temples as the Gravitiational effects are too small for causing any damage to the weather,environment or human mind.In fact the Solar eclipse proved to be lucky for the Great Einstein whose predictions made by using his General Theory of Relativity got proved.

In South Africa the great British Astronomer Arthur Eddington went about to verify a bizzare calculation and prediction that Albert Einstein made by using his General Theory of Relativity.Einstein said that a Star behind the Sun would become visible due to the bending of the light of the Star due to the Gravitational pull of the Sun and he went on to calculate even the angle of bending of the light of the Star.Einstein was proved right during the total Solar Eclipse and the rest is History.So next time there is a rare celestial phenomena around it is time to do Science and not fall victim for Superstition.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 16 January 16th 2010


Cyberwar in the World has now become more than a pastime it has the backing of Communist Countries like China.Hacking and Internet Censorship has become the order of the day and Hackers have now turned to Governments of other countries.Google one of the largest Internet Giants has been forced to leave China faced with censorship and hacking episodes.

The official website of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India was also not spared by Chinese Hackers.Hackers use security loopholes in the Windows Software and penetrate websites by using hacked passwords.Is there anything we can do something to the Hackers and defeat them in the Cyberwar?Yes we can.Imagine if we can develop a software which not only identifies the Hacker and his source but attacks the Hacker and his website or his Computer source when they attack websites and computers.The attacker will become attacked.The Hacker will become hacked and he or she who commits the Cybercrime will become the victim of their own attack.By cleverly using the same execute command file a Hacker uses a software can be used to make a reverse command sequence to attack the Hacker and his Computer Source.Can our software geniuses and programmers take up this challenge is the only question.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 17 January 17th 2010


The longest serving Chief Minister in Indian History who served as Chief Minister of West Bengal for more than two decades from 1977 to 2000 A.D. Mr Jyothi Basu is no more.Born in 1914 A.D. 95 years old Basu was a veteran Communist Leader who was a source of inspiration for the Bengali people who voted him again and again as their popular Leader.Late Mr Basu was a leader of the Masses and was instrumental in building the Communist Party(Marxists) as a Political movement in the state of West Bengal.A man who was the Kingmaker to Prime Ministers himself did not care to become one.He chose to protect secularism and always battled to keep communal forces at bay in India.In his loss the People of India and people of West Bengal have lost a political leader and leader of the masses which they will find hard to replace.

Why is the Indian Cricket Team struggling against Bangladesh?After the failure of their Bowlers and Fielders have the Batsmen also joined the Bandwagon in the First Test Match or is it a common syndrome affecting Sportsmen in India nowadays who put commercial interests and selfish interests above their Nation India?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 18 January 18th 2010


So another doyen of the Kannada Film Industry Mr.K.S.Aswath has passed away in Mysore in the early morning hours of 18th January 2010.Born in 1925 he has acted in 372 Films starting with Stree Ratna.He has won many Awards and was a very highly acclaimed Actor although most of his acting roles were of supporting in nature and character.His role of Chamayya Master in Nagarahavu where he plays the role of the Teacher to actor Vishnuvardhan is indeed very memorable.It is sad that within a few weeks the Kannada film Industry is losing one senior member after another.He is survived by his wife Sharada and has two Sons and a Daughter.May God give his family and his fans the courage to bear his loss.

In a Actor dominated Industry it is time to pay tribute to India's most beautiful Actresses.Here is our top five Rankings of the most beautiful women in our Film Industry in all languages in 2010.First the Rankings.

.1.Zarine Khan(Hindi)

.2.Shreya Saran(Tamil and Telugu)

.3.Katrina Kaif(Hindi)

.4.Kajol Agarwal(Telugu)

.5.Pooja Gandhi(Kannada)

Zarine Khan is the Heroine of the yet to be released Salman Khan Starrer Veer and makes her debut as an Actress in that film while Shreya Saran who has starred opposite Tamil Superstar Rajanikanth in Shivaji has acted in many Telugu and Tamil Movies.Katrina Kaif is a well known Hindi Film Actress who has starred in many Hindi Blockbusters and Kajol Agarwal is the Heroine of Moghadheera one of the biggest blockbuster Movies in Telugu and Pooja Gandhi has acted in many Kannada Blockbusters including her successful debut in the Box Office Hit Film Mungara Male.Our Congratulations to all the actresses on behalf of all our Movie Goers for making it to the top five most beautiful women in the Indian Film Industry.

So very little play was possible on the second day of the First Test Match against Bangladesh where India is trying to fight back after a horrible batting display that saw Sachin emerge tall with his century amongst the batting ruins.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 19 January 19th 2010


World Class Science can only be produced by a World Class Education which in turn can produce a World Class Technology that can make a Nation into an industrialised Power.This statement is very much applicable for India.Amidst mushrooming of Schools and Colleges in India whose motive of late has only been money making rather than providing quality education it is time for India to take drastic Educational Reforms and the recent move by the Central Government to abolish and crackdown upon Deemed Universities in India and its desire to abolish them is a welcome step.

All Education in India must be controlled by an autonomous Central Body in lines with the Election Commission of India and that body must have a three language Formula which encourages one Local Mother tongue,National Language Hindi and International Language English at the Primary and Secondary Educational Level.Examination and Evaluation must consider the Creative Output in an Individual rather than a Marks oriented Memory System.An overall Grade Point Evaluation system must be developed that gives points to extra curricular and sporting abilities of students.Research and Development must be given topmost priority in evaluating students at the Higher Educational Level.Recognition to all Educational Institutions must be based on fulfillment of set criteria which help in imparting quality education that can be evaluated time and again.Then only our Educational System can translate into progress of the Country.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 20 January 20th 2010


Politics,Business and Sports make a very dangerous combination and this is especially true in India.This dangerous cocktail is being fed to all of us Indians time and again and when matters get worst with this cocktail combinations ridiculous explanations are given by the Players and their Sporting Bodies.

Take the recent examples of Pakistani Cricket Players being invited for the IPL Auction and being rejected by the bidders outright and take the example of India's only Olympic Gold Medallist Mr Abhinav Bindra's tiff with his own Shooting Body.Do we Sports lovers need all this?Why the hell did the IPL invite the Pakistani Cricket Players to participate in the IPL Auction in the first place and why are they treating them like uninvited and unwanted Guests now after inviting them?This reminds us of the famous Jesse Owens Episode.Luz Long a White German Athlete helped a Black African American Athlete to win the Gold Medal at the Long Jump event in the Berlin Olympics.When both the White and Black Athletes from two enemy countries USA and Germany who waged war against each other in the Second World War behaved like true Sportsman Adolf Hitler showed his racial prejudice by not even coming to the Podium to award Jesse Owens his Gold Medal.So the IPL controlled by BCCI is no different in behaving in a manner unbecoming of a true Sportsperson.

It is time that India wins the First Test against Bangladesh as soon as possible without wasting much time and shows that it is indeed the number one Test Cricketing side in the World.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 21 January 21st 2010


What is the main obstacle for Industrial and Economic Development in India?It is the lack of basic infrastructure like good roads,power and water supply,sewage and drainage facilities,Health care etc.,Round the clock Power supply is just a dream for many all across India.Karnataka is one of the states affected with a horrible Power Crisis of which rural Karnataka is the worst hit.Its Power Minister Mr Eshwarappa is a man of all words and no action.In Winter when Power should have been in plenty due to low demand and maximum supply Karnataka faces an unprecedented Power Crisis hitting the farmers in Rural Areas the most.The Raichur Thermal Power Station which supplies nearly 40% of Karnataka's power is virtually non functional and yet the BJP Government in Karnataka tries to put the blame on the Congress led Government at the Centre for improper power supply.Mysore ranked recently by the New York Times as the fourth most preferred tourist spot in the World has to undergo a horrible power torture of more than 4 hours of Load Shedding and Blackouts.Once in the Morning,once in the Afternoon and once at night for residents of Mysore.No we are not talking of three meals per day for them but three sessions of Power Cuts and Load Shedding.Mr Eshwarappa is all set to don the new role of the BJP State President in Karnataka and somebody will occupy the post of Power Minister.Hope he doesnt land up plunging the BJP Offices in Darkness.BJP which has acquired the doctorate for Horse trading in Karnataka must also learn to do something about public problems and get its house in order first before they can courageously face the Civic Polls in Bangalore in February.Mr CM are you listening?

Inspite of a Bangladeshi Fightback the Indian Cricket Team were able to Humble Bangladesh in its own soil and showed why it deserves to be the number one Test Cricket team in the World.Keep Going India,Keep Going.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 1 2010 Issue 22 January 22nd 2010


There is always a Price to pay for exposing the truth.Yesterday we exposed the truth about the actual Power situation in Karnataka and how the BJP CM Yeddyurappa and his Government were handling the Power situation in Karnataka.The CM who talks so much about being unbiased in politics was full of political vendetta against our Institution for exposing the truth.There was a six and a half hour Power Blackout in the Registered office of our Institution at Yadavagiri,Mysore and not only that when our Editor in Chief who also happens to be the President of the Indian Institute for Talent Search,the Publisher of MediaWatch was given a cold shouldered treatment when he went to file the Annual Documents and Returns at the Office of the Registrar of Societies and Firms.Without verifying the documents handed by our Editor they asked him to come after 5 to 6 days and refused to give an acknowledgement to him and refused to accept the annual filing fees from him citing that a new Registrar was appointed and there are very strict rules and regulations.Why didnt they say that the Karnataka Government led by the BJP is carrying out a political vendetta against the Publisher of MediaWatch the Indian Institute for Talent Search for exposing the reality of the Power situation in Karnataka?Instead of rectifying the Power Problem they imposed a six and half hour load shedding in the area where the office of our Institution is located and pressurised the Office of the Registrar to go slow on our files.Is this Politics BJP style?Dont worry if the situation worsens we will go to the streets and complain to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India against the games that the Karnataka Government is playing against us.

Mr CM you and your Government may threaten and intimidate us for exposing the truth but ultimately you will have to answer the Voters of Karnataka who will not hesitate to take away the real Power that they have given to you. Beware! 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 23 January 23rd 2010


The National Film Awards for the year 2008 has been announced by the Government of India.Antaheen starring Rahul Bose has bagged the Best Feature Film Award and Priyanka Chopra has bagged the best actress award for her role in the Film Fashion.

Guess who was in Bangalore.Amitabh Bachhan and his Family were here to promote their Films Rann and Paa.Amitabh Bachhan was in Forum Mall very near to the Branch office of the Indian Institute for Talent Search in Bangalore.The Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr.Yeddyurappa was present on that occasion to watch the Film Paa with Amitabh Bachhan.He announced a tax exemption for entertainment tax for watching that film.When Amitabh Bachhan was asked whether his interactions with Mr Narendra Modi the BJP CM of Gujarat and Mr Yeddyurappa the BJP CM of Karnataka which got him entertainment tax exemptions had any political colour he calmly remarked that whether he would become a Communist if he visited West Bengal.

Rann is an eagerly awaited Film about Politics in the Print and Electronic Media which Amitabh Bachhan has come all the way from Bangalore to promote.We at MediaWatch are eagerly waiting to watch and review the film that very much suits the theme of our news daily.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 24 January 24th 2010


A woman who wants an ideal Husband and a Voter who wants an ideal Government are no different from each other.They want somebody who delivers what he promises and makes complicated things simple.They want somebody who can give them enough money to support their needs while asking little and who can provide comfort and support to carry out a decent living.Their chosen man must provide for their educational and health care needs for them and their children and provide them a decent home.They must get them commodities at an affordable price that can take care of their needs.They must protect them from any external security threats and provide them a decent living and enhance their self respect and social status.They must be entertained and get the freedom to entertain themselves and get the right freedom to enjoy.Let the Women choose their Right Man in India while the Voters choose the Right Government in India as their needs are one and the same.

India has Bangladesh on the mat once again after bundling them out for a small score and look set to post a good score in the first innings of the Second Cricket Test against Bangladesh.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 25 January 25th 2010


So an Ad of the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare issued by the Government of India against Female Foeticide is causing an uproar in the Print and Electronic Media forcing even the PMO to issue an apology on the grounds that it has the photo of a Pakistani Military Man wrongly inserted in that Ad.

Take a look at that Ad carefully and ignore a second the Photo that was inserted in the Ad by Faux Pas or by any Human Error.The Ad is actually a brilliant masterpiece that asks discriminating males in Society to respect Motherkind in Nature for which they must be grateful for their existence today.When Jinnah the Founder of Pakistan was praised by L.K.Advani and Jaswant Singh praised him in a book authored by him the biased and idiotic Print and Electronic Media saw no fault and when a small photo of a Pakistani is inserted in a Congress led Governmental Ad that too by Human Error a huge uproar is created by them.The Text of the Ad is brilliant and it makes a touching statement to all discriminating males that no girl means no future.Instead of appreciating the Minister of Women and Child Development for her brilliant Ad on saving Womankind in India the male dominated and biased Indian Media is playing politics on that Ad to serve the interests of their BJP Masters that control them through a jaundiced eye and narrow world view.Shame on them.

Once the great Patron Saint Kanakadasa from Karnataka who actually comes from a Backward non-Brahmin Community who was serving his Guru in the Ashram was asked to bring a pot of clean Water alongwith several of his other Brahmin Disciples.The Saint cleaned the inside of the Pot and did not bother to clean the Pot from outside while his Brahmin Fellow students cleaned the pot from outside to give it a shining look but did not bother to clean it from inside.When all the students brought the pots of Water to drink for their Guru the Guru accepted only the Pot from Saint Kanakadasa for drinking for which all the Brahmin students started complaining that the Water was unfit for drinking as it was dirty from outside for which the Guru remarked that their Pots were unfit for drinking as it was clean from only outside and not from inside and that his favourite student Kanakadasa had cleaned the inside of the pot where it mattered most making it fit for drinking water.The Brahmin Guru told his Brahmin Students to follow the example of the Non Brahmin Student Kanakadasa who actually came from a Backward Community and asked them to keep the inside of their body,mind and soul clean instead of putting a false impression of cleanliness from outside in order to attain true salvation.So the people who have created such an uproar for this Ad are like those students who believe in cleanliness from outside while keeping everything dirty inside.

Rahul Dravid might have suffered a knock on his Jaw from a Bangladeshi Bowler but not before he bravely put up a fighting century that can deliver the knock out punch for Bangladesh in the Final Cricket Test Match.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 26 January 26th 2010


On the Occasion of India completing 60 years as a Republic the Indian Institute for Talent Search alongwith MediaWatch announces the Software Challenge Competition where we are challenging all Software Engineers in India to develop a Computer Software that can successfully hack into the account of any Computer Hacker who illegally hacks into any website or Computer through a stolen password or networking loophole in the Computer.If this software is successfully developed it will not only protect all our Government Computers and Websites but also expose the Hacker involved in the Cybercrime and disable the Computer network that he is using.This Software can be sold to the Government of India to protect their Computers from illegal hackers and to all interested parties and help the Creator of the Software generate economic revenue.Let this be the first step in India attaining Scientific and Technological Prowess to become the next Superpower in the future.

Those Engineers who wish to participate in the  IITS/MediaWatch Software Challenge Competition can contact Dr.S.Ramananda by e-mailing him on and e-mails will be sent by him to all known Software Companies and Engineers to participate in the Challenge.He will provide all the specifications and conditions to develop the concerned software in the e-mails which will be sent shortly.Best of luck to all the Software Engineers in India who have already made India proud.Watch this space and our main website for all the details regarding the competition.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 27 January 27th 2010


In 2009 the Voters of India had to make a crucial decision whether they wanted to vote a Party that lived in the Past and forgot to live in the Present and Future or to vote for a Party that lived in the Present and worked for the Future.With the lone exception of Karnataka and a few other states majority of the Country chose a Party that lived in the Present and worked for the future of India.They chose an Union Cabinet whose Head is an Oxford Scholar,the External Affairs Minister who is a Fulbright Scholar and a Home Minister who is a Harvard Scholar.Although the BJP in Karnataka organised the 500th Anniversary celebrations of the Great King Krishnadevaraya at Hampi with great Pomp and Pagentry how can one forget a short distance from Hampi at Bellary so many Human lives were crippled and lost due to a tragic construction housing collapse due to inefficient Contractors and Engineers?How can one forget the recent Church Attacks in Mysore and Uttara Kannada District where communal and fascist elements are on the loose plundering the properties of Minorities?How can one forget the Power Crisis in Karnataka?

The Union Home Minister Mr Chidambaram rightfully pointed out while inaugurating the 500th Anniversary celebrations of Sri Krishnadevaraya that a King like him will be remembered for what he does in Peace and not what he does in War and what service he does to his People in his Kingdom.Thoughtful words indeed!Should not the BJP while celebrating the Past of our India remember the people suffering in the Present and think about the future of the State?While celebrating the Great King Krishnadevaraya's 500th establishment year should they not follow his example of ruling with care,love,progress and values for the people of his Kingdom.

India has comprehensively beaten Bangladesh to complete a 2-0 sweep in the Final Cricket Test Match.Well done India continue to retain what you attain.For it is easy to attain a Winning position but very hard to retain it.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 28 January 28th 2010


Want to know where India stands in the Community of Nations in the World?Read this part of the Speech U.S.President Obama delivered during his State of the Union Address on 27th January night in Washington D.C.USA.

"How long should we wait?How long should America put its future on hold?You see Washington has been telling us to wait for decades,even as the problems have grown worse.Meanwhile China is not waiting to revamp its economy.Germany is not waiting.India is not waiting.These nations are not standing still.These nations are not playing for second place.They are putting more emphasis on Math and Science.They are rebuilding their infrastructure.They are making serious investments in clean energy because they want those jobs.Well I do not accept second place for the United States of America."

The rise of the Asian Tigers especially India has begun in rightful earnest in the words of the U.S.President himself but the sad part of the story is that inside India there are no words of praise for our Leader Dr.Manmohan Singh who is leading the charge of India in the Global Arena.The BJP Led Opposition and our Print and Electronic Media are hell bent on criticising our Prime Minister for each and everything he does and painting an ugly picture of India before the rest of the World.According to our own Media India is full of Rapists and Sex Offenders and Goa is a paradise for rapists who hunt down foreigners who visit it.Our Media glorifies rapists and molesters and for them sex related crimes are always the headline news of choice.They not only torture the innocent victims of sex crimes by giving unwanted publicity to them but also contribute to the increase in rapes and molestations in India by glorifying the sex offenders in Media which casts a  negative influence in Indian Society.There is a proverb in Kannada which says that for a Cat hunting a Rat is full of fun but for the poor Rat it is full of suffering.Please for God's sake we appeal to the Media to exercise restraint in reporting News which makes victims of Sex Crimes suffer rather than the Sex Offenders.Do not try to derive sadistic pleasure in reporting crimes that hurt the victims more than the offenders and creates a negative image of India and Indian Society.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 29 January 29th 2010


The last elections to the Bangalore City Corporation was held on 2001 and after that no elections were held to fill up the Civic Body.Now the elections scheduled for February 2010 has been cancelled yet again citing legal hurdles.Imagine if you run a registered society under the Societies Registration Act and do not conduct elections for your Governing Body and the Annual General Body Meeting never takes place for a decade will the Registrar not cancel the Registration of your Society doubting its very existence?Well for a change take the Voters under the Bangalore City Corporation limits as the Members of the General Body of the Corporation and its elected Corporators as the Governing Body and if elections are not held for nearly ten years has the Corporation of Bangalore have any legitimate existence?Is this not Murder of Democracy by the BJP Led State Government who have kept on postponing elections after elections to the Civic Body of Bangalore for fear of losing elections?When they have chosen to celebrate the 500th Crowning Year of the Great King Krishnadevaraya at Hampi why are they not following his example of being Noble Rulers? There is a proverb in Kannada which says "Telling Vedanta in order to eat just Brinjal".Vedanta helalikke Badneykayi Thinnelikke is the Kannada Statement of the Proverb.This literally means empty talk or rhetoric with no action to support it.This was the BJP in the Past who came up with tall promises in their poll agenda to build Ram Temple,make an Uniform Civil Code and integrate Kashmir fully into India and in their six and a half years of rule in India they did nothing.They say they want India to be the number one Nation in the World and do you know why India still has to be content with the Developing Country tag in the World today?It is because of a Delay and Denial Lobby in India who want to Delay all that is important and progressive in this Country and Deny all the support and recognition for People who form the pillars of progress in India.

As long as the Delay and Denial lobby operate in our Government and Judiciary and obstruct progress in India the rest of the World who are competing with India can relax as they know India's internal enemies in the form of this lobby will restrict India to a Developing Country Status by blocking all forms of Progress and People who can make progress for this Country.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 30 January 30th 2010


Today 62 years ago the great Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a RSS Worker Nathuram Godse.Today there are several Godses who are willing to kill thousands of Gandhis but the sad part of the story is there are Godses but no Gandhi in India and the one and only Gandhi we had was lost due to the actions of a Communal and Fascist Element who are all around us dividing the Nation and its people on the basis of their language,caste,religion,creed and colour.There are Modis who want to write letters in Italian as they have forgotten their own native language and there are leaders in India who praise Jinnah and have forgotten Gandhi and there are BJP Presidents who say India has been taken over by China and insult our Prime Minister.There are leaders who equate secularism with terrorism while allowing terrorists to be released in exchange for Hostages they have held to ransom.There are Leaders who want terrorists to be Captains of our Cricket Teams and tell our Patriotic Tendulkar to shut his mouth.There are people who feel ashamed to sing our National Anthem and honour our National Flag.Today it is very sad that our Country has produced thousands of Jinnahs and Godses who are undermining and destroying the integrity of India and preventing it from becoming a full fledged developed nation in the community of nations in the world.When so many Godses and Jinnahs were born in India why is there not a single Gandhi born in India after 62 years when he was assassinated on January 30th 1948 is the real question?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 31 January 31st 2010


The Banning and Restricting Lobby has become active in India once again and they want to impose censorship on the Free Internet in India fearing that unwanted material will be posted that may harm their Character and Reputation.China has imposed censorship on the Internet so much so that Google wants to leave that Country and go.China is Communist India is a Democracy and that is the difference.Some want Bikinis to be banned in Goa Beaches just because they invite assaults against Women.For God's sake why punish the Victim instead of punishing the person who attacks the Women irrespective of how they dress or look?The same is true with the Internet and we are sad to hear that the highest judicial authority of the land the Chief Justice of India on whose hands democracy has to be upholded favours censorship on the Internet and is pressurising the Government of India to censor the Internet.

The U.S.Government in the past also wanted to regulate the Internet and brought in a law called the Communications Decency Bill which was struck down by the U.S.Supreme Court on grounds that it violated the most important amendment of the U.S.Constitution the first amendment which safeguards democracy and freedom of expression for all its citizens.Can't the World's largest Democracy India learn a lesson from the Supreme Court of the World's most powerful Democracy USA instead of taking its lessons from a Communist Country like China? 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 32 February 1st 2010


Welcome to the International University of Manipulative Politics.Want to know who are the Professors,students and where its location is?It is of course our very own India.Our Indians must be given the World Championship for playing manipulative politics?No Institution or Organisation in India is spared of such politics.The manipulative politics played by Indians is so great that somebody rightly said that Indians as Individuals are great but as groups they are failures.Sometimes dont you wonder when so many Countries which are not even the size of a state in India wins so many Gold or Silver Medals at the Olympics our approximately 120 Crores populated Country struggles to even win one.Why is it that inspite of all the talent and ability in India it does not translate into success?Well if you have not heard of the story of the Indian Crabs hear it again.3 Jars of Crabs were kept made up of American,Japanese and Indian Crabs.Inspite of putting lot of lids the Japanese Crabs came out leaving the Jar empty and the American Crabs were able to push the lid of the Jar and come out also but inspite of the Indian Jar with no lid on it no Crab came out guess why?Every Indian Crab was holding the leg of another Crab preventing it from coming outside and did not require a lid to close that Jar.What is the Moral of this story?

Take any Sphere or walk of life any Indian excels no other Indian will tolerate his progress and hard work and always will resort to leg pulling tactics getting training from our Indian Society which is indeed the International University of Manipulative Politics.If you achieve your fellow Indians will frown at you and pull your legs and if you are useless you are honoured and recognised for being a mediocre citizen and since mediocrity and chamchagiri is so very well recognised dont be surprised that the majority of our Countrymen and women become chamchas for survival and become mediocre by choice.So the best way to survive in our Indian System is to be mediocre,lazy and say the Crow is white inspite of it being black.So is there a Championship and Olympics which rewards laziness,manipulation and mediocrity then be assured that we as Indians will finish on top of the heap.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 33 February 2nd 2010


Dont you ever talk against the Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr Yeddyurappa unless you want to lose your tongue.The CM has openly threatened that those who dare to speak against him should lose their tongue and that too on a public platform.When the Former PM of India Devegowda spoke harsh words against the CM the Print and Electronic Media  were very vocal in condemning Devegowda as being uncivilized but when the Karnataka CM threatens to cut tongues of people speaking against him the very same Media keeps silent on that issue.So if an upper caste guy scolds a lower caste guy he must accept the scoldings with all humility with a towel tied to his abdomen and his eyes lowered in humility towards the upper caste man.This is a practice followed in many parts of India where casteism is rampant even today.This hypocrisy is followed by our Upper caste dominated Indian Media even today.

The Karnataka Government constituted the Justice B.K. Somashekara Commission to probe injustices that occured in the wake of the aftermath of the 2008 attacks on Churches.The Commission has placed its report before the Government and recommended ban on all Communal Outfits irrespective of their religious affliations and forfeiture of their assets and the Karnataka State Home Minister is a very unhappy man and has expressed discontent and displeasure for the report.This was indeed expected as the Karnataka State Government is giving patronage to communal outfits like the SriRama Sena led by Pramod Mutalik who wants to celebrate hate day on the Love Celebrating Valentine's Day.So on Valentine's day dont be surprised if the SriRama Sena backed by the Karnataka Government unleashes a fresh round of violence on innocent couples and women. After that dont you even think of protesting against the Karnataka CM as you will risk losing your tongue.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 34 February 3rd 2010


We had very high expectations about the film Rann but the Director of the Film Ram Gopal Varma disappoints us completely.He brings in a Script which is neither realistic nor entertaining.Agreed that the Fourth Estate the Print and Electronic Media plays a vital role in shapening mass public opinion and is one of the pillars of our Democracy but the Film has exaggerated the role of the Electronic Media to a very large extent as a Kingmaker or Kingbreaker whatever you may call it.The Electronic Media is shown seating and unseating Governments and demeaning the Highest Office of the Land by a stupid sting operation that has no evidence,value or proof.Based on the sting operation that has no evidence to back it up the Heads of Leaders are shown to topple and the Head of a TV Channel somehow is completely unaware of his own son's mischief and reduces his TV Channel to the role of a confession box in sheer remorse towards the end.All this and more are figures put up as facts are very hard to digest and the Director must explain the reasons of his poor screenplay.

Abraham Lincoln the Great U.S.President once said that You can fool some people at some time and all the people at some time but not all the people all the time.Our Voters and our People in India are too intelligent and too clever to be fooled by our Media Buffoons and stupid Politicians who play with their lives and when the time comes our Great Indian Voter has used his Vote like a weapon that has baffled recently both our Media and Poll Pundits.Should not our Film Rann and its Director Ram Gopal Varma take this fact into consideration before making a film that makes Media look like a beast that we cannot conquer.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 35 February 4th 2010


There are some people who think that Hinduism and Nationalism is their ancestral property.The Thackerays of the Shiv Sena and MNS and others like them think that people require permission from them to travel anywhere in India,speak any language of their choice and to even love,marry and even celebrate Valentine's day.They accuse the Union Home Minister of India of being the Union Home Minister of Pakistan and accuse Rahul Gandhi and Cine Actor Shah Rukh of being anti-national asking him to shift his home to Pakistan.Now here is a  shocking news for the die hard fans of the Shiv Sena who are supposed to hate Pakistan and love India.Did you know that Bal Thackeray once shared dias with the famous Pakistani Cricketer Javed Miandad whose son is married to the daughter of Dawood Ibrahim the main accused in the Mumbai Blasts and the very same Thackeray who calls Valentine's day a part of Western Culture did not hesitate to welcome the great American Pop Star Micheal Jackson on his Maiden trip to India?

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi who proclaims himself as the Guardian of Hinduism was once called the Ghazni of Gujarat by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad for demolishing Hindu Temples which he said were encroaching on public spaces.When a Modi or Thackeray can flirt with a Pakistani or demolish Hindu Temples they can still be called Indians and Hindus and when a Khan or Gandhi gives a statement for Communal Peace and Harmony they suddenly become anti-national and anti-Hindu.There are more than 90 Crore Hindus in India and many  Muslims who love India more than any Thackeray or Modi do and we do not need any certificate from these people who do not practice what they preach in their day to day life.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 36 February 5th 2010


I cant spell Success without You was the autographed message Rahul Gandhi gave to a young supporter on his recent visit to Mumbai. Shiv Sena who have been taught a befitting lesson by the Young Gandhi who is considered by many to be the Prince Charming of Indian Politics showed why the Nehru-Gandhi Family through successive generations have charmed Indian People.Nehru was fondly called Chacha Nehru and Indira Gandhi always remained the Favourite of the Poor and Downtrodden People and sacrificed her life for the Nation.Rajiv Gandhi was the icon of the Youth of India and also laid down his life for the cause of the Nation.Now we have Rahul Gandhi from the same family which have always been Courageous and Bold and never cared for their own safety or life for the cause of the People of this Country.Pray tell me how many Shiv Sena Leaders including Thackeray have travelled in local trains without fear even though they live in Mumbai?How many BJP or Shiv Sena or any member parties of NDA have mingled with the masses without caring for their own life or security and how many through generations have sacrificed their life for the cause of the people of India?

All that this stupid Hindutva Preaching Parties have done is talk,talk and talk and talk what?Talk and Write Nonsense in the name of Religion,Caste and Language which are their only attainments.They think India is their ancestral property and divide people in order to get Votes.Shame on them.Let alone sacrificing their lives for Mother India they have sacrificed the self respect of our Country by fighting a war in our own Country and by freeing terrorists in the Kandahar Hijacking Crisis and when they see a member of the Nehru-Gandhi Family mingle with the masses in order to understand their problems they tear their hair in Anger and suffer in envy and jealousy.Selflessness has never been their motto and theme and their politics is full of selfishness and ego.Let them if they want to mingle with the masses and understand their problems instead of sitting in their AC Offices and giving lectures to people and writing nonsense that divides India left,Right and Centre.

Rahul Gandhi is the Man of the Match in Mumbai let there be no doubts and the roar of the Shiv Sena Tiger has now become a meow of a Pussycat.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 37 February 6th 2010


Food Prices has become a political issue for the BJP.When the Prime Minister called a meeting of all CMs of different states the BJP CMs refused to co-operate with him in tackling the rising Food Prices and instead started playing politics with it.There is a vulgar Proverb in the native language Kannada of our Editor.A man who trys to do fishing in the Urine of a person.It means that a man who unneccessarily tries to trivialise every issue and gain profit out of it also.That was what the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi did to gain unnecessary mileage out of the sufferings of the common man of India.In USA when the terror attack took place on September 11th 2001 both the Ruling and Opposition Parties got together to defend the interests of the Nation but here the shameless opposition led by BJP wants to make an issue out of everything and instead of co-operating with the Ruling Party at the Centre to solve the issues troubling the common man of India they play politics on it like parasites waiting to take advantage of a wounded body in order to spread infection.Shame on the BJP led Opposition which wants to convert every problem into a votebank and opportunistic politics by using the Print and Electronic Media.No doubt this very same Opposition represents the very spirit of the leg pulling Indian who does not spare any opportunity to pull down the legs of other Indians for his own selfish wants and gains.

India must somehow find ways to counter the Batting of the South Africans by improving their Bowling Attack.Already two unbeaten centuries by Amla and Kallis have started troubling them on the opening day of the Nagpur Test.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 38 February 7th 2010


The Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and Mr Chidambaram the Union Home Minister of India must be congratulated for hosting the CMs Meet on internal security and taking every political party into confidence in matters of National Security importance a job that the BJP ruled NDA rarely did in its entire tenure of six and a half years at the Centre.The Kandahar Surrender,the Parliament attack,the Kargill War and the Gujarat Riots would never have taken place if the NDA had evolved political consensus on various security issues with every political parties and all the CMs ruling different states in the Country.All they did during their rule was thrust their Saffron ideology into others and justify all their mistakes and wrongs as being good for the people of the Country.It is just like Modi thrusting his draconian Gujarat Ant-Terror Bill into the throat of the Central Government without evolving National or Political Consensus.

The successful launch of Agni III India's long range Nuclear Capable Missile that can travel upto China also has shored up India's defence requirements to match its current needs.

South Africa seems to be gaining the upper hand on the second day of the Nagpur Cricket Match against India with their huge score by using India's bowling weaknesses and the pressure is back on the Indian Batsmen to save the First Cricket Match.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 39 February 8th 2010


The Indian Army protects our Borders and defends our Country in War and Danger.It is time they got better facilities to protect themselves and secure for themselves better lives.The recent avalanche which killed many of our Soldiers is a case in point.When many Countries give their Armymen bunkers which protect them from Bombing Raids we should give them at least better facilities instead of asking them to stay in makeshift tents and use weaponry that is outdated and technologically inefficient.Enough of shedding tears for lives lost by our Army let us contibute towards their development and give them better standards of living.

When Justice in India becomes different for different people based on their Caste and Class and when Justice is delayed and denied what do you expect from the People of India?To take law into their own hands.That is what happened in the case of the Accused Molester Cop Rathore who has stabbed thrice in the face and neck by an angry young man.It is time that our Judiciary sets its house in order to deliver Justice quickly and correctly in order to avoid such incidents in the future.

Our Cricket Team is staring at innings defeat in the First Cricket Match in Nagpur against South Africa and the BCCI Boss instead of begging before the Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray for the safety of Cricket Players should have concentrated on improving the lot of the Cricket Team with the World Cup in mind.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 40 February 9th 2010


Why is it in India matters pertaining to Religion gets the greatest importance and support while matters pertaining to Science and Technology gets always the least support or met with the greatest resistance.Dont be scared our Nation is not alone in this saga in history.Europe has also been through the Dark Ages when the great Galileo was persecuted for telling that the Earth revolves around the Sun much against the Religious Scholars who exerted great influence on the European Empire.It took an Industrial Revolution in England a Renaissance and Reformation in Europe to get them into the age of Science and Technology.In USA when Thomas Alva Edison and his company constructed the World's first Electricity Distributing Company and attempted to light up New York he was met with a stiff resistance from the Gas lighting lobby who filed a case against Edison and wanted him imprisoned.India is still going through the Dark age effect of Europe and many an Edison is facing the wrath of different lobbies in India.Some people cannot even spell Biotechnology and dont even know anything about BT Brinjal and there is already a public movement against it in place while the very name My Name is Khan has got the whole Nation divided on Religious lines and the people who are behind the communal divide are honoured by even parties who have fought elections against them fearing their own personal safety.If and only if God appears to all of us and preaches sense to all of us and ask us to follow Science and Technology better sense may prevail in Indian Society as the great Einstein once said Science without Religion is blind and Religion without Science is lame.

So the Indian Cricket Team has crumbled to a humiliating innings defeat as predicted by us in the last issue of MediaWatch and now will the BCCI Chief ask the help of Bal Thackeray to make the Indian Team to win their next match against South Africa.Dont be surprised if the BCCI Head is already on his way to meet him.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 41 February 10th 2010


Every Tom,Dick and Harry in India is bothered about Price Rise and wants to make political capital out of it by blaming the Government but do you know the real reasons behind Price Rise or better still a fashionable word called Inflation?Inflation now so commonly used by the common man also means increased money supply in the market compared to the products and services it is supposed to buy.Why does Money Supply increase that eventually causes Price Rise?

First among the reasons is poor tax recovery where the Government does not get back Money due to it from the People coupled with the problem of unaccounted Money called Black Money and once due to this problem the Government spends more and earns less there will be an increased Money supply in the Market fuelling Inflation and as Honest Tax Payers if we dont pay taxes that results in Price Rise is our Government responsible for Price Rise?

Secondly our widening Oil Pool Deficit is a major worry for the Government as the Public Sector Oil Companies are currently suffering huge losses to the tune of thousands of crores due to disparity in Prices in India and at the International Level leaving the Government with a forced option to jack up Oil Prices.If the Government bows to popular opinion and our Vote Seeking Opposition Parties and does not increase the Prices then in the long term the Government will be guilty of causing a wide deficit in the Budget which in turn fuels inflation.What a strange irony!

Thirdly decreased Economic Productivity where fall in supply of  information,products and services by the Businesses and Industries in India causes Inflation.

If the Voters in India analyses all these three reasons behind Price Rise he will know whom to blame himself and not the Government and next time if any Politician comes and asks you to protest Price Rise and raise black flags against the Government in power ask him only one question Have you Paid your Taxes and how much Black Money do you have and how much of your money is in the secret accounts of Swiss Banks?You will find for sure who is responsible for Price Rise in India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 42 February 11th 2010


When the face of Mutalik the SriRamaSena Chief was blackened by Grease by Youth Congress Workers when he was participating in a debate on Valentine's day organised by a  TV Channel certain hidden facts came into limelight.Certain TV Channels were very upset with the entire incident and came out in support of Mutalik and that proves that they were all the time with the BJP led Hindutva Elements comprising of Mutalik also.They say a Crow who uses a Pigeon's nest to lay its eggs will be caught in Spring time when the eggs hatch to produce the little ones who can be identified through their differing voices that they shout.Now the so called TV Channels who are supporting Mutalik for getting his face blackened can be identified with the  BJP led Communal and Fascist elements inspite of putting a false secular face to the TV Viewers.

The Karnataka Government has once again suffered an humiliating defeat in the High Court for postponing the civic body elections for Bangalore City and plans to appeal the decision of the Court in the Supreme Court.It has to hold elections by March 30th 2010 to the Corporation of Bangalore City according to the High Court Order.But how long can the Government avoid showing their face to the Voters of Bangalore City Corporation and will have face the music from the Voters like Mutalik faced for opposing Valentine's day and Moral Policing Indian Society.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 43 February 12th 2010


Today is MahaShivarathri and this is believed to be by all Hindus the day when Lord Shiva attempted to consume the poison halahala coming out of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk by the Devas and Asuras which threatened to destroy the entire Universe and the wife of Lord Shiva the great Goddess Parvathi saved Shiva from getting destroyed by the Poison by catching hold of his neck that was swallowing the poison.Today the same Lord Shiva has a very difficult challenge before him to swallow a poison that is making our world a very destructive place.A poison called Terrorism that emerges from Religious Fundamentalism.A Poison called Communalism and Fascism that threatens to rip our Society apart and divide our people in the name of Faith.A Poison called Casteism that differentiates people in the name of their Social Origins.A poison called politics that preaches hatred and discourages love.We pray to Lord Shiva to swallow a Poison that calls itself an Army by your name and an Army that calls itself the army of Lord Rama and Hanuman itself.O Lord Shiva,Rama and Hanuman human beings here in India have built armies under your names and behaving like the armies of Rakshasas and Asuras when will you vanquish them and save the innocent people of India who are exploited and fooled by these Fundamentalists?This is our humble Prayer to you on MahaShivarathri Day.

We wish Former President of the United States of America Mr Bill Clinton speedy recovery from the Cardiac Ailments he is suffering from him.The World needs great Leaders like him for continued selfless service of Mankind.May God give Mr Clinton Long Life and Prosperity to serve Mankind.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 44 February 13th 2010


The Karnataka Bandh called by the SriRama Sena of Mutalik might be a total flop and a failure due to lack of Public Support in Karnataka.This is reason to celebrate right?Wrong! any Religious Fundamentalist who is a precursor to becoming a Terrorist resorts to disruptive and violent activities not because he has public support but because he does not have public support and gets culturally alienated from mainstream society.The Bomb blast in Pune today was expected from Terrorists as Religious Fundamentalists both Hindu and Muslims were all set to disturb communal harmony in India.Every Fundamentalist complains that Society around him is Morally Bankrupt and feels his Faith is in great danger and he needs to morally police society.As Common People we warn you to be wary of Moral Policeman in any Religion as they are Talibanised Terrorists in disguise and by nature are Fundamentalists.The biggest source of International Terror in the World today is the Afghan-Pakistan Region.Can you guess why?Islamic Fundamentalists turned Terrorists turned Taliban reign supreme there.They feel their Religion is perishing and people are becoming morally bankrupt and God has given them the Authority to kill innocent civilians.They restrict Women force them into Burkhas and curse Westernisation.Now hold your breath we will be telling you something very shocking.There is a terror link between a Islamic Fundamentalist and a Hindu Fundamentalist or for that matter any Religious Fundamentalist.The reason is very simple.The rise in Religious Fundamentalism has given rise to global terrorism all over the World.The BJP grew by the support of Hindu Fundamentalists and so did Terrorism grew in Modern India.Terror Attacks confined only to the Kashimir valley engulfed entire India and using that as a tool the BJP milked votes out of innocent Hindus.There are cases where Hindu Fundamentalists turned Terrorists have planted Bombs to kill innocent people and there is evidence to show that they have links with Islamic Terrorists also.So if you think the Hindu Fundamentalist Parties protect you against Terror you are wrong as you will be asking a Cat to guard your milk.So think again if you trust a thief to protect you against another thief.

So what is common between a Hindu Fundamentalist turned Terrorist and a Muslim Fundamentalist turned Terrorist.Here are the common features:-

.1.Both believe their Faith is in danger and needs moral policing from them.

.2.Both of them hate America and the West

.3.Both of them hate Valentine's day and believe in Hatred and Violence to solve their problem.

.4.Both of them believe secularism is a curse on their faiths.

.5.Both of them restrict Women's rights and believe the best place of a Woman is to serve under all Men.

They say Birds of the same feather flock together and these common cultural values do bind a Hindu and Muslim Terrorist together by the same Knot.So next time you see a Mutalik and an Osama Bin Laden learn to recognise them as the two faces of the same Coin called Terror.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 45 February 14th 2010


On the day Saint Valentine sacrificed his life for uniting loving couples during the days of the Roman Empire we at MediaWatch promise to assist the Government of India in solving the problems of terrorism and nail the cuplrits behind the Pune Bakery Blast in which nine people lost their lives and many were critically injured.

Let us focus on some unanswered questions with respect to the Pune Blast on 13th February 2010.

.1.Why was there no forewarning by the Terrorists claiming to be from Indian Mujahideen before the blast?

.2.Why was there a lone Bomb planted where Lashkar operatives are known to plan serial blasts?

.3.Why was the Jewish Place of Worship nearby and the Osho Ashram in particular untouched by the blast as Lashkar Operatives are known for their hatred of Jews and Hindus and their places of worship?

.4.How come the blast is timed when the controversial Shah Rukh Film is being released where the Hero pleads before everybody stating that I am Khan and I am not a Terrorist?

.5.How come the blast comes at a time when Shiv Sena wanted to blacklist Pakistan and Muslims in particular as Terrorists?

.6.Why shouldnt we think of a Hindu Religious Group behind this Blast as they can gain enormous political mileage by painting Muslims as Villains and Terrorists after the blast and put both the Congress in the State and the Centre in the dock after the blast?

Since most of the Visitors to Osho Ashram are Foreigners and Hindus a wide ranging Probe covering all communities is needed to find out the culprits behind the Blast and hastily drawn conclusions must be avoided.

Indian Bowlers have brought India back on track in the Final Cricket Match against South Africa at Calcutta and it is upto the Indian Batsmen to bat well and help India retain its number one ranking in Test Cricket.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 46 February 15th 2010


Many would not have thought of seeing the Kannada Film Crazy Kutumba starring Kannada Cine Star Ramesh Aravind cast along with Veteran Kannada SuperStar Anant Nag who plays the role of his Father in the Film.Crazy Kutumba which literally means Crazy Family in Kannada has a lovely story line that can move you to tears seeing the struggle of a Family based in Belgaum in Karnataka who lead ordinary lives but have extraordinary dreams.Amidst the drunken woes of a Father who has a son played by Ramesh who dreams of becoming a great Inventor and his daughter who dreams of becoming a Dancing Superstar and the half brother of Ramesh in the Film who wants to be a great wrestler and their struggle against all odds in order to attain their objectives in order to fulfill their dreams forms the main story.Except for the North Karnataka Kannada Accent commonly spoken in regions like Belgaum the Cinema Viewer will have no barriers in appreciating the main theme of the Film that highlights the greatness of Indian Culture and the eternal Indian Dream to achieve big overcoming all the poverty and struggle they have to face in a Country called India.The average Indian Cinema Viewer who comes from a rural area and a lower middle class background will certainly identify themselves and their dreams in the characters of the Film.If you are a commoner and dream big as an Indian go and watch the film and float in the emotional melodrama it has to offer.The only barrier is the North Karnataka Kannada language and accent which you must understand in order to enjoy the film.

So centuries by Sachin and Sehwag have set the right tone for India in the first innings to go ahead and square the series against South Africa at Eden Gardens in Calcutta and retain its number one spot in the Test Cricketing World.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 47 February 16th 2010


Guess who is in Bangalore? The Nobel Laureate Eric Cornell who won the Nobel Prize in Physics for proving right what the Great Indian Scientist Dr.Satyandranath Bose predicted with the help of his Research Collaboration with the great Sir Albert Einstein.Both of them published a Research Paper called the Bose Einstein Condensation a new state of Matter that occurs in a group of atoms which behave as a single Quantum State under super cooled conditions.This Paper created quite a sensation in the Scientific Circles in the mid 1920s and it was not until mid 1990s nearly 70 years later that their predictions became a reality due to the works of Scientists like Eric Cornell and Carl Weimann of USA.

As a part of the Honeywell Nobel Lecture Series and hosted by the M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore Mr Eric Cornell gave a brilliant insight into how low temperature Physics gives fascinating insights into a new state of matter called the Bose Einstein Condensation.It is very sad that the great Bengali Scientist Bose is not alive to see the fruits of his work in reality and if he were to be alive he also would be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for a discovery that could revolutionise the world of Physics one day.Eric Cornell never allowed a dangerous flesh eating bacterial infectious disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis that took away his left arm in 2004 to affect his career.He pursued his Nobel Prize Winning Work at the Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics and the National Institute of Standards and Technology at Boulder,Colorado,USA with Carl Weimann in 1990 and cooled Rubidium atoms by using Laser and Magnetic Cooling Techniques to make a group of atoms to behave like a single atom under super cooled conditions to achieve the Bose Einstein Condensate State.This state of Matter may open up new technologies that can open doorways for a new Physics and Technology that can solve global problems like the Energy Crisis and Shortage that is affecting developing Countries around the World.

The Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has proposed a new Common Entrance Examination for all Science Colleges in India along with a common syllabus for Science and Mathematics in entire India which will go a long way in enhancing the quality of Science and Mathematics Education in India.

India has posted its highest every Test Total against South Africa at Eden Gardens with Centuries from its four leading Batsm

Batsmen and it is time for our Bowlers to get a well needed Victory against South Africa in the Final Test Match.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 48 February 17th 2010


The recent attacks by Naxals in West Bengal which took the lives of many Police and Security Forces has shown that with regard to National Security,Law and Order and handling Naxalism as well as Terrorism one cannot trust the State Governments alone to handle the situation.While some State Governments have become incapable in handling Naxalites some even are going to the extent of surrendering to their unreasonable demands in Hostage Situations.In such a situation the Central Government and their forces must be given greater say and powers in handling law and order as well as security situations in different States of India.

In such a backdrop the Supreme Court Judgement today that CBI Probe can be conducted by Judicial Intervention without seeking the permission of the State Governments is a welcome step in Centralising handling of important security situations without leaving the State Governments alone to decide considering the recent failure of many State Goverments in protecting the Law and Order machinery as well as rights of individuals in their States that they rule.

India has to get seven more wickets and overcome the wrath of the Weather Gods at Eden Garden to square the Series against South Africa in order to retain the number one spot in the ICC Test Rankings.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 49 February 18th 2010


India was number one and is still number one.Surprised what we are talking about.We are talking about of course the ICC Test Cricket Ranking which India had to retain by beating South Africa in the Final Test Cricket Match.But this Match today nearly slipped out of India's grasp with a last few overs remaining with a brave fight put up by the Man of the Match and Series Hashim Amla who remained not out with a Century till the end of the Match.It was our very own Bhajji alias Harbhajan Singh who did it in the end by getting Morkel out in the dying overs of the Match.Well done India for extracting sweet revenge considering the fact that it was an innings victory after the innings defeat that South Africa handed over to them in the last Match.

When will the Karnataka Government wake up to the severe Power Crisis gripping the State and with a Water Shortage Crisis threatening to grip Bangalore City in the very near future the situation could not have been worser.Are you sleeping Mr CM and what is your BJP State President and Power Minister Eshwarappa doing to get over the darkness at Noon in Karnataka?How long can you postpone elections after elections for the Civic Body of Bangalore City Corporation?One day the BJP in Karnataka will have to face the wrath of the Voter and before they do so let them pull up their socks before it is too late and take care of the needs of the Voter.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 50 February 19th 2010


They say any Governmental Barrier or Deficiency can be beaten by World Class Science and Technology.What if the CM of Karnataka and the State BJP Chief Mr Eshwarappa does not give you Power to light up your homes you can still browse your Computer at High Speeds,watch your Cable TV and what more talk with your friend seeing his moving pictures.So you think we need a generator for this.No you dont even need it as all you can do this through your own friendly mobile phone.Thanks to the 3G Services launched by our Union Minister of Telecommunications Mr A.Raja in Bangalore today and this services will be launched in 31 more Cities in 2011 also.

A Dalit Woman was mercilessly beaten by a Police Officer in Uttar Pradesh and a Dalit Girl committed suicide after she was raped by a Upper Caste Boy and the U.P.Police did not even register her complaint or care to launch a FIR.Isnt this a strange irony even after this State is ruled by a Dalit Woman Mayawati who is its CM.The Central Government must pass a law which stones a Rapist to Death in Public or amputates his Genitals making him impotent for life.Then only this ugly Indian Male can be a taught a proper lesson who humiliates Indian Women time and again.

So the Hottest Temperature ever recorded in the Universe has been created by Physicists from the University of Colorado working with the the Brookhaven National Laboratory by smashing Gold Atoms into each other billions of times to create a Temperature of 3.98 Trillion degrees Celsius which is 2,50,000 times hotter than the Sun.This temperature creates a Quark Gluon Plasma that resembles a primordial Big Bang that resembles the earliest part of our Universe.

The Indian Women's Cricket Team have drawn inspiration from our Topmost Test Ranked Men's Cricket Team to beat World Champions England in the One Dayers.

So why should China object to the recent meeting of Dalai Lama with the U.S.President Obama when it forcibly occupied Tibet and sent its Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama into exile in the past and has been suppressing the rights of Tibetians till today.The Tibetians must object to China instead of China objecting to them.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 51 February 20th 2010


Guess who is the Fuel behind the Fire of the Pro or Anti Telangana Agitation that is disturbing the Peace and Economy of Andhra Pradesh.It is the Print and Electronic Media who are hand in gloves with the people who hate to see progress and prosperity of Andhra.Ever since the Congress Party won a landslide victory in both the Assembly and Parliamentary Polls in 2009 in Andhra some thing or the other is happening which is disturbing the Peace of that state starting with the tragic death of the Andhra CM Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy,the leadership struggle and vacuum he left after his death and finally ending with the Pro and Anti-Telangana Agitation that continues even today.All this time the Indian Media led by some Partisan lobbies are giving inflammatory coverages of the Pro and Anti-Telangana Protests leading to more and more disturbances,trouble and turmoil.It is time to uncover all the masterminds of this conspiracy to destabilise Andhra whether they belong to the BJP Led Opposition,Indian Media or somebody else before they do further damage to the peace loving citizens of the State which defied all opinion and exit polls to back the Congress in Assembly and Parliamentary polls in 2009.

So BJP which talks so much about Naxals have themselves succumbed to their pressures in resolving the Hostage Crisis as they did in the Kandahar Hijacking Crisis where they swapped Terrorists for Hostages on board the Hijacked Airlines held in Afghanistan.In Jharkhand the BJP supported Shibhu Soren Government has released Naxals and rewarded with them huge sums of Money to secure the release of Hostages there.The million dollar question is why is our BJP Biased Indian Media is keeping mum on this entire surrender by the BJP-JMM Government to Naxals is indeed puzzling and why a few drunken foreign women belonging to a different Faith that they love to hate becomes law breakers to them only is really puzzling and astonishing.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 52 February 21st 2010


So who has given the authority to our Print and Electronic Media to play Moral Guardians and Moral Policeman in Society?Who the hell are they to decide which Minister or MLA should go and dance with whom and do what in Society?When a Film Heroine who is rich and affluent in Society and controls the very same Media through her celebrity status and money power dances it does not become vulgar and obscene but when a poor bar girl who is exploited by society due to her poverty and lack of education it becomes vulgar and obscene is that not so?Hello all of you Indian Voters who vote in the World's largest Democracy in India listen to this.Our Media wants to define acts of vulgarity and obscenity in a new methodology and definition.A poor exploited Dancer who belongs to the majority of this Country and is of a lower caste and class is vulgar.Her livelihood and earnings can be banned due to her lower caste and class.This very same Media pressurised the Courts and Maharashtra State Government in the very same vein to bring in an ordinance to ban Dance Bars in the State depriving thousands of Bar Girls of their livelihood under grounds of their weird moral justification which says that whatever a Higher Class or Higher Caste Person does is morally justified and when the same act is performed by a Lower Caste or Class Person it becomes Vulgar and Obscene and must be banned.What is the difference between our so called Morally Policing and Exploiting Upper Caste and Class people in our Society and our inhuman Taliban who are a shame on Islam and who do not hesitate to cut the heads of Sikhs who do not pay extortion money they call as taxes they put on non-believers.Where in the Koran and Islam it is told that non believers of any faith must pay taxes to believers belonging to a different faith?If the Taliban is creating its own new version of Islam our Upper Caste and Upper Class Hindus here are creating their own versions of Hinduism and trying to usurp the moral high ground in Society.Both are a shame on their faiths and must be tried for Blasphemy in a religious court if possible.One of our Muslim Friends who firmly believes and understands the Koran and Islam once said that God will tolerate any Sin and forgive it when it is committed by a Human but will not tolerate and forgive a Sin committed by his follower and believer who dilutes the cause and purpose of his faith as it is the Greatest unpardonable Sin that will make him to undergo the most horrible punishment in Hell.So we challenge both the ardent followers of Islam and Hinduism who are diluting the purposes of both the Faiths and punish them for the most unpardonable sins they are committing in the name of God and Religion.

They say there is a many a slip between the cup and the lip and India nearly lost the plot by underestimating the might of the South African Batsmen who bat upto their tail and managed a Victory by just one run against South Africa in the First one dayer at Jaipur.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 53 February 22nd 2010


The address of the Honourable President of India to the Parliament at the start of the Budget Session of the Parliament shows how keen the Government of India is to push reforms in the social and administrative sectors and also its intention to improve relationships with different Countries.The initiatives the Government is taking to improve Education,Science and Technology is very impressive and at the concerns it has for protecting the Tiger and the environment is also commendable.Many a Central Government have never really addressed the concerns of the People of the North East and Jammu and Kashmir and it is worth noting that the Present Government is addressing their concerns with care and is worth all the appreciation.

Particular stress has been put on protecting the rights of Women,Children,Dalits and Minorities in the Address of the President and an action plan has been prepared for National E-Governance.Stress has also been put on reforming our Administrative and Judicial systems.Special emphasis has been put on improving the Power situation in the Country.Improving Port and Airport infrastructure has been given due importance with special emphasis to improve the National Highways.

Of particular interest is the development of Biotechnology and Biofuels that plans to reduce our dependence on Organic Fuels like Petrol and Diesel.Agriculture and Education has also been given its due importance in the address of the President.

Overall the address of the President reflects the intention of the Ruling Party at the Centre to build a strong and secular progressive India in sharp contrast to the Opposition who always try to use Religion and Social Divide as their main agenda which block much needed progress in India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 54 February 23rd 2010


The Carlton Towers Fire at Old HAL Airport Road in Bangalore that houses many important companies on 23rd February 2010 that resulted in the loss of nine lives with many still battling for their lives at Manipal Hospital shows how we are still very weak in maintaining professional safety standards compared to the Advanced Countries.Most of the Fires in India happen due to low quality wiring,faulty building designs and lack of safety measures and standards.Majority of the Fires in High Rise Buildings are caused by short circuits and many a time Fire Fighting equipment and very well trained Fire Fighting Staff with much needed infrastructure and equipment are found very much wanting.

Our Editor of MediaWatch Dr.Ramananda who also stays at a Rented Place in Koramangala near Forum whenever he is in Bangalore which also happens to be our Branch Office there nearly became a victim of an impending Fire Disaster if not for his alertness which saved him and many other lives.He noticed that the electricity in his house was continously tripping in spite of trying to switch on the Master Circuit Breaker.Investigations by the Electrician inside his House revealed nothing and the tripping problem continued unabated.The Car Shed and the servant's quarters were the only two places that was not investigated.He called the Electrician once again and asked him to see the Car Shed first and the moment the Electrician went to switch on the lighting inside the shed for which a loose fitting wiring connection was given to light the bulb in the Servant's room there was a huge flash of Fire with smoke and after investigations it was revealed that a loosely drawn wiring connected to his room for lighting purposes from the shed by the servant employed by the Owner was responsible for the entire problem.Imagine if that electrical problem that caused short circuit was not noticed in time by our Editor the House he stayed could have gone up in flames due to electrical short circuit fire.

Wherever you stay,whatever you do all of you Educated People out there in Bangalore or wherever else in India take this as lesson as a your own lesson and use your Knowledge and Education to safely secure your own lives and observe maximum care in using fuel and electricity in your day to day lives.Your Professional skills and excellence can help to save your life and other lives one day.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 55 February 24th 2010


In the Graduation Day on 11th February 2010 for the outgoing Tenth Standard Students of the Vivekananda Educational Centre,Jayanagar,Bangalore the Chief Guest our Editor Dr.Ramananda made the following concluding remarks:-

In the famous Star Trek Series(created by Gene Roddenberry) that became an internationally acclaimed Science Fiction Series and Films the starting theme is as follows:- "Space the final frontier.These are the Voyagers of Enterprise.Their Mission is to seek out new life and new worlds and to boldly go where no man has gone before."I ask you fellow students to boldly go where no man has gone before like what they said on Star Trek he concluded.

Sachin Tendulkar on 24th February 2010 in Gwalior ODI against South Africa in his Match Winning and Series Winning Double Century has precisely done that when he helped India pile up a huge 401 for 3 total.He has boldy gone where no cricketer in one day cricket history has done before by becoming the first Human on Earth to score a Double Century in Modern Limited Overs Cricket.What a Feat!Sachin the World's best Batsman in India's World's best batting line up has indeed made the prophetic words of the American President to come true at least in Cricket.You are right Mr Obama we as Indians are not playing for second place we are playing for the First in all walks of life and we have started that first right here in Modern Day Cricket.

Mamathaji your Train has travelled from Heart to Heart,House to House all over India and has become your Gift for the common man of India.Congratulations on presenting a fantastic Railway Budget to all of us.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 56 February 25th 2010


Can you trust your friendly Postman to deliver the letters and do his job honestly a he has been doing all these years if so think again as the corruption in our Country has reached such great heights it has not spared our Indian Postal Services also.A Chief Postmaster General of Maharashtra and Goa has been caught by the CBI for taking bribes to the tune of Crores of Rupees in Mumbai.This is only the tip of the iceberg and if a Postmaster of such a high rank can be bribed God alone should save your Postal Articles that is supposed to be safely delivered to you.One of the articles to be delivered from USA to our Editor Dr.Ramananda was posted thrice as it was considered lost in transit by the U.S.Firm concerned and the irony is inspite of repeated enquiries none of the articles could be traced till today inspite of repeated complaints to the Postal Authorities.When the top Postal Officials in India have been found to be so corrupt little wonder that the Postal Articles to be delivered to our Editor was lost in transit from USA.

What does Pakistan think of itself?Does it think India is calling it for Charity for Talks.India is trying Peace with its cunning Neighbour that harbours and supports terror and gets into denial mode whenever any attack takes place.India is giving Peace a chance and if Pakistan does not want Peace it must know what it will get next from India.

Let all Politicians who are protesting against Price Hike declare their assets and submit their Income Tax returns and payments and prove to our Finance Minister that their ill gotten Black Money is not contributing to the already existing inflation in the Country and then let them start throwing accusations against the Government.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 57 February 26th 2010


A Nation can be poor with rich people inside.India is a poor Nation inhabited by the Richest People on the face of the Earth.True a nation can never be rich when its Government is poor and the currency value that the Governments guarantees and prints has no purchasing power or value.What is a populist Budget that our Opposition who walked out of the Lok Sabha want?There should be no taxes and no fuel prices have to be raised and all prices of all commodities must be brought down by tax and duty cuts right?If our Finance Minister keeps on presenting such popular Budgets the Government will soon become bankrupt and our Oil Companies will have to close down and with the fiscal deficit touching an all time high we will be faced with the threat of 200 to 300% inflation with even lakhs of rupees meaning nothing to the people and once again the very same opposition will cry that the Country is in the grip of an Economic Crisis.Apart from cheap political gimmickry to fool people let the Opposition name one economic expert to give them proper financial advice.Of Course the Congress Party has the Great Economist Dr.Manmohan Singh himself as their Prime Minister.Mr Pranab Mukherjee has presented a Growth Oriented and Well balanced Budget and if he cannot collect Direct Taxes he had to impose Indirect Taxes which raised Fuel Prices also and if he did not he would have contributed to the already widening deficit that would have caused further inflation.He has administered to the people a bitter pill but it is the right economic medicine to the masses who may like its taste or not.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 58 February 27th 2010


There are three Rogue Countries Pakistan,Afghanistan and Somalia in the World and they have one thing in common.They hate Indians and love to kill them at the slightest opportunity available to them and the Governments of those Countries are nothing short of a Wolf in a Sheep's clothing shielding the terrorists and hijackers unleashed upon us and giving excuses to the International Community that they are Saints in order to get International Financial Aid and Support.Enough is Enough how many body bags of Indians we can see arriving at our Home soil killed by Killers who show no mercy whatsoever upon us.The time for diplomacy with these Rogue Countries is over and the Government of India and USA must join hands to develop a Crack Commando Unit which must attack Pirates and Terrorists deep inside their soil and waters and hit them with such force that should send shock and shivers to the Governments of these Rogue Countries and even if they protest they should be told in no uncertain terms that International Criminals who hurt our Citizens will be dealt with severely and no permission will taken from those Governments henceforth.They must be told that if one Indian is killed there will be War and Bloodbath in their lands and their Citizens will suffer.It is time to reopen the pages of Bhagawad Gita where Krishna told Arjuna to wage war against his own people as  they had sinned against God and Mankind and he must not show any mercy to anybody in a Holy War that puts Dharma against Adharma.So Mr Prime Minister take inspiration from our Iron lady the Great Mrs Indira Gandhi and attack if necessary those forces who threaten Indians here and Abroad.

Why do we have only one Sachin Tendulkar in India and not eleven Tendulkars?India's loss to South Africa in the Final One dayer at Ahmedabad inspite of winning the series showed how we miss him time and again.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 59 February 28th 2010


Pakistan has fought four Wars against India which they miserably lost and still the Religious Fundamentalists there who have turned into Terrorists are after our Blood.There is a proverb which says that during the course of self destruction a man trys to exhibit too much intelligence in the wrong direction and that is what Pakistan is trying to do by inciting India into a fifth War that could be dangerous and destructive to its Country and its People.India has always been a land of Peace and has never attacked or conquered any Land that does not belong to it and has never waged War on its own against any Country in the World but it has never kept quiet when its borders and innocent citizens have been targetted and threatened.The World Cup Hockey in India featured the opening Match with four time World Champions Pakistan pitted against one time World Champion India and nobody gave our Indian Hockey Team a chance to beat the mighty Pakistan Team which had star striker Rehan Butt and World renowned Penalty Corner Expert Sohail Abbas but with all the controversies dogging our Team our Team pulled off the biggest surprise by shocking Pakistan with a 4-1 Goal Margin Victory.Our Hockey Team excelled in all departments of the Game be it in Goal Keeping,Defence,Passing,Penalty Corner Conversion and Goal Scoring while playing against Pakistan and if they continue with the same spirit guided by their Spanish Coach they will surely pull off the biggest surprise by Winning the World Cup that they last won 35 years ago.

Indian Air force demonstrated its Air Power at Pokharan in one of the largest Military Exercises in recent times sending a warning to all those Countries that they will experience serious consequences if they ever dare to threaten the integrity and sovereignty of India and the Indian People.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 60 March 1st 2010


The Minority Muslim Community in India are being made game pawns by Communal and Fascist Elements and Politicians who use our Print and Electronic Media to whip up Emotions and Feelings by insulting them and their Faith time and again.The recent provocative article published in two News Dailies that sparked off Communal Riots in Hassan and Shimoga which killed two people and left many injured is testimony to this effect.Let the other communities in India know that Patriotism is not their whole and sole property right in India and Muslims have played a valuable part in the Freedom Struggle as much as any other Community in this Country.Inspite of the ugly partition that divided India and led to the creation of Pakistan our Muslim Friends along with their families stayed back in India and put their Faith in a land dominated by majority Hindus.They adapted to our ways of life and proudly became the Citizens of the Dream India we are seeing today.Let there be no mistake the Highest Bravery Award the Param Vir Chakra was first won by a Muslim Soldier who sacrificed his life for India in the War against Pakistan.My dear Muslim Friends you belong to India like all members of the Faith and our appeal to you is to defeat the designs of those forces who want to provoke you and divide India time and again.Dont be provoked or insulted by silly articles written by stupid people as Islam is too great a religion to be shaken by some stupid divisive Forces or articles.Show your large heart and make our Bharat Mahaan by being with Hindus,Christians and all other communities that make up our great Motherland.

IHF,the International Hockey Governing Body like many other International Sporting Bodies has started playing politics yet again by trying to put India down in the Sporting arena.The Video Replay clearly shows that India's ace striker and forward Shivendra Singh never intentionally assaulted the Pakistani Players and it was an accident but inspite of that the IHF decided to ban him for three games knowing very well the importance of the games that India had to play.This is an attempt by IHF to sabotage the results of the World Cup in order to favour the Nation of their choice and undermine India who are playing so well in the tournament.The Government of India can file a Caveat Petition well in advance against the IHF and drag this biased Sporting Body to the International Court of Justice well in advance for sabotaging the interests of World Hockey by promoting favouritism in Sports.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 61 March 2nd 2010


Please pass on this Article to our Indian Hockey Coach and Indian Hockey Team as it can help them to plan to win the World Cup.

Ever since Astroturf was introduced in World Hockey the Asian Giants of World Hockey India and Pakistan were replaced by European Teams and Australian Teams at the top.The reasons are very simple the dribbling,passing and tackling skills of the South Asian Players were replaced by Fast and Furious Hockey where speed became the key to score goals.Alongwith it came another form of manipulative Hockey where three or more players were dispatched to block movements of all Star Forwards of other teams which they decently called as Man to Man Marking.In today's match which India lost to Australia by a 5-2 margin the Australian forwards not only used pace to rattle the Indian Defence but also used Man to Man markings to stop our Forwards from scoring goals.Every time an Indian Forward started moving there were at least 3 Australian Players who like a swarm of bees prevented them from scoring goals while their own Forwards had a free run for scoring goals without being marked by the Indian Players.No doubt the Australians scored goals freely while the Indian Hockey Players could not.

Here are a few Goal scoring tips for Hockey Players.

.1.The best and easiest time to score goals is the first and last few minutes of a Match when the rival team will be least prepared to stop the goal scoring.

.2.After a Penalty Corner a player can run to the opposite end quickly to score goals.

.3.An Attack can open up any Opposition defence and a fierce counter attack can result in goals.

.4.The faster the speed of play while nearing the Goal Post the better the chances of scoring goals.

In order to slow down a Team rattling you with pace aim to get possession of the ball and retain it as far as possible and surround the forwards of the Team and prevent them from moving freely.

The sideways scoop of a ball during a Penalty Corner most often than not results in a Goal rather than a Ground stroke or Centre Scoop which can be stopped by the defence.

I hope our Indian Hockey Players can use these tips to score goals and bring us back the World Cup.All the best Indian Hockey Team for winning the future games.Dont lose heart India if you slow down the Australians and mark their Forwards you can defeat them when you meet them next.Wish you all the best in the Hockey World Cup from our members of MediaWatch.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 62 March 3rd 2010


Are we following real Hinduism?Is our Hindu Culture not diluted and polluted by External Forces which has made us to believe that Sanyasa,Celibacy,Virginity and Chastity are sacred and divine?No doubt this Manuwadi,Sanyasa loving and Caste based Male dominated diluted Hindu Philosophy is very popular amongst the masses today.If Sex is vulgar and sinful why do we still worship the Linga and Yoni in Temples?Why do we offer the Fruits and Flowers which are the reproductive symbols of a Plant in our Worship and why do we adore the concept of Ardhanariswara which is the Symbol of the Union of Shiva and Parvathi in one body?Do you know why we brought about the Concept of Godmen who are Sanyasis in our Culture?We started following a diluted version of Hindu Philosophy that hated Sex and loved people who hated Sex who were considered as Celibates or Sanyasis who sacrificed Worldly Pleasures to serve the people and so it seems.So some people donned yellow clothing and called themselves Swamijis and said they have given up families and sex for the sake of Humanity and had taken the oath of Sanyasa and we the common people believed them and called them Godmen or Swamijis and one such Swamiji say Nityananda had sex with somebody or atleast we discovered he had sex with somebody we felt betrayed and tore our Hair apart in disgust and felt he had betrayed us.Now come on we made him a Godman thinking he had given up sex and family life because of us and moment he had sex with somebody we felt he had become a Devil losing all his Godliness.Now where is it mentioned in any portion of the Hindu Scriptures that avoiding sex and family life takes us to God and makes us Godmen and who the hell propounded this theory.Pray tell us One Sanyasi that we know in Hinduism is Narada and most of our Gods have Goddesses. Lord Vishnu has Lakshmi,Lord Shiva has Parvathi and Lord Brahma has Saraswathi as their consorts and all our Saptarishis have families of their own.Maybe our Lord Maruthi or perhaps Lord Subramanya or Lord Ayyappa are Celibates or Sanyasis but why should these Gods only be our role models and not Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu is the real question.So we make Sanyasis who are supposed to hate sex as Godmen and the moment he has sex he becomes a devil in front of our eyes.This is definitely not Hinduism and we ask everybody who follows this faith to check the scriptures once again before we curse Swami Nityananda for going astray in a Video telecast by our Electronic Media again and again to charge the Voyeuristic imagination of many TV Viewers.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 63 March 4th 2010


What makes a Winner or Loser in Sports and Games and what impact does this Sports and Games have on the People of any Nation?We did not go far to find answers to these questions as our Editor Dr.Ramananda's favourite field of Expertise is Game Theory a field in applied Mathematics and Economics and John Forbes Nash Jr is a pioneer in that field whose contributions in that field won him the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Our Editor says that the Greatest Professional Motivator which inspires people of any nation to attain success in their respective fields is Sports and Games.A successful player or Team inspires a successful gameplan or strategy which selects players who fit into the successful scheme and makes them to perform only successful moves through specified training.He says that most of the Goals scored within the Penalty Circle by European Teams or the Australian Team in the current World Cup is through a strategy called the Mirror Deflection Method which might have been formed by the European Teams with the introduction of the fast paced Astro Turf and relaxtion of the off side rule by the FIH the International Hockey Governing Body.A player inside the Penalty Circle acts as a Mirror who deflects the ball from a Player who hits with the ball with High speed outside the Penalty Circle resulting in a surprise high speed movement of the ball which even the Goal Keeper finds it difficult to stop.When asked about the changing prospects of the Indian Hockey Team who are facing virtual elimination from the World Cup after a brilliant performance in their opening game against Pakistan he said that the FIH plotted to cheat India of the World Cup who face elimination from the Tournament by imposing a two match ban on the key striker of India Shivendra Singh who is a specialist in the Mirror Deflection Method that has produced most goals in the Current World Cup.By stifling India's capability to produce Goals the FIH enabled Australia and Spain to beat India in the next two Matches he added.He said that even if International Sporting Bodies conspire against India he will make India a Knowledge Superpower through the ACTP(Advanced Continued Teaching Programme) that the Indian Institute for Talent Search will launch in the near future.He also said that the Discoveries and Inventions that he has made which he will release step by step in the future will take the World into a different Scientific Era that mankind has never seen before and so any conspiring force can never deprive India its topmost and rightful place in World Civilization he concluded.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 64 March 5th 2010


VAT a Budget! The Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr Yeddyurappa until recently was scolding the Union Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee for hiking Fuel Prices and Taxes and what he has done is no different stating that he needed to increase taxes on people to get funds for his State sponsored schemes in the Karnataka State Financial Budget he presented today.When he increases VAT or Taxes it is perfectly ok but when the Central Government does the same their Budget becomes anti-poor what an irony!Before preaching is it not better to practice Mr CM?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 65 March 6th 2010


What is the qualities a Professional needs who has the capability to accomplish any task on hand to precision and perfection?

.1.Goal Orientation

A Professional never allows any Social or Emotional Distraction to affect his Career Goals and tries to get all the requirements necessary for accomplishing his goal that he sets for himself early in life.


A true Professional sees and has only his aims and goals as his focus and works towards it with all his commitment and determination.


A true Professional has a tried and established method that has attained success before to attain his Professional Goals which he does not hesitate to repeat again and again for getting success.


A Professional is very well organized and disciplined in solving any problem or in the way he leads his life.He does not waste a single opportunity or chance and is very systematic in handling situations and avoids chaotic behaviour that gets him into trouble.

Now the real question is how many Indians in India have a professional approach in leading their lives.Whether it is our Sportsmen or our Common man it is very rare to see any Professional Attitude or Approach which is the root cause of all our problems.In how many Western Societies even with huge populations we see stampedes that take many lives and why is it that every now and then even in Temples and other holy places we frequently see stampedes that take many innocent lives?It shows our lack of professionalism and organized behaviour in most of our people.

Now that India and Pakistan are knocked out of the Hockey World Cup 2010 it is time to do a Post Mortem of what went wrong with our Hockey Team.

First the Strengths-

Our Hockey Team is great on midfield and we have players who can trap the ball with high speeds and pass the ball to one another effectively and our Team has excellent tackling and dribbling skills and our Team has all the skills that can make them World Champions on a surface of Natural Grass.

Next our Weaknesses-

Our Hockey Team loses most of its time playing traditional positional hockey which makes players to stick on to their forward and defensive positions in the field and makes them to respond only when the ball comes to them.Most of the Players fight for the possession of the ball and do back passing when they should be ruthlessly attacking the Goal Post.We concentrate too much on the midfield slow down our own game and try to weave our way through an obstacle race on the Penalty Circle where we run short of ideas to score goals there.Our Penalty Corners are rarely converted to goals and we have no systematic methodology to take the Penalty Corner Strikes which can result in Goals most of the time.In the previous paragraph we said we have the potential to be World Champions on Grass but we have the potential to only finish 9th or 10th at the most on Astroturf.So it is time that Indian and Pakistani Hockey Teams left their past in grass behind and adapted to Astroturf or else these teams that won 5 out of 11 World Cups will only land up time and again fighting for 9th and 10th positions in Olympics and World Cups.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 66 March 7th 2010


Tomorrow is your day O great Indian Woman!You are Mother India.You are our carrier of civilization and culture and you have given birth to citizens that have shaken the World and will shake the World in the future.But look what they have done to you this stupid Indian Male dominated Indian Society.They killed you before you were born and killed you after you were born burnt after you got married for the sake of money.They assaulted you and insulted you and all of this you bore in silence.They justify discrimination meted out to you under every religious scripture while the morality of the male never comes under check.Enough is Enough it is time that you had your place under the Sun and occupy positions of power to rule India as Mother India is you.If tomorrow they dont pass that bill on International Women's Day and give the reservation due to you Justice in India We are afraid will indeed be really blind.

The Chief Justice of India says that it is alright if a Victim marries her Rapist if she wishes to.Sorry Mr Justice No Victim would like to marry her Offender who has taken away her fundamental right of reproduction and insulted her in front of all Society.She desires the harshest punishment to a man who is the ultimate Devil and Demon of Society and if she doesnt it cannot be called as Rape.Stop all this male chauvinistic arguments Mr Chief Justice and encourage a legislation that will take away the right of reproduction of the Rapist by amputation of his Genitals or even depriving his right to live.After all we know and you know that two wrongs won't make a right.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 67 March 8th 2010


Our Ugly Indian Male Chauvinistic Pigs have done it again by behaving like unruly thugs in order to stop the Women's reservation bill in the Indian Parliament on International Women's day.As usual our BJP and Left Opposition are trying to make the Congress the sacpegoat for the whole thing.There is a way out for the whole mess Mr Prime Minister and you can still get the bill passed in the Parliament.There are three ways to do it.

.1.Get the Speaker to disqualify the unruly Members of Parliament from RJD,SP and BSP on grounds of Constitutional Impropriety during the passage of the Bill and the Congress wont need their support for the passage of the Financial Bill also as their MPs will lose their Voting Powers.

.2.Split the rank and file of the RJD and SP MPs and make them pay a heft price for opposing the Bill.

.3.Allow the sub quota in quota demanded by the Party MPs opposing the Bill and try getting the approval for the Sub Quotas from the BJP and Left supporting the Bill.

So dont worry Mr Prime Minister you have done your best and tomorrow is another day and you can still get the Women's Reservation bill passed in Parliament.Wish you all the best. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 68 March 9th 2010


A Times of India Newspaper dated 9th March 2010 Headlines screamed the Men have won the Battle will they win the War?The Women of course won the War helped by the Men.After the regional players like SP,RJD etc., our male dominated Print and Electronic Media has been the biggest opponents of the Women's reservation bill.All their doomsday prophecy regarding the bill has hopelessly gone wrong.Instead of Celebrating the Triumph of the Bill in Rajya Sabha they are mourning as all their calculations and predictions have gone wrong.They say the Government is taking huge political risks for the Bill but they are wrong as the Political Parties who are opposing this bill are taking a huge political risk.Mayawati's BSP was propelled to Power in U.P. by the Women Vote and now since she has turned traitor to her own Gender by opposing the Bill she has written her own political obituary in U.P.So is the case of Mulayam Singh Yadav as his SP already split and battered will face an uncertain future in U.P.and even with all the Minority Vote his party faces extinction in its own political stronghold.Laloo your Party is already in shambles in Bihar and now Women will say goodbye to you in the event of an elections in Bihar.So Mamatha wants to join these group of losers when Assembly elections are around the corner in her Home State.An early warning for you dont take this as an insult stay with Sonia or else the Women Voters in Bengal who brought you up will bring you down.So who is facing political risks according to our Media and who is propounding this useless theory that Congress is taking a political gamble.An Election held now will seal the fate of regional players opposing the Women's bill once and for all and the National Parties like Congress and BJP will get Bumper Harvest propelled by the Women Vote in India.We ask all our male chauvinistic Media People to get their eyes checked before making another doomsday prophecy that will fall flat on its head.

We do understand the logic of insecure males opposing this bill but why are Mayawathi and Mamatha becoming enemies to their own Gender.God alone knows and so let God save them in future elections when their own Women Voters who brought them to power will bring them down.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 69 March 10th 2010


The community of Yadavas in which Lord Krishna was born have a strange history in Mahabharatha and not many of them know that their Community were driven to extinction by the curse of a Maharishi.After the end of the Mahabharatha War it is said that a Yadava Male dressed as a Female approached a Maharishi and asked him after hiding a mace in his abdomen inside his dress what Child will he bear male or female.The Maharishi immediately came to know that the Yadava was making a fool of him by mocking at his powers.The insulted Rishi cursed the Yadava that the Mace he hid in his dress will be responsible for the destruction of the entire Yadava Community of which Lord Krishna also was a member.The panic stricken Yadava along with his fellow members powdered the mace and threw it into a River thinking that once it was destroyed his Community will be spared of destruction.While the powdered mace in the water led to the growth of grass in a land which became the source of poisoning that led to the destruction of the Yadavas one piece was swallowed by a fish which was cut open by a man who made that piece into an arrowhead for his arrow and while he was hunting he found that the toe of Lord Krishna resembled that of a deer which led to the accidental shooting of the very same arrow from his bow that ended the Avatar of Lord Krishna in Dwaparayuga.Thus the curse of the insulted Maharishi came true.Although all these events are said to have taken place in a different age altogether and might have no bearing or relevance to our age the Modern Day Yadavas from different political parties are no different and committing the same sorts of Harakiri by first opposing the Women's bill and then trying to seek a no trust motion against the UPA Government.

Those who forget History it is said are condemned to repeat it and We hope the Modern Day Yadavas from different Parties will use their wise political knowledge to side with the right cause of Womankind and save themselves from political defeat and humiliation.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 70 March 11th 2010


So what do all the Men think?They are doing a great favour by leaving a few seats for Women in legislatures in India.The real truth is not many male politicians in India want any Women Leaders to tower over them or even come to any positions of power.The Yadavs of any Political Party are just using sub quotas to stall the Women Reservation Bill in Parliament and in reality they dont want the Bill to be passed at all.Even in BJP already revolt is brewing inside with the Male dominated RSS asking BJP MPs to revolt against their own Woman Leader in Parliament.The Indian National Congress Party led by Sonia Gandhi is the only Party trying very hard to pass the bill in both Houses and the other male dominated Parties are only providing lip sympathy to Women and are using one excuse or the other to stall the bill in Lok Sabha itself.All these stupid male Politicians must be asked whether it was hard for them to accept that their Mother was a Woman and what they can do to repay her debts.The Union Law Minister Mr Veerappa Moily rightly said while piloting the Bill in Rajya Sabha that it was one of the ways that males can repay their debts to their own Mothers.So we can safely tell to all those males discriminating against all females that they are ashamed of their own Mothers as they were all Women.Shame on you Yadavs stop this nonsense and if you have ever drank your own Mother's milk dont hesitate to give Women a few seats in Parliament and State Legislatures.

So Pakistan the 4 times World Hockey Champion has finished last in this World Cup and who floated this ridiculous idea that India and Pakistan Match was fixed.Dont tell us that the Pakistan and Canada Match was fixed.When Canada and South Africa can beat Pakistan our Indian Team can also beat it.Let the Critics learn to accept this truth.

So it is the third successive Finals for Defending Champions Germany and Australia.May the best team win.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 71 March 12th 2010


Pakistan can be called a Terrorocracy where the Nation is for the Terrorists,by the Terrorists and of the Terrorists or how else can you explain the Terror attacks that occur on a regular basis in that Country including the latest Lahore Serial Blasts that has killed several people.When our Union Home Minister tried to explain the bitter truth about Pakistan in the India Today Conclave we know why the High Commissioner of Pakistan was running away from the Venue but can he run away from the Terror Truth of his Country is the real question.

What our Politicians could not give to Indian Women the Court in a landmark ruling has given to Women a permanent commission in the Army and Air Force for the Officer rank.Now we hope our Yadav MPs won't tear the Court Judgement granting equality to Women in sheer disgust.

Our Indian Hockey Team has finished 8th at the Hockey World Cup and no Asian Team has finished in the top five teams of the competition and as long as we dont play Astroturf Hockey like the Europeans where defenders like the forwards will have to attack and defend the ball with furious pace without sticking to any position and will have to learn the art of Man to Man Marking their positions or standings wont improve in the near future.

The IPL 3 has been launched with lot of fanfare with the likes of UB 40,Lionel Richie,ABBA and Akon participating in the inauguration that looked like an Olympics opening ceremony.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 72 March 13th 2010


What will happen when the World's most successful Film maker whose latest Film has generated 2.5 Billion U.S.Dollars in Revenue which no Film has generated in History and the Most Successful Actor in Bollywood come together?

James Cameron and Aamir Khan were together in a Session discussing the Future of World Cinema at the India Today Conclave.Cameron explained how his Passion for Innovation in Cinema made him make outstanding contributions to World Cinema.To a question posed by a member of the Audience whether Hinduism and Hindu Mythology which has been used extensively in his latest Block Buster Avatar which has broken all Box Office Records in the World he replied that since his Childhood India and Hinduism always inspired him and he might have without his Conscious knowledge incorporated Hindu Concepts in his Film including the word Avatar a word from the Hindu Sanskrit Language.He said he wrote the script of his film Avatar in 1995 and did not have the necessary Digital Technology to make the Film where Real Human Characters are transformed into Virtual Animation Characters by the Computer.He had to wait for many years to transform his ideas into reality.An Inventor who has several patents to his credit Cameron has his own Digital Studio and Technology where he keeps experimenting with new Digital Technology.

Aamir Khan lamented that Bollywood unlike Hollywood hardly uses Science and Technology to make Movies and Research and Development is still a concept that they are yet to explore.

Australia are the World Hockey Champions 2010 and they deserve to be as their players played near perfect Astroturf Hockey under the Guidance of their Coach Ric Charlesworth who is a Doctor by Profession and led the Australian Hockey Team to many Championship titles in the past.Their defenders virtually cornered the German Strikers and destroyed their ability to score Goals while the Australian Forwards who are the Fastest Forwards in the Competition moved with lightning speed to score Goals.The Indian Hockey Team and its Management has to play like the Australians if they wish to win any Champioship in the future.Let them study the Video Replay of how they played in the World Cup and train accordingly.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 73 March 14th 2010


The Union Home Minister Mr P.Chidambaram is right.Terrorists in any Country aim to destroy the economy of any Country and desire to bring the Government of any Nation to its knees precisely because of that.So how do you explain why the Terrorists arrested today by the Anti-Terror Squad of Maharashtra were planning to target Oil Facilities of ONGC and Shopping malls in Mumbai after getting directions from their mysterious Uncle in Pakistan with whom they were in constant touch over the phone.

Any Urban Civilization that make Cities possible in any Nation which are the Nerve Centres of its economy are made by four types of Investors who need Financial Security for their survival in those places.They are:-

.1.The Job Providers

Rich Industrialists and Businessmen who provide jobs to thousands of people through their industry and business.

.2.Service Providers

Those who provide Water,Power,Communication and other Basic infrastructure services for any place.


Those who provide Education at all levels to People of any place.


Those who run Businesses that cater to all needs of the People.

What Terrorists and Anti-Social Elements in any place aim to do is to scare away these investors by creating Fear,Panic and Insecurity and destroy the Urban Civilizations that are the Centres of National Economy and weaken Governments of different Nations.These individuals are like Bacteria and Virus in our Body that weaken us by incapacitating our Body Energy and Nutrition.Unless we develop a proper defence these parasites of Human Civilization will cripple World Economy itself.

Kapil Sibal the Union HRD Minister at the India Today Conclave rightly said that Children and not Families should determine their ultimate Career Goals and our Education must Charter new paths in order to achieve progress in the Country.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 74 March 15th 2010


The great Saint and Music Composer Sri Purandara Dasa several hundreds of years ago had a message for our Fake Godmen who are fooling the innocent Hindu Masses in India.In a song originally in Kannada the native Language of our Editor Dr.S.Ramananda it states as follows:-

This is the Celibacy of the Hungry Stomach and these Godmen have no devotion towards Lord Narayana my God.They show false devotion towards God and fool innocent masses by behaving like a Drama Artiste.All the time their mind is on other people's wealth and women but they put up a false show that they are like perfect celibate Sanyasis adorned by one and all.This is the age of the Celibate Hungry Stomach willing to do anything to quench its thirst and hunger so what can we do?lamented the great Saint and Composer Purandaradasa.

In the mid nineties when our Editor was on a trip to USA to present his Research Paper in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics at the World's largest Scientific Body Meeting held in Atlanta,Georgia,USA he noticed an article written in the Washington Post written by its Chief Reporter John Warren Anderson titled, "GODMEN RULE INDIA",where the reporter uncovered how fake Godmen who call themselves respectful Swamijis exploit loopholes in our Political and Governmental System to exploit and fool innocent Hindu Masses and how their Ashrams become centres of Black Money,Money Laundering,Corruption and Crime and how they virtually run parallel Governments parallel to a ruling Government in this Country and escape from every sin,omissions and commissions they commit in the name of religious faith.

Today Swami Nityananda maybe just a tip of the iceberg in India and there might be many fake Godmen who are virtually running mafia and criminal syndicates and running parallel Governments with their powerful political connections in India.So as long as VoteBank Politics runs the show in India these fake Godmen will not only continue to pollute and dilute Hinduism but also will fool many an innocent Hindu who will fall into their trap time and again.While our Constitutional Forefathers did not make us immune from religious exploitation the Constitutional Forefathers of USA led by Thomas Jefferson made them immune to religious exploitation by inserting a clause in the U.S.Constitution stating that the U.S.Congress cannot pass a law pertaining to any Faith when many in USA wanted it to be a Christian State.If we truely call ourselves a Secular State it is time for all of us Indians to put an end to Religious Exploitation by fake Godmen who are neither interested in God or Religion but their own hungry and selfish stomach.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 75 March 16th 2010


This Ugadi come out of the Maya of Mayawathi a Woman who talks about Dalit Upliftment and sides with Upper Castes,talks about Women's Empowerment but opposes the Women's Reservation Bill and says there is no money for giving relief to the stampede victims but receives only Money worth Crores stitched in Garlands.

This Ugadi come out of the Maya of Godmen who have turned Conmen.They talk about celibacy but only want Worldly Pleasures and want the Company of only the Rich and Mighty to pursue their Philosophy that never serves the poor and downtrodden.

This Ugadi come out of the Maya that Money can buy you anything in Life.Money can buy you Comfort not Happiness,Pleasure not Love,Treatment not Health,Education not Knowledge and Food not Life and last but not the least influence and not Character that can shapen your entire life.

This Ugadi while eating Sweet and Sour Food learn that if you want to have Roses in Life learn that you must deal with the thorns that come along with them.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 76 March 17th 2010


Here are the latest MediaWatch Rankings for the Indian Print and Electronic Media.

National T.V.Channels

.1.Headlines Today

.2.D.D News



.5.Times Now

T.V.Channels in Karnataka State

.1.TV 9 Kannada

.2.Suvarna News

.3.Chandana D.D.Kannada

.4.TV 9 English

.5.Udaya News

National News Dailies

.1.The Hindu

.2.The Hindustan Times

.3.The Deccan Chronicle

.4.The Times of India

.5.The Indian Express

News Dailies in Karnataka


.2.Vijaya Karnataka

.3.Deccan Herald


.5.The Times of India

Congratulations to all the Print and Electronic Media both at the National and Local Level which has made it to the top five Rankings of MediaWatch based on their Authenticity of News and Extent of News Coverage.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 77 March 18th 2010


When we reported long time back the BJP Led Opposition Ruled States had a hand in the Food Price Rise we were not just speculating we were right because now we have proof also.An NDTV Expose showed how tonnes of Wheat were left rotting in the open when many in the Country were starving without food.The Central Government summoned the State Punjab Food Minister to Delhi in order to seek explanation from him for letting so much Wheat Grains rotting in the open at a time when Food Prices were rocketing sky high in the Country.Remember Punjab has a Akali Dal-BJP Combine ruling the State.This is not all the U.P.Government led by Mayawati which is the largest producer of Sugar in the Country has many a time refused to tow the Central Government line on controlling Sugar Prices.When BJP Led Opposition resort to such mischief in the Public Distribution System of Food what right have they to blame the Central Government for Food Inflation artificially caused by them?In the quarrel between two different political groups where personal agendas become more important than National Agendas and Poor Bees are blamed as Terrorists by Mayawati the Common Man is left Starving and Fuming in India.

Every Criminal and Terrorist knows how to exploit the loopholes in any Legal System in any Nation and David Headley is no exception to the rule and by choosing to confess he has shown how he can escape the harsher punishment of execution for killing and murdering innocent civilians especially in the November 26th Mumbai Attack.Lord Krishna in the Holy Gita says that only people who protect Dharma are eligible to seek protection from it.The Terrorists are Modern Day Devils,Satans and Rakshasas and the very embodiment of evil in the World and what right have they to seek protection from law when they have violated it to kill innocent people is the real question.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 78 March 19th 2010


Answer these Questions and you will find yourself in a position of not finding any answer.

Why is it there are no laws to protect Victims of Terror and always laws to protect Terrorists?

Why is it very hard to do a Good thing and very easy to do a bad thing?

Why do Edisons and Gandhis never win Nobel Prizes and James Camerons are refused Oscars?

Why do Dalits like Mayawathis after becoming big leaders ditch their own Community and Gender?

Why is Pakistan spared the Whiplash by USA inspite of having Osama Bin Laden in its soil?

Why is there a shortage of Food Grains in India when plenty of it is left to rot on the Roads?

Why does the CM of Karnataka ride a Cycle when only elections are around?

Why do Swamijis escape being arrested for having sex and only Sex workers are hounded by the Police?

Why is the Goat only killed for Meat and the Lion always spared and called the King of the Jungle?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 79 March 20th 2010


As the talented Union HRD Minister Mr Kapil Sibal is all set to introduce Educational Bills ranging from restricting Capitation Fees to allowing Foreign Universities in India and trying out all possible means to reform Education in India it is worthwhile to ask a Question what is the Goal of Education anywhere in the World?

It seems that our Colleges are more concerned about the behaviour and dress codes of our Students then making them prepare for real life.For a change why dont they prepare them for having a proper mental code instead of a dress code and why are the College authorities taking the role of Talibanised Policeman bothered only about only the superficial aspects of life instead of guiding them in Character building.Once the great literary Giant of West Bengal Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar was invited by a Party kept in his honour by the British and he went as usual in his traditional clothing to the Party dressed in Kurta and Dhoti and was not allowed by the Security there thinking that he was a Vagabond and a British Officer even thought he was a Coolie.Iswar Chandra immediately left and he came back dressed in a Smart Suit and Tie and was able to make it to the Party inside and when he started eating with the Party he started eating with his tie and coat for which the British asked why he was eating like this and he replied that the Coat and Tie helped him to get into the Party and not his traditional clothing which got him no respect for which the British Hosts apologised for their behaviour.

The real Goal of Education is to make a person a full fledged Professional enabling that individual to attain and achieve economic independence through their creative contributions towards others in their day to day life and if our Education has helped us to do that then such an Education is meaningful or otherwise it is meaningless.Our Colleges should make us Edisons and Newtons who can make us great Inventors and Discoverers and not Copycats and Book Worms who only know how to dress their Body and not dress their Mind and Soul with the clothing of real Knowledge.Culture without Character and Education without Purpose is like a Word without Meaning in life.Well have our Educators realised that and if not when will they realise is the real big question.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 80 March 21st 2010


This is an imaginery scenario that could be a reality if we are not careful in the future.This is a dramatic reconstruction of events based on what happened in the recent past.

The date Somewhere in March or April 2010.Two Kingfisher Planes are on a journey from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram and one is travelling back to Bangalore.A few passengers in both planes get up from their seats as the Planes near the journey and rush towards different places including the Tiolet and come out holding cricket ball sized fire cracker explosives.Somebody from the Flight Crew it appears had hidden these explosives in Secret places in the plane so that these passengers could get hold of them.The Passengers who are Terrorists hijack the Planes by holding the explosives and threatening to blow up the planes by lighting them with a lighter and in the process one of them throws the Pilots out and guides both the Planes into the ISRO main Facilities in both Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram destroying the Planes and facilities there.At the same time reports of Serial Blasts are heard in the Naval Port of Kochi and Mumbai.Another Blast totally destroys the ONGC facility effectively making it the worst Terror Attack in Indian History.The attacks that destroyed Oil Facilities,ISRO and the Kochi Naval Port in India alongwith several places in Mumbai force major Investors out of India and result in cancellation of all Future Major Events in India.

This imaginery construction of events was made by us based on the recent discovery of a crude Bomb in a KingFisher Flight today,arrests of Terrorists plotting to destroy the ONGC Facility in Maharashtra,recent shootout in an ISRO Facility in Bangalore with two unknown miscreants who had a pistol and binoculars with them and the Intelligence tip off of a Terror alert in the Naval Port of Kochi.If all these events are all linked together this is the sequence of events that can occur if our Security Forces in India are not careful.On September 11th 2001 the Terrorists forced an Economic Downturn in USA and the rest of the World through their attacks and they can cause a similar economic and military devastation never seen in Indian History if we are not careful and as the saying goes Carelessness Concerning Consequences Can Lead to Considerable Calamities.So Prevention is better than Cure is it not? 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 81 March 22nd 2010


The Editorial Staff of Deccan Herald dated March 22nd 2010 must be congratulated for publishing a News Article about the Millennium Prize Problems that can make the Problem Solvers Millionaires in their lifetime apart from getting them International Recognition for them as Mathematicians.Although this News of Millennium Prize Problems announced by the Clay Mathematics Institute has been there for several years it has never come to the attention of the Laymen of India and has been strictly circulating amongst the Mathematical and Academic Circles only depriving many an Indian to have a shot at the Problems.This is because of the high negative bias the Indian Print and Electronic Media has towards Education,Science and Technology while reporting News.We are glad that Deccan Herald has broken the Glass Ceiling at least in this regard.

Our Editor Dr.Ramananda who is himself a Great Scientist who specialises in Applied Mathematics especially Game theory and is an expert in Mathematical Physics came to know of this Millennium Prize Problems through his Friend Dr.Nagabhushan Prabhu who was his Class Mate in National High School who works as the Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Purdue University,USA.

Dr Prabhu who a graduate from IIT,Mumbai holds a Phd in Mathematics from New York University and has a Phd in High Energy Physics from MIT and is a Distinguished Scholar who has won many International Awards and Honours to his credit.On his visit to India when he met his Friend and Class Mate our Editor Dr.Ramananda he asked him why he should not have a shot at the Millennium Prize Problems as he was confident that our Editor would be successful in getting the solution to the Problems and get a lot of Wealth and Fame to his credit as a result.Out of the 7 Problems 1 Problem has been solved by Perelman of Russia and when we asked our Editor he replied that he was on the verge of finding a solution to at least 3 of the 6 problems.We wish him all the best in finding a solution to all the Mathematical Problems and bring Fame and Honour to India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 82 March 23rd 2010


So the Bangalore City Corporation Polls are here after a long long time.For many in Bangalore Polls at any level does not matter to them.They will not Vote and as they do not Vote usually the wrong candidate starts ruling over them and they will be the first persons who will start to complain and grumble that nothing is working right in Bangalore as there is no proper administration.When will there be proper administration without proper representation.None of the MPs or MLAs elected from Bangalore can claim themselves to be properly elected representatives since if less than half of the population of Bangalore Votes the voice of the Majoriity goes unheard.

For those who Vote here is a word of caution.Dont throw your Vote into the Corporation Dustbin as your Vote is very valuable.Dont Vote for people who tell you what Food should be a part of your Menu be it Veg or Non Veg.Dont Vote for People who tell you how to dress because you can have money to dress as you like yourself to be.Dont Vote for People who dont even have time to clean up your garbage lying in front of your House for Months.Dont Vote for those who tell you that the best way to judge a man is by the Religion he belongs and which colour his skin has.Dont Vote for People who do not have power to light a bulb in your own house and leave your tap dry without water and last but not the least Vote for those who perform and not just preach and deliver what they promise.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 83 March 24th 2010


The way a Woman is treated in Society speaks how civilized and progressive a Society is and it is especially true with people like Mulayam Singh Yadav around.A Buffalo in a Village we feel can speak better than the Low Class Idiot like him can speak.What does he think of Women anyway?Material Commodities to be sold and bought? What does this low class gutter level illiterate and uneducated buffalo Yadav think he is?

Amar Singh has deserted him and everybody is deserting this idiotic Mulayam who wishes to whistle at his own Mother and Sister who stands for elections.Such Cheap Class People must be whipped 100 lashes in public for their indecent remarks and indecent behaviour against Women.Mulayam you illiterate idiot where is your MLA who burnt a Woman alive?Where is he?Has he escaped to Nepal?If that bloody MLA of yours was caught in a place like Saudi Arabia he would have been stoned to death in public and since he lives in a area surrounded by buffaloes like you he is still surviving.What if there is a law where an Eve Teaser's tongue is cut in Public for insulting Women Mulayam would have lost his tongue.Anyway why should we waste our time on an Yadav who does not have respect for his own Mother who is a Woman.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 84 March 25th 2010


With all due respects to the Great Indian Film Star Amitabh who almost always is hurt by even minor things and who was once the Family Friends of the Nehru-Gandhi Family we sometimes have to note that he is not a God or Superhuman to be above all Human Evils.He ditched the Nehru-Gandhi Family when they were in deep political crisis and needed him the most and floated a Company called ABCL which took up the responsibility of hosting the Miss World and ended up messing the entire show in Bangalore and winded up in Financial Backrupcy and since he needed badly money he became host of the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show and the Samajawadi Leader Amar Singh became his best friend who was willing to give tickets and seats at will in U.P. for the Bachhan Family.When Amar left Samajawadi Party Amitabh suddenly had Amnesia and asked who was Amar?Now the Big B wants to be with BJP after he left the sinking SP Ship.Suddenly he gets benefits from Gujarat and Karnataka CMs and maybe he will have no second thoughts of being Brand Ambassador of BJP after forgetting that he was once the Brand Ambassador of Congress and SP.Now what does this speak of Amitabh as a Great Film Star and as a Private Person judge for yourself.Is he trustworthy enough or is he after only money and power to suit his needs?Dont blame the Congress Party for becoming allergic to him for people who know him closely know why they are allergic to him.

Fire on the Mountain. Run,Run and Run!Run where Bangalore was burning,Mumbai was burning and now Kolkata is burning with the Fire of Corruption and total lack of professionalism in handling disasters and emergencies.When will our Fireman ever learn and our People who still want to live in danger without bothering to be cautious and careful ever wake up to crisis?We always love to blame the Politicians for all the crisis in the Country but are we not the Voters who voted for them.We get the Leaders we deserve dont we?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 85 March 26th 2010


Sometimes it is important to note that Crimes committed by People is viewed by many not on the basis of the Crime but how influential the person committing the Crime is.

If Big B evades Tax it is ignorance while for Common Man it is jail.

If Pakistan has a Nuclear Bomb it is for self defence while Iran having a Nuclear Reactor is a danger to the World.

Shibu Soren can become a CM inspite of committing a Murder while a Common Man deserves to be hanged.

If Salman Khan runs over some pavement dwellers he did it because he was not in his senses and if a Minister does it he becomes a Murderer.

If George Bush wipes his Hand on the Shirt of Clinton he did it in sheer innocence and if Clinton does the same to Bush he did it to get his dirt off.

If  Swami Nityananda has sex it is holy and if a Common man does the same it is Adultery punishable by law.

If a Naga Sadhu bathes naked in public it is sacred and if a Common man is naked he should be arrested for indecency.

If Reddy mines illegally you should not mind and if you mine everybody minds.

If a stupid illiterate male Yadav becomes a MP he can whistle at Women and if an Educated Intelligent Lady becomes an MP she has to be whistled and teased by Men.

If Devegowda shouts at CM Yeddyurappa it is vulgar and if the same CM wants to cut your tongue better accept it or else.......

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 86 March 27th 2010


The Gujarat Riots and the Babri Mosque Demolition are the biggest blots in the history of the BJP as a Political Party and it is sad to note that two senior Leaders of the BJP from Gujarat Narendra Modi and L.K.Advani were indicted and accused for most of the offences committed in both the incidents.

The Gujarat riots for which the CM of Gujarat Mr Narendra Modi is facing a SIT Probe ordered by the Supreme Court for the killing of a former Muslim Congress M.P.Mr Ehsaan Jaafri along with his family is very shameful in the History of Gujarat.Today it is sad to know that after the Gujarat Riots in 2002 Gandhi's Gujarat is more known as Godse's Gujarat.where innocent Men,Women and Children were massacred in the name of faith during the Communal Riots.Mr Modi might have got Votes in the name of Religion but no democracy can justify any Genocide or Crime against Humanity.Even Adolf Hitler guilty of massacre of Jews was the Most Popular Leader of Germany during that time and the World never accepted his acts of Genocide in the name of Faith.So Modi cannot justify his Criminal Acts in the name of winning popularity contests and will have to like his Senior Leader L.K.Advani face the long arm of the law one day or the other.

So who is going to win the Bangalore City Corporation Polls to be held in 198 Wards tomorrow?If and only if JD(S) had not played spoilsport and had an electoral alliance with Congress the BJP could have been wiped out in the Civic Polls and since JD(S) is contesting separately it can divide Secular Votes in Bangalore which Congress is also dependent for winning the polls but how far it is going to eat into the Votebank of the Congress Party and help the BJP by default time alone will tell.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 87 March 28th 2010


The Print and Electronic Media have found an ideal weapon to target the Congress Party and it is Amitabh Bachhan.Is India Bachhan and Bachhan India according to our Media.The Nehru Gandhi Family have sacrificed their Blood and Life for the Nation right from the Freedom struggle to the present day and what have the Bachhans sacrificed for India?Sonia Gandhi gave up the topmost job for the sake of her Party and the Country and will Amitabh do that?Rahul Gandhi recently took a great risk to travel in the Mumbai Metro to meet the common people how many members of the Bachhan Family will travel with the Common Man in Mumbai?Mr Bachhan wants to call himself a Farmer just by owning an agricultural land will he really till the soil of Maharashtra in the hot Sun?Sonia Gandhi is the undisputed Bahu of Mother India who gave up all the luxurious life of her place of origin to serve her Husband and her family and the Land which she was married to.The Congress Party led by her has the support of the most number of people in India demonstrated by one election after another and let Mr Amitabh stand for elections and demonstrate that he is more popular than Sonia Gandhi and her Congress Party instead of doing cheap shadow boxing by using the Indian Print and Electronic Media who lack any moral values,ethics and principles and adore him only for the Money power and Celebrity Status he enjoys in Bollywood.

The Voters of Bangalore have done it again! They have not showed up at the Polling Booth in the elections for the Bangalore City Corporation held nearly after 9 years.Now if these elections will come up with shocking results and idiotic elected representatives for the Civic Body blame nobody but yourself we all warn you.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 88 March 29th 2010


Why is Narendra Modi so famous?Bachhan wants to be his Brand Ambassador.The Chief Justice of India wants to share the dias with him.But hold on a second this man says that all critics of him are like Taliban.Hold on Mr Modi do you know why people hate you or for that matter even love you?For a second let us ignore that you are a member of the BJP and consider you like any other CM.Now in 2002 Gujarat Riots took place which is the worst blot in India's secular history.Women were raped,Pregnant Women were killed and burnt and Men were massacred all because they belonged to one faith and such acts of Violence were seen in Taliban Controlled Afghanistan why do you call your Critics that they are like Taliban and when all these gruesome acts of Violence were unleashed on innocent Gujarathis you remained a Silent Spectator and instead of punishing the Culprits who were responsible for such acts you shielded and protected them for only one reason to be called as the Guardian of Hindus and the Nightmare for the Muslim Community.Just because you are a Chief Minister dont you ever think you can become the Hitler of Gujarat and kill and attack all the people who try to punish you as the long arm of the law is waiting to catch you even now.Now Mr Amitabhji who is basking in the support of our Indian Media pray answer the Question posed by the Congress Party do you or do you not support the Gujarat Riots or not?Indian People are waiting for an answer from you.Please answer them stop doing Shadow Boxing with the help of the Media and give your fans all across India a clean answer.Dont Hide,Dont Sulk,Dont Avoid Come out in the open and clear all our doubts we dare you prove that you are right and prove all of us wrong like the Dishum Dishum Hero of Sholay and other Block Buster Films come on Amitabh Fight us like a true man we are waiting for you honestly!

Russia has been rocked by two Blasts in its Metro Stations killing over 40 people.One thing is for sure Terrorists know no boundaries in the world and India better watch out keeping its eyes and ears open 24x7 all the time. 


On 30th and 31st March 2010 Our Editor in Chief DR.S.Ramananda will be on a trip to Shirdi in Maharashtra and hence no issues of MediaWatch will appear on the following dates and on 1st April 2010 our Readers can get to read the 3 issues of MediaWatch dated 30th and 31st March 2010 as well as 1st April 2010.However the inconvenience caused to our Readers is regretted.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 89 March 30th 2010


The BJP in Karnataka had electricity only for the Bangalore City Corporation polls and only wanted enough electricity and water to get them votes there.Once the Polls are over it is back to Waterless and Powerless days for the Bangaloreans.Is this how a Government behaves?We will definitely not blame Mr CM Yeddyurappa here but will blame the indifferent Voters of Bangalore who very easily get fooled by his temporary sops he gives and for many more Voters who dont even turn up at the Polling Booth to Vote making it very much easy for the Government to take them for granted.

So Sania Mirza wants to play Tennis with a Pakistani Cricketer Shoiab Malik who has got bowled over by the Indian Maiden.If Marriages could bring Peace to India and Pakistan the World would have relaxed in Peace but that is simply not the case.Love can conquer barriers and boundaries but in reality it is hatred that Pakistan wants from us by supporting forces of Terror and Crime so do you expect Indians to give love to a Neighbour who is thirsty after our Blood think again.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication from the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 90 March 31st 2010


Our Editor Dr.Ramananda is in Shirdi today to pay homage to a Great Godman who changed many lives of People during his lifetime.His life is a living example of how true Godmen or Swamijis should really be.Shirdi Sai Baba treated all people of all Communities and Faiths equally.He lived amongst the poorest of the poor and served them and his service for them is remembered even today by all his followers.But look how our Modern Day Fake Godmen behave.They preach one thing practice one thing.They want posh luxurious cars,helicopters and planes to travel and always desire the company of the rich and powerful and hanker and desire material wealth.I wish Sree Shirdi Sai Baba appears in the dreams of all these Fake Godmen and gives them a message to serve the poor and needy and reform themselves.

So the Large Hadron Collider is back in action and the search for God's Particle or the Higg's Boson that gives masses to all particles has well and truely begun.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 91 April 1st 2010


Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in Man said the great Swami Vivekananda.

In his Speech endorsing the Right for Education as a fundamental Right the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh said how he had to walk a long way to go to school,burn his kerosene lamp to study and he also said that he is what he is today because of his Education.By making Education within the reach of everybody the Government of India has taken a revolutionary step to ensure the maximum people can become literate and educated in the Country.

One of the largest Population Census survey in the World was launched by the Government today by the President of India Mrs Pratibha Patil.The mission today to get everybody in India into the Social Security network and get an identification card and number for them has well and truely begun.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 92 April 2nd 2010


India and Pakistan were one Nation before 1947.After Partition many Muslims left India to join their Brethren in Muslim Majority Pakistan and many Hindus left Pakistan to join their Brethren in Hindu Dominated India.Bloodshed and Rioting of the worst kind took place on both sides of the Border like never before in the History of India.The wounds of Post Partition has not left us and this has been witnessed by the uproar that Sania Mirza's marriage to former Pakistan Cricket Captain Shoaib Malik has created in India.Sania Mirza who enjoyed National Celebrity Status in India as a Tennis Superstar is in the eye of a storm with her fans even questioning her patriotic credentials.Was she right in choosing Shoaib or was she wrong is the real question.

Shoaib is reported to have already married another Indian Woman Ayesha Siddique and has reportedly cheated her after taking wedding vows.When he has cheated one Indian Woman already and ruined her life what is the guarantee that he will not do the same to Sania Mirza?Has Sania Mirza fallen victim to a plot engineered by the Pakistani Celebrity Circles who want to create acute Social and Political Embarassment to India at a time when both the Countries relationship has touched a new low and has Sania Mirza become a gamepawn in the entire controversy and has Shoaib Malik become a part of a well organised gameplan we will never know.But whatever said and done there is a proverb which says that Marry in Haste and repent in leisure.So our advice to Sania Mirza is that you have every right to choose your Life Partner from any background and it is your private life nobody can deny that but before stepping into a lifetime alliance with anybody think many times again and again as it can decide your future and career once and for all. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 93 April 3rd 2010


What if the hands that are supposed to deliver Justice itself becomes dirty? Where should the Common Man go for getting Justice?The case in point is that of Justice Dinakaran the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court who was asked to proceed on leave in the wake of facing several charges by the Supreme Court Collegium headed by the Chief Justice of India.

Fed up with the complaints against tainted Judges in the Judiciary the Union Law Minister of India Mr Veerappa Moily refused to clear the names of Judges handed over to him by the Judiciary.This itself goes to say how bad how our Judicial System in India is and the urgeny it needs reformation.A bill to make the Judiciary accountable is still pending with the Parliament and when it does get the nod from both the Houses it remains to be seen how far it can reform our Indian Judiciary and make it accountable to the People of India.

They say that Caesar's wife must be above suspicion and in Modern Day Judiciary in a Democracy like India the Judiciary occupies that position and must be above all suspicion in the eyes of the people and not only that Justice must be delivered quickly and fairly to remove all doubts from the minds of the Indian People.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 94 April 4th 2010


When Mayawathi the UP CM wrote a letter to the Prime Minister asking for more funds in order to implement the Right to Education Act in her own State the Union HRD Minister Mr Kapil Sibal was quick to point out that when she had more money to build her own Statues why she had no money to educate her own people.Sometimes it is a strange irony that State Governments will have money to spend on their own leaders but no money to spend on their own people and especially when it comes to Education absolutely no money at all.Is it not so?

The Union Home Minister Mr Chidambaram on his visit to Naxal infested Lalgarh has challenged the Naxals to come forward to have a dialogue with the Government instead of behaving like Cowards hiding in forests and attacking innocent people and causing impediments for progress in any state.

The Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Mrs Ambika Soni has said that she is shocked by the content of TV Serials telecast on TV.Our TV Serials show India in a bygone era where Indian Women clothed in Purdah are shown to be enslaved to Indian Men and swallow all their omissions and commissions they make behaving like the tolerant Bharatiya Nari whose only duty is to serve her male master from the confinement of her Kitchen and Bedroom leaving the office space dutifully to the Menfolk.Indian Serial Directors and Producers wake up stop portraying Ancient India and show some Modern India and for God's sake stop stereotyping Indian Women and show them as Slaves in a Male dominated Society.If you continue to show characters like this in your serials a time will come when TV Viewers will only watch reality shows instead of your fantasy shows. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 95 April 5th 2010


The committment shown by our dirty Indian Male Politicians to stop the Women's Reservation Bill from getting passed in the Parliament let them show in doing something worthwhile in their Professional Life then India need not beg any for any Wealth or Resources from any Nation in the World.Poor insecure males who belong to the Weaker Sex at least accept that females are the stronger sex and give them what is due to them.

Mr Yeddyurappa has done a hatrick by winning the Assembly,Parliamentary and now the Bangalore City Corporation Polls.Ever wondered how the BJP Leader managed to do this?He should thank his political godfather guess who? Mr H.D.Devegowda and his JD(S) Party.Do you all think that we are playing an April Fool's joke on our Readers absolutely not.Let us start how BJP who never enjoyed power in Karnataka came to power for the very first time.By riding piggy back on Kumaraswamy's JD(S) who formed a Coalition Government with them and after betraying them enabled Mr Yeddyurappa to come to power for a second time by generating a sympathy wave towards the BJP and dividing the valuable secular votes of the Congress Party.When both the JD(S) and Congress secured 108 MLAs two short of 110 MLAs of the BJP they refused to come to power by securing support of their own rebel MLAs who stood as independents and won 5 seats and handed over power on a platter to the BJP.Now Mr Devegowda stop calling your party JD Secular and call it by any other name as your Party has divided the secular Vote Bank in Karnataka and strengthened the Communal Vote Bank of the BJP.Mr Devegowda one important question when you and Congress share the same Vote Bank why are you so hesitant to join hands with them.Oh we forgot that you still want to keep the BJP in power in Karnataka by default.All the Best you have already done it again by ruining your own Party's chances as well as that of the Congress at the Bangalore City Corporation Polls and Congratulations for bringing the BJP to power for the first time in the history of the Corporation.Oh we forgot that keeping the name of Secular by your Party means helping the Communal.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 96 April 6th 2010


The Dantewade Massacre of Security Forces hunting for Naxals in Chattisgarh is the worst attack by Naxals in their history of existence and shows that sometimes Peace and Conventional means are not sufficient to win a War against them.In the Second World War even after the 1945 conquest of Germany by the U.S. and U.K. led Allied Forces Japan refused to surrender and continued to be a thorn in the flesh of the Allied Forces and it was time to change the course of the War by using Non conventional methods and USA had to use Nuclear Weapons to get an unconditional surrender from Japan.Now the time has come to attack mercilessly and bring to an end the Naxal Menace once and for all.

First of all Police Forces should never be used against them.Remember in 26/11 we succeeded because we used our highly trained Commandoes of our Armed Forces who used Unconventional methods.Satellite Infrared Surveillance can help pinpoint Naxal Positions even if they are hiding in any Forest and after that Paratrooper Commandoes armed with Grenade and Rocket Launchers alongwith Stinger Missiles and Gas masks since we could use Gases that can put Naxals into temporary inactivity that will help us surround them from all sides in order to attack and kill them.In the Gulf War America used Satellite guided Guns and Weaponry to pinpoint enemy locations and kill them with Laser guided accuracy.Many may question why so much Hi Tech Weaponry must be used against them.There are two advantages here.It can be a training session for our Armed Forces in real Combat Situations and a Victory against the Naxals will put them in very high spirits for facing any Enemy or Eventuality.The Naxals are dominant in places where Class differences and Poverty forces locals to give them support.That support must be cut.They receive training and arm supplies using the lands of Countries like Bangladesh,Burma,China and Nepal and these facilities they use must be stopped and with all this an effective combined and planned military operation can destroy the Naxals quickly and efficiently.When the so called invincible LTTE could meet its end against the Srilankan Forces the Naxals can definitely be defeated by our armed forces.So let the attacks begin.Better Late than Never.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 97 April 7th 2010


Sex,Lies and Dokhaa.Are we talking about a new Teleserial,Reality Show or Film?No we are talking about a Drama in real life which beats all events in reel life.The Shoaib-Sania-Ayesha Love Triangle beats all of the TV and Cinema shows that we see in reel life.When India accused Pakistan of telling one lie after another with regard to tackling Terror doing a Volte Face now and then making denials a habit time and again we were astonished by the behaviour of our Neighbour whom we could not say whether they are our Friend or Foe but the Former Pakistani Cricket Captain Shoaib we can easily say is a true citizen of Pakistan who has all the qualities of his Country.Telling lies,living in denial and doing a Volte Face to suit the occasion time and again.A man who denied he had no relationship with Ayesha suddenly went on to divorce her according to the Islamic Shariat Law.Then why did he deny his marriage to her and even having met her?What a Shame couldnt Sania find a Partner in India and had to trust a Pakistani Lair who has inherited all the dishonest qualities that Country exhibits to India and for rest of the World.Sometimes we wonder how Women get attracted to dishonest betraying male flirts and later complain saying that I do not know that he was a Cheat.Trust is the foundation of all Relationships and a man or woman who does not live up to that foundation of Trust will sooner or later betray and continue to betray one person after another.Sania maybe the next Victim of a betraying and cheating Shoaib and it is better for her to see through the real designs of an Established Cheater who could and who has the potential to ruin her life.India already knows how Pakistan behaves in reality and being an Indian who has represented India in the International Tennis Circuit Sania must better know the Game a Pakistani is playing on her before it is too late.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 98 April 8th 2010


Hounding means targeting an Individual belonging to a different Political Group or Community through whatever Power or Position one enjoys in order to pressurise that Individual to tow their line of thinking.

So who practises these art of Hounding.The BJP ruled State Governments in India especially in Karnataka and Gujarat.So how does BJP hound their Political Rivals and their supporters in both the States let us find out.

.1.Depriving Power Supply and Water Supply to areas which supported the Congress Party or any other non BJP Party.

.2.Starving the non BJP Opposition dominated areas of basic infrastructure and facilities so that they are forced to support the BJP.

.3.Creating administrative and legal hurdles for Non BJP supporters so they are forced to seek shelter of the BJP.

.4.Foisting false and fabricated cases and allegations against Congress Supporters and other Supporters of Non BJP Parties and blackmail them into supporting the BJP.

This broad based saffronisation hounding plan of the BJP is done by them to paint the areas ruled by them saffron The Policy of BJP ruled States is very simple.Either go Saffron or face the music and get out of the State.This Hounding Policy is the real Operation Kamala of BJP ruled States in order to pressurise people for supporting them eventually.Now have you recently lost all facilties like Power Supply or Water Supply in a Corporation Ward of Bangalore.Check out you must have voted for a Congress Corporator in a BJP dominated Corporation.Now what if the Congress led Government at the Centre hounds these BJP ruled State Governments.The Great Gandhi once said that An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth ends up making the Whole World Blind.Now wait a minute U.S.and Russia have pledged to go the Gandhian way by cutting one third of their Nuclear Arsenal.So when will India and Pakistan..........forget it not in our generation.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 99 April 9th 2010


Do you want India to be a Super Power like USA.Check out whether India fulfills the following conditions:-

.1.24x7 Power Supply present in all areas of the Country Rural or Urban.

.2.High Class Roads that link India to even the remotest Villages.

.3.24x7 Water Supply that can be used for any purpose including drinking that is available in all seasons.

.4.More than 95% Indians can read,write and speak in one language say English.

.5.World Class Science and Technology alongwith Education available right here in India without any dependence on any Foreign Power.

.6.Olympic Gold Medallists put India on Top in the Olympic Race.

.7.Nobel laureates in any Field are a common phenomena in India.

.8.You are identified as an Indian First and you are recognised for all your abilities irrespective of your class,caste and community.

.9.1 Indian Rupee is equal to 40 British Pounds or 80 U.S.Dollars.Come on what are we talking about ha ha ha you people may all laugh but Ladies and Gentleman of India these are the conditions we must fulfill in order to be called a honest,decent Super Power called India is that understood?

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 100 April 10th 2010


The U.S.Secretary of State Mrs Hillary Clinton on the eve of the Nuclear Summit to be held in Washington D.C.USA has stated that Countries like India and Pakistan are upsetting the Nuclear Balance in the World.True but it is not India but Pakistan who is the cause of all this.Pakistan's aggressive Nuclear Postures has forced India to act in self defence.India has every right to protect its citizens from threats posed by Countries like Pakistan and this point has to be explained by the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh who is travelling to USA to meet the U.S.President and attend the Nuclear Summit.

65 years after the dawn of the Nuclear Age we asked our Editor Dr.Ramananda who has great expertise in the field of Nuclear Physics whether it is possible to tackle the threat of Nuclear Weapons.He said that Nuclear Weapons can become ineffective if their Weak Nuclear Force on which they operate can be neutralised by Strong Nuclear Forces combined with Gravitational Fields just like in a Black Hole but he stated that if such a temporary Black Hole Field is created it can cause an intense burst of waves that can have a devastating effect which can be worser  then that of a Nuclear Bomb and if those waves can be taken care of then the Nuclear Weapons can be successfully neutralised.We cant ask or stop Nuclear Rogue States like Pakistan from Nuclear Proliferation but the only answer to beat one dreaded technology like Nuclear Technology is to create a new Technology that can beat it.

Sounds strange the Plane carrying the Polish President and the Polish Army Chief which crashed under foggy conditions in Russia could not spot the Fog or Land properly in the age of Ultra Modern Navigation Technology.In such cases internal sabotage or terror attacks must be ruled out before arriving at any conclusion regarding the Air Crash.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 101 April 11th 2010


So Sania and Shoaib face a Fatwa from their own community for romancing before Marriage.So Ananth Kumar the BJP Leader wants to go on a Parliament Strike against Price Rise when his own Party CM increases the price of Milk.The Times Now TV Channel wants to portray a street fight between some Party Members of Congress and NCP Members as a fight between Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi.Times Now TV Channel wants to show our Security Forces as weak and Naxals as strong.

Welcome to the world of Indian hypocrisy where Preachers will preach and the onus of practising is on you and not on them.Once a mother came to Gandhi and asked him to tell her Son not to take Sweets in excess and Gandhi asked her to come with her Son after one month and when the Mother and Son came after one month he politely told her Son not to take Sweets and when the Mother asked him why he asked them to come after one month he told her that he was taking lots of Sweets himself and hence he did not have any moral authority to preach to her Son and after stopping eating excess of Sweets by himself he got the Moral Authority to preach to her Son and so my dear Indian Friends dont preach to others that which you cannot practice Ok.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 102 April 12th 2010


So what if a Pakistani Muslim Guy marries an Indian Muslim Girl and what if one is a Cricketer and another is a Tennis Player?What if an Indian Hindu Male marries a Pakistani Muslim Girl?What if a Pakistani Muslim Guy marries an Indian Hindu Girl?Such Marriages have happened before but never made any news in the Media Print or Electronic but why so much controversy or sensation over the Wedding that took place today of Shoaib who is a former Pakistani Cricket Captain with Sania a noted Indian Tennis Player?Some Pakistanis are acting as though they have occupied a piece of Indian Territory and some Indians are acting as though they have lost a major War to Pakistan due to an Indian Betrayal.Let us tell you something Marriages happen all over the World and only the Marriages make News Divorces and Separations in such cases are given a quiet burial in the Media.How many People know that David Coleman Headley the centre of Talks between our Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and U.S.President Barack Obama in the Nuclear Summit was the son of a Pakistani Diplomat Father and an American White Mother and that he is keeping his American Mother's surname.He became a Criminal and Terrorist because the relationship between his Pakistani Father and American Mother did not last long and he was left a shattered son of a broken family neither belonging to Pakistan nor USA.Of course people born out of such shattered relationships shatter other's happiness also by taking the pathway of Terror and Crime.Let us not celebrate the Marriage between two entirely different people belonging to entirely different groups.Let us celebrate their sustenance in the Modern Era.An Elizabeth Taylor may marry nine times or a Salman Rushdie may marry 3 to 4 times but that is not great.Media only celebrates a Marriage but not Love that lasts in an Age made of Steel and Stone that does not have any value for Human Relationships and Feelings.Divorces and Separations leave behind Scars and Children who in turn shatter the World through their acts of Terror and Crime.Let us all celebrate for a change Marriages that last and Love that lasts that makes the World a happy and peaceful place to live in and one last word Marriage is just a beginning in a man or woman's life not the end.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 103 April 13th 2010


What does the Prevention of Corruption Act say does the semi-literate BJP along with the BJP Biased Indian Print and Electronic Media understand?Mr Ravishankar Prasad please consult a Lawyer before talking or you and your Party can face a defamation suit along with your Media Friends for false and baseless allegations against a reputed Minister of the Prime Minister's cabinet.

A case of corruption can be established under the Prevention of Corruption Act if it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Favours are granted by a Governmental Servant for any Governmental Service coming under his jurisdiction for the sake of monetary consideration.Now is IPL a Government Body? IPL comes under BCCI which is a Registered Society under the Government and has Ravishankar Prasad made a Private Body that controls Cricket in India a Governmental Body.That is why the word semi-literate is used against the Party.Now pray tell us how has Shashi Tharoor used his office of the Ministry of External Affairs to favour Sunanda or anybody else and who has given him bribes worth Crores of Rupees to invest in IPL and for what Governmental Favours under that Ministry?If BJP fails to prove those charges will all its top leadership resign for framing false charges against a reputed Minister and supporting a Business Tycoon called Lalit Modi who is a stooge and puppet of that Party?

BJP finds petty happiness in its small victories in local body elections in States like Karnataka and Gujarat but in reality as a National Party the Indian Voter has rejected it outright for playing petty defamatory politics against their political rivals for Votes instead of concentrating on developmental issues that matter most for Indians and India.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 104 April 14th 2010


In our Land which has produced the great Mahatma it is sad to note that Caste and Religion have taken greater value than National and Individual Values even after 63 years after Independence.This is the very same Country that denied our Architect of our Constitution Dr.B.R.Ambedkar whose Birthday is remembered today even a glass of water to drink just because he belonged to a lower caste.This is the very same Country where one Caste,just one Caste in order to preserve their monopoly in Indian Society will destroy the lives of millions of lower Castes by not giving them basic Education and even denying them even the Fundamental Right for Existence.This is the very same Country that will preserve manipulators like Modi and sacrifice a thousand Tharoors by blacklisting them through their Media Empire and not spare even a Widow like Sunanda and make her Beauty a Curse for her existence.They will spare a Swami not a common man.They will make the Rich Richer but ensure that the poor are poorer and create Naxalism out of nowhere and criminalise the entire lower caste and backward caste population.Why Why and Why Mother India you are still wearing torn clothes even after 63 years of your existence?Is it because Brother is fighting against Brother?Family is fighting against Family and your identity is being split into thousand shattered mirrors just because a few percentage of the population want to preserve their monopoly of more than a thousand years over the rest of the population in the name of a dreaded word called Caste?

It is time to declare War in our own Country.War against the politics played by the Upper Castes against Lower Castes.War that will ensure victory which will make India a Country that is fit for existence for all Castes,Languages,Faiths and Cultures and on the day when we are celebrating the Birth of a Man of a Lower Caste who was denied even a glass of water to drink in a Hotel owned by Upper Castes let the War begin.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 105 April 15th 2010


The Income Tax Probe by the Government of India against Financial Dealings of the IPL lead by Lalit Modi is a welcome step and a thorough investigation will find an answer of who is guilty or not instead of going by the manipulated word of our biased Print and Electronic Media who have been hounding Tharoor from day one instigated by the BJP Led Opposition.

The U.N. Probe into the assassination of Mrs Benazir Bhutto has shown that the failure of the Security apparatus of the Government of Pakistan is responsible for her assassination that could have been otherwise prevented.

The failure of the Launch of the indigenously built Cryogenic Engine of the GSLV by the ISRO that could have put India into a Special League of few Nations is a cause for worry and we asked our Editor Dr.Ramananda who is a Specialist in Physics of what might have caused the failure of the Launch for which his reply was as follows:-

A Cryogenic Rocket Engine uses Liquid Rocket fuels like Hydrogen or Oxygen or their combinations which would have been normally gases at normal temperatures and the thrust capability of a Rocket Engine is derived from the fact that the sudden conversion of Liquid into Gaseous states generates enormous energy that propels the Rocket forward at enormous speeds.In the GSLV Launch case two of the Engines failed to ignite because they were not properly stored in high insulation Chambers as in the peak of Indian Summer a tiny mistake of exposing those Fuels to Intense Heat before ignition of them during Launch can deprive the Fuels of the explosive ignition spark as those Fuels would have already begun their gaseous state conversion even before the Launch would have begun.Highest order Technology requires the highest level of Professional Management at every step of its process and failure to do so could cause the user a heavy price to pay either in terms of lives or money.In this case the ISRO lost a whopping 330 Crore Rupees he replied.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 106 April 16th 2010


In this IPL Controversy something terrible is happening. It is more than just Cricket.Drugs-Terrorism-Match Fixing and Betting Syndicates might be involved in a big way in the chase for Big Money coming out of Cricket.If our Police and Financial Investigators are sharp enough they might uncover something extremely shocking, more shocking than the Nityananda Swami Scandal.For example take this bit of story which might sound far fetched but true.Why would Dawood Ibrahim threaten Shashi Tharoor?Whose side is this Underworld Don and Notorious Match Fixer and part of the the Cricket World's biggest betting syndicates involved in the IPL Controversy?Whose side is Dawood batting for?Lalit Modi?Or is there a larger conspiracy in all this?Who will gain if Shashi Tharoor is removed as a Minister and Lalit Modi becomes stronger after the entire controversy is over?Sometimes Terrorism and Naxalism emerges from our own Society and People whom we trust most.As they say an Enemy inside us who behaves as a Friend and wins our Trust can be far more dangerous than all the External Unknown Enemies that we constantly dread all the time.Beware!

Volcanic Ash spewing out of the Volcano in Iceland is disrupting all Trans-Atlantic Flights including that of our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh who had to change his route to travel back to India.In the Modern Era should visibility and navigation be the responsibility of only the eyes of the Pilot and not the Satellite based Computerised Navigation System on a Plane? Well it is time our Aviation Industry puts it thinking caps on.Is it not?

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 107 April 17th 2010


In our last issue we delivered a warning to all of you of the connection Terrorism has with IPL while even today our Print and Electronic Media along with the BJP Led Opposition was and is not worried about the safety and security of our citizens and is demanding the Head of Shashi Tharoor.We were right and all these people were wrong.We never knew that within 24 hrs of our News publication our theory of the connection between Terror and IPL would be proved.Two blasts in the IPL Venue in Bangalore and a Bomb that was discovered which was timed to explode at 8 P.M. in the night has proved that our worst fears of our links with Terror and IPL to be true.

The Bangalore Police are not taking the Blasts seriously.Our Media is still bothered about getting the Head of Tharoor and the Karnataka State Government in the wake of the biggest Terror Threats that are clouding over all of us is behaving in a childish manner.For all of these people IPL is more important than burning issues of Terrorism.If this attitude of Chalta Hai continues Terrorists will attack with such ferocity and the Government and the people whose lives they must protect will say there is nothing to worry about and all we are worried is when we will get the Head of Tharoor and when our PM will take a decision regarding his fate.What sort of Nation are we do we have any concern for our lives of our Citizens with Terrorists close at our heels.Has Human lives in India become so cheap with petty politics taking precedence over Human Lives and Safety.Shame on all these people who have reduced India to such a state.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 108 April 18th 2010


Why is the burden of Public Accountability and Public Morality always on the Congress Party who always readily oblige the BJP Led Opposition with the Resignations of their Top Leaders that include Shashi Tharoor?

The BJP does not have any Public Accountability or Public Morality unlike the Congress Party and can shield a Murderer to become the CM of a State.They can even a defend their own CM guilty of public massacre.Their Home Minister can even get away by demolition of a Public Place of Worship.A Professor can be murdered with the help of their Party Supporters and they can be let off scot free.A CM of their Party can argue that everything in a Stadium is safe for a Match when Bombs are found all over the Place and after winning a Corporation Election starve the Voters of Water and Power Supply.Recently an IAS Officer Mr Harish Gowda who was the Commissioner of Public Instruction in Karnataka State was shunted out as he refused to pass the corrupt tenders of the Education Minister Kageri and why in spite of all these our Shameless Print and Electronic Media is totally biased against the Congress and refuses to expose any evil of the BJP.Even if the Media is siding with the BJP the Indian Voter is watching the so called unaccountable Party who always demand accountability from other Parties.As the Song goes in Hindi this is the Public of India they know everything what is inside and what is outside so dont try to cheat them.

One word of caution for Shashi Tharoor who resigned as the Minister for playing Cricket with IPL and trusting a BJP Puppet called Modi.You have a long way to go in Indian Politics Sir and still you have got a Great Future dont worry about a Ministerial Berth that you have lost and listen to the words of this Kannada Song translated into English that can teach you a lot of things:-


"O little Children I have a secret to tell you.What you give for others is really your Wealth and not what Wealth you keep.Dont listen to what Money says and Dont lead a life by becoming a Slave to Money for Money cannot lead to happiness but can give you a lot of Sadness and Sorrow."

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 109 April 19th 2010


Imagine for a moment 26/11 Terror Attack had happened in Bangalore instead of Mumbai.Our Police Commissioner would have asked all our Bangaloreans not to panic as some Rowdies have taken over key public places and we will flush them out by using our Police Constables who are fully capable of handling their duty and our DGP would have added insult to injury by stating that it is not a Terror Attack but just some miscreants armed with AK 47 Rifles when in reality they would be well Trained Pakistani Terrorists armed and equipped to the teeth.Of Course our CM Yeddyurappa would have added in total lethargy during the 26/11 attack if it had taken place in Bangalore that Bangaloreans can travel everywhere safely and it is the safest place to stay.

Is IPL more important than Public Safety and Security?Is making money more important than National Security?Is this the attitude of the CM of a State,Home Minister of a State,DGP of a State and Police Commissioner of a City who value their prestige more than security and blame that Media who caution and warn People against imminent Terror Attacks.So many Bombs are found around a Stadium and that too filled with Ammonium Nitrate and it means nothing to the Leaders and Police of our State.Shankar Bidari,the Bangalore City Police Commissioner said in an interview to the Media that Bangalore and Karnataka are the safest places in entire India.We would like to add by saying that with such a Head of a Police Force at the top Karnataka and Bangalore are waiting to have their biggest Terror Attack and even after that if they call these places the safest in India God save the Residents of Bangalore and Karnataka and God save our Police Force.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 110 April 20th 2010


The Voters in any part of the World especially India may wonder why Democracy is almost always associated with Crime and Corruption so much so that the Voter considers Politics as a very filthy profession.There is a reason why Democratic Institutions like Political Parties get associated with Crime and Corruption.Let us explain why.

In order to establish and run a large Political Organization in India effectively whose members stand and win in elections they need two kinds of people.One of them are persons who are called Crowd Pullers and Controllers essential to launch a Public Campaign that can garner large number of Votes and the other kind of Persons are the Big Money Tycoons who can spend large sums of Money in Election Campaigns and raise funds for Political Parties.Now most of the Crowd Pullers and Controllers in India are Rowdy Sheeters with Criminal Background who join Politics to wipe off their Crime committed through the Political Support they enjoy and Most of the Big Money Tycoons are Individuals with plenty of Black Money to spare for funding elections of Political Parties to fight elections and who are the Kingpins of Corruption.Now when these Kingpins of Corruption and Crime are members of Political Parties who become ruling Governments it becomes the duty of that ruling Party to shield these people who are corrupt and criminal.For example the Reddy Brothers in Karnataka are the main Big Money Tycoons that fund the BJP in Karnataka through their illegal Black Mining Money and in Gujarat and Rajasthan Lalit Modi through his Black Money earned through his Cricketing Empire funds the BJP in Rajasthan and Gujarat and how can the BJP let him down please tell us.Most of the Members of the BSP,SP,JD(U),JMM and RJD are notorious Rowdy Sheeters and Criminals responsible for Lawlessness in States like U.P. and Bihar and why will they crackdown and arrest their own Party Members who have helped them win Elections there?Talking about wiping off Crime and Corruption in India is easy but when they themselves form the Backbone of our Democracy in India.God save India and its people.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 111 April 21st 2010


The Politics of BJP is that of Hate and Blame.The Rally of the BJP against Price Rise was uncalled for when their own Party is responsible for the Price Rise happening in India today.Many of the BJP Members are Traders and Businessmen who finance and support that Party and indulge in Black Marketeering,Hoarding and Unfair Trading Practices to deliberately increase the Prices of Essential Commodities especially in the States ruled by them where they know very well that the BJP Government there wont punish them or act against them.Food and Civil Supplies Department comes under the State Government and not under the Central Government and before transferring blame to the Centre let them first set their own House in order and stop cheating the public.Mr Gadkari the BJP President need not faint in the rally which he actually did even after knowing very well that his own Party is responsible for Inflation occuring in India due to the unfair businessmen like IPL Chief Modi who evade Taxes and cheat the Government of India.We dare the same BJP Leaders full of hypocrisy who demanded resignation of Shashi Tharoor to demand resignation of Lalit Modi who is their Puppet.When BJP breaks the law it is a mistake and when the Congress is falsely framed and accused by them do they become Criminals in their Eyes.Shut up Sushma Swaraj dont be a Leader of Opposition for the sake of opposing first clean up your own BJP Home of Dirt and accuse other Parties of any wrong doing.By the way your party did not win a single seat in Delhi in the 2009 Lok Sabha Polls and is that not proof enough of how many People in the National Capital of India which represents a Mini India trust you and your Party.

The long arm of the law has caught up with the Criminal Swami Nityananda who was arrested in Himachal Pradesh after orders from the Court.Dont lose hope Swamiji why dont you ask the BJP who are active votaries of Hindutva and who have supported you in the past to support you now?

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 112 April 22nd 2010


If one reads the Bhagawad Gita the Holy Scriptures of all the Hindus in India one will find out many answers to questions that makes the human mind confused all the time.Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that there are three types of Individuals based on the nature of their Character which makes them belong to the lowest to highest class.The lowest Class of Individuals Lord Krishna says are Tamasic Individuals who crave for the lust of Material Possessions and Pleasures as their ultimate goal in life and the next class of Individuals are Rajasic who crave for only Position and Power in life.The Highest Class of Individuals are Satwics who are Individuals who perform all their duties and works selflessly without any needs and wants and without expecting any rewards or returns.People like Modi in IPL Cricket are Tamasic who work for their own Selfish Interests and belong to the lowest Class of Individuals as defined by Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Gita and if BJP is defending such Individuals they are like the Corrupt Forces of Hinduism represented by People like Nityananda Swami who breathe,eat and drink Tamasic Forces in their life.When the need of the Hour is the Highest level of Satwas as proclaimed by Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Gita why are Hindus in India believing fake Godmen and Modis and descending to the lowest force of Tamas and joining the Forces of Adharma and evil is the real question.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 113 April 23rd 2010


Why is everybody fleeing Bangalore Nowadays and rushing to cool themselves in Hill Stations like Ooty that includes our Editor Dr.S.Ramananda who has gone on a 3 day holiday to Ooty to cool himself up.No Prizes for Guessing why People like him are fleeing Bangalore given the slightest opportunity for which the unbearable Heat is the real cause.Once the Garden City known for its cool Weather Bangalore has become so hot that it is driving people away due to its Heat.This City that was once a Paradise for People who loved cool Weather which included the then Prime Minister of Great Britain Mr Winston Churchill has become one of the best examples of Environmental Destruction where uprooted and cut Trees and Carbon Emissions due to Vehicular and Industrial Pollution has changed the cool face of Bangalore that we have always loved into an unbearable hot face.

Power Cuts and Water shortages has compounded the problems that Bangaloreans are already facing and in spite of the Voters of Bangaloreans imposing trust on the BJP to solve their problems time and again all they have got is disgust and disappointment.When will the residents of Bangalore ever learn that fleeing the City wont solve their problems and repairing Bangalore by imposing trust on the right People who can rule Bangalore and protecting its environment can cool and make Bangalore a place that we can live comfortably giving hope for its residents in the present and future.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 114 April 24th 2010


Our Editor Dr.Ramananda returned from his Ooty Trip today and he had lots of things to tell us.Ooty comes under the State of Tamil Nadu and he said that in sharp contrast to the Government of Karnataka the State of Tamil Nadu is well governed by its DMK Government.The City of Ooty he said apart from its lovely weather has very good roads and does not not suffer from Water or Power Cuts as we see commonly in Bangalore time and again.Infrastructure is well taken care of and the Police and People are very friendly there taking the need and care of Tourists.There are a lot of Women Police Constables and Inspectors on the Roads unlike in Bangalore where there is lot of talk of Gender Equality but nothing in reality is implemented or seen in the governance of the Government of Karnataka.Food Prices are cheap and affordable unlike in Bangalore and Services are user friendly and affordable.Our CM of Karnataka must stay in Ooty and in other parts of Tamil Nadu to learn the art of Proper Governance from the Government of Tamil Nadu instead of making Tall Promises to the People of Karnataka and Bangalore and doing nothing in reality.

Two Giants are having their Birthdays today.The God of Modern Day Cricket Mr Sachin Tendulkar and the Celebrated Kannada Matinee idol Dr.Rajkumar who passed away recently.Our Best Wishes to both of them.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 115 April 25th 2010


Who said Phone Tapping is wrong?Swami Nityananda was located and caught by the Bangalore Police by using Phone Tapping that led them to his hideout in Himachal Pradesh.The BJP which calls itself Indian People's Party is most unpatriotic towards the Country and wants to twist India's legal framework to suit its Political Needs.Hold your tongue before you talk Mr Advani.Is tapping the Phone declaration of Emergency what if a member of your Party is discovered by the intelligence through Phone Tapping that he or she is conversing with a dreaded Terrorist like Dawood Ibrahim or Osama Bin Laden will you also say that the Police or Intelligence in India was infringing on the rights of your Political Party?Think Again.If a Government fails to keep tabs on Communication and Financial Networks in a Country it invites on itself Terror and Crime.Gone are the days of the Watergate Scandal that forced the then President of USA Mr Richard Nixon to step down and now the very same Nation USA in the age of the Terrorgate has made tapping of Communication Lines and Networks legal.

So is the BJP scared that it wants something to hide and accusing the Government of Phone Tapping and wants to get away from abetting something.........very serious........that it does not want the public to know.......?Any confessions you or your Party wants to make let us know and dont argue in the name of Democracy that the thin line of Public and Private Space has disappeared.

The battle for IPL 3 is over in Mumbai with Chennai Super Kings crowned Champions and the battle between Modi v/s BCCI has well and truely begun.Let us find out the Winners in this Finals.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 116 April 26th 2010


So the BJP Led Opposition wants to trouble the Government by bringing one trivial issue after another and are planning to bring in a Cut Motion tomorrow against the Union Budget tomorrow.The real power in a Democracy does not lie in the numbers stacked up in the floor of the Houses of Parliament but lies with the Indian Voters outside the Parliament.So here is a shocking news awaiting our BJP Led Opposition who are planning all sorts of Motions against the Government.A survey conducted by us which we challenge all our Media Friends Print and Electronic to verify through all methods available to them suggest that if Elections were to be held today to the Lok Sabha the Congress led UPA will get more than 300 seats and the BJP led NDA will suffer maximum losses reducing it to a mere 120 to 130 Lok Sabha Seats about 30 seats lesser than last time while the strength of the Left plus Third Front will slightly decline.So does the BJP Led Opposition wants to get a slap from the Indian Voter.Go and get it if you want.

The Karnataka TV9 Channel carried a report of a girl who was bleeding from the eyes and from other parts of her body without any Medical Explanation and inspite of investigations by a Foreign Medical Expert.Our Editor Dr.S.Ramananda who is also a Doctor has come up with an explanation that can help alleviate the Sufferings of the Girl and her Family.Here is the Explanation-

The Capillary Hydrostatic Pressure in the capillaries of our Body is determined by its Arterial and Venous Pressures.Normally the values of this Pressure is so less that it does not crack up and produce Capillary Haemorrhages causing bleeding in the Capillaries but in some Individuals its value will be so high that they produce small Haemorrhage causing bleeding near the eyes,nose,scalp and other areas where Capillaries are found.There are documented cases where Spontaneous Burning of Persons are reported where the Thermostatic mechanism of the Body led by the Thalamic Part of the Brain fails to maintain the normal 37 degrees Temperature and overheats too much much beyond that Temperature to make the Body to boil and catch fire.Most People who report such findings have normal medical and health records causing them to seek explanations beyond Science to escape the Mental Trauma that it causes to them.

We will contact the appropriate Channel and affected Person to convey this Message as soon as possible.

The meetings of the Afghan President and our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh in New Delhi has been very fruitful and must go beyond just empty talks to real action on the ground.While visitng Afghanistan the Prime Minister of India must take all safety precautions as it is currently one of the most dangerous spots in the World.

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Volume 2 2010 Issue 117 April 27th 2010


So the Cut Motions cut the BJP Led Opposition very hard.The Politics of Hate and Blame has cut deeply into the very same Opposition that sharpened their Knives against the Congress led UPA.After the People of India rejected the Bharat Bundh call called by the Opposition it was the turn of the Parliament to reject their Cut Motions and pass the Union Budget for 2010-2011.The Print and Electronic Media siding with the BJP Led Opposition stung by the defeat in the Parliament is trying to make a scapegoat of the BSP and the Yadav Led Third Front for siding with the Government over the Cut Motions and floating all sorts of Cock and Bull Stories of some stupid CBI Conspiracy theory of their own making.First of all let them learn to accept defeat with grace and practice the Politics of  Positive Development and shun the Politics of Negative Fault finding and Criticisms.

A bad Politician complains all the time,

A Good Politician tries to solve the problems of the Voter,

A Better Politicians connects with the Voters and a Great Politician inspires Voters and People into action for building a better Society and Country.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 118 April 28th 2010


Is Madhuri Gupta caught spying for Pakistan and the Person who worked for Ministry of Home Affairs who gave contract for Bullet Proof Jackets for Bribe the only Traitors of Mother India?We have a Traitor in all of us and betrayed Mother India one time or the other in our lives and these people are not alone.Just reflect on this.

We have become Traitors to our Country India by not Voting and allowing an idiotic Politician to rule over us.By accepting Bribes directly or indirectly we have betrayed India.By preventing an Indian from attaining his goals through manipulative politics we have stalled India's progress and become its Traitor.By discriminating and differentiating our fellow citizens in the name of Caste,Creed and Religion we have divided our Country and betrayed it.By not paying our Taxes and accumulating Black Money we have ruined the economy of India and betrayed India by causing Inflation.By taking the money of Mother India to Educate ourselves and helping other Nations to grow at the cost of our own Nation and by becoming a Citizen of some other Nation for the sake of Money we have disowned our own Mother India and accepted some other Nation as our Mother or Father.India should have been a Superpower by now but the sad part of the Story is with so much Traitors as her Children Mother India is still dressed in ragged clothes with barely a morsel of food to eat and is still a Developing Nation.Let us not laugh at somebody and single them out as Traitors of India and instead look at the Traitor in us and do something for the lot of Mother India.Jai Hind and Vande Mataram.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 119 April 29th 2010


How did the BJP come to the conclusion that the Government was tapping their Phones based on the report in a Magazine without any Proof or Evidence?The Union Home Minister Mr Chidambaram clarified that the Government does not intend to intrude into the privacy of Common People and Politicians and has never authorised the Phone Tapping of People whom the BJP has accused of tapping.But the Home Minister did not stop there while giving the statement in the floor of the Parliament saying that it is the duty of the Government to protect National Interests and if need be and with the law permitting they will not hesitate to gather intelligence in any type or manner.Why doesnt the BJP bring in a Cut Motion on this issue and cut itself once again?

The SAARC Summit in Bhutan has brought the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan together once again and Pakistan has come up with a strange request for not bringing up Terrorism in the Talks between both the Countries.Why Pakistan why do you want to brush aside the issue of Terror under the carpet.Is it because are you guilty of abetting Terror and want to shield some other Terrorists and say that evidence given by India is not sufficiant to catch them.Please answer.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 120 April 30th 2010


There is a Proverb in Kannada, the native language of our Editor Dr.S.Ramananda which states that Like the Fence that is supposed to guard the Crops which winds up eating the Crops.Today our Country India has reached a state where our own People are turning traitors in almost every field.As if India's top Home Ministry officials and Ministry of External Affairs officials betrayal of the Country was not enough the Medical Council of India Chief Ketan Desai has been caught taking bribes to the tune of Crores for granting recognition for Medical Colleges.Now latest in the List is the sale of arms and ammunition by CRPF Jawans to Naxals.Now if our own People become Traitors,Terrorists and Criminals of our own State what is the need of an external Enemy to wage a war against us?If our own Fence fails to safeguard our own territory what is the need for someone to invade us?No doubt Indians today are willing to do anything for the sake of Money including selling their own Mother India to her Enemies.

The World T20 Cricket Championship has started in the West Indies and we all know that T20 Cricket is a game of Hitters and Stoppers.The Team with the maximum big strikers of the ball and Bowlers who stop those strikes will have the ideal winning combination and if Dhoni and Yuvraj and our other Cricket players make up their mind they can bring back the Cup that they won for the First time.All the best for the Indian Cricket Team for lifting the Championship Trophy that they won for the very first time in the History of T20 Cricket.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 121 May 1st 2010


Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful Women of them all?Manasi Mamgai,Neha Hinge and Nicole Faria have been crowned Miss India 2010 in a ceremony held on 30th April 2010 night.Indian Women are amongst the most beautiful Women in the World and it was proved well beyond our doubt when they won Miss Universe and Miss World titles till 2000 A.D. and after that there was a prolonged period of drought for International titles that has not ended till to date.Is it because our Indian Women have become less beautiful or have the competitions been baised against them.Sometimes if our selections at the National Level are not competent enough they can have an adverse impact at the International Level.Hope that these year's Contestants will bring us International Titles and end the ten year long drought for Beauty titles

Now Terrorism can no longer be associated with just one Faith.Some Hindu Fanatics led by a group called Abhinav Bharat and also having links with Hindu Fundamentalist Groups want to prove that they are more violent then the Islamic Fundamentalist Groups.The masterminds of the Ajmer Blasts and the Malegoan Blasts belong to this group.Now Pray tell us Mirror Mirror on the Wall the Terrorist belonging to which faith is the most terrifying of them all?

India has got a good start by winning their opening match against Afghanistan in the T20 World Cricket Championship at West Indies.Afghanistan Bowlers bowled their heart out but were given only a paltry total to defend by their Batsmen.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 122 May 2nd 2010


It is very sad that our Political Leaders of BJP in Karnataka do not consider Crimes against Women seriously.Otherwise why do you think a Cabinet Minister Mr Halappa in Yeddyurappa's Cabinet is getting away with a Crime as serious as Rape.Just resigning wont help he should been in Police Custody by now.Now Mr Halappa says there is a Political Conspiracy hatched against him.Well Mr Halappa why did you stay in a Friend's House in Shimoga when Government provided you Quarters to stay?Why did you send away your Friend to be alone with his Wife?Now why is nobody collecting the statements of the Victim and her Family even after 4 months after the Crime has been committed so that everything can be loud and clear?A Victim in such crimes can be threatened by the Accused not to file a Complaint and why is anybody not noting that at all?Mr CM if you really think you and your Party have any respect left for Woman or Womankind let the Court take your sacked Minister into custody and let the Law take its own course in determining whether he is guilty or not without any Political Interference from you or your Party.Sometimes the Person who shields the Criminal is more guilty than a Person who commits the Crime.So let not you and your Government become more Guilty than the accused in this case.

Well done Raina your Run Rain that helped you to become the first Indian to score a Century in a T20 International helped India win against South Africa in the second match of the World T20 Championship to qualify for the Super 8 Stage.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 123 May 3rd 2010


In the case of a Rape the Defence Lawyer in a Court of Law defends the Rapist by indulging in Character Assassination of the Rape Victim and her Family and tries to prove that the Victim consented to the Sexual Act.Now in Halappa's case who is still free to manipulate his case he alongwith the Print and Electronic Media which are biased towards the BJP is indulging in Character Assassination of the Victim's Husband trying to bring his First Wife into the picture.BJP has lost all moral values and so has the Media supporting it.Right from Gujarat Riots uptill now they have become a Party that has been defending Rapists and Murderers and letting them free by manipulating their Trail in the Court of Law and what they are doing now in the case of Rape Accused Halappa by using their friends in the Media is very much the same.Shame on them.

Everybody is rejoicing the conviction of Kasab in the Court of Law but wait a moment what we are doing is rejoicing the elimination of a Pawn on a Chess Board where all the major players are still at large.The Battle against Terror has just begun and has not been won yet as the Masterminds of Terror,Osama Bin Laden of Al Queda,Mullah Omar of Taliban and Dawood Ibrahim the Financial Sponsor and alongwith many other Terror Masterminds are roaming free in Pakistan and other places.Pawns in this Terror Chess Game are always caught and punished when will we catch the real Powers like the King and win the Terror Battle is the real Question.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 124 May 4th 2010



Respected Sir,

I have got great respect to you as a Leader of this Great Country but the real story is that I hold two citizenships in India one where I am respected and one where I am treated like an Outcaste.Let me explain why.As a Citizen of India I am proud to accept you as a Leader and I know I and my Family feel safe under you.But as a resident of the state of Karnataka I feel like an Outcaste and as an untouchable because as a member of the Vokkaliga Community and as a supporter of your great Leadership the Brahmin and Lingayat BJP Leadership under CM Yeddyurappa is hounding people like us.That is not all.Law and Order has completely broken down in Karnataka.Ministers have turned into Rapists and Criminals.The Minorities are scared into submission and their religious places vandalised and destroyed.Dalits and Backward Communities are not feeling safe any more.As a Citizen of India should I and my other fellow citizens be treated separately as Untouchables just because of our Community we belong in the Worst ever BJP ruled State in the Country.Should Women be raped and the rapists let scot free just because of the positions of power they enjoy and occupy and should the people who protest be gagged?Power and Water Supply here is worsening here and should residents of Karnataka bear the brunt silently?Is there any provisions in the article that allows President Rule to be imposed in a State for breakdown of Law and Order and violating the articles of the Constitution of India be applied to Karnataka State to spare us the agony and torment of the worst Government in the History of Karnataka.Mr PM please act fast and dont allow me and my family to be persecuted or killed due to the brutality of a BJP CM who does not know how to respect the Constitution or rule of Law in Karnataka State.If this Government does not respect the rule of Law and the Constitution of India do not hesitate for God's sake to dismiss it and impose President's rule.For God's sake let me and my fellow residents of Karnataka breathe some clean air for once.

In painful suffering,



Suffering Resident of Karnataka State.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 125 May 5th 2010


So who is patriotic Ananthkumar or Laloo Yadav?In Kandahar dreaded Terrorists were accompanied in a Plane by the then External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh and were released for Hostages by the BJP Government at the Centre led by A.B.Vajpayee.India and the rest of the World is still paying the price for releasing those Terrorists.That is not all, L.K.Advani in a visit to Pakistan was all praise for its Founder Jinnah.Now does this not demonstrate how patriotic the BJP is towards India?

So we have really got the proof now of the involvement of the Pakistani Military in promoting Terrorism Worldwide through their creations of organizations like Taliban.How else do you explain the actions of Shahzad Faisal the son of a retired Pakistani Air Vice Marshal in the failed New York Car Bombing Attack in USA.I dont think his actions can be treated in isolation as Pakistan which will once again go into denial mode will not accept that it is in fact a Terrorocracy and not a Democracy.USA please look into the reality facing you now.Better Late than Never.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 126 May 6th 2010


The whole Nation for once stood behind to punish a Kasab from Pakistan who terrorised them in order to get him Hanged.But take a look at the Criminals who are haunting us from within and get away with Murder,Rape and Cheating just because they enjoy positions of power in our Democracy.Here Justice is subverted,delayed and eventually denied.The Terrorists who are within us are our own elected representatives and Saints who have turned into Sinners and who and which Court in India is going to hang them and when for all the Crimes they commit that includes Murder and escape the long arm of the Law by becoming Lawmakers themselves.A Nation cannot win a War against external Terrorists until and unless they punish the internal Terrorists who use the loopholes within our own system,become a part of our system and haunt us night and day.

For once an entire Nation and its Judicial system stood united in sentencing a Kasab from Pakistan quickly to Death.Let us demonstrate as Indians the same resolve and determination in sentencing the hardened Criminals in our own Land to the same kind of punishment and in the quickest possible time for the horrific crimes they commit against Humanity irrespective of whatever high position or status they may enjoy in our Society.Once we take care of our own internal Kasabs without

fear or favour or bias then no external Kasab from Pakistan or any other Country will dare to threaten us in the past,present or future.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 127 May 7th 2010


Match Fixing Oh no not again!

The Peshwa of Maharashtra Baji Rao once met the Nizam of Hyderabad who told him Ek Baji Sab Paji which means except for Baji Rao all are Mad for which Baji Rao quickly replied saying Ek Nizam Sab Hajam which means except for Nizam all the rest are Barbers.In the India and Australia T20 Group 8 Match Except for Sharma all the rest of Indian Batsmen played like Buffoons or worst still Circus Clowns.The way our Batsmen were throwing away their wickets it seemed that they were waiting to get out against the Australians or was it they really wanted to as though.........?the Match was..........fixed in favour of Australia?Even if our suspicion proves to be false if the Indian Cricketers want to play like 11 Traitors they better leave the tournament in the middle and get back home decently if they dont want to play with the emotions of millions of Cricket Fans back home.

The Voters of Great Britain are better than our Voters especially of those belonging to Cities like Bangalore.They went on casting their Votes well over 10 p.m. and did not bother even if the Ballot Papers were exhausted at the Polling Stations and even if the Polling Officers turned them away and their Votes punished the ruling Labour Party whose Prime Minister Gordon Brown refusing to quit even after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Conservatives led by David Cameron which has emerged has the single largest Party in the Hung Parliament of Britain.

Should two Brothers quarrel and go to the Supreme Court for Justice fighting over India's natural resources instead of solving their problems at home asking their own Mother to be the Judge.This is the tale of two Ambani Brothers who fought against each other.If they had united they would have become the Richest Family on the face of the Earth.That is why we say United we stand Divided we fall. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 128 May 8th 2010


One run loss to New Zealand and Defending T20 Champions Pakistan are virtually out of the World Cup and they have to pray in order to stay in the Contest that England does not lose any matches in its League Matches and New Zealand does not win any Match in its League Matches and with all that they will have to beat South Africa in order to stay in contention.Thankfully in the other encounter late in the night in India England has beaten South Africa to keep Pakistan's hopes alive.So Pakistan's fate now lies with the fate of other Nations in the Tournament.

Here are our latest ratings for our Print and Electronic Media in India and Karnataka.

National TV News Ratings:-

.1.DD News



.4.Times Now

.5.Star News

Headlines Today has been disqualified from our Rating System for indulging in a Slander Campaign against an Individual or Individuals for Political Mileage.

National Newspapers:-

.1.The Hindu

.2.The Deccan Chronicle

.3.The Hindustan Times

.4.The Times of India

.5.The New Indian Express

TV News Channels in Karnataka:-

.1.DD Chandana

.2.Suvarna News 24x7


.4.Udaya News

.5.TV9 English

Karnataka TV9 Kannada News has been disqualified from our Rating System for promoting Superstitious Beliefs over Scientific Attitude for sensationalising its News Coverage.

 Topmost Newspapers in Karnataka

.1.Vijaya Karnataka


.3.The Hindu

.4.Deccan Herald

.5.The Times of India

Our Congratulations to the Top Five Print and Electronic Media in India and in the State of Karnataka from the Editor and Staff of MediaWatch.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 129 May 9th 2010


Here is some Shocking News for our  Indian Cricket Fans.No India is still mathematically in with a chance of making it to the Semis inspite of two losses to Australia and West Indies if they beat Sri Lanka and West Indies lose to Austrialia considering the fact that Sri Lanka suffered a huge loss against Australia on the same day.The Shocking News is that even if our Match Fixing Allegations turns out to be false it appears that our Cricket Players are hell bent on losing one Match after another in order to embarrass the Government of India and BCCI who ousted Lalit Modi from IPL.Even before their West Indies encounter the BCCI rested many senior Players which included Captain M.S.Dhoni for the Zimbabwe Tri Series as the probably came to know of the silent strike of the Senior Players who were hell bent on losing one Match after another.Here are some unanswered Questions for all of you Readers and Cricket Lovers to think about.

.1.Why did Dhoni choose to Field First against West Indies after a bad loss to Australia while chasing?

.2.Why was Ravindra Jadeja included in the side after his miserable performance that cost India the match against Australia?

.3.Why did Ravindra Jadeja given an extra over even after conceding a hell of a lot of Runs in his first over or given bowling at all in the first place?

.4.Why were easy catches dropped especially that of Chris Gayle which helped him pile a huge score against India?

.5.Was India playing to lose in the T20 World Cup to settle scores against BCCI and the Government of India considering the Indian Cricket Players closeness to sacked IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi?

There is no doubt that Ravindra Jadeja was the Man of the Match for the losses that India suffered against Australia and West Indies by conceding runs and dropping catches when it mattered most and his inclusion and selection raises eyebrows not once but more than once.

Today is Mother's day and if we value our Mother we value our Motherland and if we value our Motherland our Indian Cricket Players would not have betrayed their own Mother and Mother India.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 130 May 10th 2010


Come on India if Pakistan can make it to the Semi Finals after two terrible losses you can make it to the Semi Finals of the World Cup.It is time now to get rid of the mistakes of the past.Our Hockey Team has beaten Pakistan and has beaten even World Hockey Champions Australia also.When all these people can do it show that you are also the true and patriotic sons of Mother India and bring the T20 World Cup back starting with tomorrow.

The U.S.Secretary of State is right.Pakistan is hiding and shielding Osama Bin Laden.Come on Pakistan be frank tell us where Mr Bin Laden is hiding.Even if he is hiding in your Military Buildings pull him out and hand him over to USA.Now first hand over Dawood Ibrahim to us.Where is he hiding?Is he hiding in your Government Offices?

When it comes to the Defence and Security of India.India comes First and all other Nations including China come second.Is that Clear Mr Ramesh dont trouble our Union Home Minister Mr Chidambaram who is doing a wonderful job in prevailing circumstances.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 131 May 11th 2010


On a day when Vishwanathan Anand from India conquered the World with his Chess and on a day when the Indian Women Cricketers reached the Semi Final by beating Sri Lanka our Indian Men National Cricket Team brought shame and dishonour for themselves by chosing to get knocked out of the World T20 World Cup and getting defeated by Sri Lanka in a crucial encounter.It was not the shortage of Talent or Ability that floored our Cricket Team but the total lack of commitment and loyalty to their Nation and Sport.These were the same Cricket Players who played their part in lifting the first ever T20 World Cup in South Africa.But then these Cricketers were new and rustic not knowing anything about fixing,betting or hidden wealth in Cricket but only the professional drive to excel for their Country India.But what followed after that triumph changed our Cricket and Cricketers forever.The IPL was born and completely commercialised Cricket and showed how Players can be bought and sold like Cattle across the Table.For once our Cricketers put Money above everything else including their Nation and National Government.Cricket in India became a Business and source of Entertainment and lost its place as a Sporting Discipline and with the One Day International Cricket World Cup being hosted in the Sub Continent in the near future coming up do not be surprised if our Cricket Players even fail to cross the preliminaries in the Competition.The only solution to stem the rot is to sack the Players en masse who hold and smell of the IPL Stink and Dirt and to make an all new Cricket Team to save Indian Cricket Team from disgrace and dishonour.John Kenneth Galbraith the Great Ambassodor of Peace and World renowned Economist on a Lecture Tour of India once said that Patriotism towards one's own Country is the driving engine of progress and producing World Class Technology.So in order to excel in any Competition or Profession Ability plus Loyalty is the key to success.In India our failures in Competitions and Professional Discipline does not come from lack of Talent or Ability but due to total lack of Patriotism and Commitment to their Professional Discipline.To find relating examples we need not go very far the performance of our Indian Men's Cricket Team in the Caribbeans is an eye opener by itself.

Our Congratulations to the Youngest Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron.We wish him all the best to guide Britain to a great future in the years to come.

Australia meets Pakistan and England meets Sri Lanka in the T20 World Cup Semi Final after the Hosts West Indies crashed out of the Competition after a humiliating defeat to Australia. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 132 May 12th 2010


The words and behaviour of an Individual sometimes reflects on his Educational and Professional Status that he or she belongs and it is especially true when you see the National BJP Party President Gadkari calling Laloo and Mulayam Dogs that lick Sonia's feet in the worst ever unparliamentary language used against fellow Politicians for which apology will not be sufficient to control the damage caused by his words.

Two of our brothers of the Mother of our Editor Dr.Ramananda came from two entirely different Educational Backgrounds even though they were born and brought up in the same Family of six sons and five daughters.One of the Brother dropped out from completing his Education and the other was the student of the Great Albert Einstein who was his Professor at Princeton University while pursuing his Post Graduation there.A Maid Servant was working in their House and one of these Brothers screamed at her and used all sorts of abusive language against that Lady.Another Brother always used to talk to her in the sophisticated language and made enquiries about her Family and whether she was comfortable at Home.One day the Maid Servant came to our Editor's Mother and asked her why one of her Brother used unparliamentary language against her and another Brother of her was gentle and kind to her.Our Editor's Mother Mrs Jayalakshmi Siddaiah replied that the Brother who used to verbally scold her did not have enough Education and the other Brother of hers had the highest possible Education in the Family being Educated in the USA.That Brother who spoke gently and kindly to her was the Student of Albert Einstein and was the most Educated Member of the Family.The lessons we learn from here is very simple that  in the same Family between two Siblings belonging to the same cultural background Knowledge brings about Modesty and Character.So the National BJP President Gadkari who uses abusive language against his own fellow Politicians can gauge what level of Education and Knowledge he belongs to.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 133 May 13th 2010


The Shocking Expose of Tehelka-Headlines Today of the Riots for Money scam exposes the dark underbelly of not only SriRama Sena led by Promod Mutalik but the real intention behind Hindu Fundamentalist Organisations in instigating Communal Violence in the Country for personal economic profits and political gains.All these Organisations enjoy the support of Parties like BJP who use them to enrich their communal Vote Bank.In a shocking clipping Mutalik is seen negiotiating Rs 60 Lakh in Cash for instigating a Riot from a Person who is in reality is a Sting Reporter in order to vandalise an Art Exhibition in a Muslim dominated area to cause Hindu-Muslim Riots.What is more shocking is the fact that their admission of closeness to the Underworld Gangster Ravi Pujari who has well established links with Underworld Dons like Dawood Ibrahim and Chotta Shakeel.In Instigating Violence and Communal Divide there is no distinction between Hindu,Muslim or any Religious Fundamentalist Organisations.They all act for Political and Economic Gains and act as though they are safeguarding their own Religious Faiths.

When England can beat Sri Lanka by restricting them for a meagre 128 runs and chasing it very effectively to reach the Finals of the ICC T20 World Cup in the same Pitch that India played Sri Lanka why did India lose to Sri Lanka?If they can party in Pubs and engage in brawls with Fans why cant they play World Class Cricket?

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 134 May 14th 2010


One last over and 18 runs needed.Pakistani Captain Shahid Afridi had to make the decision of his life to save the Cup and trusted his Spinner to bowl the crucial over and Micheal Hussey of Australia hit one sixer after another to effectively chase down 191/6 to catapult Australia into the Finals of the T20 World Cup.Did Shahid Afridi commit a strategic blunder by allowing an inexperienced Spin Bowler to Bowl the last over that cost him the cup?The answer is Yes and Mr Afridi it is too late to regret as Australia or England will be the Champions and no South Asian Nation for the very first time will not get hold of the Cup that they previously won.

I and my Dream.No this is not the title of a Best Selling Book from an International Author but the title of a new Kannada Film produced and directed by the famous Film Star Prakash Rai.Prakash Raj as he is now called is all set to prove the myth that Kannada Films wont gel well at the Box Office wrong by making a Film that excels in all departments that you can name Music,Cinematography,Story,Dialogues,Screenplay,Acting and Direction you name it.The story of the piognant relationship of a Father and Daughter forms the theme of the entire Film.The Father role is played by the Veteran Film Star Prakash Raj himself and the Daughter role by Amulya who has acted as Heroine in a few Kannada Films.The Daughter named Kanasu or Dream in Kannada shares an emotional and sensitive relationship with her ever loving Father who protects her like a Child in all phases of life and ends up learning a lot of lessons from her instead of giving her lessons.From the time she learns to independently ride a Cycle to marrying a Sikh Boy based in Delhi who is a Journalist and Economist and is a member of the Planning Commission of the Government of India close to the Prime Minister himself the Film takes you on a incredible unforgettable journey that you can never forget. The Daughter's fierce and independent attitude rattles her Father who is proud to be belong to the Tradational Coorgi Community in Karnataka.Shot in the lovely locales of Madikeri,Coorg and Malnad with Music that touches your Heart it is a Film which must be watched by one and all.If you have missed watching this Film you have missed something in your life for once.Oops we forgot to tell you whether you can understand or speak Kannada as this is a Kannada Film.If you can then rush to your nearest Theatre without delay.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 135 May 15th 2010


Mr Modi leave your thousands of pages of reply to BCCI behind and think about the damage you have done through the creation of IPL itself by making the BCCI richer and Indian Cricket poorer.Today it is sad that the acquisition of fast and furious Wealth by most Indians has left them way behind in Knowledge and Professional Excellence.

Take the example of the Medical Council of India that was disbanded by the Government of India with the signing of the Ordinance by the President of India.One Man's greed in the Medical Council who was its Former Chief has left the Medical Education in India crippled for several generations by producing Lakhs of inefficient Doctors compromising on the quality of Healthcare in India.Today the Modis and Desais have left Indian Society inefficient and corrupt and why should we blame just Eleven Cricket Players for performing below par in the Caribbeans when such Cricket Players and Politicians are the products of our own Indian Society that has been corrupted to the core for which we are also a part of.

A Society which puts Wealth above Quality,Prejudice over Unbiased Judgement and Laziness over Hard Work will eventually head towards self destruction and decay and let us as Indians fight to stop our Society from heading in that Direction.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 136 May 16th 2010


This day has produced two Champions one is World Champion England and one is Champion India.What how is it possible India was eliminated from the T20 Cricket Championship? No we are not talking about our stupid Cricket Players but our brave Hockey Players who retained their Title of Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Cup by sharing their Title with South Korea in the Finals that was washed away by Rain and by spectacular Triumphs registered against World Hockey Champions Australia who finished third in the Tournament and against Arch Rivals Pakistan who did not even finish in the Top Four Teams in the Tournament.

England under the captaincy of Paul Collinwood has become the only unbeaten Team in the T20 Cricket Tournament and has become the World T20 Champions by beating Australia in the Finals at Barbados in the West Indies.England who were Underdogs at the start of the Tournament has shown how sometimes Professional Dedication and Efficiency can reap rich rewards towards the end even in a Sport like Cricket.By the way they are the only Team to beat the mighty Australia in the competition.Somehow the T20 Jinx continues for Australia who have all other major Cricket Titles in the World.

Sometimes incidents like Stampedes and Accidents are treated very lightly without finding out whether intentional Sabotage is done to harm a person or persons in such catastrophic incidents.The New Delhi Railway Stampede that occured resulting in the loss of two lives and injuring several others while Passengers try to board the Sampark Kranti Express is a case in point.Why did the officials of the Railways suddenly change the Boarding Platform of the Train in the last minute and gave virtually no time for the Passengers who wanted to board the Train resulting in the Stampede?Why was an advance announcement not made giving at least a gap of one hour to prepare the Passengers for the change in Platform?Or was it an intentional lapse by the Railway officials to cause a Stampede?Only an impartial probe will reveal the Truth and action can be taken against any guilty Railway official or officials involved in the incident.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 137 May 17th 2010


Who is responsible for the Security and Law and Order situations in India?In threats that relate to the National Borders the Central Government is responsible but threats within a region of India the Local Administration and State Governments are responsible.Which States in India are currently under the most severe Naxal Attacks that includes the massacre of 50 Bus Passengers at Dantewada in Chattisgarh today?The States like Chattisgarh,Orissa and West Bengal ruled by BJP,BJD and CPM.Now Mr Rajiv Pratap Rudy of the BJP please answer us before becoming a Hangman of Afzal Guru who will be hanged even if you dont hang him.Why is it that in Dantewada in Chattisgarh that has become the Centre of all Naxal Attacks in India the buck and the blame is always passed on to the Union Home Minister and the Chattisgarh State Government led by the BJP refuses to accept any responsibility?Is Dr.Raman Singh the BJP CM of Chattisgarh sleeping allowing the Naxals to roam around freely and attack the people and police in your State?Mr Rudy who loves to be Hangman of Afzal Guru please tell me when did the Parliament Attack led by Guru happen?Is it not when your own BJP was ruling at the Centre?Why the Hell are you making a scapegoat of the clean and honest Delhi CM Mrs Shiela Dikshit by using the Media favouring the BJP in this matter?Why are Naxal Attacks not taking place in States ruled by the Congress and only takes place in States ruled by the BJP Led Opposition?Mr Rudy you accuse the Congress of shielding Afzal Guru and by the way is your Party shielding Hindu Terrorists who are masterminds of various blasts in the Country and siding with Naxals?Answer us.Shame on you when your Party should be siding with the Government of India in fighting Naxalism and Terrorisim your Party is playing Cheap Party Politics for Votes.No doubt the People of India have Voted your Party BJP out of Power in every Elections at the Centre and even if an Election is held today the results will be no different we will assure you.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 138 May 18th 2010


The NDTV-GFK Mode Nationwide Opinion Poll on the completion of the 1st Year of the second term of the UPA has good news for the UPA and bad news for the BJP led NDA.While an all India forecast suggests that the UPA might have a net gain of 25 seats from the 2009 Lok Sabha Polls the NDA is forecasted to lose 15 seats from the last elections.The forecast made by MediaWatch in Issue number 116 that was published on 26th April 2010 has come up with almost similar projections barring a few seats alterations here and there.

The Prime Minister enjoys a very high popularity ratings along with his key Cabinet Ministers Pranab Mukherjee who handles Finance and Chidambaram who handles Home.What is more interesting is the Political Situation in Karnataka that the Opinion Poll has forecast.The BJP Government that had taken the Voters of Karnataka for granted is in for a rude shock.If Elections were to be held today it is all set to lose 10 Lok Sabha Seats to the Congress bringing its tally down from 18 Seats to 8 Seats since the 2009 Lok Sabha Polls.So Mr CM Yeddyurappa wake up before it is too late on the eve of completion of your second year in office and dont lay back with overconfidence thinking that the Corporation and Panchayat Polls reflect the popularity of your Government.The Shiva Sena-BJP combine before the Maharashtra Assembly Polls also performed very well at the Civic Bodies Poll but lost the Assembly Elections to the Congress-NCP Combine.So the Honeymoon is over Mr Karnataka CM with the Voters of Karnataka.Pull up your socks after seeing the writing on the wall before it is too late and before the Voters show you the door. 

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 139 May 19th 2010


The Naxals are attacking whatever comes in their Sight in India which maybe Goods Train,Railway Tracks,Police Vehicles etc., and it is time that the Government of India wages an all out War against them by treating them like the Terrorists of 26/11 as these Naxals can disrupt the Economic Lifeline of the Eastern Part of India which is their Primary Target.When 26/11 took place the Government never hesitated to use their best Military Forces against the Pakistan Trained Terrorists but what is most mind boggling is why hesitate to use the same kind of Forces against them when they are making 26/11 on a day to day basis in India?

Cyclone Laila is here and many more Cyclones and Hurricanes will come like her wrecking devastation causing Floods and Damage to Public Property and Lives.This is the price we have to pay for playing and tampering with Nature.Whenever the Environmentalists raise the bogey of Global Pollution and Warming the Industrial and Corporate Lobby which control Global Economy muscle their way to snub the Environmentalists with whatever means are available to them.Pray tell us can these Corporate Lobby who control Global Economics and Global Powers control Mother Nature and her Fury she wrecks upon us?Whatever the advances we might have made in Science and Technology we were,we are and we will be slaves of the Mother Goddess of Nature and never its Masters and let us as Humans for our very own survival honour and treat Mother Nature with respect and dignity for the well being of the Planet Earth that is home to all of us.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 140 May 20th 2010


The biggest threat that Modern Civilization faces is from Religious Fundamentalists.Religious Fundamentalists are a precursor to Terrorism.Any strong ideology that does not find approval in Modern Day Society will try to resort to Violence against that Society in order to assert itself.It may range from Naxalism to Religious Fundamentalism.The Fundamentalists are against any form of free expression and will try to ban and restrict all forums and platforms that propagate them and they will ask co-operative Governments to go along with them.The banning of Facebook and Youtube by Pakistan bowing to the pressures of Religious Fundamentalists is the latest example of how Islamic Fundamentalists have held the Society there to ransom.

All Fundamentalists say that God is insulted by this and that acts committed by People.If God is all Powerful and present everywhere how can he be insulted by ordinary mortals like us.Once the Founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak slept keeping his legs towards the Direction of the Mecca the holiest place of all Muslims in the World and one Muslim asked him to lift his legs as it would insult God and Guru Nanak asked him to show which place God does not exist so that he can put his legs in that place and the Man understood the message that Nanak gave him about God.If God is all Powerful,all Forgiving and Supreme being Beneficial to one and all being the one and only Absolute Power in the Universe how can he be insulted by ordinary Mortals in any way?This is the common message that all Faiths including Islam teaches us and if anybody is a True follower of any Faith he will not indulge in acts that displeases the Almighty God Himself or his Creation.

MediaWatch(the mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 141 May 21st 2010


In an advanced online publication of the World's leading Journal Science Daniel Gibson and his Team of the J.Craig Ventor Institute located in Rockville,Maryland,USA have synthesised the World's first Synthetic Living Cell.Now the Print and Electronic Media all over the World is reporting it as Artificial Life.Is it really Artificial Life?This is the central debate.Now we challenge the same Team to create Life by building molecules that does not take the support of any Living Organism or its Biological Machinery in the Laboratory and then we will crown them with the glory of creating Artificial Life.What Daniel Gibson and his Team have done is synthesize the Genome of the Bacterium Mycoplasma Mycoides consisting of 1.1 million base pairs after assembling the Genome in a Yeast Cell they transplanted it into another Bacterium Cell Mycoplasma Capricolum and after the newly made cell had divided it contained the Genome and Proteins of only the Mycoplasma Mycoides.Now remember the Team in their entire process used already existing two Bacterial Cells and a Yeast Cell and the 1.1 million nitrogenous base pairs were the only artificial thing that the Biotechnologists did in the Laboratory and hence they have successfully produced the World's first Synthetic Cell but for Artificial Life they will have to use Molecules without using any Biological Template and assemble it to create Life itself.So while playing God Man is but still a step behind Nature since Life is creating Matter that has the capacity to independently construct,assemble and mould itself and when will that happen God alone can tell because God himself created Man.

However the implications of this discovery is very vast as we can create now Designer Organisms and Babies and can even use them to manipulate Environment to clean up our polluted Air.But as they say a small step with a Synthetic Cell is a Giant Leap for Mankind.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 142 May 22nd 2010


The Tragic Air Crash of an Air India Jet at Mangalore carrying  166 Passengers where only 8 survivors were left could have been avoided.We all need Airports in India no doubt and when many NRIs from Dubai mostly from the Mangalore Belt demanded that they needed an International Airport in Mangalore itself the Government could not say no to their Demands.An International Airport cannot be built in a day we all know that and will all the People and Lobbies who put lot of Pressure on the Government for having their say and way side or support the Union Civil Aviation Minister in the event of this great Tragic Air Crash is the real question.

Believe it or not dont Panic.Travelling by Plane nowadays is still one of the safest modes of transportation compared to other means of Travel but when circumstances force a Pilot to drive a Plane under extraordinary circumstances Crashes do happen that could have been otherwise avoided.Try landing a Plane on a short Runaway on a Hill top or Plateau as a Pilot.Once or twice is ok and say even many times and by chance you run out of luck and come to land this Plane at very High Speeds thinking that it is yet another Runaway.You had it.The situation was no different for the Pilot of the ill fated Boeing from Dubai who was travelling at High Speeds at the time of arrival and realised suddenly his mistake while Landing that it was a shortened Runaway and tried to land the Plane with no inclination where both the front and back wheels would

touch the Ground causing a Tyre Burst which caused Brake Failure causing the Plane to skid towards the end of the Runaway where it hit a construction there where the Wing broke off and the Plane broke into two caught Fire and plunged off the Runaway Cliff.

An advanced On Board Flight Computer which continously updates Pilot,Weather,Aircraft and Airport Conditions from time to time and displays risk factors that can cause an Air Crash can be installed on every Plane and through its warnings the chances of an Air Crash on any Plane can be minimised.We cannot undo a damage already done but we can undo Damage that can be done in the Future through Technological Forecasting.

MediaWatch(a mediawatchdog publication of the Indian Institute for Talent Search)

Volume 2 2010 Issue 143 May 23rd 2010


What makes Literary works of Art including Plays and Cinemas a hit before the People.When Literature meets with the Culture of any People it becomes an instant hit with the People who identify themselves with the Culture that the Literature portrays and all Successful Writers and Authors have followed the successful formula of writing Literature that identifies with a particular type and kind of Culture and our Great Writer and Poet of Karnataka State Jnanpith Award Winner Kuvempu is no exception to this rule.His Book Malegalalli Madumagalu which was staged as a Nine Hour Play at Rangayana in Mysore was a huge hit with the Audience.The Play which ended its month long experiment on 21st May 2010 not only had packed Houseful Audiences who watched the Play all night long starting from 9 in the night to 6 in the morning but braved harsh Rainy Weather conditions to watch the Play with even uncomfortable seating arrangements.Before we give our Readers the details of the Play let us describe the word Culture that is so closely intertwined with Literature First.

Culture is those practices that usually originates from the Faith and Belief we follow that is handed over to us from generations to generations that helps us to have a Common Language or Communication Code,Dress Code,Diet Code and Relationship Code that defines what is allowed in terms of Marriage,Sex and Progeny to form Families.What is permissible to one Culture maybe alien to another Culture as the 4 codes defined above may vary from one Culture to another.

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